Sisters Barb and Beth Become Lovers

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


My name is Beth and I am an 18 year old high school senior. I have an older sister Barb whose name is short for Barbara with whom I am very close and really love to do as many things as I can with her. I know that she has the same affection for me. Barb is about a year and a half older than I am and she is in her second year of college at the community college in our home town.

We live in a small town in the south central region of a southern state. We grew up in a two bedroom home with our parents where we live a comfortable life but, we are not well off. My father works sometimes six and seven days a week and my mother also has to work as well to support our family to provide the things that we have and the joys of life that we all want to have.

Many people say that Barb and I are the spitting image of our mother who is very pretty and very shapely for being nearly 40 years old. She has shoulder length, light brown hair, light green eyes and a shape that most women her age would kill for. She has a pair of 36C breasts with a 26 inch waist with 38 inch hips and a cute round butt. I guess that you could call her eye candy and at least daddy thinks so and Barb and I do, too.

Our Daddy really loves to pat our Mom on her cute round butt very often while he is hugging and kissing her especially when he thinks that neither Barb nor I are looking. Mom smiles sweetly and usually whispers to him, “Now quit that, the girls could be watching.” Barb and I usually snicker and smile broadly at each other when that happens because we think that it is very cute also. Barb and I think that our Mom likes it when he does that and she thinks it is cute, too.

I don’t know about Barb but Daddy has never patted my butt when he hugs me but neither of us would be very much offended if he did. Mom would probably not like it though if she saw him do that. Occasionally, Barb and I will pat each other’s butt when we hug just to be funny and mimic what our Daddy does to our Mom as we think that that is very cute, too. After we hug and pat each other’s butts we have a good laugh about it. Little did either one of us know at that time that we would do much more than just pat each other’s cute round butts.

Barb and I both love our parents very much and we do everything we can to make and keep them happy and we both know that they love us very much too. We are a very tactile family and our mother is always hugging us every day which Barb and I love and, we always return our hugs to her. Barb and I love to put our arms around Mom’s waist from behind hold her tight, kiss her and tell her how much we love her. Mom always loves for us to do that and turns around to give us a hug and kiss us telling us she loves us too.

Our parents have always told Barb and me to look out for one another and help and stick up for one another which has caused Barb and me to be very close to one another. We probably did not need a lot of encouragement to do that in the first place though but, it was an added inducement for us to behave that way. Like all siblings we occasionally had our petty quarrels but, our mother would always say, “Now girls, you know that you’re quarrelling about something trivial. Now settle it, hug each other and make up with one another.” which we always did. My older sister and I love each other very much and do as many things together as we can.

Since we live in a two bedroom home our parents have one bedroom and Barb and I have to share the other bedroom although; we do have separate twin beds. Once in a while when we wanted to talk quietly to one another we would lay in one of our beds together and whisper to each other. Then many times we would drift off to sleep in the same bed and we would be there the entire night.

There were also times before we were teenagers when there was a rain storm with lightning and thunder we would get into bed together and hold one another very close until the storm passed or until we both went to sleep. Then Mom would find us like that the following morning and she thought that was so cute to find us in bed together and holding each other in that way.

Barb and I look so much like our mother and also very much like one another. When we are out together many people think that we might be twins since our body shapes are very nearly identical. Barb being a little older than I am she has developed a little more than I have with her 34C breasts with a 24 inch waist 34 inch hips and a cute round butt like our Mom. Odds are that I will catch up and match Barb’s measurements before long.

My shape has not yet developed quite as much as Barb’s while my breasts have only developed to 34B. Many times when we are out together other people often will ask if we are twins. We liked to tease people and tell them that we are twins but, I was born 18 months later than Barb was. We used to get a big kick out of that but, Mom told us to quit doing that since antalya escort she thought that was not nice to do that to other people. Barb and I still thought it was cute to tell people that we were twins.

As one can imagine that our bedroom is quite crowded for two young girls as Barb and I are. We each have a study work desk at the foot or our beds and we have a computer work desk behind our work desks where our computer is located which Barb and I share. When either of us is at our study desk we cannot see the computer as it is almost directly behind our back. Then we also have trouble finding room for all of our other stuff and not to mention our clothes which we must fit into our one small closet.

One evening after the family had eaten our evening meal Barb and I cleaned up the kitchen for our Mom, as usual, and then we each went to our bedroom to work on our homework assignments with Barb at her desk and I at mine. After a couple of hours Barb got up and went to the bathroom across the hall presumably to pee as young women have to do most often. She returned to the bedroom closed up her books and sat down at the computer.

Unbeknownst to me Barb had removed her blouse and her walking shorts because it was somewhat warm in our bedroom that evening. We both have never had a problem with just having our bras and panties on in front of one another. In addition, we have had no problem when we both have often see each other without any clothes on at all as we are getting ready for a shower or to put on our pajamas for bed. So she sat at the computer in her bra and panties and surfed the net.

About an hour later I had to go pee, too, as I had finished my homework, too. I closed up my books and left the bedroom. I returned to the bedroom, walked over to Barb put my arms around her to give her a hug and kissed her on the cheek and neck as we both commonly do when we are at home together to show our mutual affection. As I did I looked at what she had on the computer screen.

