Susan’s College Girl-Lust Ch. 01

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As we learned in “Susan’s Teen Lust Satisfied,” Susan Smith is a wealthy 28-year-old lesbian whose greatest thrill in life is to seduce teen girls, introducing them to the joys of girl-girl sex.

Susan’s lesbian career began in high school, but she really came of age as a connoisseur of Sapphic sex while in college. That process started with her seduction at the hands – and lips – of the dyke-ish Laura. This led to an emotionally uplifting (and sexually satisfying) experience with the darling 18-year-old Kelly, and to one of the most erotic nights of Susan’s life: An incredible lesbian orgy involving six beautiful, lusty young college girls.


Susan is taken by an “Amazon”

When Susan was in college she tried to avoid those huge undergrad classes where a full blown professor lectures to several hundred students, but the only two-way contact students have with an instructor is in “discussion sections” led by a graduate student “teaching assistant.” She found the lectures to be quite excellent, but dealing with overworked and underpaid grad students in the discussion sections was fraught with hazards. These individuals often took out their frustrations on undergrads, and the quality of their instruction was spotty at best.

However, it was not possible or even desirable to avoid all such classes, and in the first semester of Susan’s sophomore year, when she was still just 19-years-old, she found herself in such an environment after signing up for Anthropology 101. Her discussion section was led by a 25-year-old grad student who was the first “bull dyke” type lesbian Susan had ever met. Not to overstate the woman’s persona – she didn’t wear motorcycle leathers or men’s clothing or anything like that, but she did have a crewcut, wore no makeup and made no secret of her sexuality.

True to Susan’s past experience, this woman, whose name was Laura, did not have much patience for the undergrads in her section, and even tended to bully those who didn’t toe the line, meaning that they did not passively go along with whatever interpretation of the week’s readings Laura was promoting. Naturally, this always meant viewing the material through the lens of the “cult of race, class and gender” that was absolute dogma with 97 percent of the liberal arts faculty at the prestigious state university. Even though she was already a confirmed lesbian herself, Susan found this unidimensional view of the world banal and absurd.

In addition to her tedious orthodoxy, Susan’s “instructor” was physically intimidating. She was big – over six feet tall, but had a womanly body that was nicely proportioned: large hips, big shoulders, strong legs. In a word, statuesque. Laura was good looking, too, with a pretty face that her crewcut and lack of makeup could not hide. Naturally, even though Laura was about 180 degrees opposite of the type of woman that she usually found herself attracted to, Susan could not help but to wonder what sex would be like with such an amazon.

Susan kept a low profile in the class, performing well on tests and papers (as usual), making the minimum number of participatory comments in discussions, and ones that were always perceptive and on-point. She figured that her mostly-idle curiosity about sex with Laura would go unsatisfied, because it was not deep enough to motivate her to follow up by seeking any more extensive engagement with the woman beyond that necessary for class. Susan had not counted on the instigation coming from the other side, however. Laura must have noticed Susan looking at her from time to time with a curiosity that went beyond the matrilinear descent patterns of the Yanamamo Indians, or other material examined in the class. About half way through the semester, after of one the twice-a-week sessions, Laura asked Susan to follow her back to the little cubbyhole that served as her office. There, Laura basically asked Susan for a date, although she did not put it in those terms. She just invited Susan to join her at one of the popular campus beer joints on Friday night “for a coupla’ brewskies.”

Now, Laura had no idea that Susan was a lesbian. Unlike herself, Susan gave no outward indication of her sexual preference. Not only did she not dress in any way that was overtly “queer,” compared to most of her fellow students Susan was positively elegant. She was rich, enjoyed fine things, and while not at all snobbish about it saw no reason not to dress in a classy yet understated “preppy-couture” manner. Susan’s spiritual guides in terms of style and appearance were Sharon Stone, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly – not Brittney or Madonna or, God forbid, Courtney Love.

She had not gained much from living with her gay uncle Henry for five years (see “Susan’s Teen Lust Satisfied” for details on Susan’s background), but one thing she did acquire was a sense of style. Susan remembered her mom saying one time before the tragic auto accident in which she died, “Gays OWN taste.” Susan had understood this to mean that many homosexual men were highly tuned in and accomplished on matters of fashion and style, which like many stereotypes about particular bostancı escort groups, held a kernel of truth. Uncle Henry evidenced this in his own life, and although she and he interacted little, one area where they did exchange opinions and observations was “haute couture” and how the “stars” dressed and carried themselves in public. A few times they watched “Awards” programs on television, and Susan was hugely impressed by Henry’s very well informed commentary on what participants of both sexes wore, ranging from scathing condemnation to fulsome praise. Susan subscribed to a couple fashion magazines, and Henry occasionally would glance through these, passing on more insights to his wealthy niece.

