Social Isolation–Walk in the Woods

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They closed the parks and beaches two weeks ago. At the time, it didn’t really matter because the whole coast was in a cold-rain-wind cycle that made going outside pretty uncomfortable. As things got nice, though, I really started to miss the walks and sports and outdoor time I was accustomed to. I try to keep in shape, and exercising at home just doesn’t do it for me. I want to bike or hike or swim, but I’m not obsessed. Sometimes, I just want to sit on the rocks and look out at the water. Now–like so many other things–that pleasure is on hold.

In desperation, I Googled my area for trail maps and found a whole lot of choices. Using Google Earth, I tracked down promising places that had somewhere to park. That chopped a lot of options, but there were three that still looked good. My heart wanted to be in the woods AND by the water, so I chose a trail that looped out to Hidden Lake on the western border of town.

The next day dawned sunny and cool, a fantastic change from the cold and wind and rain. After doing a couple of hours of work, I figured it was warm enough. Ready for anything, I put on shorts, hiking boots, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and a lined windbreaker. Snacks and a water bottle went into my small day-hiking pack, along with a map, compass, and my cell phone. Once a Boy Scout, always a Boy Scout, I guess!

Anyway, the easiest place to pick up the trail was to park behind Bed, Bath and Beyond and duck into the woods. I found the trail easily and headed west. This part of the state is pretty hilly, and I set a good pace, so before long, I stopped to get rid of the jacket. It felt great to be in the woods, and equally great to be alone without having to wear a mask or worry about other people.

A mile later, I rounded a hill and saw my first glint of water. It was only a shallow inlet, but a quick glance at the map confirmed it was the closest part of Hidden Lake. The trail ran around to the north, and I made the turn, catching sight of the water at the bottom of the slope I was walking on. Usually, I’m good about sticking to trails, but the shoreline was scattered with boulders and I couldn’t resist the chance to relax on a nice warm rock at water level. A quick scramble, some slipping on leaves, and I was down at the bottom. I walked north again until I saw a large, flat boulder that stuck out into the lake. With a grin, I scrambled up onto it and dropped my pack.

The water was mirror smooth and stretched away about a hundred yards to the west. To the south, it went perhaps a quarter mile before curving out of sight. Aside from birds and peepers and the rustle of squirrels, there was almost no noise. The highway wasn’t far away, but the hills sheltered this spot beautifully.

Unzipping my pack, I made a sitting pad out of my jacket and broke out some food and my water bottle. Five minutes later, the food was packed away and I was ready to stretch out and savor the stillness some more. One thing was bugging me, though. My sock hand bunched up, and I felt the familiar hotspot that signaled a blister. To avoid that distraction, I unlaced my boots and pulled them off, then stripped my socks off as well to give my feet a chance to dry.

After that was done, I shifted my pack into pillow position and laid back on the rock. My eyes closed against the bright sunlight, and the warmth radiated into me from above and below. The hills that sheltered this spot from the highway noise also blocked the prevailing north wind, so only the highest trees were rustling. Totally at peace, I laid back and basked for a long while. Eventually, my basking turned into dozing.

I woke up slowly, shifting uncomfortably because a rough spot was digging into my shoulder. I checked my watch and saw only a half hour had passed, but that was enough relaxing. I sat up and stretched my back, rubbing the sore spot firmly. When that felt better, I wiped a few beads of sweat from my forehead. The late spring sun was actually getting a little uncomfortable, especially with no breeze and radiant heat from the boulder as well. Standing up, I stretched my arms high above me, then decided to shed another layer. The long-sleeved black T-shirt was soaking in heat, and I pulled it off over my head with a deep feeling of satisfaction. It had been a long, damp spring and a slushy winter–this was the first real sun I had felt all year!

The film of perspiration on my back and chest dried quickly in the warm air. I tossed the shirt aside and stood there looking over the lake again, watching insects on the surface and letting my eyes glide along the shallows to catch the flash of a fish if I could. Breathing deeply, I rolled my shoulders and then relaxed my arms, trying to soak in the tranquillity of the scene.

All of a sudden, a quiet female voice broke the stillness around me.

“Keep taking your clothes off–I was enjoying the show!”