There was a video of two completely naked young women with very large breasts hugging and kissing each other and kissing and sucking on each other’s breasts and their hard, pink nipples. I was a little surprised and nonchalantly asked Barb, “What are you watching, Sis. She said as she was surfing the net and she ran across this website with thumb nails of young women in each other’s embrace. She said, I was intrigued by it so i clicked on it and this is what came up. It was very interesting and kind of made me get very excited.”

Barb and I had both dated boys since our parents thought we were old enough to date. I was still a virgin and I am pretty sure that Barb was still a virgin at that time, also. Our mother had told us about the problems associated with being intimate with a boy, losing our virginity and getting pregnant before we got out of college. We both wanted to eventually get married and have babies but not until after we had gotten out of college with our college degree.

So we were really cautious about boys that wanted to feel us up and get into our panties and neither of us would allow that to happen just for one night of sex. Neither of us had ever seriously considered being sexually attracted to another girl or showing love to another girl other than our sisterly love for each other and our love for our Mom. Still as I watched the video with Barb it excited me, too, just like Barb had told me it did to her.

We watched several more videos with my arms draped around Barb’s shoulders. The more videos we watched the more each of us was turned on. I could feel the dampness gathering in my panties and I am sure that Barb was feeling the same way as both our breathing rates had become faster and our faces and necks became flushed. I stood there for some time behind her with my arms around her neck and shoulders and kissing her cheek and neck occasionally and with her kissing my cheek occasionally, too, while watching those videos. I guess that was another one of the effects that the videos were having on the both of us.

The longer we watched the videos the more excited each one of us became. When the women on the screen began to fondle each other’s genitals and especially when they began to kiss and suck on each other’s breasts, their nipples and then their genitals Barb and I really began to show signs of our excitement. My panties had become almost dripping wet and I could see that Barb’s panties were as wet as mine as she nervously shifted several times in her chair and I could see the wet spot in the chair seat from her panties.

While watching the videos I looked over at the clock and saw it was passed our normal bed time. I told Barb, “It’s very late and we both needed to go to bed so that we will be able to get up for class in the morning.” So she shut the computer off, got out of the chair and came over to me. She put her arms around me, hugged me tightly and kissed me passionately on my lips. I kissed her back just as passionately kemer escort knowing that each of us was very excited and we each could feel it in our lower tummy and in our pussies. .

She began to remove my blouse and my shorts which left the both of us in our panties and bras. Then she reached behind me and unclasped my bra while I did the same with her bra thinking that we were just helping each other get ready to put on our pajamas. With nothing between our bare breasts we hugged one another very tightly again and we kissed very passionately again.

It was pure heaven and a very exciting feeling with our soft, warm breasts and our hard, pink nipples firmly pressed tightly against each other. Neither Barb nor I knew just where and how far this was going to go but, we were not about to stop until we went where ever our excitement took us. And it began to take us in a direction that we never thought that either one of us would ever go. When we got there it was worth every inch of the trip that we would never be able to retreat from.

It was clear that Barb was much more excited than I was, if that was possible, as her nervous and trembling hand took my trembling hand and she led me to her bed. She laid me down on my back, straddled me and began to kiss me passionately again with her soft breasts pressed tightly against mine. She also had her warm, soft love mound pressed firmly against mine, too, which further excited me and I am sure it increased her excitement, too.

Then she reached down to my hips and began to pull my panties down and took them off of me and she asked me, “Now take my own panties off of me, Beth Please.” I could feel Barb’s soft hot bush and her wet pussy pressed on top of mine. My excitement was beginning to quickly catch up with hers and I could feel it in my lower tummy and my pussy as it got a whole lot more wet than before.

She came back up to my breasts and began to kiss them and suck on my hard pink nipples while she circled them several times with her tongue like we had just seen done in several of the videos. That really made the vaginal wetness between my legs begin to flow again and I am sure that it was happening to Barb as well since I could feel a few drips fall on my bush and my pussy.

I reached both my hands up and fondled her soft, sweet breasts for a few moments and felt and lightly pinched her hard, pink nipples. Then I slid my hand down between us to her pussy and found that she was just as wet between her legs as I was. I slipped my middle finger up inside of her hot wet vagina which really made her shudder and softly moan against my breast which made her suck on my nipples all that much harder.

She began to kiss my stomach down to my belly button, kissed it, circled it several times with her tongue and slipped her tongue into it briefly as well. She continued to kiss my stomach down to my pubic love mound and my neatly trimmed pubic bush. Barb gently and partially parted my legs and began to kiss me at several places on each side of my pussy between my pussy in the crease where my legs meet my pussy. Then she kissed me down the entire length of the slit between the outer lips of my pussy. When she did that my face became flushed, my heart was pounding and I was gasping for every breath of air it took.

