Sex education_(4)

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Adrianna Chechik

Kathleen (Kate) Houlihan was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Arkansas. She never went further than the 8th grade in school. She was born in the early 1900s. A time when it was believed that the woman’s place was in the home, taking care of babies. It was thought back then that all a woman needed to know was how to please her husband. Kate was never taught anything but housekeeping chores by her Mom. She was very skilled at cooking, sewing and cleaning house. She was utterly content with that lifestyle because she never knew any other until Al Johnson came through her town and swept her off her feet.

Albert (Al) Johnson was a handsome 21-year-old Lineman for the telephone company. He had been all over the countryside stringing line for the new telephone system. A system that would allow everyone to communicate with his or her friends and neighbors over a thin wire. Al had a muscular build due to his strenuous work for the phone company. The folks in Kate’s small town of Hickman, Arkansas thought of him as a world traveler. It didn’t matter he had never traveled more than a few hundred miles in any direction from his own hometown of Frog Jump, Tennessee.

His stories of travel captured everyone’s attention. He was like a celebrity to the folks in Hickman. That’s why 16-year-old Kate Houlihan was so taken by the dashing young man. Kate is a beautiful young Irish girl. She is a tall, slender girl with strawberry blonde hair. Her smile lights-up every place she visits and her well-proportioned figure is the envy of every woman in her small town. Boys dreamed of courting her, but none dared to approach her because of her strict Irish father. He had been known to punch guys he caught staring at Kate’s body.

Kate’s heart raced with excitement that afternoon Al walked into the ice cream shop and struck up a conversation with her. She had never dated, never been kissed by a boy, and had never been allowed to be in the company of the opposite sex unchaperoned. Her father was very stern, and Kate was a real virgin in every manner. She knew absolutely nothing about sex. Her father never allowed the topic of sex to be discussed in their home. She had only been told that if she kissed a boy, she could end up pregnant

Al had been headquartered out of Kate’s small town for over five months while his work crew strung phone wire. Every evening at seven o’clock Kate would stroll down to the ice cream shop in hopes she’d see Al. He enthralled her with his stories, and she fell in love with him immediately. Al was quite taken by Kate’s beauty and innocence. He got an enormous erection every time he saw her. Al tried each night to talk her into going for a walk, but she obeyed her father’s strict rule of not being alone with anyone of the opposite sex. Al was accustomed to having sex with girls everywhere he went, but he knew straight away he’d have to marry Kate if he ever hoped to get intimate with her.

Just after he received word his crew was due to wrap things up and move on, Al talked Kate into eloping. He was being transferred back to his hometown in West Tennessee and couldn’t tolerate the thought of leaving town without taking her for his wife. Kate’s father wasn’t happy about the elopement, but he saw that Kate was happy and Al had a good stable job. He grudgingly gave his blessing and wished them a happy future.

Seven years later on Kate’s 22nd birthday, she gave birth to her third child. They named him Al Johnson, Jr. after his proud father. Their first child was a girl, and they named her Bridgett after Kate’s mother. The second child was also a girl they named Shannon after a great aunt. Kate was totally pleased with her happy little family. She was delighted with the sex life between her and Al. Kate had never had sex before her marriage to Al and was surprised to find it so gratifying. Neither she nor Al could go more than a few days without needing to be intimate with each other. The missionary position was the only way they ever had sex and Kate loved the fantastic orgasms that emanated via their sexual interludes.

Over the next ten years, they had three additional children; two more boys and a girl. They named them Jimmy, Sean, and Susan, in that succession. Kate was a full-time stay at home Mom with all the work and responsibility that went with that title. Al busied himself with his work at the phone company and didn’t do much in the way of raising the children. He felt his only responsibilities were to earn money to provide food, shelter and other necessities. Kate was satisfied with their arrangement with one exception; each time she was pregnant and unable to have sexual intercourse with Al, he satisfied his needed orgasms by sleeping with other women in the area. Kate was taught that married couples did not have sex outside the bounds of marriage so she couldn’t understand why Al did it without feeling any guilt. Her moral standards would never permit her to do something like that.

As the children became teenagers, they had many questions about sex. High School had introduced her children to things she tried to shield them from. Kate was embarrassed that she was unable to answer their questions. Sex had never been openly discussed in her family. In fact, such topics were forbidden in her childhood home. She didn’t even know where to go to get such answers. So, she tried to discourage them from bringing up the subject. However, Bridgett was a persistent child and pushed her Mom for answers.

“Mom, I have been dating Joey for over four months now, and I need to know how to handle certain situations,” she stated.

“What kind of situations, Honey?”

“You know, uh…intimate situations.”

Kate blushed when the topic was brought up and couldn’t maintain eye contact with her Daughter. There were certain things that Bridgett really needed to know. She knew her mother felt awkward when it came to talking about sex but she persisted. Kate was uncomfortable and felt like fleeing the room.

“What kind of intimate things?” Kate reluctantly asked.

The moment that Kate had dreaded ever since her children first started attending public school had finally arrived. She knew they would hear things from other children and would eventually come to her for the answers. She decided to listen to her daughter’s questions and try to give her an honest reply.

“As I said, Mom. I have been dating Joey for over four months. At first, he was satisfied with just a ‘handjob’ and then he started to insist on ‘blowjobs.’ I don’t mind giving him a ‘blowjob,’ but he’s not happy unless I swallow. My question is, do you swallow when you give Dad a blowjob?”

