Taboo: Incestuous Beginning

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Note: This story is written from the musings and imagination of the author who was raised in a very strict religious environment. All characters depicted in this story have reached legal age before participating in any sexual activity. All comments and personal beliefs are welcome.



They watched their first experiment wandering through the garden. They had created the perfect machine. It was able to survive on its own in the perfect world they had created for it. They decided to call this being a man, thinking that it would be the ruler of the beasts and the earth it inhabited. They were in the process of designing a mate for this creature which would be able to produce more of its own kind.

The female version of this new species was finally complete and was being prepared to be sent to the garden when they entered the science laboratory and saw Satan, the one who had been vehemently opposed to the new experiment, trying to destroy their new female creation. After they captured him and put him in a glass cube, they held a council meeting with the elders to decide what was to become of him. It was determined that he would be sent to the hot dry land outside the garden to roam amidst the harsh conditions and giant beasts for eternity. Never would he be allowed to return to the home planet.

They had already named the man Adam and decided on the name Eve for the woman who was to be his mate. When Eve appeared in the garden, Adam walked up to her and put his arms around her naked body. The intellectual beings who had created him had already informed him that he would be given a mate and that they were to foster a new civilization to inhabit the newly created world.

Adam knew about the sexual mating ritual, it had been programmed into the fascinating creation of his newly developed brain that had been placed in his experimental body. What he had not known about was the sexual sensations that surged through his body as he held her tightly to him. He gazed into her beautiful eyes and slowly lowered his lips to hers. His tongue probed the sweetness of her warm mouth as his hands grabbed her ass and pulled her tightly against his throbbing hard cock.

He laid her on the grass as he sucked the nipples of her luscious breasts, his hand exploring the warm wetness of her pussy. Her body arched as his fingers slid across her clit and gently probed her wet trembling vagina. Her hand slid down his chest and grasped his hot throbbing cock as she spread her legs and pulled him down upon her. The blood surged like hot lava through his veins as he pushed his huge dick into her.

She jerked upward as she cried out in pain. Adam didn’t know what to think, he hadn’t meant to hurt this beautiful creature. He held rigidly still as he kissed her lips and lowered his mouth to devour her soft breasts. As he heard her moans of pleasure he began to move again, slowly at first but as her arching hips pushed against him he forgot about caution. His thrusts were fast and hard, pushing deep into her throbbing wet hole until he heard her scream again but this time in intense pleasure as cum poured from her pussy soaking his thrusting cock. He felt as if he were exploding as the cum pumped from his dick into the hot cavern of her pussy. He collapsed on the soft grass, lying beside her, holding her tight as her body trembled against him.


The Intellectuals kept a close eye on their experimental beings as Eve’s belly grew larger with the new being she would soon give birth to. Their experiment so far had been a success and they waited for the new creature to burst forth from her body. Adam had been prepared to deliver the child so all they needed to do was wait. When her body began the labor pains that would bring forth the child, Adam held her hand, speaking softly of his love for her as she brought forth the child in pain and blood.

Adam had received what he needed from the Intellectuals. He tied off the umbilical cord and cut it before wrapping the child in the warming blanket and placed the male baby gently in Eve’s arms. They decided to call the child Cain, as Eve encouraged the baby to suck from her breast. Adam watched in fascination as the tiny creature latched onto his mother’s nipple and sucked.

Before the child reached his first birthday, Eve’s belly was again large with the next child that was to be born. Again, the Intellectuals watched as the child was born. It was another male child whom they named Abel. There experiment was still working perfectly as they watched bostancı escort the couple and their children in the perfect garden that had been created for them.


Satan had spent years crossing the arid land of Marrakesh before discovering the beautiful garden that he had helped the Intellectuals create. He was determined to bring chaos and hardship to the experimental beings. The anger burned inside him as he thought of his banishment from the home planet. Taking on the guise of a serpent so the Intellectuals would not recognize him, he entered the garden.

He slipped though the tall grass searching for Eve. She was not scared, just curious of this creature that was able to speak to her. The serpent told her the Intellectuals had sent him. She was to take a fruit from the forbidden tree and give it to Adam. When Eve protested the serpent assured her that the Intellectuals had decided that Adam ready now to receive the superior powers the fruit would endow. Eve picked the fruit, not knowing that it was poisonous and that it would render Adam unconscious.

She held the fruit in her hand as she approached, explaining to him that by eating the fruit he would now have the superior capabilities of the Intellectuals who had created them. Adam bit into the fruit and for the first time felt a sickness fall upon him. He doubled over from the searing pain in his stomach. He felt light-headed and told Eve he needed to lie down. As night fell Eve lay beside his unconscious body, not knowing what she could do to help. She cried until at last she fell asleep.