These lessons “stuck,” and Susan never felt a need or desire to dress-down in the typical faux-bohemianism of middle class American college students. She was rich and beautiful, and liked to look the part. Add to this her healthy, athletic “California girl” good looks, and there was no reason for anyone to suspect that Susan’s sexuality was anything but conventional.

That’s the way she liked it. Wearing alternative sexuality on her sleeve did not fit with Susan’s deeply private nature. Also, she LIKED being a girl, and looking like one. To her, girl-girl sex was exciting because it involved two unapologetically-female females coming together in an unexpectedly intimate physical interaction. She didn’t understand the whole “butch-femme” thing, as least in terms of the physical appearance aspect. On the other had, Susan did prefer to take an almost aggressive role in her affairs, and she was most attracted to timid girls that she could dominate. Girls totally unlike Laura, that is. Susan could easily imagine that Laura WAS into the butch-femme thing, however.

After her freshman year in the girl’s dorm, Susan got her own apartment, and had decided to experiment with different lifestyles. So, when Laura asked her out she decided to give it a shot. She said “yes,” but gave the woman no indication that she was an experienced lesbian. Laura no doubt thought that she would have the opportunity to introduce a rich hetero – who was maybe a little curious – to the mysteries of lesbian sex.

Susan played it straight, so to speak, and enjoyed the fact that she was perpetrating a deception on the bullying grad student. There were almost 30 undergrads in the discussion section Laura led, and about 20 of them were women. Laura had already “hit on” a couple of these, and Susan feared that it was no coincidence that that other objects of Laura’s attentions were girls who were struggling with the class. She suspected that there might be a little sexual blackmail going on, so putting one over on the big woman appealed to Susan’s sense of justice.

Anyway, the time for the “date” arrived, and Susan joined Laura at the student bar. They talked, and had a couple beers, and as she got to know Laura a bit Susan felt a bit more sympathetic. Laura poured out her tale of woe, describing how PhD. candidates like herself were exploited by the tenured professors, who used them to do mass quantities of drudge work on their own research projects, AND to lead overcrowded discussion sections. In addition to the twice weekly class sessions, the teaching assistants had to read and grade undergrad tests and papers, many of these shockingly bad, even at this elite institution. All for insultingly low pay, and while the grad student was attempting to pursue her own studies. It was no wonder that Laura was frazzled, and took out some of her frustrations on the undergrads. Susan did not acquit the woman of the suspected sexual blackmail, however.

After they had had a couple of drinks, Laura asked Susan if she wanted to go back to her apartment. Susan played dumb.

“How come?” she asked.

“I dunno – it’s kinda noisy here. I figure we could talk, and I have some good CDs too. Do you like Techno?” Laura asked.

In fact, Susan did like Techno, but she had no illusion that music was what Laura really had in mind. So she said, “Yeah, OK.”

Laura’s apartment was a tiny one-bedroom in a grad student housing complex. The two women sat on the couch, and the conversation became more personal.

“Susan – I can’t help noticing that you look at me with curiously in class sometimes. That’s why I asked you to join me tonight, because I’m curious about why you’re curious.”

“Gosh, Laura, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude. It’s just that – well – you’re the first woman I’ve ever known who, uh, looks like you. I don’t mean that you’re big, but . . .” Her face turned red at her unusual uncouthness.

Laura laughed. “You mean I look like a dyke! Right, Susan?”

Susan was embarrassed, not by the sexuality reference, but at being so transparent. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Susan, have you ever had any kind of sexual experience with another woman?”

There is was – the invitation Susan had expected. Despite her total lack of surprise, Susan’s face grew even more heated and red at the question. She wasn’t used to being the “pursued” instead of büyükçekmece escort the “pursuer” in such exchanges! Susan didn’t want to lie, so instead she told a partial truth.

