Sari, the choosing. Chapter 1

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This is my first story so please go a little easy on me. I have a few more chapters in mind if you all like it.

So many thought and emotions were running through Sari’s mind as she stood in her place, she had trouble keeping track of them all. Mostly she was scared, she didn’t fully understand what this was about. All she knew was the every girl was presented to the Shaw by her father on their birthdays between the ages of 16 and 18. Sometimes the girls wouldn’t come home with their father, and when this happened the family was always very wealthy after words. She was a little excited to actually be meeting the Shaw, he was a very powerful and rich man and she wasn’t used to meeting people of such standing. She was nervous she might say or do something wrong to offend his highness, or any countless other powerful people.

As overwhelmed as she was she was also acutely aware of certain things, like how soft the robes she and the other girls who shared her birthday were forced to wear. Her family was not a rich family and she had never experienced a fabric so cool and soothing to the skin. Even though she was not allowed to look around, since she had been told to look down slightly and not to move, she noticed the tension in the room from both fathers and daughters alike. She noticed the imprint of two feet carved into the stone, slightly apart in front of a lone chair, the only furniture in the room.

Just then the door behind the chair opened and several people flowed in through it. First two guards in heavy plate armor both carrying heavy pikes, as soon as these two entered they stepped to either side of the door and stood guard. Just as the two guards who led the fathers and daughters in the door at the back of the room had done. Followed closely by several other guards dressed the same, these walked straight passed the girls to stand on either side of each father. Next was a man she could only assume was the Shaw himself, in flowing robes of gold and white. He walked with a kind of commanding presence that only someone with immense power could assume. Behind him came a beautiful woman dressed only in black lacy stockings. Her black hair hanging to just past her shoulders flowed behind her as she walked. Her large round breasts which sat high and firm on her chest bounced gently with her strides, her nipples hard and aroused surrounded by their small areola’s. A flat and toned, but not muscular stomach led down to the tops of her completely bald pussy lips. The black stockings started very high on her toned thighs, with just the perfect amount of lace to see her perfect legs through them. Behind her came a man, or at least she thought it was a man, though he was muscular he had a very feminine way about him. He was carrying a tray with a small bowl on it. Then another man with the same feminine way about him, he also carried a tray, but this one had several small velvet sack on it. The procession was completed by several girls clothed in the same stockings as the first woman, only these were white. There were blondes, red heads and brunettes among them. Maybe 15 women total, all impossibly beautiful like the woman in black.

The man she assumed to be the Shaw took the seat in front at the front of the room. The woman in the black stockings stood beside him. The girls in white stockings formed a line behind him. The two men carrying trays took spots against the wall to the Shaw’s right. The new comers had barely assumed their positions when the Shaw said “Lets begin then” in an almost bored voice.

The woman in the black stockings walked over to the girl farthest to the right. Whispered something in her ear then removed the robes she was wearing. Like Sari she was completely naked underneath, she knew they all were. The woman took her by the hand and led her up in front of the Shaw and told her to place her feet on the imprint of feet in the stone. The woman in black had barely resumed her place next to the Shaw when he gave a casual flick of the wrist. Almost as one the woman in black and the girl in white stockings to the far right of the Shaw moved.

The woman in black went to the next girl who was standing next to Sari, she knew she would be next. Again the woman whispered something in her ear and began to disrobe the girl. The girl in white took the naked girl to the side where the men with the trays were standing and picked up a silver penny from a pile that Sari hadn’t seen before from the tray with the small sacks. She led the girl back to her father and pressed the penny into his hand. The father wrapped his arm around the naked girls shoulders and led her to the back door that all the girls and fathers has come in, back to their clothes. Sari couldn’t help but wonder if this was the girls first time being presented to the Shaw, would she have to come back for this embarrassment or was she done?