Kate is shocked beyond words and struggles to catch her breath. She had no idea what ‘hand jobs’ and ‘blowjobs’ actually referred to, but they sounded like something she wasn’t prepared to answer. She was almost afraid to ask for a further explanation but knew she had to ask for clarification.

“Bridgett, Honey…what is a ‘hand job’ and ‘blowjob’?”

Bridgett couldn’t believe her mother really didn’t know what she was talking about. She almost accused her Mom of playing dumb, just so she wouldn’t have to give the answer. She decided to assume that her Mom really didn’t know. She made a fist and gave her mother the universal sign used to signify ‘male masturbation’ and said,” You know, jacking a guy off.”

Her Mom gasped and said, “Oh my God…I would never do such a thing. Your Father would have a fit if I ever touched him there like that. It’s not something a lady would do.”

“So, I guess it’s safe to assume that you never gave Dad a blowjob either.”

Kate stared at her daughter with a blank expression.

Bridgett put her index finger in her mouth and moved it in and out in a sawing motion and said, “You know, Mom…take his cock in your mouth and suck it until he cums?”

Kate couldn’t believe her daughter just asked her such a thing. Her face turned a deep shade of red as she rushed out of the room. Bridgett watched her Mom flee towards her bedroom. As the bedroom door slammed closed, Bridgett said to herself, “I guess that’s a no; a definite no!”

Bridgett felt sick because of the embarrassment she just caused her mother. She knew that her mother had been raised by a strict Irish Catholic Dad. She was vaguely aware that her mother had not been allowed to discuss sexual topics in his household. It was a taboo subject that was forbidden by Kate’s father. Therefore, she never had a chance to get her intimacy questions answered by her own mother or father. Kate had always been taught that sex was intended only for making babies. It was never meant for recreational entertainment or physical gratification.

Bridgett called her brothers and sisters together and explained the embarrassing moment that she had just put their mother through. She instructed them to never approach their Mom with any questions of a sexual nature. She promised to find the answer to all their questions by asking the sex education teacher at the school. As each Johnson child came of age and had issues, one of the older siblings found the answers for them. Bridgett answered all of Shannon’s questions. Al, Jr. found his own answers, as did Jimmy and Sean. However, when the time came for Susan, she only had one matter of importance for her. She just wanted to know how to give a proper blowjob before going off to college. Both Jimmy and Sean worked with her for days until she was an expert.

The Johnson siblings all graduated from college and became successful. They were a very close-knit family and went on to raise families of their own. The Johnson children scattered all over the country but every Thanksgiving and Christmas they would gather with their mother and father in Frog Jump, Tennessee to celebrate the holidays. At the age of 50 and 55 respectively, Kate and Al, Sr. still enjoyed an active and fulfilling sex life. Kate had gotten over some of her aversions to talking with her children about sex. The grown children now often kidded their parents about what might be taking place in their bedroom. Kate would blush and smile. Al, Sr. would pretend to get angry and caution them about that kind of talk. However, everyone knew he was proud of his capabilities in the bedroom at his age.

At one of the recent family gatherings, Sean jokingly asked his mother when the last time was that she’d had wild, unbridled sex with his Dad. She casually looked up at the ceiling as though she was calculating in her head and said”, I believe it was about three days ago. Sean’s jaw dropped with surprise, and his Mom walked away with a grin on her face. In her fifties, she had finally learned to discuss sex with her children without blushing and running from the room. She’d come a long way since her children went through adolescence.

Three weeks after the last Holiday gathering, Al, Sr. suffered a massive heart attack while shoving snow from his driveway. He was gone before anyone could summon help. Everyone gathered in Frog Jump on a cold winter day to attend Al’s funeral. Kate was devastated and sunk into deep depression. All of her children lived out of town and were unable to make frequent visits back home, but they called to check on her weekly. Jimmy is the only child able to arrange regular visits with their mother because he has an outside sales position. His sales job allows him the flexibility to organize his travel so he can stop in Frog Jump every week to check on his Mom.

Kate always looked forward to Jimmy’s weekly visits, but they never seem to last long enough for her. The first time Jimmy checks on her he finds her sitting in the den still in her nightgown and a tattered old bathrobe. She was staring off in space and is clearly depressed. Jimmy tried to think of ways to cheer her up, but she didn’t respond to his suggestions. He was at a loss to find a solution.

“Mom, I hate seeing you so down. What can I do to lift your spirits?”

“I don’t know. I just miss your Dad so much,” she sighed, “I hate being alone like this; especially at night.”

Jimmy reluctantly says, “I know Dad has been gone less than a month, but have you ever thought about trying to meet someone else, someone who can help you fill those lonely hours?”

She looked at Jimmy with a bewildered expression and said,” I couldn’t possibly cheat on your Dad like that.”

“Mom…Dad’s gone. It wouldn’t be cheating on him. In fact, I know he would prefer you find happiness with someone else rather than pine away here alone.”

She sighed and began to wring her hands. She appeared to be on the verge of tears. “I don’t know…I have never been with anyone but your father. I just don’t think I could be with someone else.”

Jimmy thought for a moment then cautiously asked, “Have you ever considered self-gratification?”

His Mom looked confused. She didn’t know how to respond to his suggestion. She started to say something but stopped.