She gently parted my legs even wider and then spread my labia and began to softly kiss me there as I gently held and caressed each side of her face with my hands. She plunged her tongue deep inside my pussy and licked it for a few moments which like to have driven me wild. She came back up to my clitoris and kissed and sucked it until I moaned, wiggled and bucked my hips into her mouth when my huge overwhelming orgasm overtook me. When that happened I thought that I was going to and I came very nearly to fainting. I was gasping for my breath and my vision started to go to black for a few seconds and my eyes fluttered shut.

If she had continued to suck my clitoris like that I am sure that I would have completely passed out as I was trembling and shuddering and shaking almost violently as I never have before in my life. God only knows how much I love my sweet, beautiful sister, Barb, and what she was doing to and for me and I told her that. I am sure that she had the same feeling for me. She is such a good sister and ardent lover and I just wished that our love making would never come to an end.

After my orgasm she came back up over the top of me and put her arms around me until my orgasm had subsided. With her arms around me holding me tightly she kissed me passionately on my lips. I could really taste my pussy secretions on her lips, her tongue and in her mouth as our tongues dances with one another. She then put her face next to mine and softly whispered into my ear and asked,

“Did you really like what I have just done for you, Sweetie?” I told her, “I really love you and the sweet, tender loving that you have just shown me, Baby.”

Barb then asked konyaaltı escort me, “Would you like to show your love for me in the same way?” I told her, “I felt that you have to really love me to make love to me in that manner and I cannot wait to be on top of you and do the same thing for you and bring you the same or greater pleasure that way when I make love to you in that way.”

I immediately rolled her over onto her back and began to show her the same love she had just shown me. I loved kissing and sucking on her large breasts and her rock hard nipples as she was moaning with her pleasure. Her vaginal fluids were copiously flowing from between her legs and leaving a large wet spot on the sheet underneath her. I thought that if her vaginal fluids were flowing that much she must really be feeling my love making and loving it, herself.

As I proceeded down her tummy to kiss her belly button and in the crease between her legs and her pussy she was gasping for her breath, moaning and squirming very actively. When I began to make love to her vagina the way she did for me she became very wild and held and gently caressed my face with both of her hands. She was trembling, shaking and moaning very loudly. When I went down to kissing her vagina, plunging my tongue into her vagina and sucking on her clitoris I thought that she was going to tremble and shake right out from under me and off of the bed.

She became very red in the face, her breathing got very heavy and she was moaning very loudly almost as if she was crying. Her hips were raising high off of the bed lifting her hot, sweet pussy into my face and mouth and her vaginal fluids were gushing so much that she left an even greater wet spot on the sheets underneath her than before. She moaned and told me how much she loved me and said, “You are the most loving sister any girl could ever have, Beth.”

Then she told me, “I love you as much or more than you love me. And I loved what you were doing for me, Honey.” I am sure that she did faint briefly when she reached her orgasm as her eyes closed and were shut tightly, she was gasping for her breath then she laid very still for a while and she did not say another word for a few long moments either.

After her orgasm I laid on top of her again, held her tightly in my arms, with my soft breasts firmly pressed against hers and kissed her passionately until she opened her eyes and reawakened. I put my cheek next to hers and whispered in her ear, “You now know how much I love you and how much I loved making love with you in that fashion and seeing you reach your huge orgasm.” I can’t tell you just how much passion Barb showed me during the time I was making love to her. She told me, “God has told me how much you loved me and I told God to tell you that I loved you as much as you loved me.”

Then she pulled my face up to hers and kissed me very passionately with her arms tightly wrapped around me. Barb put her cheek next to mine and whispered softly in my ear, “I love you so very much and that you will be the only woman to ever make love to me again in that way and I will never make love to any other woman but you.”

I told her, “I can’t tell you how much I love you and you will be the only woman to ever make love to me like that and you are the only woman that I will ever make love to like that.” as we again kissed so passionately. We both wanted to continue this love making in the future. We both immediately recognized and agreed that no one else should ever know the love we shared and how we shared it. This love making only deepened our passionate love for one another. We also recognized that our love for one another was so very different from loving our parents or loving a husband.

Since that night when we first made love so passionately we continued to make love to one another like that on a regular basis until Barb left to attend the university in another city. I loved and missed her so much when she was gone that my pussy ached for her and Barb later said she had the same feeling in her pussy for me, too. i told her, “The only way I can get over my longing for you when you are gone is to relieve myself with my fingers on and in my pussy.” Barb said, “I have had to do that, too, when I think of us making love to one another, Baby.”

I could not wait for her to come back so I could see her and we could make love to each other again. Then, when she came home from the university to visit me and Mom and Dad we were able make love to one another again. It was always so sweet to have her back and for me to be in her bed or to have her in my bed and we always told each other so. I could not wait to have my mouth and tongue on and inside her pussy and to have her mouth and tongue on and inside my pussy, too.

One night during Barb’s visit home she added something new to our love making routine. After we had both had our evening showers and returned to our room she took me to her bed. Then after she had brought me to my orgasm sucking on my clitoris she waited until it had subsided and she put her hands behind my knees. She lifted my legs high into the air spreading them widely. This not only opened my pussy lips and exposing my vagina but also exposing my butt crack and my tiny, tight, little brown eye sphincter.

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