Under the guise of darkness, the serpent took on his human form as he approached Adam’s sleeping body. He picked him up, being of superior strength and carried him in to the deep forest where laid him on the grass. Adam remained unconscious as the banished Intellectual removed his life-giving testicles, satisfied that would put a stop to any more creatures being born and thus, ruining the experiment. Satan watched dispassionately as the blood flowed from Adam without stopping until the creature stopped breathing. He the body in a cave, and resuming his disguise, slithered off into the night, determined to do more to ruin the perfect world created by the Intellectuals who had banished him.


As the years passed, Eve knew that Adam would never return. The Intellectuals had not given her a new mate, so she had raised her sons by herself. Cain had reached his 23st rain, his brother a year younger. Eve kept Abel close to her always. He reminded her so much of Adam that she couldn’t bear for him to be far from her. While Cain worked, gathering food for their meal, Eve held her son close to her naked breasts. She felt sorry that her sons had not been given mates, not knowing that the serpent had destroyed the new female creations sent by the Intellectuals.

The serpent approached Cain and spoke to him in sly whispers of how his mother loved Abel more than she had ever loved him, keeping him close to her while sending Cain out to forage for food. He roused a jealousy Cain had not known he possessed. He suddenly felt very angry at his brother for stealing their mother’s affection. Dropping the fruit, he had been gathering to the ground, he ran back to the clearing to confront them both.

Eve had tried for a long time to suppress the sexual desire that flooded her body, but on this day, as she held Abel close, the feelings surged out of control. Raising her son’s face to her own she kissed his lips, sliding her tongue in his mouth. He responded, his tongue twisting and burning against her own while his hands slid from her breasts down between her thighs, exploring the hot wet pussy from which he had born.

Eve shuddered in delight as she felt his fingers deep inside her vagina, his lips sucking her nipples. Abel’s body was consumed in a fire of passion as he raised above her to shove his hard-pulsating dick into the deep wet hole. Suddenly rough hands grabbed him as he looked behind him and saw the horrid expression on Cain’s face. Cain threw him violently to the ground, not even realizing he had killed Abel instantly when Abel’s head hit the jagged rock.

With a hot fire burning through his body, Cain grabbed his mother roughly, forcing his huge cock between her lips. Eve’s pussy burned as she eagerly sucked her son’s dick, her passions out of control. He pulled his dick from between her lips as he fell upon her, biting her nipples and thrusting his cock deep inside her. Eve arched upward, cum pouring from her burning ümraniye escort bayan pussy, exalting in the hard-rough thrusts. She grabbed Cain’s ass, pulling him tight against her as she felt his seed pumping into her pussy in spasmodic bursts. Cain collapsed on the ground beside his mother, holding her shaking body tightly.

After his body had calmed, Cain rose slowly and picked up the dead body of his brother while the serpent hid in the grass, hissing with glee. He carried the body to the cave an dl laid it beside the decaying bones of his dead father. He went back to his mother, falling upon the soft grass as he took her into his arms.

Suddenly a shock of fear ran through both as a brilliant light appeared in the garden. The Intellectuals had seen everything that had happened and were appalled by the actions of the beings they had created. The elder appeared before them and ordered them out of the garden, condemning them to live a life among the beasts in the arid lands of Marrakesh. Cain grabbed his mother’s hand as they ran from the elder in fear.


Cain and Eve trekked slowly across the dry land of the Marrakesh to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains rising in the distance. Food and water were scarce. As Eve’s belly grew fat with her son’s child, her body weakened. Cain discovered a cave at the base of the mountain range. He killed wild animals for food and saved the hides for blankets and coverings for their naked bodies.

The wisdom he had received from his father had been extensive. He gathered small dry twigs and fallen branches of trees in the nearby forest. He knew that by striking rocks against the flint he had dug from the limestone he had found near the water trickling down the mountainside that he could produce the fire he had seen when lightning had struck trees in the forest. After cooking the meat over the fire, he raised his mother from her pallet of pelts and encouraged her to eat. She was very weak, and he was worried about her.

Eve breathed her last breath as the child burst forth from her convulsing body. Cain carefully did what needed to be done and wrapped the child in a pelt. He sobbed as he looked at his mother’s lifeless body before he carried his daughter out of the cave. He knew he could not care for the child alone, but he was still the master of the creatures that roamed the lands and took the baby to the land where the apes lived. He commanded a nursing ape, who had just given birth to take care of the child. He stayed close, refusing to return to Jebel Irhoud, the cave where he had left the remains of his mother’s body.

Cain watched in fascination and lust as his daughter grew into a beautiful woman, cared for by the creatures he commanded. When she reached her 21st rain he took her into the forest, no longer able to control the desire he felt for her. Under the shady branches of the forest trees he laid her on the grass and took her into his arms. He kissed her tenderly, stripping the hides from her body. As his hands squeezed her trembling breasts and explored her virgin pussy, he licked her earlobe, whispering softly, calming her fears.