By this time the second girl had taken her place on the carved feet which forced the girl to stand with her legs slightly spread. The woman in black again returned to the Shaw’s side. Though all Sari could see was the girls back she could tell she was in very good shape. Long shapely legs led to a tight and firm butt. Strong and straight back and strong shoulders yet she still managed to keep an attractive feminine way about her. This girl obviously had the Shaw’s attention for he stood from the chair and started pacing around her, taking all of her in. As he came around in front of her again he nodded to the man carrying the tray with the bowl on it. The man quickly came over to the Shaw who put a finger into the bowl and as he pulled it back out Sari noticed it was wet with some sort of liquid. He took one step closer to the girl and slid his hand between her legs, right were they met. The girl gave a small grunt and was obviously having a hard time standing still. The girl being inspected gave a small sigh as the Shaw removed his hand from between her legs. In a voice that could be nothing but a command he said ” Keep your legs straight and bend over and grab your ankles.” As the girl obeyed Sari actually made eye contact with her for just a moment before the Shaw came around and blocked her view. In that briefest of seconds she could see how terrified the girl was. That look only furthered Sari’s own fear. Without moving Sari couldn’t get a clear view of what was happening but whatever it was the girl wasn’t able to stifle the grunt this time. After a few seconds the Shaw moved back around and headed towards his chair giving another casual flick of the wrist as he went.

Again the woman in black and the next girl in white moved as one. As the girl in white began to pull the girl being inspected away the woman in black came to Sari. As the woman in black began to untie the belt holding Sari’s robes closed she leaned in and whispered “Its your turn, you know what to do.” And much too suddenly for her taste she felt the woman sliding her robes off her shoulders and down her arms. Sari was now naked! She was so scared now that it overwhelmed all other emotion. The woman in black took her hand and pulled her forward. Sari did know what to do and stepped into the imprinted feet into the stone without having to be told. She continued to look down but still couldn’t help but notice the Shaw rising. Her fear grew almost out of control. Was he going to do the same things to her as he did to the girl before? And as he started to circle around her as he did the girl before she almost started to cry. As he came back around in front of her he once again nodded to the man carrying the tray with the bowl who quickly approached. From here she could see the creamy white liquid the Shaw was dipping his finger into. And just as he had done to the girl before he took a step towards her and slid his hand between her legs. Once again Sari was so overwhelmed with different emotions she could barely keep track of them all, yet at the same time acutely aware of everything around her. Mostly she was embarrassed , this man touching her in her most private of places, right here in front of everyone, even her own father. She could sense him fidgeting behind her, she could tell he was unhappy about what was happening to her. She was the oldest of three daughters so this would be his first visit to the Shaw as well. No man had ever touched her in this most private of places and she had never imagined the first time would be in front of so many people. As overwhelmed by embarrassment as she was she also couldn’t help but notice that his gentle caresses across the tops of her pussy lips was somewhat pleasant. The cream on his finger was cool and soothing. She was also aware that somewhere in the back of her mind she was very ashamed that she was enjoying what this man was doing to her. She also couldn’t help but gasp as the Shaw slid his finger further down and inside of her. His finger hadn’t entered her very far when he turned to look at the woman in black. “She is intact” he said to her. And very abruptly his finger slid out of her. She couldn’t help to notice that parts of her brain were in disagreement as to whether this was a good or a bad thing. As the Shaw stepped back and started to make his way around her he once again commanded “keep your legs straight and bend over and grab your ankles!” Sari obeyed. Just as she was able to make brief eye contact with the girl before her, Sari was also able to make eye contact, but with her father who stood directly behind her. He looked ashamed. Just before the Shaw stepped into her way she noticed the guards that flanked her father had both grabbed his arms. She wondered if this was normal or if her father had tried to stop this from happening to her. The moment she felt the Shaw’s finger touch her anus she knew what he had done to the girl before that she couldn’t see. Again she felt the cool soothing liquid on his finger as he gently ran his finger around the ring of her anus. Only because she knew what was coming was she able to suppress the grunt as his finger slid into her. It didn’t intrude into her as far as she had expected it too, probably only to the Shaw’s first knuckle she guessed. The finger was removed and she heard him say “Stand up.”

The Shaw couldn’t help but to take a moment to reflect on the seven years of his time being the Shaw. Taking over when his father had died. Thinking of all the girls he had inspected in that time. Starting with inspecting every girl from his fathers harem. In the beginning he kept most of them, as well as taking many of the girls that were inspected on their birthdays. But as time passed he realized he was being naive. There was no point in keeping so many women you couldn’t possible use them all. As time passed he released several of the older women to the house staff. Cooking and cleaning was the final job of all harem women. The palace was huge and required a lot of up keep and there was never a shortage of women the Shaw no longer used to do the work. The ones that were still attractive but not good enough for the Shaw himself got moved to the second harem. In the end the Shaw kept only the best of the best for himself. Sometimes when inspecting the girls he would play a cruel joke. Having the girl lay down and spread her legs then mounting her right there in front of everyone. These girls he never kept, sending them off defiled with nothing more then the standard silver penny for the father. If he was feeling especially cruel he would tell her to get down on all fours and with just the smallest dab of cream he would ram himself into her anus and take her that way. There was nothing like a crying, squirming girl under you as you stared her father down. He had almost done this to the girl before Sari. He was glad he hadn’t though, he was now saving himself for her.