“You know…masturbation.” Jimmy blushed red when he said it. “You do remember how to masturbate; don’t you.”

She dropped her head while she also blushed and said in a barely audible voice, “I have never touched myself like that before. I was always taught that ladies never touch themselves in that manner.”

Jimmy was shocked at her response but reasoned it was probably true due to the times and environment she was reared in. “That’s okay Mom. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Times have changed, and People are not as critical about that anymore. You really need to give it a try. It would help if you started practicing each day until you are comfortable with a manual orgasm. Within a week you will have it down to perfection. It’s effortless once you get used to it.”

It was a bold suggestion, but Jimmy felt his mother needed to rethink some of her sexual mindsets. Kate really wasn’t open to his masturbation suggestion, but he strongly insisted she give it serious consideration. She seemingly agreed to give it a try just to end the conversation.

“I’ll try, but I’m not sure of how helpful that will be in helping my loneliness.”

“Do you have your panties on under your nightgown?” He asked.


“I’m going to walk you through it the first time. Just sit back in Dad’s old recliner, relax and do as I say.

Kate looked at her son like he had lost his mind and pulled her bathrobe tightly closed.

“I’m not going to do that in front of you. Absolutely not…it would be too embarrassing. I may give it a try tonight when I go to bed, but not before.”

Jimmy had no intentions of leaving until his mother demonstrated she was sincere about giving masturbation a good try. He could see his mother was becoming extremely agitated, so he tried to approach it from a different angle.

“It’s okay, Mom. I won’t look. I will stand behind you and guide you through each step. I want to make sure you do it properly, so you achieve the best possible results. You can ask questions as we proceed.”

Kate realized Jimmy was not going to leave until she complied. She reluctantly relaxed in her husband’s old recliner. Jimmy stood behind and to the right of the chair. He positioned himself where he could see in the mirror above the mantle everything going on between his mother’s legs without her being aware.

“Okay…go ahead and give it a try, Mom.”

Kate opened her robe, spread her legs wide and pulled her gown up to her waist. She pushed the chair into its full reclining position then lay there a moment doing nothing. After a few seconds, Kate brought her right hand up to her vagina and lightly touched it. She took a deep breath and said,” Okay, I’m ready…talk me through it.”

“Okay…Let’s start by massaging the fleshy area on the top of your pubic bone, then run your fingers along the outer and inner folds of your vagina. Once you feel you are sufficiently wet, start rubbing or stroking your clitoris through the hood. Move your fingers faster and harder once your clitoris becomes wet.”

“Wait a minute. Slow down; you are going too fast,” Kate grumbled. There was frustration in her voice.

Jimmy gave his Mom a minute to catch up then continued. “You can also form a “V” with your index and middle fingers, and slide them up and down the sides of your clit. While massaging your vaginal opening, slowly insert your fingers into your vagina. I recommend using at least two fingers to start. Find a rhythm that makes you feel good.”

Jimmy paused to give his Mom a chance to enjoy the moment. Within minutes Kate’s breathing becomes labored, and her face blushes a cherry red. She doesn’t have to tell Jimmy that the sensation is riveting. He can tell by the expression on her face that she is floating in a cloud of ecstasy. He is proud that he is able to awaken the old sexual urges that existed in her when his Dad was alive. Her body is coated with a light gleam of sweat. Jimmy can tell she is getting very close to an orgasm.

“Make sure your vagina is wet and start to move your fingers in-and-out, stroking, or a combination of motions. It’s best to use your fingers in a “come hither” motion to stimulate your G-spot. Increase the speed and pressure as the good sensations begin to build. You may feel an explosive orgasm, but don’t worry if you don’t. Not everyone can get off with manual vaginal stimulation. Using a vibrator is a great way to stimulate your clitoris without having to overwork your fingers. Just run your vibrator up and down the area until you get off.”

Kate’s orgasm hits like a wave of electrical impulses. Her thighs began to quiver as the waves move up her body. Kate’s pussy starts to spasm as she squirts vaginal fluids down both legs. She releases a shrill cry at the top of her lungs. “Oh, my…God. This has never happened to me before. Oh, my God…it feels so wonderful.”

Kate is euphoric, embarrassed and astounded all at the same time. She can’t face her son, but at the same time, she wants to hug him and thank him. He helped her to make this fabulous journey that she never dreamed possible. Jimmy was happy for his Mother, but he was too uncomfortable to face her right now. Neither knew what to say so Jimmy decided to make a quick departure.

“Okay…Mom. I’m going to hit the road now, but when I come back next week, I will bring you a vibrator that may help you trigger an orgasm much easier.”

Jimmy was out the door in a matter of seconds. Kate was too exhausted to get out of the recliner. She slipped into a deep, restful sleep. When she woke up the house was dark, and she made her way to her bedroom. Within minutes she was in bed and back in a deep sleep.


On Jimmy’s next weekly visit, he found his Mom in a much-improved state of mind. It was late afternoon and she standing barefoot in the kitchen at the stove stirring a pot with her right hand and sipping from a glass of wine in her left hand. She was wearing a bright yellow sundress, which delightfully showcased her womanly assets. Her hair and nails were perfectly done. Her make-up was also exquisitely done, except for the smeared mascara around her eyes from the tears. It was apparent by her new upbeat appearance that she was over her despair, but what was the reason for the tears.

