Sleepover with a Twist

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The first time that I was with a woman, all we did was kiss once. We were at a slumber party. and there were 6 other girls there my age and then the host of the party’s sister. My parents were kinda on the strict side and did not let me date until late, whereas the other girls had already begun dating. Every girl there had a steady boyfriend except me. I had only kissed a couple of boys at the time, but nothing really good, or involved. I said something like it’s been a long time, and I must have be doing something wrong.

With that the sister said “come here.” She kissed me, a little bit of tongue, but not much, and she told me “No. You are doing everything right.” Other than some weird looks, and a couple of gasps, we all giggled. I blushed, and it was over.

But for one reason or another, for weeks I could not get that girl out of my head. There was something different about it, something soft, something special, a spark. At night I would touch myself thinking about it, not knowing exactly why. Three weeks later, it happened. I was at the same girl’s house. Just the two of us, rather than the birthday slumber party…this was just a sleepover. Jen (the girl) and I were down stairs watching a movie, Cocktail. Something Rated-R, Tom Cruise, we were in heaven.

Amber (the sister) came down and joined us and to yell at Jen for not taking the trash out. When Jen did, Amber and I talked.

The kiss came up, and I told her how much I could not get it off my mind. She kissed me again. This time it lasted an eternity.

It broke upon footsteps creaking down the steps. Amber told Jen to grab another drink…and whispered into my ear, I’ll be waiting for you when Jen goes to sleep.

That sleepover was absolute murder! Amber telling me she’d be waiting for me? What did she want to do? How would I get up there without waking Jen? Even harder, how did you get Jen to go to sleep? I am sure that you remember the old sleep over tradition of not going to bed until the wee hours of the morning if at all. And to boot, all the ice cream, all the soda, the caffeine, the sugar. This was killing me.

After the movie, we had a little bit of girl talk. I admitted to her that I played with myself on average once a day (leaving out that I thought about her sister). antalya escort She admitted that she had already let her boyfriend finger her, and she was thinking long and hard about sucking his cock.

All of this went in one ear and out the other for me. I was so not interested in her, but more wondering if Amber was still awake upstairs. My sense of boredom must have shown through. Jen told me that I looked tired, and that she was a little too.

She suggested that we both roll out our sleeping bags, and hit the hay. This was music to my ears.

My only saving grace this evening was the one thing I complained to myself about for years. No bathroom downstairs. If I was caught by her going upstairs, that could be my excuse. After a while of pretending to be asleep and checking to see if Jen was asleep, I decided it was time to walk upstairs.

I got up, and lightly, but not obviously lightly walked up the steps (skipping the two creaky steps however). I went up one more flight of steps, took a right, and tapped on the door. With the tap, I could hear Amber breathing heavy. I knew I was in for something a little different.

I walked in, she was standing there, and said “I’ve been waiting for you. I am so glad you came up.” With that, our lips locked. Her tongue curled through mine, and like it was just supposed to be there, her hand reached out and touched my breast. This was not the first time I was felt up, yet the first time I allowed it to continue.

With her hand on my breast, I had no choice but to touch hers. She was a little bit bigger than me all over, and the extra tiny bit of chunkiness added to her breasts four fold. They were gorgeous. I never found out her size, but knowing what I know now, I would say a full C.

Anyway, the minute my hand touched her, she arched her back with a huge sigh, inadvertently moving my mouth to her neck. I did not back down. As I kissed her neck, I heard her say to me, “God I want you.” Nothing in my life had ever made me more moist. To this day, only one other thing said to me makes me wetter.

As my other hand made its way up her body, she grabbed me by the head, and her lips attacked mine. Moans followed….

Then out of no where, she pulled off her night shirt exposing alanya escort herself fully to me. As for me, I couldn’t have dreamed where this night would take me, I was still wearing flannel schoolgirl PJs. As she pulled me back in, and kissed me again, I could feel her feeling for the buttons on my shirt. As we continued to stand there, almost in the same spot as we started, she asked “may I?”

When she asked, “may I” I just stared up into her eyes, and shook my head yes, and kissed her once again. Before to long, I felt my arms being pulled down by the weight of my PJ top trying to come off. I lowered my arms, felt a quick burst of air, and the shirt hit the ground.

It was so weird to me. I had never been topless in front of anyone before, at least in a sexual way. I had never let a boy successfully feel me up. Yet, I was most comfortable letting myself go for Amber.

Before she knew what was going on, I took a step back pulled my bottoms and panties down, and allowed them to join my top on the floor.

As Amber took her first look at me naked, I saw her one arm drop to quickly touch herself, and her other arm extend to invite me into bed with her.

We laid down, lightly, not to make any noise. As if our moans would not be noticeable to anyone still awake and our clothes in plain view of anyone that walked in. Without hesitation, we dove back into an eager and passionate kiss. It seemed to last forever.

Without warning, I felt Amber’s hand fall down my chest, and found my mound. Completely unconsciously, feeling her hand down near my pussy instinctively made my legs open and invite her further. Feeling the slickness already evident to the outside, she broke the kiss…looked deeply into my eyes, and slid one finger inside me. I bucked forward, pushing her fingers in deep and moaned with a long sigh.

She asked if anyone had ever done that before. I shook my head no, but looked deep into her eyes with passion, begging her to continue. Her eyes got wide, knowing that not only was she taking my female virginity from me, but she was also the first ever to have themselves in me.

After what seemed like hours (but in reality was only a minute or less) of kneading the inside of my pussy with one finger, belek escort she slid a second on in making me sign even harder. I had fingered myself since I was 11, but this was the first time anyone had done it for me. I can honestly say that within seconds of her second finger going in, I came.

It was the first orgasm I ever had with someone else present. Although I have had stronger orgasms since…your first is always memorable. We kissed for a short period of time while I wound down, then I asked her the same question she asked me earlier….”May I?”. I think she gave me the exact same response, without saying a word…her eyes did all the work.

My hand slid down, and not knowing exactly what to do to someone else, I did exactly what felt good to me. Starting out with one finger, I moved in and out slowly.

It was obvious that the girl 3 years to my senior had experience with others, cause she directed me just slightly. “A little harder”, “Put another finger in” and so on. I wanted to please her as much as she had me, and the direction made me much more confident I could. The confidence made me hotter than I ever had before.

She was a little looser than I was (or my fingers were just smaller) cause after seemingly no time, I had three fingers buried in her, something I had never accomplished myself. As I moved in and out…she bucked and rode them, at one time having to scream into a pillow.

Then, the words that no others have made me wetter, “Oh God….Christie… (the first person to call me that) you are going to make me cum”. That was followed by a deep breath, and a hard/forceful exhale, a hard twitch, and alot of wetness.

Her eyes rolled back, breathing became hard almost like a pant, and then gradually fell to shallow. We kissed for only another minute before she asked me if I wanted to sleep in her bed with her.

Not knowing when Jen would wake up we agreed it would not be a good idea. I got dressed, and snuck back down stairs. Jen, to my knowledge, never woke up. If she did, she never said a word. This secret was Amber and mine to share.

The next morning before breakfast, I went to get dressed. I was only then that I realized my panties were still in Amber’s room. I didn’t bother chasing after them, figuring someone would catch on. For the first time I spent the entire day pantyless under my clothes.

From that day on, every time I do…it reminds me of my first real kiss, my first real orgasm, and my first real lover. To this day, I go by Christie…thanks to Amber

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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