“When I was 15, a girlfriend and I practiced kissing . . .” Susan affected hesitancy in her reply, giving no indication that what she described was the opening move in her own seduction of the her first lesbian lover, timid little Becky.

“Did you like it?” Laura asked. Susan tried to look embarrassed, and again she had to act, because once she recovered her balance after being caught out over her curiosity about Laura’s appearance and persona, she was not at all shy about the turn the conversation had taken. But she didn’t want to let Laura know that., so she answered hesitantly.

“Er, yeah, I guess. Her lips were soft . . . it was nice . . .”

“Would you like to ‘practice kissing’ with me?” Laura asked.

Susan said nothing, and remained totally passive, leaving the ball completely in Laura’s court. She didn’t have to wait long. Taking her silent “maybe” as a “yes,” Laura leaned forward and put her lips on Susan’s. The first kiss was chaste and brief, as Laura gauged Susan’s reaction. Susan remained passive, which again the older woman took as permission to be more aggressive. She again leaned forward, and this time when their lips med, Laura sucked on her lips a bit, and applied a little tongue.

Now, it may seem odd, but in the time since she had seduced Becky, Susan had only had sex with three other girls. In each case, Susan had been the aggressor, and had seduced girls who were younger, or more timid, or less popular than herself. In fact, Laura was just about the first woman that Susan had ever met besides herself that she knew for certain was also a lesbian. Her exclusive, private high school had been quite small, and Susan’s other opportunities for social interaction were rather limited. In college she found herself part of a much larger society, and she had suspected one or two of the girls in hall adjacent to hers in the dorm the year before might have “swung both ways,” but she had never had the opportunity to find out. Also, given that her tastes ran to timid girls she could seduce and dominate, Susan just had not sought out the company of her own kind. Avowed lesbians, that is.

So, being kissed by Laura was an entirely new situation for Susan. And – that made it fit in with her program of lifestyle experimentation. Still, she chose to maintain the passive role, and see what lesbian sex was like from the perspective of the “hunted” instead of the “hunter.”

Laura was a good kisser. Despite her passive mien Susan found herself getting excited when the woman’s soft tongue probed into her own mouth, tentatively, then more aggressively when she met no resistance. Before long Laura had taken Susan into her strong arms and was embracing her as she applied lips and tongue with good effect.

Susan was determined to keep her cool, though, and to make Laura do all the “work.” So she only responded after several minutes of diligent kissing by Laura, when to not respond at all would have sent an unambiguous message of “No, no!” instead of “Maybe, maybe!” Then, Susan did so by engaging in just the least bit of tongue-dueling on her own. That was all Laura needed – from that point her actions became more straightforwardly sexual.

She began by applying her mouth sensuously to Susan’s neck and ears, nibbling and pecking in a soft circuit around the sensitive flesh of those areas. Laura’s hands began to roam also. One reached down Susan’s back and slid in under the waistband of her stylish skirt, making a reconnaissance probe just to the top of her fit and attractive rear end, where the between-cheek crease was born just below the base of the spine. With this hand Laura pulled Susan in closer, sliding her own large body down the couch and turning onto her side a bit in an effort to engineer a little hip-to-hip contact.

Susan was enjoying herself tremendously, and on several levels. It was great fun to be putting one over on the bullying instructor, who thought she was breaking in a newcomer to the ways of lesbian sex. Also, being passive putty in the big hands of this large and dominant woman was so different from Susan’s usual role in sexual affairs that it added a definite element of exotic spice to the encounter. In some ways, it really WAS like the first time for Susan, because in every one of her sexual experiences so far SHE had been the one “putting on the moves.” Finding herself so much out of character generated some of that “forbidden fruit” sensation that was one of the elements of lesbian love in general that made her blood pound with excitement.

Laura’s size added to all of this. At 5’8” and with a perfectly proportioned figure, Susan was just a bit above the median in terms of the average size for American women, and the handful of girls she had been to bed with were all smaller than herself. At well over six-feet tall and with her powerful, statuesque physique, Laura towered over Susan, and now Susan felt çağlayan escort like a doll in the big woman’s arms. None of this was anything Susan would want to make a habit of, but in the sense of “a change is as good as a vacation,” this sidetrack from her usual preferences was an undeniable turn-on.

