so many so fast pt2

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Not far from the tree- pt. 2 of many (#’s indicate lovers in her life)

——————————————————————————- Lisa hears the phone ring then hears her mom calling from down stairs
“Lisa, you have a phone call!”
“oh hey girl, what’s going on? … yeah, I’ll be ready. I can’t wait till the party tonight. Do u think Brad will be there? He is so hot.”

Her friend reassures her that everyone will be there so Lisa starts to get ready. She puts on a small mini skirt where the material rolls it’s self up barely covers her ass. In the front it just covers the diamond that forms just below her pussy. Next, She pulls on a tube top which allows no bra. Her 34c tits barely fit in the top. She looks at herself in the mirror. Standing only 5’3, starting at her feet, glancing up past her 3” heels to her tight thighs to her skirt doing a spin looking at her small but very round ass. She thinks, “My ass is a little bigger than it should be but it looks good in this skirt”
Lisa turns around and checks out the rest of her-self.
Her straight blonde hair hanging just past her shoulders with her girl next-door kind of face.
“I look like a slut tonight, Sue would be proud” and giggles. So with a newer sense of confidence she grabs only her keys as she feels she doesn’t need a purse and heads out of the house. Just as she gets out the door her girlfriends show up.
“Wow don’t u look slut-ish tonight. Looking to score with brad are you?” Lisa gives them a grin and hops into the back seat. If any neighbors were watching the would have had a great view of her tight ass in a thong as her skirt rode all the way up as she jumped in the back seat of the convertible.

They all arrive at the party and pile out of the car. Most of the guys outside were hooting and hollering as the girls got out as most of them were also wearing skirts and the guys were getting a panty show. They pay their $5.00 cover and receive a cup. Lisa scans the area looking for brad. She doesn’t find him so she decides to get herself a drink. As she make her way to the many kegs on hand, she gets her ass pinched many times. Lisa pays it no mind. She wants a drink. As time passed and a few bears and boring conversations she spots brad across the room. She notices that he is looking right at her. He starts to walk over.
“ Hey Lisa how’s it going?”
“Fine and you”
They have the usual small talk for a while while Lisa downs the last of her beer. Brad notices she’s empty and tells her he’ll be right back with another one. She waits patiently and sooner than she expected he shows up with her beer.
“Wow you got that fast”.
He smiles “I know people”.
She smirks and they continue to talk.

Some time goes by and Brad grabs her hand dragging her out to the make shift dance floor. After some dancing and some sweating, Lisa starts feeling quite a buzz. He moves in to kiss her. They kiss like they are the only two people in the room. His hands start to squeeze her ass. Her skirt starts to ride up. She instinctively pulls her skirt down.
“Everybody can see my stuff Brad”.
Now being your typical young guy, he continues his public groping of her. Mainly trying to see how high and how long he can keep her skirt at her waist.
“Stop” is all Lisa can muster out.
In fact the word didn’t even come out with any command, more of a suggestion. So, for the next few songs the couple are brought several shots and beers. They never even leave the dance floor. 4 shots and a few beers later Brad really picks up the groping and by this point Lisa’s skirt gets twisted in her waist band. Her thong panties are the only thing keeping everyone there from seeing her cookie.
Guys swarm around Lisa and Brad trying to get a grab of her ass. Lisa sways to the music enveloped in the music and the feeling of all the strange hands caressing her body. Her head sways back and forth almost oblivious to everyone touching her. Brad observing her state of mind puts his hands under her tube top and cups both her tits. He rolls his hands in a way that pushes the material all the way up. Lisa is still in her euphoric trance and doesn’t even realize that she’s almost completely naked in the middle of a party. Brad removes both his hands exposing both of Lisa’s beautiful tits.

The crowd goes nuts. Yelling, whistling, hollering, when Lisa finally snaps back to it. She quickly takes stock of herself and with blinding speed pulled her top down and fixes her skirt. Brad grabs her hands “are you ok?”
Lisa smiles “yeah just got a little caught up in the… well you know”. he smiles
“Lets go somewhere a little more private. She knows where this is going. She thinks, “I should stop this before it goes too far. I know him but not that much”. For some odd reason she is letting herself to be lead by him upstairs past the bathroom line. They continue to one of the bedroom on their right. Brad just opens the door and finds a girl in there with two guys fucking her. Its is one of Lisa’s girlfriends. The girl has one cock in her mouth and one in her from behind.

“Damn that’s the second time I’ve seen this today, is everyone doing this?”

