Rhianna’s education part 2

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Rhianna’s education continues.

A couple of months passed without contact from any of the family and I was beginning to actively look for a new woman . There was a really nice girl in the local newsagents who I really fancied. She’d turned me down when I asked for a date but I hadn’t given up hope of her. It would just take a little more charm and work! I was musing a plan one afternoon when the telephone rang. When I answered it was Rhianna. We exchanged pleasantries and some quick updates before she asked if she could come round that evening. “Is everything OK?” I asked. “Well not quite but Mum’s babysitting for me tonight. She thinks I’ve got a date but I don’t fancy it. The guy that is.”

“And you’d rather come and see me? I am flattered!”

”Yes you should be” she laughed, “ So can I come round about seven? Or have you got plans?”

“No that’ll be fine. See you then”.

And then she said, really shocking me, ”Oh, and I could stay over cos I won’t be expected home”. I tried to be cool and disguise my excitement. “OK that would be nice. See you at seven!”

Fucking hell, she was offering to sleep with me! She knows I’ve only got the one bed. Tonight could be a good night!

I had a tidy up and changed the bed sheets, checked that I’d got some Vodka and mixer and then took a shower. Then I sat down trying to keep my mind off what could happen and trying to suppress my growing erection. At about a quarter past seven the doorbell finally rang. Rhianna was wearing her long coat again and she had a big bag over her shoulder. She kissed me on the cheek as she walked past me and threw herself on the sofa I asked if she was OK and she rambled on about her mother nearly ruining her night by asking too many questions and threatening not to babysit. I offered her a drink. “ Why are you so bloody perfect? You know exactly what I need. Yes please”.

I made her some sort of vodka cocktail with lemonade lime juice and sliced apple. I don’t know what you’d call it but Rhianna liked it. “So what’s the problem? “ I asked.

“ Oh its not really a problem. I’m dating again and Mums great. Like tonight but its always a let down. I’ve been a lot more demanding but it never seems to be as good”.

“As good as what?” I asked. She waited a few seconds before looking me straight in the eye and said “As good as you”. She lowered her eyes.

“Are you asking for what you want? You’re not accepting sex for their sakes are you?” I was really concerned.

“ No”, she said “ I took your advice and I am getting more out of it but its always a bit rushed and I just feel that all they want is to get it over with. While I know that you will take care and take it at a nice loving pace.”

“Just tell them to slow down”.

“I do and he does for a while. Then its back to pumping hard and he’s just trying to finish. I just keep thinking of you!”

“ And you don’t cum?”

“I do sometimes. I did take your advice but its only when I make him finger or lick me. Once it comes to fucking its just a fuck!”

“But you like fucking now don’t you?”

“ When it starts but then I keep thinking of what you do to me.” She flashed her her eyes into mine again.

“So have you come round for more instruction?” I asked.

“ No, not really” she said “ I came round because I want you to make love to me again. Oh, and I’ve got a surprise for you”. She stood up and opened her coat. Oh Wow. She revealed underneath a terrific sexy set of matching red underwear. A bra with her enormous tits spilling over the top. Half of each nipple exposed. High leg panties and a suspender belt supporting red stockings high up her thighs. “ Bloody hell!” I whistled.

“That’s not your surprise” she said as she hooked her fingers into the top of her panties. She pulled the waistband out and down slightly to reveal a thick black bush of pussy hair! “ Oh fucking hell that’s gorgeous!” I breathed “How did you know I liked pussy hair?”

“Nan told me!” she laughed.


“We were just having a laugh one day. Me Mum and Nan and Mum and me were talking about waxing and Nan said that You would never fancy either of us because you love hairy pussy. We all laughed but I thought if that what he likes then that’s what he’ll get!”

“ Fantastic!” I drooled. I dropped to my knees in front of her and placed my hands on her panties where hers had been. I pulled them away from her body and downward enough to expose her full pussy. I pulled her closer to my face by the waistband and kissed the hair above her now outlined crack. Then slid my tongue into it searching for her tiny clit. When I found it she lurched forward against my face with a long moan. “ Oh god! I’ve been dreaming of this. Will you do it and make me cum?” I did not answer. I just pushed her back onto the sofa without letting go of her panties and then pulled them up her thighs and down and off her legs. I pushed her knees wide apart and leaned in to plant my mouth over her illegal bahis hot vagina. I pulled her outer lips apart and tongued into her whole slit. I sucked in the juices that were already there then found her little button and revolved my tongue around it. Rhianna started pushing her cunt toward me and moaning away like a Japanese porn star. (Yes I’ve seen a few of them!) It only seemed a few seconds before she was hammering her cunt against my face and cumming hard. Juices were almost gushing into my mouth and Rhianna was babbling that she was cumming and to suck harder! I hung on to her thighs and stuck to my task until she slumped back onto the sofa. I looked up at her and through watery eyes she said, “that’s a nice start. Lets go to bed.”