“You look great Mom. I’m glad to see you are not still moping around in your bathrobe and nightgown. There is an enormous improvement in your temperament since my last visit, but it appears you have been crying. Do you want to tell me why the tears?”

“I was beginning to think you weren’t coming this week. You usually get here in time to have lunch with me. It’s almost dinner time. I was getting sad and a bit angry.” She sobbed.

“I’m sorry Mom, I got tied up on an important sales call. I should have called to let you know I would be arriving late.”

“It’s okay…you are here now that’s the main thing.” She said as she blotted her eyes with a napkin.

Jimmy placed a neatly wrapped package on the dinner table then walked over and gave his mother a kiss on the cheek. She set her wine glass down and embraced him in a firm bear hug. She held him close to her for an unusually long time. Her breasts were pressed tight against his chest, and he could tell she was braless. When her nipples began to harden and push into his chest, he felt an erection coming on and broke their embrace. He quickly took a seat at the table so she wouldn’t notice the bulge in his pants.

“Tell me about your week, Mom. I can tell by your appearance that things are much better than they were last week.”

“I’m almost embarrassed to say anything, but what you taught me last week has opened a whole new chapter in my life. I don’t think I can ever thank you enough.”

“Are you talking about what I think you are?”

“Yes! I never dreamed that touching myself like that could have such a profound impact on my general attitude and temperament. I went to the drug store and bought a copy of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and it had several articles on the health advantages of masturbation. It even referred me to a couple of websites that demonstrated different techniques.”

The excitement in her voice was surprising to Jimmy. He had never seen her so upbeat and vibrant about anything. She was bubbling over with enthusiasm. He was beginning to feel awkward about discussing her new sexual mindset. She had always been so reserved and private about her sexuality. He found himself sexually looking at her; not a good thing for a proper son to do. He reached under the table and readjusted his erect cock while she checked items on the stove.

“Mom, you are beginning to freak me out with all this openness regarding your private sexual thoughts. I’m not used to hearing you discuss matters of that nature. When I was growing up, you always seem to get embarrassed discussing sex with us.”

“I don’t mean to freak you out, Sweetheart, but I found this website called Literotica, and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I just wish I’d had access to it when you were a child. I think it would have helped me answer a lot of your questions. And I know it would have helped me in the bedroom with your Dad and….”

Jimmy cut her off in mid-sentence and said, “Whoa…. TMI, Mom…TMI. Way too much information for me.”

Kate was somewhat confused at her son’s reaction. He had opened the door to a whole new world for her, but now seem to be uncomfortable discussing it with her. She was thrilled with her new sexual freedom and wanted to learn more. She thought that since Jimmy started her on this journey, he would be happy with her progress.

“I’m sorry if I upset you with this topic.” She looked sad. “I can see it is making you uneasy and I promise not to say anything more on the subject.”

The emotional hurt was evident in her voice, and the look of anguish was painted across her forlorn face. Jimmy felt like a real asshole for not being more supportive. He had to find a way to get her back in the happy mood she was in when he first arrived. He took the package he had bought for her and slid it over to her.

“Let’s start again, Mom. I bought this for you at an Adult Book Store in Memphis. I was debating whether or not to give to you. I didn’t want to offend you, but I can tell by your excitement about the Literotica website, you are ready to go through the next open door on your new journey.”

She smiled and began eagerly removing the brown paper wrapping. She looked like a child opening a Christmas present. She excitedly ripped the paper from the package.

“What is it?” She giggled.

The package contained a box that was approximately one foot long and four inches wide. The box was white with VIBRAMAX 80 emblazoned in red on the front of the box. On the back was a picture of a flesh colored vibrator shaped like a man’s penis. In the lower left-handed corner, the product deion said it was a 10-inch flesh colored latex five-speed vibrator. In the lower right corner, it said; WARNING, DO NOT START ON HIGHEST SETTING.

“I bought this on impulse, Mom. If you don’t like it, I can always return it to the store.”

Kate removed the vibrator from the box and examined it from every angle. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and smiled. Jimmy held his breath waiting for her to comment.

“Oh my, God…it feels so real. And it is so big!”

“Like I said, Mom…I can take it back to the store if you don’t like it.”

“Like it? No, I love it. It feels so real. It feels like real skin and the veins stick out as they do on a real cock. The muscles under the skin feel like the real thing. I wonder if it would feel like a real human cock inside me.”

Her unrestrained zeal was embarrassing him. He had never seen his mom act that way over anything. It was especially discomforting because it was a sex toy. He felt like hiding but decided to push on.

Jimmy cautiously asked, “Do you want to try it and see?”

Kate gasped and looked at her son like he was crazy.

“Lord…No! That thing would never fit inside me. It’s as thick and long as my forearm. It would split me wide open if I tried to put it in me.”

“Okay…I’ll take it back to the store.” Jimmy quickly offered.

“No!” She snarled.

“What do you mean…no? If you can’t use it, then there is no need to waste money on it.”

She blushed and held the vibrator close to her bosom. She timidly looked up at her son and whispered, “I want to try it at least. Wait here…I’ll be right back.”

Kate took the vibrator and hurried to her bedroom. After approximately fifteen minutes she called for bornova escort Jimmy to come to help her. Jimmy thought he had misunderstood what his Mom said so he remained seated at the dinner table. After another few minutes, she called out to him again and pleaded with him to come to help her. He leaped up from the table and rushed toward her bedroom.

