Surprise Meeting with Step Daughter

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Because the wife is off visiting in another state I am doing the household chores and if I am doing these things why should I not be dressed feminine. Of course I love doing that anyway this just gives me the time to do so.

I am standing at the sink counter cutting up beef into small pieces so I can make stir-fry.

Thought I had heard a car door but did not pay any mind to it as I hear the neighbors all the time. I had country music playing and did not hear the back door being unlocked all at once I hear excuse me spoken by my beautiful step-daughter, I would recognize her voice anywhere. I turned from the counter and saw her very surprised look as she at once knew it was her mother’s husband in a dress.

She said I certainly did not expect to see you dressed this way, I said I am sorry did not mean to surprise you this way. I mean no disrespect to you or your mother, I have been wearing feminine clothes for years in secret. She said I looked sort of cute in this particular grey knit dress, with black thigh high stockings showing above my feminine low cut shoes. And my small b cup breasts showing at the top, with a pink scarf tied at the neck.

She is in the larger size in the breast area like her mother, but the rest of her is so perfect in my opinion and I have told her this several times. I have also told her on many occasions that I love her and I am sure she knows it is more like woman to man love.

She had just come back from an outing at work and was wearing a beautiful dress and I told her so. She smiled and said are you going to give me my hug? I always try to get a hug whenever she comes around. I said ok if you are ok with me dressed this way!

She took of her coat and walked over to me and gave me a very big hug. She felt so good in my arms, and seemed to be also enjoying it. She stepped back a bit and asked if I had other outfits, I said honey I have three closets full of what I think are beautiful outfits and would love to show them to you just in case any of them would fit.

I asked her to let me take a picture because she is looking so pretty, she laughed and said she wondered if I was going to. Got my digital camera out and took two shots.

She then said let’s look around so we can see what I have. Went into the front bedroom ataşehir escort and started showing her the different dresses. She pick one that was my favorite, I so hoped it would fit her. She said I want to try this one on, we had to move to the bedroom I use for space. She said you have a very pretty bed, It is like a canopy with sheer curtains spread over the top and down the sides. She asked why does my mother not sleep in here I told her because of her fibromyalgia and the hard mattress that I bought with the bedroom set.

I was very surprised when she sat down on the edge of the bed and started to undress. I had never seen her undress before and how exciting this was for me. When she had her dress off she asked me to help put on my dress for her, I helped some and we got it on enough to see that luckily the top was ok so I zipped her up and when she turned around I again said how beautiful you are in this dress. She stepped close put her arm sround my neck and leaned in and said pleas kiss me now. We kissed for a very much longer time than I had thought but how I enjoyed her lips on mine, she also seemed to like it as when we broke apart she said how long we lost this wonderful feeling.

Then she embarrassed me by saying I obviously liked it as my dress has a bigger indication now than before, she was right my cock had pushed out the dress in front and I could feel pre cum in my panties.

She then asked if we could look some more at my things I of course said yes, so off we went to the front bedroom. She found another dress and we went and exchanged it and again she found one that fit in the top which we both giggled about. Again she wanted a hug and a kiss like before and when we broke she smiled again and said you like this one too.

She noticed my embarrassment and said it is ok honey I too am having a reaction that I have never had before, my panties are getting very wet between my legs, when she lifted the skirt of the dress to show me. I was very surprised in that but even more so when she said touch me there and see how wet it is. I slowly put my hand down there and yes her panties were very wet. Without a thought I brought my hand back up and put my wet fingers into my mouth, what a wonderful taste. She noticed and asked if it did not smell kadıköy escort bad, I said no, it smells wonderful.

I had a couple skirts and blouse sets that I wanted her to try, she said ok and I took her to another full closet of just those types of things. She looked at this closet and looked at me and said did I have any idea how much I spent on my feminine clothes, I said yes the last time I added it up it was well over $25,000.00.

We found several skirts that fit and a couple blouses. I told her she can wear any of them at any time she wanted too. She could just take them home so her mother would not notice. Seeing as how she usually did not spend so much time with her son being home, she laughed and said he was staying Friday night and Saturday with one of his school chums.

She then asked me if I was trying to get rid of her, I told her again no honey you know I love you and you are welcome to stay as long as you can. She hugged me again and said she wanted to put on one of my pretty night gown she saw in the front bedroom, I said any one you want, she smiled and said she wanted to slide into bed with me for the night.

She went and retrieved the nightgown and asked if I might have another pair of panties she could wear as hers are too wet to wear to bed. She wears these panties with just strings along the sides and a full butt cover and a small patch over the front. I do not have that style but she was able to wear a pair that were small on me, but seemed to fit her ok. She took her pair off and smiled at me and asked if I would like to suck the crotch. Now this is from a Christian lady that I had never heard her talk like that. But the answer was yes and she stuck the crotch into my mouth.

We went out to the living room after she had me suck her panties, we put things away and turned out the lights and walked into the back bedroom, I was a bit nervous but very excited also. I have silky sheets on the bed and we slid under the covers, I turned out the lights, she said no honey turn them back on I want to watch you make love to me, I told her that I have had no sex for 15 years except for master bating, she said she was the same since her divorce many years ago.

We hugged each other and kissed, how wonderful that felt is hard to bostancı escort bayan describe, but she wanted me to put my tongue down where my fingers had been earlier, I said yes honey for s long as you want. I moved off the bed and turned her so her legs were over my shoulders my knees were on a pillow she pulled the night gown up and I noticed she was ahead of me as she had no panties on. Putting my lips over her pussy lips the taste was so very good. She moaned a little and held my head with both hands and gently pushed down or pulled up and rocked my head back and forth, her wetness was so tasty.

After quite some time she stopped me and said would you try to make love to me? I said yes I will try, something I have wanted to do for more years than she has been divorced. She move in bed a put a pillow under her beautiful ass, opened her lovely legs wide so I could get into position, She reached down as I was getting close and guided my cock which was the hardest that it had been for years into position and pulled me into her. It is hard to describe how good it felt as her wet warm pussy took me insid, I was so surprised at how wonderful it felt and that it was hold the hardness to actually allow me to fuck her. In and out for several minutes (probably Seconds) but so wonderful better than I had ever dreamed it would feel.

When I felt it approaching I told her I was going to cum, she wrapped her legs around me and held me inside her till I was done, as I became softer and she could feel me slipping out she asked me to swing around she wanted to taste us together. She took my cock into her mouth gently and I buried my face in between her legs and we tasted each other. We moved so we could kiss and we both moaned at how good we both felt.

During the night she would ask me to suck on her again and again, she tasted sweet each time. Around 2 PM we decided to make preparations to get up, she asked if I would try again to make love to her, we did and it was as good as the first only I did not last all that long but she was not unhappy as I went back down on her, this time though I must have gotten it right she had a very big orgasm. She squirted a big amount into my mouth and it was almost like sugar as it was so sweet.

We got up then and after sever big hugs and kisses she had to leave, she promised that we would get together again when ever things would permit us to do so. It will be hard now not to want to kiss when we hug but will have to not do so as her mother would probably wonder about how we react to each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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