He sucked her nipples before slowly licking down her flat tummy, burying his face between her thighs. Ava’s body arched ecstatically against her father’s flicking tongue as his hands grabbed her ass. As her body jerked in orgasm, her father sucked the cum from her small tight hole. He raised himself, sitting in the grass and pulling her onto his lap. A burning pain jerked her body as he shoved his cock inside her. Blood dripped onto his thighs as he licked her breasts, his finger making small slow circular motions on her clit until her pain turned to hot desire as her body orgasmed again. She arched her back against her father’s embracing arms as she pushed her pussy down on his hard-thrusting cock. Cum dripped from her burning pussy as he continued to thrust deeper inside her, sucking her nipples. She felt his cum spurting in to her, burning her insides. After planting his seed inside, her, he covered them both with a pelt as he lay beside her and saw that twilight had fallen.


The years passed, and Ava gave birth to 6 sons and 8 daughters. The Intellectuals had turned their backs upon them and Cain no longer worried about right and wrong. The serpent had visited him many times, telling Cain of how awful the Intellectuals had treated him, banishing him to this cruel world they had created. All his sons and daughters were now grown to adulthood and he didn’t say a word as they started kartal escort having sexual relations with each other. The serpent had told him it was all right, that it was as it should be.

When Cain had come upon two of his daughters swimming naked in the stream that ran through the woods where he had found several large caves to house his family, sexual excitement ran through his body as he looked at their wet glistening bodies emerging from the water. As Payna and Rocha fell to the grass he saw their tongues licking as they kissed. They pressed their voluptuous bodies against each other until Rocha rose up, straddling her sister’s head and pushed her pussy down on Payna’s face.

None of his sons or daughters were virgins. He had watched their frenzied orgies as they swapped partners among themselves, but he had never seen them have sex with a sibling of the same gender. Now he watched as Payna’s wet tongue slid into her sister’s ass. His cock rose up rock-hard as his long-suppressed desires engulfed him. Ava no longer wanted sex and it had been a while since he had felt the soft hot heat of a woman.

He felt no shame as he joined them, parting Payna’s thighs and burying his face in her sweet wet pussy. The serpent had assured him that it was right and just that he should be able to do anything he wanted with the creatures he had fathered. Cum gushed onto his face as Payna’s body arched against his lips. He reached to pull Payna onto his lap, shoving his cock up her ass as Rocha stood above his head, spreading her thighs, and shoving her pussy on his face. As he thrust his cock into Payna’s tight asshole he licked Rocha’s pussy. Payna screamed as her hot pussy juices poured onto his thighs.

Payna lay on the ground, gasping, as he wrapped his hands around Rocha’s thighs and thrust his tongue into her asshole. She squealed as he shoved his tongue upward, pushing deep into her ass. Payna watched, her desire bubbling over as she kneeled to lick Cain’s cock. He shoved his dick into Payna’s mouth as she sucked it with increasing intensity. Cain bit Rocha’s ass as his cum exploded in Payna’s mouth.

He collapsed to the ground as he watched them continue to lick and suck each other’s pussies, shoving their tongues and fingers into each other’s assholes. Cum poured as he watched, fascinated until the collapsed in a sexually sated exhaustion. They laid on each side of him, wrapping their arms around their father. Cain fell asleep as he cuddled between their sweet succulent bodies.


Many children were born of the incestuous relationships. Who their fathers were could not be determined as his sons and daughters continued their orgies of sex, swapping partners between brothers and sisters, sister and sister or brother and brother. Cain had joined two of his sons in their sexual frenzy, watching as Miten shoved his cock in Jota’s ass. Cain’s cock throbbed as he kneeled, spreading the cheeks of Miten’s ass, licking his asshole as Miten fucked his brother. Cain shoved his cock into Miten’s tight asshole as he screamed and jerked cum into his brother’s ass.

Jota got behind his father and pushed his wet finger into his father’s virgin asshole. Cain shook violently as he felt the finger wiggling and pushing deep into his ass. He pulled his dick out and shot his load of cum on Miten’s ass. Jota pulled his finger out and started working his cock into his father’s tight ass as Miten watched, lying on the grass, his breathing ragged. Cain felt the pain of intrusion turn into a rushing hot lava of pleasure as Jota pushed deep into his father’s ass while Miten reached to play with his father’s balls and stroked his cock. Jota stiffened, and Cain felt the spurts of cum shooting into his ass as Jota moaned. As he had done with his daughters, he now held his sons tight against his sides as they fell asleep.

The years passed as Cain explored many more incestuous relationships with his sons and daughters. He grew old and weak as his children cared for him as best they could. When Cain died, his sons carried him back to Jebel Irhoud and laid him beside the remains of Eve. The incestuous decedents of Eve and her son Cain would spread further into the land of Morocco and even farther into the lands of Africa. Later they would venture farther across the oceans, populating the rest of the world with more beings born of incest. The serpent watched, determined to foster more trouble among these beings. He would bring forth the worst of their incestuous natures, He would be the force behind the fighting and hatred, war and terrorism, pestilence, and hunger. He would watch these incestuous beings populate the world, but he would control their incestuous brains, tempting them as he had tempted Eve, until death brought them down to the world he had created of fire and brimstone.

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