Jimmy approached his mother and is shocked to find her laying on the bed totally naked with her legs wide open. The vibrator was lying beside her, and her yellow sundress was neatly folded and lying in a chair. The closer he came to her, the more he saw her pussy and it looked so ready and inviting. He was almost afraid that he might have another erection at any moment. Her mature body was slightly curvaceous with a thick dark bush and large breasts with medium brown nipples. It was the first time he had ever seen his mother nude. He stood at her bedside staring at her pussy. When she realized he was standing and staring at her pussy, she swiftly closed her legs.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I am more than sure this thing will work, but I am going need your help if you can stop staring at my vagina long enough to instruct me on how to use it. It didn’t come with any instructions.”

A broad smile filled Jimmy’s face, and he said, “Sure, Mom…I will be more than happy to assist you with this thing.”

Jimmy picked up the vibrator and looked once again at his Mom’s vagina. The broad smile on his face left no uncertainty that he was excited to help.

Kate felt uneasy about his eagerness to participate. “Remember, Jimmy, this is a one-time thing, only for tonight, for instructional purposes only, and this is our secret. Understood?”

“Of course, I understand.”

“Good,” she replied with a threatening undertone.

With that, she spread her legs wide open again. Jimmy saw her pussy up close when he sat on the edge of her the bed. Her pussy seemed exquisite and luring to him. Just the way a mature woman’s pussy should look. There was a slight radiant sheening which showed her arousal. He pondered what may have made her so aroused. Maybe it was the fact that she was about to have a vibrator used on her for the first time. Or perhaps it was the fact that her own son was doing this with her. Maybe both. It was an incredibly taboo moment for them both.

“Can I touch you?” He asked nervously.

She answered in a matter of fact voice. “If that’s part of the process, then do it.”

He took that as an undisputable approval. Out of pure lust, he reached forward to touch his mother’s pussy. He gently stroked it with his fingertips as she passively looked up at the ceiling. Her face didn’t flinch as he stroked her outer labia. Jimmy figured maybe she was just self-conscious about the whole thing. Or she didn’t want to show her pleasure because of the mother/son incestuous implications.

However, when he touched her clitoris, her body slightly recoiled. Her lips tensed and there was no doubt she was aroused. But she continued to fight her external emotions. He stroked her clitoris in a circular motion and could see her body respond. After a few more moments of fondling, he could hear her start to breath harder. Jimmy got excited because what he was doing to his Mom was working. All the while, as her legs were spread, he could see more glistening moisture from her vagina. She was getting wetter, and it was apparent she was enjoying what he was doing to her. She was undeniably aroused.

Jimmy, I hope you are not touching me like that for your own pleasure. I am assuming all of this is leading up to our desired goal.”

“Absolutely Mom…I am getting you ready for the insertion. I can’t just ram it in without preparation because it would be too painful.”

“Okay, Honey…I trust your judgment.”

“Are you ready take this to the next step, Mom?” Jimmy asked. He tried not to appear too eager.

“Yes,” she quietly answered.

That’s when he thrust his index finger inside her pussy. She felt delightfully warm and wet to his eager finger. He couldn’t believe how aroused it made him. His finger was inside his Mom’s body, and by the look on her face, she couldn’t understand how marvelous it felt either. She closed her eyes and continued keeping her lips taut. For whatever reason, she didn’t seem to want to show her arousal to her son. He figured she deemed that it wouldn’t be right for her son to see how aroused she was becoming from his touch.

After a brief back and forth motion, Jimmy put two fingers inside of her. It had a more significant effect, and he heard his Mom breathing harder. There was a blushing glow to her face. It was one of the critical signs a woman exhibits when she is aroused.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” she said softly.

Jimmy’s fingers were still inside of her.

“What is it, Mom?”

There was a look of hesitation on her face as if her revelation was more embarrassing than actually showing her naked body to him, and having his two fingers inside her pussy.

“I am glad you taught me to masturbate. It has changed my life,” she shyly admitted. “It’s difficult for me to tell you this, but I just wish I knew a way to repay you.”

There was a genuineness in her voice. Jimmy could tell this meant a lot to her. Suddenly, this was more than about her loneliness. It was also about her sexuality and her identity as a woman. Jimmy’s fingers went deeper inside of his Mother’s warm wet hole, searching for her G-spot. She closed her eyes again and exhaled slowly.

“Relax,” He whispered. “We’re going to make this happen for you. I promise, Mom.”

His nimble fingers continue its work. It was undeniably bizarre fingering his own mother. It was evident that she enjoyed it. And so, did he. His mother was moaning and cooing. Her body was responding like any healthy woman would to a lover’s touch.

“Can you kiss it?” she asked softly, eyes still closed. “Kiss it while you rub it. I read an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine this week that said it always puts a woman in the right mood.”

Jimmy was shocked by her surprising request. It was entirely unanticipated, and he had an instant erection.

“Are you sure?” He timidly asked.

“Yes.” She murmured in a barely audible voice.

After a moment of hesitation, Jimmy leaned forward and kissed her labia. It felt so soft and velvety. The pubic hair tickled his nose, and her wetness saturated his lips. His hands caressed her smooth thighs, and he felt his mother squirm slightly. She was categorically enjoying the feel of his tongue on her womanhood. Jimmy delivered more gentle kisses to her very wet pussy, and she gave another soft moan. It sounded like she was still trying to suppress her feelings as if she was struggling with her own internal feelings. It couldn’t have been easy for her, being pleasured this way by her own son, and at her own request.