Lisa’s pussy gets instantly wet. Thoughts go through her liking what she is seeing. Brad grabs her wrist and leads her to the next room, which is vacant. Before the door is even closed, Brad has his dick out and is pulling her down to the bed. Brad takes her by the head and pulls it toward his cock and shoves his cock in her mouth with out saying a word. She gives in and starts to suck his 6” cock. He starts to move his hips making his cock go further down her throat. Lisa starts to gag heavily almost throwing up. He then stands her up and bends her over. Before she can get her self-situated, he lifts the little fabric that is in his way and he shoves his cock in her pussy. As wet as she was from watching her friend getting fucked, his cock slips in easily. He starts to pound her pussy hard right from the start and right about the time she starts to get into it, he grunts and pulls his cock out of her and sprays his cum all over her back.
Normally she doesn’t mind cum on her. In fact she likes it but in this case it got all over her skirt and on the back of her top. Not only that, she wasn’t anywhere near cuming herself. Brad then proceeds to pull his pants up and walk out the door with out saying a work. She just sits there wondering,
“What the fuck was that. That’s it?, 1 fucking minute! What an asshole.” (3)

After some intense cleaning she makes her way part the room where her friend was getting fucked and she still hears them going at it.
“What a lucky girl. At least they last more than a minute”.

She continues back to the party. As she walks down the stairs Lisa sees Brad with some of his friends and they are all looking at her. Obvious they know what just happened upstairs.

With anger in her step Lisa walks over to the keg to get her a beer to calm down, as she is still horny as hell since Brad couldn’t hang. The line is long as hell. She hears a voice
“Lisa give me your cup”.
It was one of the guys she knew from class. She waits patiently as Jose brings her a beer.
“Thanks Jose I need one”.
“Well after that I’m sure you do”
. She turns beet red. “Don’t worry and yes, everyone knows but who gives a shit. No one will judge you here.”
Lisa looks around and sees that she is surrounded by Jose’s friends.
“ Its cool everyone needs to get some besides, It don’t look like you got much.” They all start to laugh.
“That Brad is a fool and a limp dick”. She starts to laugh and is instantly comfortable with the guys.

They share a few more stories then Jose starts to get touchy feely with her. She gives up no resistance to his touches.
“Hey why don’t we go outside for a breather? I need some fresh air”. Lisa nods in agreement.
“You know, I could use some fresh air. All these sweaty bodies in here has this place smelling like a gym”.
So they all head out to the front yard. The house is positioned on a hill and Lisa decides to lay down and role down the hill. She stops half way down and starts to laugh. She looks up to see all the guys just slowly walking down the hill. She gets up on her elbows
“Now, I haven’t done that in years”.
The guys all start laughing. Some chit chat later Jose starts his move again. Only this time he grabs her by the hand and gently pulls her to him and kisses her deeply. She returns the kiss hungrily. His hands start to wander and soon her ass is out for all to see. Not that it takes much since her skirt barley covers her ass anyways. After fondling her ass for a little while he moves to the front and starts to rub her pussy. She instinctively parts her legs a little to grant him easier access. Her vigorously rubs her clit while they kiss. All of the guys there are watching the action.
He slides a finger in her and she lets out a moan. That’s when he knows it’s on. She’s ready. He begins to lower her to the grass where she lays down on her back and lets her legs fall open for the world to see her dripping pussy.
“Oh my god, I can’t believe I’m laying her with my legs open for these strangers to see my pussy”.
Jose starts to work his fingers into her. One, Two, then three. She starts to pant like a dog in heat and Jose proceeds to put a fourth finger in her. As he fingers her with his four fingers he thinks,

“Wow it’s amazing how her tight pussy keeps opening up with little resistance”.
So he gets bold and tries to fist her. He tucks his thumb and slowly starts to apply pressure. She never makes any attempt to stop him. His whole hand goes into her easily and he then starts to fist her pussy harder and faster. The guys go nuts after seeing this and start hooting and hollering.

Lisa forgets that there all in the front lawn while she moans loudly from his fisting action. Soon she lets out a scream as she starts to have the most intense orgasm of her young life. After she calms down Jose pulls his hand out. He looks and sees that after his hand comes out, her pussy stays open. Amazed by what he sees he balls his hand in a fist and tries to put it in that way. It goes in with ease. He pulls it back out and her pussy stays even wider than before. “Damn girl does your pussy ever stop. I bet I can fit a 40 in there.”
She looks at him puzzles.
“What r u talking about. How many fingers did u put in there?”
“Fingers? Shit honey I just fisted your pussy and now your pussy is hanging open. We could see right in you, even in this low light.”