I turned in place, my eyes coming to rest on a smiling face about twenty feet back toward the hill. Instead of replying, I smiled back absently and looked her over. My mind registered quick bits of information. About my age. Dark, pendik escort long hair that curled past her shoulders. Full breasts restrained by a North Face T-shirt. Nice smile. Plaid fleece wrapped around her waist, and yoga pants that stopped just below her knees. Short socks and sneakers. Water bottle in hand. Not skinny, not fat. Just…normal. Womanly. And a nice smile.

When I glanced at her face again, her smile had widened.

“All done checking me out there?” she asked teasingly. “I could be an axe-murderer, ya know?”

“I don’t see any axes,” I replied lamely.

“Better do what I say just in case,” she said with a more menacing grin than before.

“Do what?” I asked, still foggy from my recent doze and my startled reaction to her presence.

“Take ’em off! You were doing fine there for a minute, but then you stopped!”

“I was just…cooling off, ” I explained haltingly. Why couldn’t I answer normally? I thought to myself? I’m not the wittiest guy, but there was something about this woman that awed me a little. Maybe it was her grin. Maybe it was the earthy sensuality of her body. Maybe it was her direct manner…smile or not, I could not tell if she was joking when she said that!

“Ah. I see. A tease. You come out here to my favorite spot, show off your body shamelessly, and then when a woman makes a perfectly reasonable request, you get all shy. Is that it?”

For a moment, I sputtered indignantly. Then my brain began to work. The fog cleared and my smile returned.

“That my whole game,” I said in a firmer voice. “I like to get them all riled up and then disappear!”

“Well, even if I don’t have any axes on me,” she replied in kind, “you’re not getting off that easy today. Today,” she continued as she walked toward me, “you are going to find out what happens to tall, handsome strangers who come into my woods and try to lure innocent women.”

“Innocent, huh?” I said with raised eyebrows.

“Pure as the driven snow. Help me up!” she ordered, extending a hand to me.

Reflexively, I took her hand and pulled as she lunged upward. Suddenly, we were face to face on a sunny boulder overlooking the lake. I didn’t know what to say, and she simply grinned at my discomfiture. In her own way, however, she let me off the hook by breaking the growing silence.

“Well, I guess you’re not going to finish taking off your clothes all by yourself,” she said briskly. “Maybe if you have a little incentive, it will make your choice easier.”

Stepping past me, she tossed her water bottle onto my backpack. Her fleece joined the pile next. Then without noticeable pause, she crossed her arms in front of herself and whipped her T-shirt off over her head. My eyes widened in shock and pleasure. Her breasts were full and firm, each capped with a large areola and a plump nipple. My gaze stayed there as she kicked off her sneakers and lifted one foot, then the other to take off her socks. Finally, she stood to face me again, her hands defiantly on her hips.

“Now we’re even!” she said happily.

“Um…wow!” I responded intelligently.

“Ah…a man of few words. I can work with that!”

Her smile lingered as she stepped closer. She was perhaps a foot shorter than my 6 foot 2 frame, and when she planted her feet between my own, her breasts pressed gently against the bottom of my ribs. Their warmth and fullness sent a thrill through my gut, and I felt the first stirring of lust breaking through my amazement.

“I’m Jess,” she said, looking up at me impishly.

“I’m Steve,” I admitted, trapped in the dark well of her eyes.

“Well, Steve…since you’re obviously enjoying the show I’m putting on, maybe you should help me take the rest of this off and I’ll help you right back.”

I nodded, my mouth dry. “Sounds good.”

“Then we have a deal,” she said firmly. “Now kiss me and get started, will you?”

Clearly I was growing accustomed to taking her directions, because I tilted my head down and our lips met before I even thought about what I was doing. Her kiss was firm and dry at first, but quickly she reached up to grab me around my neck with both arms and her lips parted. Her breasts crushed into me and her belly ground against my stiffening cock as our tongues began to explore each other.

“Mmm,” she said, breaking away a tiny bit. “That was nice! But I’m still wearing too many clothes…why don’t you kneel down and help me out?”

Her hands were on my shoulders, pressing down gently but firmly. Still under her spell, I complied, pausing only to grab her sneakers as cushions. When I was settled on my knees, my face was level with her softly rounded belly. For a moment, I nuzzled her soft skin and wrapped my arms around her ass. Jess was definitely a change from the slim, toned women I was usually attracted to, but at that moment, she overwhelmed my senses just standing there. Mindful of what she wanted, though, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her yoga pants and looked up at her face. She was smiling down at me indulgently.