He vigorously licked her clit and worked his fingers further inside her pussy, which got the most result. This time, she moaned loudly, and her hips writhed. She appeared to be on the verge of an orgasm. Jimmy was sure her pussy was lubricated enough for the insertion.

“Are you ready to use the vibrator now?” He asked, with his fingers still inside her.

She shook her head. “That thing is huge. Is there anything bigger than your fingers, but small than the vibrator that you can use first? I think I need to be stretched a bit more before we try to insert the vibrator.”

The vibrator was 10 inches long and possibly as thick as Jimmy’s wrist.

“Let me see.” He answered.

Jimmy looked around his mother’s bedroom and tried to think. She evidently didn’t have any sex toys around to select from. His Mom wasn’t that type of woman. And if by chance she did have one, she more than likely would have suggested it already. Jimmy was just about to suggest he use three or four fingers before they tried the vibrator when she offered another suggestion.

“Do you think you can use yourself?” she asked timidly, with only a subtle hint of shame in her voice. “I mean, would you mind?”

Jimmy was shocked once again by his Mother’s request. He couldn’t determine by her voice if she was actually proposing what he thought she was implying. He needed further clarification.

“What do you mean?”

She touched his crotch that had a considerable bulge fighting to get out. She gave it a gentle squeeze and said, “That… I can tell you’re aroused. I won’t mind. I really won’t. Not tonight, anyway.”

The realization of her proposal hit him like a ton of bricks. There was absolutely no question about her proposition. Jimmy’s mother wanted him to enter her with his cock. With his extremely hard erection.

“Do you really…”

She cut him off in mid-sentence.

“I’ve given you my consent,” she uttered, with the arousal clearly in her voice. “This is important to me, okay? Just shut the fuck up and do it!”

Jimmy nodded, “Okay mom.”

He pulled his fingers away from her cunt and bolted upright on the bed, between her legs. It felt bizarre to him. The most discomforting moment in both of their lives. He looked down at his mother as she lay there welcoming him. As far as Jimmy was concerned, she looked so stunning lying there in naked beauty. Her legs were open, and her pussy was sopping wet. She wanted him to enter her, but there was a conflicted look on her face. She was undeniably aroused. Yet she was still wrestling with the idea that her own son would be engaging in incestuous sex with her. When he pulled his shorts down, there was no objection from his Mom. When his cock popped into view, his mom gasped at its size and looked up at the ceiling. She had no idea her son was that endowed. He appeared to be about three inches shorter than the vibrator and almost as thick. There was a brief moment of hesitancy as Jimmy positioned himself above her. Jimmy gave her one last inquiring look, and there was still no objection from her. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. She looked him right in the eyes.

“Slow and gentle,” she said. “Then I’ll be ready for the vibrator afterward.”

She followed that declaration with a teasing wink. It was show time. And they were both excitedly ready. Jimmy reached below and guided his erection to her pussy. His hard cock pressed against her accepting hole. Then he pushed and quickly entered. She took a deep breath when his cock went inside. Their eyes were locked on each other. There was a surprising look on his Mom’s face which read, ‘Oh my god. This is actually happening.’ Jimmy pushed gently and went deeper. Her pussy was very tight and warm. And it felt wetter by the moment. She put her hand on his chest and cautioned him to go slower. He slowly pushed and felt the muscles in her vagina relax. He continued to advance until he was all the way inside her. Then he held it there, giving her time to adjust to having something that large inside of her.

“You know,” she chuckled, hands on his arms. “That’s the very same hole you came from. Now you’re buried in there again.”

There was a hint naughtiness in her voice. She didn’t seem to struggle with the incest aspect of it anymore. She was clearly enjoying their erotic coupling.

“Does it feel all right? Do you like it, Mom?” Jimmy inquired.

“Go slow,” she whispered. “I love it.”

Jimmy complied with his Mom’s request and went slow. Never had they been so close. His cock slowly pulled out and then back in. With each encroachment, his mom’s body responded. Their eyes remained locked on each other. Slowly, they began to relish their incestuous sex. Mother and son were engaging in blissful taboo sex. All Jimmy could think about was how great his cock felt inside his Mom’s pussy. She felt soft, warm and luring. Its wetness of her pussy showed how aroused she was. She felt how a real woman should feel. She closed her eyes and lay still for a moment after he had entirely made his way inside of her. He could only imagine what she must be thinking; how she was naked in her son’s arms and was willingly giving herself to him.

She opened her eyes to look at him and began slowly thrusting her hips after her pussy had adjusted to having his cock inside her. It was slow at first, but she gradually increased her body’s movement, giving both more pleasure. Jimmy could feel her hot breath on his skin, and she could feel the same from him as they gazed into each other’s eyes. They were now making love. Forbidden mother and son incestuous love. She wrapped her legs around his hips and locked her heels behind his thighs. She used her leg power to pull her hips up to meet his thrusts. It took a few moments before they entirely got a rhythm going. Jimmy still couldn’t believe that he was actually fucking his own mother. For the most part, she was essentially fucking him with her powerful hip thrusts. He was in complete awe at looking at the sly expressions on her face as she received pleasure. And he was amazed by how naughty her pussy felt.