The Shaw was brought back to the present as he approached the front of the girl again. The Shaw kept only the best of the best for his harem, yet not a one of those women could compare to the sheer perfection that stood before him now. Her hair golden with just a slight amount of curl fell perfectly around her beautiful face. Her stunning green eyes were slightly down cast as he knew she had been told. High cheek bones with a nature rouge to them, a cute little nose and full and inviting lips completed her face. The Shaw reached out and parted her lips with his thumb only to find beautiful straight and white teeth. Slender yet strong shoulders led down to two perfect breasts. He reached out and took one in his hand. It was just a small amount bigger then would fit in his hand, and in his palm he could feel the nipple standing out firm. Her stomach was impossibly flat yet managed to remain soft, not hard to the touch. A small outcropping of golden pubic hair had very recently started grow above her pussy, but that could be fixed easily enough. Her hips were still slender but he had seen enough women mature to know that they would fill out beautifully, she was only 16 after all. Finally her long and shapely legs. All of this was covered by flawless skin of the lightest copper color. Giving the girl a small smile he turned to face the woman in black “I will have her tonight, prepare her. But do not spoil this one, I want her whole!. See to it personally.””

As the woman in black and the next girl in white stockings started forward the Shaw turned to her father. “Do you have any more daughters?”

“Yes your Highness I have two more. One turns 15 in just over a month the other has just turned 13.” her father replied

“Well if they are anything like this one I can’t wait to meet them.” With that the Shaw turned to head back to his chair.

The woman in black passed Sari and went to the next girl in line. The girl in white that came to Sari took her hand and led her off to the man with the tray of sacks and silver pennies. This time the girl grabbed one of the sacks off the tray and showed it to Sari “Your family will never want for anything again.” she told Sari and pulled her to her father. When they reached him the girl pressed the sack into his hand. She looked at both of them and said “Say your goodbye’s, you will probably never see each other again.” Sari finally started to cry as she hugged her father tight. Very aware of her nakedness, the feel of her fathers hands on her naked back. Her breasts pressed into his chest. She leaned back to look at her father for what was probably the last time “I love you father, please tell everyone I love them as well.” When he looked back at her she wasn’t sure if it was sorrow or relief written on his face or some combination of the two. Her family would never want for anything again, but then again he was loosing his daughter. He told her he loved her very much and promised to tell the rest of the family her message. The girl then took Sari by the arms and drug her out of her fathers arms just as the two guards on either side of her father drug him back as well. There would be no long goodbye! The girl led her to the side of the room farthest from the men holding the trays and from there they witnessed the rest of the choosing.

The Shaw must have taken no interest in the girl after Sari for she was already being led away and the final girl was being led forward. Again the Shaw rose and walked around the girl once and nodded to the man holding the tray with the bowl. The man came forward one more time and the Shaw dipped a finger in. From this side of the room Sari had a much better view of what was happen, although she knew fully what was happening as well. Sari was surprised by the forced the Shaw used to slide his finger into the girl, he hadn’t been that rough with her. Sari noticed that the guards didn’t have a hold of this girls father like her fathers had, Had moved to protect her? When the girl was told to bend over she couldn’t suppress a grunt as the Shaw forced his entire finger into her anus. Again Sari was confused, he had been so gentle with her, why was he now being so forceful? After the girl was told to stand back up and the Shaw had walked back in front of her for one final look he turned to the woman in black and said “This one too, prepare her normally.” With that the Shaw turned and headed for the door, his guards taking place in front and behind him.

The only other girl chosen was given even less time to say goodbye to her father before they were pulled away. The two new girls were led through the back door by the woman in black, each escorted by the girl in white stockings that had taken them to their fathers. Sari wondered what would become of the clothes she had worn and left in the back room. Would her father grab them for one of her sisters? As soon as they crossed the threshold of the door the woman in black stockings suddenly turned on them.