She gets a worried look on her face.
“Don’t worry, we think that is awesome and look your pussy is closing back up. You should be proud that you have such an amazing pussy. In fact we need to çeşme escort go somewhere a little more private so I can really see just how great your pussy really is”
. He starts to scan the area and sees a gazebo in the corner of the yard.
“Now that looks like the perfect place.”
He picks her up and caries her 5’4 110 lb body to the gazebo. He lays her down on the table in there, which lucky for her is covered in a soft tablecloth.

No sooner did her body hit the table did Jose put his cock right to her lips. She waits for a second, tasting his pre-cum, then opens her mouth taking him in.
“This is the second cock in my mouth tonight. What am I thinking? Although, It sure is a nice cock”.
No sooner did those thoughts go through her mind she feels a cock entering her pussy. She up wide-eyed at Jose.
“Don’t worry it’s cool. They’ll be good.”
“They?” Then she starts so relax as the feeling of these 2 cocks start to send lustful shivers down her spins. She wants more.

The guys switch places after a few minutes and put her in the doggy position. Jose starts to fuck her while she is sucking the cock that was just removed from her pussy. She starts to suck tasting the mix of their juices and hungrily starts to bob on his cock. Realizing she likes the taste and gets the thought of,
“I could do this all night. Now I know what Sue was talking about”.
As if reading her mind, that’s exactly what the guys have planned. Not a min after she thinks that that the guy in her mouth pulls out and lets out 3 huge ropes of cum instantly covering her young pretty face. Jose seeing this pulls out and moves to the front and instantly lets out a similar amount of cum on her face. The cum is now dripping off her face when she feels another cock in her pussy. It’s a bigger one than the other two. He starts to pound her right away. The pounding is making the ropes of cum hanging from her face swing wildly but not falling off.

She starts to open her eyes expecting a sting from the cum in her eyes but no sting. She just looks up as she sees another cock coming toward her mouth. She just opens up and the guy sticks his cock all the way down her throat in one swift move. He gets it balls deep and keeps it there for a couple of seconds. He pulls it back and she gasps for air. He pauses there for a second and then times his thrust with the guy fucking her. He times it so as she is thrust forward from the guy fucking her, he would thrust forward sending his cock down her throat balls deep every time.

“Damn this guy is actually fucking my face like it was a pussy”.

The gagging bothers her but she lets it go on cause it feels so naughty and sooooo damn good. Soon the guy that is savagely fucking her face pulls his cock and lays a huge load of cum on her face. Most of the cum falling in her hair and on her forehead. Now her head is completely covered in cum. No sooner did the guy take a few steps back, another cock start to fuck her face the same as the guy before. The guy fucking her says,
“I can’t believe this pussy. I was just looking into it from 10ft away and now if feels almost tight. What a pussy. This pussy was made for fucking.”
After saying that he pulls out his cock. Spits on her asshole and without and warning or warm up, shoves his good size cock right in her ass.

Amazingly Lisa never even lets out a whimper. He sees this and immediately starts to pound her ass harder than he pounded her pussy. The harder pounding was having another affect. It was making the face fucking she was getting tough for her to take. Her face was hitting against his stomach real hard punching her nose. Every time her face hit, it made a slapping noise. The guys were cheering as this went on saying things like,
“Look at the slut getting her face fucked like a pussy. Yeah fuck the whore. Treat her like the cum slut whore she is”.
Normally such degrading things would make her angry but instead, she was getting incredibly turned on by it. She found herself increasing the sensations by moving with the guys.
The guy face fucking her yells out
“I’m gonna cum”. The guy mercilessly fucking her ass says,
“Me too move over”. As he said that they both start to cum on her face. At this point she is swimming in their cum. She opens up her mouth and the cum flows into it like a faucet. While the guys are still spewing cum from their cocks another guy sticks his cock in her ass. What a picture it made. Two guys spewing large loads of cum on her face, which was already dripping cum while she’s getting fucked in the ass. After the guys finish Cumming they tell her to lick them clean, which she does with out hesitation. After they start to back away she realizes,
“I just sucked a cock that came straight out of my ass”.
She got a weird feeling. It is disgusting but at the same time a real huge turn on for her.

The guy fucking her ass pulls out and tells her
“Here slut, clean your ass juice off my cock”.
Surprising to her she just turns around and bends over and proceeds to suck his cock clean. After a min she sees the 6th guy coming toward her. He says I got an idea. He lies on the bench and tells her to climb on. She looks up at the guys she is sucking and he says
“What are you waiting for? Be a good whore and go and sit on his cock.”
She starts his way. The cum from her face is now running onto her tits. What a mess she was if anyone else saw her like this she would be ruined. She moves over to him as if she has no control of her own. She will do anything they tell her to do.