As I began to tug them downward, I kept alert to maltepe escort catch the waistband of her panties as well. After a few inches, however, it was clear that there was nothing there to catch. Stretching them over the wide swell of her hips, I saw the downward curve of her belly appear, and I leaned in to kiss the soft, pale skin. Another tug and the edge of her mound appeared–a line of soft, dark hair groomed short. My heart beat faster as I exposed more and more of her. Soon her pants were down to her thighs and her full mound was exposed, the bump of her labia drawing my senses toward her core. Before I could indulge, however, I had to get these damn pants out of the way!

With a brusque shove, I pushed them down over her knees and calves, letting them pool around her ankles. With her hands on my shoulders, Jess balanced herself and stepped out of them.

“There!” she said happily. “That is SO much better!”

Her hands left my shoulders, tousled my hair briefly, and then went to her thighs. She spread her fingers wide and rubbed herself briskly, first along the front, then on each side of her hips, and finally on her ass. I stayed where I was and watched her vigorous motions set her breasts jiggling merrily above me. When she was done, she brought her hands back in front of her and cupped my face. Looking straight down, she favored me with a tender smile.

“Now, Steve…do you like what you see?”

“Oh, my God, yes!” I said heatedly.

“Come up here, then,” she urged me, offering her hands as I had done for her. I accepted her help and stood up to face her again. She smiled, stood tiptoe to kiss me quickly on the lips, and then settled back down, looking up into my eyes.

“So how do you feel now about finishing what you started, you big tease?”

“What? Oh…you mean…” I sputtered.

“Yes, that, Steve. Would you like me to help you with those shorts?”

“Umm…yeah!” I answered intelligently.

Fortunately, Jess was forgiving of my conversational lapses. With that same smile playing across her full lips, she toed her sneakers into position and sank gracefully to her knees. Her hands rose up and made a quick path from my belt up over my chest, and back down to my hips. She nuzzled my navel briefly, then deftly unbuckled my belt. Instead of just moving on to my zipper, she pulled the belt free of all its loops and held both ends in one hand, forming a loop.

“Mmmm…this might come in handy!” she said with a wicked grin, sliding the line of leather along my thigh before setting it aside.

After that, she turned her attention to my shorts again, ignoring the obvious bulge she faced. She undid the snap and tugged the zipper down, then moved her hands back to my hips.

“Time for the finale!” she said smugly as she began to pull downward.

Her fingertips snagged my boxer briefs on the way down, and with one swift motion she pulled both shorts and underwear down to mid-thigh. My cock snapped upright against my belly and my balls tightened up at the sudden exposure to cooler air.

“Oh, my!” she said with wide eyes, tilting to head to examine me. “This show just got GOOD!”

Her left hand crept around behind my leg and moved up to grab my ass firmly. Her other hand, palm flat, came to rest at the base of my cock and with excruciating slowness, she slid it upward, stroking me firmly. I took a deep breath and made a happy rumble in my chest.

Jess looked up at me, grinned again, and brought her hands back to my shorts. With another quick shove, she had them down to my ankles and I stepped out of them entirely. Her hair brushed my cock as she did that and set off a throb of excitement. When she rose back to her knees, she kept her hands on my thighs and caught my eyes again.

“So is this what you imagined when you came for a walk in the woods today?” she asked blithely.

“God, no!” I told her with a smile. Then I reached down for her hands and pulled her up to her feet in front of me. My arms went over her shoulders, gathering her into me, and she came along willingly. Her breasts resumed their contact with my chest, my cock was pressed against her soft belly, and I could feel the tickle of her well-groomed bush as she nestled into my thigh. Her arms went around my waist and she laid her head against my shoulder trustingly. As we stood there, a wave of amazement washed over me. My naked body was pressed against a woman I didn’t know as we stood in the sunlight overlooking a lake. As bizarre as it was to be there, it felt completely natural. I wanted to share that thought.

“I don’t know what this is,” I said, “but I feel like we’re the only two people in the world right now.”

“Mmm,” she murmured against my skin, “I know what you mean!”

“Talk about connecting with Nature!” I said, feeling normal enough to try a joke again.

“We’re not connected yet, Steve!” she chided.

Once again, her response was so filled with blunt innuendo that I was both taken aback and aroused by her attitude. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long to see what she meant.

“Why kartal escort don’t you spread out some clothes for us?” she asked. “I don’t think we need to be rolling around on the rocks, do you?”