Most elementally, she WAS getting turned on, because for all her intimidating size and dyke-ish persona, Laura was turning out to be a gentle and skillful lover. The hand that had slipped under Susan’s waist band in back had made its way lower, and was now softly kneading the cheeks of her rear end, and lightly caressing her butt crack. Laura’s neck- and ear-nuzzling was reaching lower down Susan’s chest, and the big woman had unfastened the top two buttons of her silk blouse, gaining access to the sensitive skin in Susan’s cleavage. Laura kept retreating to Susan’s mouth, where she continued her sensuous, deeply probing French kisses. Susan began launching a few probes of her own, and for a while the two women’s lips were locked together as their tongues intertwined energetically, taking turns launching forays into the other’s mouth.

Laura’s busy hands stayed active, the one in back reaching even lower to caress the soft dimples between Susan’s perfect ass cheeks and shapely thighs, the other working lose a couple more buttons on the front of Susan’s blouse. When Laura again lowered her mouth to Susan’s chest, her access to soft titflesh was much improved, and she used this to bombard the tops and cleavage of the smaller woman’s ample breasts with a barrage of soft, wet kisses.

Both women were breathing heavily now, and events had arrived at that pass where stealthy unbuttonings and reaching under clothing could go no further: Either the passive partner would get up, redress her dishabille and go home, or . . . coyness would go out the window, clothing would start coming off, and neither party would be able to evade a very conscious and forthright acknowledgement and acceptance of the seduction that was well underway. Susan wasn’t going anywhere, so the first option was off the table, but she maintained her passive role and waited for Laura’s next move. This wasn’t long in coming.

The big woman withdrew her hand from under Susan’s skirt, lifted her head from her breasts, and looked her straight in the eyes, saying nothing, but inviting protest from the other, while she undid the remaining buttons on the front of the long-sleeved blouse, and then undid the buttons at the wrists. She received no protest. Laura took Susan’s upper arm in her hand, lifting it, and tugging the sleeve down and away. She repeated the action on the other side, and lifted the garment from Susan’s shoulders, leaving her clad from the waist up in just a skimpy fashion bra. Laura again lowered her lips to Susan’s, and pulled out all the stops in her lovely, sensuous kissing technique, while reaching behind and unhitching the clasp of the brassiere. When it came lose, the straps fell from Susan’s shoulders, and she found herself fully exposed from the waist up, in the arms if this powerful amazon.

Laura exploited this by lifting a large hand to one of Susan’s breasts and cupping it gently. Susan had perfect size-C breasts, not small by any means, but Laura’s hand was large enough to all but completely contain first one, then the other soft mammary. She brought her other hand into play and, cupping both bouncy globes, lowered her lips to Susan’s chest and began laying a trail of kisses across the tops of her breasts, in the deep valley between, around the sinuous curves of the undersides, up the sides, and spiraling around each nipple as the powerful yet gentle hands continued to knead and caress. Laura returned briefly to Susan’s mouth for a quick tongue penetration, then the woman’s stiffened lips were on Susan’s nipples, tugging at the them dryly at first, then parting and taking the entire nipple and areola into her mouth. Then she went to work with tongue and teeth, tweaking, nibbling, lightly nipping, slurping loudly, sucking softly, then hard, then scraping her teeth across the puffy surface of Susan’s areola, and then sucking some more.

Susan lay back and soaked up the stimulation to her breasts, happily thinking, “Wow! For an exploited grad student teaching assistant, Laura sure has found some time to perfect her nipple sucking techniques!” All of this tit action was sending urgent messages along the hotline that connected Susan’s clit to nipple, and forgetting her resolution to be passive, her hands rose to the back of Laura’s head, pulling the woman’s face more tightly against her breasts.

Needless to say, Laura was getting very excited herself, and enjoyed doing the tit-sucking as much as Susan enjoyed receiving it. She was savoring the satisfaction of the hunter who has successfully completed the stalk and is preparing to go in for the kill. Also, not knowing that Susan was herself an experienced lesbian, the thrill of “popping a new girl’s cherry” was adding profoundly to her excitement. Psychologically, the frazzled grad student was enjoying her moment of power over a beautiful but lowly-on-the-academic-pecking-order undergrad, especially this aloof “rich bitch” who dressed and acted like she thought she was better than all the rest of us “working stiffs.” Mostly, though, she was just enjoying sucking Susan’s lovely tits, and was looking forward to drinking in all the other pleasures the elegant young woman’s body had to offer.

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