Sweet Shelly’s Story Ch. 03

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Amanda continued to hold me as I tried to get my legs under myself. She was so tender and loving to me, I knew that this was the start of something that could last a life time.

When I was able to stand on my own, I looked down at the pool we had created. I was a little embarrassed when I noticed that I was naked from the waist down.

Amanda looked down, admiring me as she noticed that I had very little hair between my legs. “Oh Shelly you are so beautiful. The boy who you give yourself to better worship you the way I have all these years.”

My face flushed with embarrassment at her comment. I really liked the way I looked, but I didn’t think that I had anything more than any other girl my age. My hips flared slightly from my torso and my legs were thin but muscular from all the sports I played in high school.

As I reached to pull my shorts up, Amanda held my hands, “Please, just take them off. I want to watch you walk naked back to the house.”

Again my face turned red, I felt a little shy to be naked with her still being dressed. Noticing my embarrassment Amanda grabbed to bottom of her dress and shiftily pulled her dress over her head.

I grasped as I saw her naked body for the first in several years. Her body was completely bronzed, her breast where full, her nipples slight turned up with half dollar sized aureoles. Her stomach is flat and taunt with a cute little belly bottom sunken somewhat into her stomach. Her hips flared slightly more than mind, traveling down her muscular legs, ending at the sexiest feet that I have seen.

She was beautiful. At the center of her body was the most captivating part, her vagina. She had very little hair that was just about her clitoris and was enhanced by a set of lip that protruded from between her legs. They were sullen slightly and still wet from our last sexual experience, which caused them to glisten in the sun light. They looked so delicious and inviting that I wanted to taste them and play with them, but I didn’t know she would react to my forwardness, so I decided to wait.

Now that she was silivri escort completely naked, I still had my top on. I decided I join her and pulled my top off, exposing my breast to her. She let out a little groan of excitement when she was my breasts. With my arms above my head, I suddenly felt her hands on my breasts, cupping them and massaging them gently. She rolled my nipples between her thumb and fore finger. It so felt good, that I felt a tingling sensation between my legs again.

As lowered my arms and let go of my top from my hands, she lowered her head and kissed each of my nipples, the excitement of which produced a low groan, and I wrapped my arms around her head informing Amanda that I liked what she was doing. She then opened her mouth and took my nipple in, gently sucking and twirling her tongue around my nipple. I knew my nipples were sensitive, but I had never gotten so excited from having them sucked or played with. The excitement of this encounter was getting the better of me, as she continued to message one breast and suckled the other.

I felt her free hand travel down the side of my body until it reached my ass. She messaged my butt cheek and then her fingers found the crease between my butt cheeks. Her fingers began to travel down until they reached my little rosebud, her finger gently teasing it, causing my pussy to throb and me to moan with pleasure.

She removed her mouth from my breast and looked up at me and asked, “Do you like what I am doing?” All I could do was nod yes as I bit my lower lip and moan.

Her fingers continued to play with my ass, as she moved her head to the other breast. She sucked harder on this one and nibbling my nipple. I spread my legs a little so her fingers could gain better access to me. Her fingers moved further between my legs and began to play with the lower half of my pussy. Her finger slipped between my swollen lips until they made contact with my pulsating clitoris. I groaned with pleasure as she gently rolled it with her thumb and for finger.

I was about şirinevler escort to have another mind bellowing orgasm, and think she knew it because she removed her mouth from my breast and moved her now wet fingers back to my ass. She was seductively teasing me, bringing me to the edge of pleasure then backing away. I moaned a little with displeasure as she looked up and our eyes made contact.

“May I kiss your pussy and suck on your button, please?” she begged with her salutary voice. I smiled in response to her question, wanting more than anything for her to be the first to explore my sex with her mouth; the thought of what she was about to do, caused me to shiver with excitement.

Amanda moved down to kneel on her knee, removed her hand from my ass, placing them on my breast. She slowly kissed her way down my stomach stopping just short of my waiting pussy. Again our eyes met, seeking my approval. I thought to myself, ‘if she doesn’t do it soon I was going to grab her head jam my wet pussy into her face!’

Just as I was placing my hands on her head, she kissed the top of my vagina. She then moved her hands from my breasts, placing on my ass, moving me so her mouth and my soaked pussy was just above her waiting mouth.

Finally, she made contact, covering her mouth completely over my mound, sucking my clitoris and my swollen lips into her mouth. I hissed as the new sensations consumed my body. My toes dug into the ground, nipples were sucked into my breasts, and I felt a burning sensation travel up my body from my lower back. This was something I had never felt before.

“Oh God, I have waited so long for this to happen!” I whispered as she slipped her tongue between my slit until I felt it find the opening to my vagina.

Again I whisper, “Oh God” as her tongue began to move inside of me. The excitement was unreal as my fluid flowed from within me. I could hear a slurping noise, as she breathed while she continued to move her tongue in and out. Each time she pushed her tongue into me, she would try to put şişli escort more of it in, trying to invade me as deeply as she could. I had never had anything in me, except for my fingers and my favorite brush handle. Her tongue felt soft, warm, and wonderful, I didn’t want her ever to stop.

I felt one of her hands release my butt, but I could feel the fingers of her other hand touching my little rosebud. She lightly ran her fingers between my tight hole and the bottom of my vagina, taking my fluid and messaging it around my dirty hole as she continued to probe me with her tongue.

I began to push back against her fingers, wanting them to enter me, to explore me as no one had before. At the same time, I began to move my hips slightly, allowing my clitoris to press against her lips, adding to the overwhelming sensations that were flowing through my body. I knew I was getting close to having an incredible orgasm, but I wanted this pleasure to last as long as it could.

Without warning her finger passed through the tight ring of my ass, as she pushed it in up to the first knuckle. I hissed, “Oh yes, oh god yes,” as she moved her finger in and out of me with the same rhythm as her tongue, that was in my pussy. I was beginning to lose control of my entire body; every nerve in me was coming overwhelmed.

I began to call out, “Oh Amanda, I’m going to explode, oh God, oh God!” She responded by moaning, which vibrated against my clitoris, sending me over the edge.

Unexpectedly my legs buckled, the tingling sensation consumed my whole body and my nipples felt like lighten bolts were coming from them. Amanda clamped her lips around my button and sucked hard, causing the incredible pressure that had been building in my pussy to release, spraying all of my fluid all over my new lover, then everything went black.

When I came to, I was laying on Amanda’s stomach, feeling it rise and fall as she breathed. I raised my head to look at her and noticed that she was soaked from her neck down and that her lips glistened with my fluid.

She looked at me and smiled, asking, “Did you enjoy that?”

I answered my moving up her body, licking and kissing her until my face was close to hers and said, “Does that answer your question?”

She said, “Good, then maybe you can repay before the day is over.”

To which I smiled and pressed my lips against hers, mouthing, “Are you ready now?”

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