Looking at Sari she said “What is your name girl?”

“Sari Ma’am”

“You will call me Mistress, I am in charge of this harem and though I may be called to be used by the Shaw the same as you, I deserve and demand your respect.”

“Y..Yes Mistress” Sari replied.

The Mistress turn to the other girl and said “And your name?”

“Kari Mistress.”

The woman in black chuckled “Kari and Sari, I’m sure there will be a many jokes about this pairing. Get to know each other well, you will be spending a lot of time together. You will bunk together when not being used. You are each others grooming partners. It is your responsibility to make sure the other is always in perfect form. You will wash each other, shave each other and any other possible thing the other might need, including preparing her when the Shaw has use of her. Do you understand?”

” Yes Mistress” they both said in unison, although Sari wasn’t sure she did.

The Mistress turned to the girl that had led Kari back and said “Taker and start the preparations as normal.”

“Yes Mistress.” The girl in white stockings said. Then led Kari down the hall they were standing in.

The Mistress turned to Sari and the girl in white stockings with her and said “Come with me.” And just like that they were headed down the hall in the opposite direction as Kari.

The Mistress led them down the hall a short distance and into a small room. The only furniture was a small bed with very average bedding and a chest of drawers. There were several girls in the room, all wearing the same white stockings, waiting for their arrival. Sari was told to stand in the middle of the room and everyone made themselves busy around her.

The Mistress then spoke “The rules are simple here girl, First you are to let no man touch you other then the Shaw himself, the punishment is severe. The man caught touching one of the Shaw’s harem girls is castrated and from this point on will become one of the harem guards. Sari figured that was what had happened to the two men with the trays at the choosing ceremony. The punishment for the girl is much worse. Most of the girls don’t survive. Second you will do whatever the Shaw says without question. This also will incur a very strict punishment. You are to do whatever I say without question, I also am allowed to punish you if I feel it is necessary. And finally you may be punished for no other reason but to entertain the Shaw himself. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress”

Just then one of the other girls in the room presented Sari with what looked like a small root. “Eat it.” the Mistress ordered

“What is it?” Sari asked

“It is a root that will help to prevent you from becoming pregnant, and that is the last question I will answer when I give you an order. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.” Sari took the root from the girl and did as she was told. She was then laid on her back on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge spread apart. A girl came and knelt between her legs with a bowl and started spreading a cream on her legs and around her pussy. When her legs and pussy were completely covered the girl leaned back and handed the bowl to a another girl and received a razor in return and started to shave Sari. The girl was obviously very experienced at this. She moved quickly and very shortly Sari was shaved clean. Pulled back to her feet Sari was told to raise her arms and the same girl then shaved her arm pits clean as well. Sari was once again told to bend over and grab her ankles. As Sari obeyed another girl moved beside her and grabbed both of her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Sari couldn’t believe it when the girl began shaving even her ass. When this was completed she was told to stand.

“She is ready.” the girl who had been shaving her said.

“Take her and wash her then.” said the Mistress. “But be careful not to spoil her, the Shaw wants her whole.”