Minutes passed. Jimmy still couldn’t believe that she was allowing him to fuck her. Something he had fantasied about still high school. Her eyes opened and closed. Her body shook as they fucked harder. Jimmy felt sure she had experienced several mild orgasms. Then finally, it came to an end when she placed her hand on his chest and pushed.

“I think I’m ready for it,” she panted. “Quick, quick.”

Jimmy knew precisely what she meant. It was time to get to work. When his cock was pulled out of her pussy, her body shivered a little. He was sad that he didn’t get to climax and his cock was still rock hard. But they were doing this for her well-being. And that meant giving her an orgasm with the vibrator.

Jimmy picked up the VibraMax 80, wondering how to proceed.

“I’ll put it inside first,” He said. “Then I’ll put it on a low setting.”

She nodded. “Okay.”

Entry was easy since her pussy was already dripping wet from her orgasm. The vibrator slid easily into Jimmy’s mother while she held her labia open with her fingers. Her body twitched when he pushed it further. He slowly pushed until it went all the way inside of her pussy and bumped against her cervix.

There it was. The large vibrator was buried deep into Kate’s cunt. They both felt a moment of accomplishment. The hard part appeared to be over.

“Ready?” He asked.

She paused and then weakly answered. “Ready.”

That’s when Jimmy turned the device on, using its lowest setting. The wheels of the sex toy began functioning, and it made a low vibrational sound. His mother gasped and whimpered softly. She tried suppressing the noises from her mouth. Maybe she was just too self-conscious to moan loudly. Whatever the case, she was clearly enjoying the sensations.

Jimmy tried to make things more pleasurable by slowly pulling the vibrating sex toy back, then gently pushing it back in; literally fucking her with it.

“God,” she moaned, closing her eyes. “It hurts, but it also feels good. I’ve never had a vibrator in me before.”

“Should we leave it at this level?” Jimmy asked.

“No. I want to feel its full effect at every level.”

“Ready to go higher then?” He asked.

She hesitated a minute then said, “Do it.”

When he switched the vibrator to the second level, his mother grunted out loud. Her entire body tensed and her face grimaced. The VibraMax pulsed harder and louder. As Jimmy looked down at his mother, he saw her legs clenching tightly and her toes curling. It was such an erotic sight. Better than anything one could ever see on a porn site. This was real, and his loving Mother was the recipient of all the pleasure. He was proud to be the one responsible for her gratification.

Jimmy gripped the vibrator, to keep it from falling out. Then he did the same push/pull routine again, fucking her with it yet again. That made her moan even louder.

“Leave it in place, Honey” she softly sighed. “It doesn’t need to be moving to deliver what I need.”


He held the vibrator in place, watching her facial and body expressions grapple to deal with the vibrations of the sex toy.

“How many levels are there?” she muttered.


“What level is it on now?”

“Just the second level.”

“Oh my, God…” she squealed. “That means we have three more levels to go.”

“Ready to go higher. Mom?”

She hesitated a moment then said, “Four…go to level four.”

Jimmy was shocked. “That’s two steps higher,” he apprehensively questioned.

“Just fucking do it.” She screamed.

That was the first time he had ever heard his mother curse. Ever. But to be fair, he thought it was an entirely justified circumstance. There was a vibrating super sex toy in her pussy, and she needed to have a major orgasm. So, he complied with her wish. He switched the VibraMax 80 to level four, and the thing went wild. It buzzed loudly as the small but powerful motor kicked into high gear. The vibrations became really intense, and Jimmy had to use more strength to hold it inside of her. The vibrations traveled up his arm and caused his nipples to harden and his cock to stiffen even more. And then there was the reaction from his mother. She went wild. Simple as that. Her eyes shot open, and her mouth formed an ‘O’ shape. Her body jerked, and she struggled to maintain her composure.

“Oh my god!” she screamed.

Her legs stiffened, and her toes curled tightly.

“Should I turn it off or lower it?!” Jimmy asked nervously.

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare change that goddamn setting!”

Jimmy’s sweet, naive mother had turned into a sex-crazed woman because of the vibrator. The prim and proper facade was stripped away. Gone was the respectable widow. Gone was the domesticated mother. Gone was the timid mother of six grown children. She was an entirely new sexual being. The only thing left was a woman that has been pushed to the very brink of her sexuality. All thanks to a simple vibrator. And it was being used on her by her very own son of all people! Jimmy was more than delighted to see his mother enjoying so much pleasure. However, he was also worried about her safety.

The madness continued for a few moments as the vibrator worked near full blast. Jimmy’s mother struggled to cope with the super high intensity of the vibrations. It was near maddening, but she managed. Her body shook and trembled. Multiple orgasms racked her body, but she pushed on. Jimmy noticed her nipples were hard and poking straight up into the air. Fluids leaked from her pussy. It was a good thing that his mother had placed a bath towel on the bed where she laid. It absorbed most of the fluids which were seeping from her pussy.

“Fuck, I can’t stop cum!!!” she cried.

“Relax, mom. Relax. I’ll turn it off.”

“Don’t you dare turn it off! Quick…go to Level 5!!!” She screamed through clenched teeth.

Now, Jimmy was really starting to get concerned. The vibrator was already stronger than anything he had ever seen in a porn video. It vibrated powerfully and took complete control of her body and mind. Now she wanted the next step, which was the highest level. Jimmy remembered the warning on the box.