“Nope. A little padding sounds like a good idea.”

“Hey!” she said sharply, grinning to show that she was kidding. “You have a problem with a little padding?” To emphasize her words, she squeezed me extra tight, mashing her breasts and thighs and belly against my body.

This one I could handle: “A little padding makes everything better!” I said suavely.

Jess nodded in appreciation of my comeback. “Good answer, Nature Boy. Now let’s get some clothes laid out and start connecting with Nature!”

We let go of each other and did our best to create a rectangle of garments on the warm, pink-flecked granite we were standing on. When we had used everything, Jess stood back and looked at it critically.

“I guess that’s going to have to be good enough,” she allowed. “Do you think it’s big enough for both of us to be comfortable?” she asked.

I looked at the narrow space we had fashioned and my mind raced for a good answer.

“I don’t think it’s big enough for us to be side-by-side,” I said judiciously. “One of us is going to have to be on top of the other one.”

“I’ll flip you for it,” she said in a challenging voice. “Heads or tails?”

“Both!” I answered promptly.

“You can’t have both,” she told me in a serious voice.

“Wanna bet? Let me show you!”

“Go for it!” came her reply.

I sank down and stretched out on the narrow blanket of clothes. I put my arms behind my head and gave Jess a grin of my own.

“Now bring that tail down here where I can enjoy it, and you can get started on the head part!”

Her snort was all the praise I needed for my brilliant wit.

“Such a clever man!” she said as she knelt beside me.

“I have my good days,” I told her modestly as I reached for her waist and tugged it toward my head.

She got the hint and straddled my body, facing herself down toward my feet. When she got herself settled, she leaned on one elbow and grabbed my cock firmly.

“Is this one of your good days?” she asked coyly.

“It’s getting better and better!” I said with relish, pulling her hips down toward me.

My tongue extended to trace the line of her labia, and Jess moaned aloud, settling herself even lower to provide me easy access. Then I felt her tongue slide the full length of my cock, dragging along the thick vein on the underside and I groaned myself. Her lips then wrapped around my swollen crown and she began to suck hard as she slid the first few inches into her mouth. We quickly settled into a rhythm, me lapping at her pussy more and more deeply, and her bobbing happily on my cock, making throaty noises of pleasure that vibrated me to the root.

For a few seconds in the middle of all this, I smiled and wondered how the fuck this had all happned. When I packed my snacks this morning, I never imagined ending up in a sixty-nine position with a sensuous stranger in the middle of the woods!

My hands traveled all over the smooth, lush curves of Jess’s hips and ass as I feasted on her pussy. After a while, I took a firm grip and pulled her cheeks apart, letting the sunlight fall on her hidden crevices. Craning my neck, I gave a few quick licks along her perineum and up to her puckered little opening. That earned me an extra round of vibrations as she pushed back onto me and groaned again.

As if in response to my variation, Jess changed her approach as well. With one hand flat on my skin, she made a tight ring of her thumb and forefinger and aimed me at her mouth. Her other hand went down to my balls, trailing along with her fingernails and then wrapping gently but firmly around my scrotum and tugging in time with her sucking. All of a sudden, I felt her lunge forward and my cock slid past the opening to her throat, wrapping the sensitive head in a tight, rippling world of stimulation. It was my turn to groan, and my cock jumped eagerly as she held me there, shaking her upper body slightly to move me around and hit me from every angle. God, it felt good! For ten or fifteen seconds, I stopped my licking to savor the powerful feelings she was creating.

When she released me at last to take a breath, I renewed my attention to her pussy. She was already slick with excitement, and my tongue moved through her folds easily. As she resumed her sucking motion, I began to run the flat of my tongue across the hood of her clitoris, eager to feel her arousal grow. I was not disappointed–Jess widened her knees and sank down toward my tongue another inch, begging me wordlessly to continue. For a few long minutes, the entire world was forgotten as I felt the thrill of turning her on more and more, all the while savoring the amazing feelings emanating from my cock.

My hands were stroking her back now, and I felt the long muscles there begin to tremble. Jess’s motion on my cock grew a little erratic as her orgasm approached, and I gave her what she needed to get there. Wrapping my lips around her clit, I began sucking rhythmically and tracing tight little circles with the tip of my tongue. That was all it took! She released my cock with a gasp and her back arched high above me, her weight driving down onto me as I lashed her clit.

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