Four girls in white stockings moved forward and led her silently out of the room and further down the hall. They entered the last room in the hall and Sari was amazed at the size of the room. She had never seen a room so big in her life. Almost the entire room was taken up by a huge pool of water, it couldn’t have been more then two and half feet deep but it must have been twenty feet square. Near the door was a table with pitchers, soap, towels and extra rolled up white stockings on it. The four girls all stopped and bent to remove their stockings. Two girls then led Sari into the pool while the other two went to the table and grabbed a bar of soap and a pitcher each. Sari could only wonder at how this much water we kept warm as she stepped into it. As she reached the center of the pool she was told to kneel, the second two girls arrived and handed the bars of soap to the first two. The two girls with the pitchers leaned down and filled the pitchers from the pool and emptied them onto Sari. Once Sari was completely wet the two girls with the soap then knelt beside her and started to wash her. Starting with her hair and moving down, as the girls worked their way down her body the two girls with the pitchers would rinse her clean. She had to admit she found the whole process rather enjoyable. Even though Sari should have seen it coming she was still surprised when one of the girls kneeling beside her slid her hand between Sari’s legs and started washing her pussy at the same time the other girl started washing her ass. Again overwhelmed by embarrassment at being touched in such private places she couldn’t help but enjoy these girls tender caresses. The finger on her pussy was slowly moving back and forth along the length of her lips, slowly little by little easing its way between them. While at the same time the finger on her ass was making slow circles around her anus. She watched the two women with the pitchers move in closer and each took one of her nipples in their hand and roll them back and forth between finger and thumb. She was so overwhelmed by these sensations she couldn’t help but gasp as she closed her eyes. Sari decided to let go and just enjoy this moment. She tried to lean forward pressing her breasts harder into the girls hands while at the same time her hips started to buck trying to ride the fingers on her pussy and ass harder. Almost as one the fingers on her ass and pussy slid the smallest amount into her and she was almost overcome by the waves of pleasure that had started to crash onto her. The finger wiggles inside of her, moving in and out of her. The fingers slid out of her only to penetrate there way back in, never going any deeper inside of her though she wanted them to. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take, she was about to be washed away, just when she thought she would be overcome with pleasure everything suddenly stopped leaving her reeling. She felt the four girls around her supporting her as she was left gasping, trying to catch her breath and come back down from these sensations. When Sari had finally come back to herself she was disappointed to find she was being led out of the pool. Why hadn’t they finished what they had started, and why had she enjoyed what these GIRLS had done to her? She thought only men were supposed to make her feel like this, was something wrong with her? Or was this normal, the girls sure seemed to know what they were doing. Each of the girls grabbed a towel and started to dry her and each other off. Having still not completely come down from the sensations before she found herself truly enjoying the feel of these girls hands on her even through the towels. What was wrong with her? When everyone was dry the four girls went back to the table and each grabbed a pair of stocking. As the four girls bent to pull the stockings onto their legs Sari’s eyes were drawn to their groins, perfectly smooth bald pussies, nice puckered assholes and she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to caress and massage them. The girls finished replacing their stockings and came to Sari, one knelt in front of her and lifted first one leg then the other as she pulled the same white stockings onto Sari’s legs. The girl stood and they led her out of the pool room and back down the hall to the same room they had come from.

There in the middle of the room was her Mistress standing alone now. Sari’s eyes were immediately drown down to what could only be described as a belt that she was wearing. Only hanging down from the belt was a large leather cock and balls. The only penis Sari had ever seen was her fathers when she had accidentally walked in on him in the outhouse. This was much larger though and looked almost hard when her fathers had been very limp.

The Mistress looked at one of the four escorting Sari and said “You will stay.” Then with a glance to the other three she added “The rest of you are dismissed.”

Almost as one all four girls said “Yes Mistress.” The three excused themselves while the other one stayed. She knew it was the girl that had been massaging her pussy earlier.

The Mistress then turned to her and said “I see you have your stockings on, very good. You are not to be seen without them from now on. The only time you are allowed to be without them is when you are bathing. Is that understood?”

“Yes Mistress”

The Mistress went over to the chest of drawers and pulled a drawer out reached in pulled something out and closed it. What she held up for Sari looked like a mini version of the leather cock hanging between the Mistress’ legs. Only at the back end there was a little cap with a string looped through it. “This is to help prepare you if the Shaw decides to use your ass. Bend over and grab your ankles again.” Sari had a chance to see her Mistress dip the mini cock into a bowl exactly like the one the Shaw had used before using his finger on the girls before bending over. Looking between her legs she saw her Mistress come behind her, the cock waving between her legs as she walked. She once again felt the cool soothing cream on her ass as her Mistress gently rubbed the tip of the mini cock around her anus. Sari almost screamed as her Mistress forced the mini cock into her ass all the way to the cap at the end. Though it was only about 2 inches around it was still more then she was prepared to take. “You will keep this inside of you until you are called to the Shaw, and you will thank me if he decides to use your ass tonight.”