“Are you sure, Mom?”

“Do it…God damn it!” His Mother growled, this time struggling to speak. “I need to feel it.”

“Okay. Tell me when you want me to stop.”

That’s when he switched the VibraMax 80 to level five.

It suddenly oscillated like crazy, and his mother screamed at the top of her lungs. Jimmy was terrified at his mother’s reaction. And he was equally as terrified about the possible health damage it could cause his mother. Her body shook uncontrollably and suddenly her body tensed. Her lower back arched and her eyes were wide open. Trickles of sweat had formed on her forehead and around her nose. There was even sweat covering her neck and chest.

“Pull it out!!!” she screamed. “Pull it out!!!”

Jimmy immediately turned the vibrator off and pulled it out of her pink dripping wet pussy.

What followed was a massive gush of vaginal fluids. It squirted powerfully from the inside of her spasming pussy. Who knew? Jimmy was amazed to find that his mother’s pussy was erupting like a volcano. It had to the effect of the potent sex toy.

Every muscle in her body tensed and tightened as her pussy shot the long streams of vaginal juice across the bed. The lines on her face emerged as well, as her face grimaced tightly from the intensity she felt inside. The reaction her body had was dominant, and unlike anything, Jimmy had ever seen before. She had covered his lower body, her bed, and even the walls with her vaginal fluids. When the episode was completed, his mother laid utterly still on her bed with her eyes closed, arms and legs spread apart. Her pussy was relegated to a large stretched cavity, glistening from the wetness of her orgasm.

Finally, she opened her eyes and moved.

“Unbelievable,” she moaned.

Her eyes were wide open, and she stared at the ceiling.

“That thing really works,” Jimmy remarked.

“I’ve figured that out already, Sweetheart” she quipped.

“What now, Mom?”

She was quiet for a moment. “Give me a second. I need to clear my head.”

For a moment, she closed her eyes and continued to enjoy the benefits of her orgasmic eruption. She had just experienced an orgasm that most people would never understand. She didn’t seem to care that her pussy was still exposed to her son. At that point, why would she? She had already fucked him and had several significant orgasms with a sex toy.

Then she looked at Jimmy.

“I want you to cum inside me,” she whispered, knowing that her son was still very erect and needed relief. “I want your sperm inside my womb.”

Jimmy wasted no time mounting his mother once more. He slid his cock deep into her soaking wet pussy and pumped away like a jackhammer. She wrapped her legs around his hips and began rapidly pulling him in and out of her. Jimmy could barely catch his breath as he pounded her pussy with all his might.

“Oh my, God…I love your big hard cock. I want you to fuck me all night and then all day tomorrow. I want you to fuck me every time you come to town. In fact, I want you to spend every weekend fuckin’ my brains out.”

Hearing his mother talk in such a way sent him over the edge, and he started cumming inside of her. He had lasted less than a minute before one shot of cum after another soon filled her sensitive pussy with his seed as she kissed him passionately. He was no longer just her son; he was now her lover. They both looked down to see that not only was his cum slowly leaking down from her vagina but her orgasm as well. She scooped some of it up with one finger and put it in her mouth, sucking it and then giving him a smile, approving the way it tasted.

“That was incredible,” Jimmy whispered to his mother. “I’ve never experienced anything like that before. I don’t know what to say. Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me,” she replied. “I want you to know that I enjoyed it as much as you did as if you couldn’t already tell.

She climbed out of bed, and then she grabbed him by the wrist. She didn’t say anything. But she dragged him to the bathroom with her.

“What are we doing?”

“I owe you a shower,” she replied. “I’ve made a huge mess. This is the least I can do.”

When they were inside her bathroom, she turned to face him. He looked at her breasts, which were slightly sagging, yet firm. They were perfect breasts for a mature woman. Her brown nipples were still hard, and he wished that he could suck them, but he was too afraid to ask. She saw where his eyes were trained and pulled his mouth to her hard nipples. She let him graze for a moment before pushing his mouth away.

“Wow,” He managed to say.

She pulled his t-shirt off, and they were both naked.

“I’m glad you like my body,” she smiled. “But before we shower, I think I owe you a proper blowjob. It’s the least I can do. Don’t you agree?”

“Of course, mom.”

With that, she dropped down to her knees and engulfed his cock. Who knew? His mother was actually an expert at giving oral sex. She used her hands, lips, and tongue to full effect. Jimmy was sure it had something to do with that explosive orgasm she felt. She was sucking his cock out of pure lust.

Her hands stroked him furiously while her mouth expertly sucked. It wasn’t long before he came. And his mother swallowed every single drop that he shot into her mouth. She winked at him while she licked her lips clean. He began to wonder where she learned to give such a professional blowjob. She apparently read the questioning look on his face.

“If you are wondering where I learned that, it was from that website called; Literotica. I have learned quite a few things since you introduced me to the amazing world of masturbation.”

Then it was time for the shower. Kate grabbed Jimmy by the wrist again and took him inside the shower area where she began by washing herself with the flexible showerhead. The orgasmic fluids between her legs were washed away. She lathered his cock really well with soap then bent over and guided his cock into her virgin ass. Jimmy liked the new sexual being his mother had become. He slowly pumped his cock in and out of his mother’s ass as she moaned and purred softly.

“Is this something else you learned from that website?” He asked.

“Shut up and show me you are as much of a man as your father was!”

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