She gets to the bench and begins to lower her self onto his cock when he stops her.
“Ride me with the cock in your ass”. So with that she continues to lower herself onto his cock guiding it into her ass. Once it is buried in there she starts to ride his cock. She likes the feeling of having control of the cock going in and out if her ass. He pulls her forward. The cum starts to drip off her face onto his chest. He doesn’t seem to care about it. He instead leans to the side and tells the only other guy with a hard on to “join in”. She figures another face fucking which she is getting used to. But he moves toward the rear. Next thing she knows he gets into the mounting position and proceeds to put his dick along side the dick already in her ass. A fright fills her
“Oh my god there gonna double fuck my asshole.”
Before she could mount a protest he slides his cock all the way in her ass. Now she has 2cocks in her ass. She feels lots of pain and it shows on her face. She lets out little whimpers and screams. The guys not wanting to be meen, let her ass adjust then start to rock their cocks in and out of her ass. About a min goes by and the guys start to pick up the pace. Another min after that she starts to moan as her ass has become accustom to the stretching. The guys take this as a cue and really pick up the pace. The other standing around guys watching start to hoot and holler. The 2 guys fucking her ass start going faster the louder the guys got. Soon the guys fucking her were pounding her as hard as they can.
So there she is with both of their cocks slicing into her ass as an unbelievable pace. All the while cumming over and over with no sign of stopping.

This continues till the guys can’t go anymore. They slow to a snails pace both of them panting trying to catch their breath. The guy facing her asks,
“Are you ok?” Out of breath she replies,
“Oh fuck yeah, I could do this for days. I’ve never came so many times in my life combined. Wow I never knew getting 2 cocks in my ass would feel so good”.
Both the guys start to pick it up a bit. A few minutes later they announce their Cumming. Both of the guys cum in her ass. It’s so much cum that it starts do come out around their cocks. With complete exhaustion they both pull out. The guy on top looks down to see her asshole gapping open like a big cup. It gives him an idea.
“Hey someone give me a beer”. He gets one, takes a swig and dumps out the rest. He puts the cup up to her asshole and tells Lisa to stand up. As she does and all the cum from her asshole comes rushing out into the cup. There is about a shot and a half of cum in the cup. He turns her around
“open up wide”. For some strange reason she opens her mouth with out hesitation and watches as he pours the cum that just came from her asshole right into her mouth. She leaves it in there for a couple of seconds then hears a chant
“Swallow it, swallow it”, over and over. Loving the attention she swallows expecting to gag if not throw up. But to her surprise no problem.

Jose walks over to her and tells her that she is the hottest girl he has ever met.
“Thanks” is all she could muster. She looks around for a towel or something but there is nothing to wipe herself with. Jose just offers her a ride home. She gladly accepts and pulls her top up and her skirt down, as they were never taken off. The little amount of clothing she has are both full of cum. Lisa and Jose walk down to his car with her face still dripping cum. Some cum is still leaking down her leg from her ass. They get to the car and Jose open the trunk. Grabs a poncho that he has and lays it on his car seat
“Don’t want to get the interior all stained”
“Of course not. Don’t want to fuck up the Lexus”.
She gets in and they start to drive.
“Thanks for a great time Lisa, I never thought in a million years that you would be into a scene like that.”
“Me neither. First time for me”.
Jose in a calm tone asks,
“What are you doing tomarrow. I’m having the guys over for a little going away party. I would love it if you came”.

“I bet you would. What do you think I’m gonna just come over to your house and fuck all of your friends. Let them treat me like a whore. Use my holes as a cum depository?”
. Jose starts to scramble,
“I’m sorry I never”…. she cuts him off.
“Ok sounds like fun only this time I want more cocks and more cum”.
He almost lost control after hearing that.
“You got it”. They arrive at her house. She gives him a peck and says,
“Jose I’ve been thinking on the ride home. I never thought I could do such things before. But now that I have, if you can keep this conversation a secret that is, I want you to know that I am willing to be your whore to do with as you wish. If you want me to fuck everyone you know, than I’ll do it. If you want me to fuck a dirty homeless guy, I’ll do it. I’ll do anything you want as long as you keep a fresh cock in my pussy/ass and mouth”.
She gets up and closes the door not even looking back. She goes to the back so no one sees her and goes in her house.

Jose not sure he heard her right shook his head “let the games begin” and drives home. (10)

too be continued……………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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