“It is time you learned some basics. Get down on your knee’s in front of me.” Sari stepped forward and got onto her knee’s. The mini cock in her ass felt huge in this position. The large leather cock hanging right in front of her face. “This is to represent a cock, it is just like the Shaw’s. One way of pleasing the Shaw it to take it in your mouth and slide it in and out. Do this now. As Sari leaned forward she opened her mouth just enough to let the tip in her mouth and slowly moved her head back and forth along it. Just then she felt the mistress’ hand on the back of her head and pulled her forward harshly. Half of the cock was forced into her mouth and down her throat. Sari was trying not to gag on it but not doing a very good job when she heard “You will take as much of it in your mouth as you can, you will receive further training on this later and when you are done you will be able to take all of it into your mouth without gagging on it. Unfortunately we don’t have time for that now. Just take it as deep as you can then slide back. You should be sucking on it the entire time. You should be using your tongue to stimulate it further. You will never touch it with your teeth, that is very important,. You can use your hand to massage it as well as caress the balls, which are the two things hanging below it.” Sari got the impression she had given this speech many times. There was a sort of monotone drone to it. However Sari listened intently trying to do all the things her Mistress was saying. ” You can lick and gently suck on these balls as well. Try to be creative and mix it balçova escort up. Pay very close attention to the Shaw’s reactions for it is for his benefit you are doing this. If you do a good job and he does not stop you, there will be a point where the cock will start to spasm, be prepared when this happens for he is about to cum in your mouth. Which means a salty liquid will start to come out of the end of his cock. You are to swallow every drop he gives you. Spilling any will greatly disappoint him and you can be assured you will be punished for this.” The Mistress having watcher her go through the drill on the leather cock was satisfied she had a good idea what to do and asked “Do you have any questions?”

Sari leaned back letting the penis fall from her mouth and answered “No Mistress.”

“Good then lets move on. You must also learn to please a female since I don’t know if you will be used alone tonight. Go lay down on the bed with your legs spread.” Sari got up and laid down on the bed with her knee’s bent slightly and her legs spread apart. “Nariah here will please you first. Pay attention to what she is doing to you for you will please her next.” Without another word spoken she felt the other girl climb between her legs. The girl started kissing her way down one of Sari’s thighs. Just as she was about to reach Sari’s pussy she stopped and moved back and started to kiss her way down the other thigh. Again just before she would reach Sari’s pussy she stopped, only this time she moved forward and quickly sucked one of Sari’s nipples into her mouth, her teeth grazing across it as she sucked. With a moan Sari couldn’t help but put her hands on the back of the girls head and pull her tighter to her breast. After a few moments the girl pulled back and moved to Sari’s other nipple. It wasn’t until the girl moaned into her breast that she realized one of her hands had moved down from the girls head to cup one of her breasts. She pinched the girls nipple like the two girls had done to her in the bath and was rewarded with another moan into her breast. The girl let Sari’s nipple slip from her mouth and started kissing her way down Sari’s stomach to settle in again between her legs. This time however the girl did kiss her pussy. She started at the top and planted little feathery kisses down her pussy lips. As soon as the girl reached the bottom of her pussy she felt the girls tongue slip between her pussy lips and slide all the way back up to the top. As the girl pulled back just a little to spread her pussy lips apart with her hands Sari realized she had two fists full of the girls hair in her hands. The girl moved back in and started to lick Sari again. This time starting at the bottom. Sari’s lips now spread by the girls hands made it much easier for her to tease Sari’s opening with her tongue. She ran her tongue in circles around Sari’s opening first one way, then switching and going the other way. Soon Sari was grinding her pussy against the girls face. Slowly the girl slid her tongue further up between Sari’s pussy lips and she gently pulled her hood back with her fingers. The girl then slowly dragged the entire length of her tongue across Sari’s now exposed little clit. The girl must have hooked a finger into the loop of string on the mini leather cock in her ass because the small tugs the girl was giving it was sending Sari closer and closer to the edge. As the tip of her tongue hit Sari’s clit the girl started to flick it back and forth across it, but it wasn’t until the girl moved in just a little further and took Sari’s clit into her mouth and sucked on it while still teasing it with her tongue that Sari finally exploded into her first ever orgasm. Sari couldn’t control her hips as they bucked against the girls mouth. She couldn’t control the moans and grunts she was only vaguely aware she was letting out. She never wanted this feeling to end. But as all good things do she could feel this too coming to an end. She was slowly coming back to her senses. Slowly gaining control of her body again. She had never imagined anything could feel so good and was already ready to do whatever she had to to feel it again. As Sari finally regained her breath she heard her Mistress’ voice.

“Its your turn now, it looked like Nariah did a great job on you, I would hope you return the favor and do just as good on her.”

As the girl moved out from between Sari’s legs she took on of her hands and helped to pull her up. Sari let her self be pulled up by the girl. She stood at the foot of the bed her head still spinning a little as she watched the girl take her place on the bed. As she watched the girl she noticed a large wet spot on the bed between her legs, she wasn’t sure where it had come from. Had she accidentally pee’d the bed during her moment of intense pleasure? Sari was shaken from her thoughts when her Mistress called “She is ready, what are you waiting for?”

Sari was reminded of the moment before when she had been staring at this girls pussy and wondered what it would be like to be able to touch and caress it. Now she would know. She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knee’s between the girls legs. Sari had paid attention to what the girl had done to her, but still, doing it back was completely different. She was once again nervous. She tentatively reached one hand out and ran a finger across the top of the girls pussy lips tracing it up and down. She gently pulled her pussy lips open and looked at the soft pink flesh inside. She could see where the girls opening was as well as the fleshy hood that hid this girls sensitive little clit. “You will have plenty of time to look and explore later. It is strongly encouraged for the girls to take pleasure in each other when waiting to be used by the Shaw. But as for now we don’t have time. You know what to do, now do it!” Sari didn’t wait to respond to her Mistress she just leaned in and sealed her mouth against the girls pussy. As she started sucking on the girls hood and her clit beneath it she felt the girl start to squirm under her. She couldn’t believe how much she liked the taste of the fluids that coated her pussy. Sari remembered that she had wanted so badly for the girl to slide a finger into her when she was taking care of Sari, so she decided to do this for the girl. As her finger slowly slid into the tight, warm and wet pussy the girl let out a very loud moan. If it felt this good why didn’t the girl do this for her, she was the one who knew what she was supposed to be doing. The girl placed both hands on the back of Sari’s head and pulled her down harder into her pussy. She started bucking her hips down on Sari’s finger, her moans growing louder. It was at this moment that Sari remembered how the girl had teased her at first, she took her time, built up some anxiousness in Sari. Sari pulled her mouth free of this girls pussy and while keeping her finger sliding inside of the girl she moved up and followed through on a strangest of urges. She kissed the girl. She had only ever kissed one boy in her life and this was not the same kind of kiss. Her lips had barely grazed the boys lips so briefly. She had seen her parents kiss a couple of times, really kiss, and she tried to mimic that. She pressed her lips onto the girls mouth firmly then let them open slightly, the girls mouth followed along. Their tongues met and slowly danced around each other. Both girls moaned into each others mouths. As they continued to kiss Sari slid her thumb up between the girls pussy lips. She placed her thumb on top of the girls clit and pressed down, rocking her thumb back and forth across it in rhythm with her finger sliding in and out of her. The girl broke their kiss panting as she started grinding her pussy against Sari’s hand. Sari could tell the girl was close to exploding the way she had, so she moved back down between her legs. She pulled her thumb away from the girl and again sucked the girls little clit into her mouth through her hood. Sari remembered how the girl playing with the leather cock in her ass was one of the final things that had pushed her over the edge so she brushed a finger of her free hand against the girls pussy getting it nice and wet. Then ever so gently pushed it into the girls anus. The girls hands flew to the back of Sari’s head pulling her tightly against her pussy. Her legs slammed closed around her head as she let out a surprisingly load moan. Had she been this loud? Just then Sari felt a fluid running down her hand and she understood why the bed had been wet when she finished. Sari let the girls hood slip from between her lips and leaned down to try and lap up as much of the fluid as possible, not wanting to waste any it tasted so good. All to soon Sari felt the girls legs relax, her hands drop to her sides on the bed and whole body seem to sag into the bed. Sari knew the girl was done. She felt a huge pride in having done such a good job in returning the favor to this girl. Sari again moved forward, she wrapped her arms around the girl and again started to kiss her.

” I think the lesson for today is complete.” Their Mistress interrupted. “You have had a long day and will need your rest before the Shaw calls you, for I think you have a long night ahead of you as well. Nariah come!” Nariah gave Sari one last glance before she got up and stood behind their Mistress Sari could see that the girl didn’t want to leave as much as she didn’t want her to. “Get some sleep, you will need it” And just like that she let Nariah out the door and closed it.

Sari had so many thoughts running through her head she didn’t know how she was ever going to get to sleep. But sleep came surprisingly fast.

Part 2 ???

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