It was only eight o’clock!

I pulled her to her feet and leaned down to kiss her. She jumped up against me lifting both legs around my waste. She tongue kissed me deeply and licked around my mouth cleaning her cum from my face. “ You like the taste of your cum now don’t you?”

“That’s something I will always be grateful to you for. “ she smiled. I walked with her attached to me like a that to the bedroom and then tried to lower her onto the bed. It didn’t work and we tumbled over both laughing hysterically. What did happen though was that I ended up on top of her face to face. Our eyes were locked together and I could see what she was going to say. I put a finger across her lips. “Rhianna! I love you like a grandad. After all that’s what I should be. I certainly love your body, and your new hairy pussy. Ha ha. But my lovely, I’m forty years older than you and we cannot ever be together in love. I want you to be happy and I’m more than willing to help with that. I do love you but I want you to fall in love with someone closer to your own age. Older, sure but not this much older.”

She looked back and smiled. “Yes I know. I’ve thought about all of that and you mustn’t worry. I love you too but I know we’ll never be together. So I came up with my plan. Like when we first made love, it was beautiful and we loved each other and then we went our own way. I thought a lot about you and I was grateful for your help with my love life and its worked to some extent and I know I’ll get it right in the end but while I’m waiting for Mr Right we can love each other and even BE in love. I don’t want it to hurt so I want to enjoy it and you while my search goes on. OK?”

I quickly kissed her, ”You’re more grown up than I thought. What I don’t get is why you want me now.”

“It’s simple. It’s like Friends With Benefits! We love each other as family and we love each other’s bodies so why not just love that? Relatives With Benefits!”

“But the fact remains. I’m still forty years older than you”.

“But this is not”, she squeezed my cock in her fist. “This is younger and more handsome than any I’ve met so far and I want to do everything to it. Now get off me and get on your back so I can show you!”

I did as I was told and rolled off onto the bed. As she stood up and relieved her massive boobs of her Bra, I quickly stripped off my clothes and lay back. She knelt down and took my hard cock in one hand and kissed the very tip. Then as her hand began to move she took my knob-head into her mouth. I could feel the suction and as her hand came up toward her mouth I heard it too. I lay back and relaxed and just let her continue to work on my cock. I brought my knees up and felt her boobs on my inner thighs. Rhianna felt this contact too and swayed her upper body from side to side so that she could feel the rubbing too. Though I was enjoying the blow job I started to enjoy this difference and I really began working my thighs on her boobs. She got more and more worked up as she took her mouth away and wanked my cock furiously as she worked those big babies into my legs. “Oh god. Oh my fucking god. You’re so sexy. You’re giving my boobs wonderful feelings. I want…. I want…”

“You want me to fuck them!”

“Oh yes. I do . How do you fuck them?” I pulled her a little way up my body so that her magnificent tits were each side of my cock. She got the message and pressed her chest down on to me as I started to fuck her cleavage. “Now squeeze them together” I told her and within seconds she was moaning into my belly and biting and sucking it. I was pumping my cock at her tits like mad. “Oh my god I’m gonna cum” she shouted, “Fuck my boobies. I love this. Fuck them. Fuck them. Oh Oh Oh Fuck. I’m cumminnngg!”

She jerked all over the place and I could see her making frantic fucking movements with her pelvis as she thrashed through her second orgasm of the night. I lay still while she twitched away in her afterglow. Eventually she lifted her head to look at me. “ That was amazing” she said. “I never thought I’d ever cum from just my boobs. I thought you didn’t care about big boobs. I play with them all the time” (I know!) “and it turns me on but I never thought they could make me cum”.

“So you did make yourself cum?” illegal bahis siteleri I jibed.

“ Not the way you think. I used to play with them and my nipples until I got so horny that I turned over and rubbed off on the corner of the bed mattress. Oh fuck!” she said, “I can’t believe I just told you that! That’s what you do to me!”

I answered by just pulling her up my body and kissing her deeply. We lay cuddling for a few minutes before she rolled off me and lay on her back next to me. She found my cock again and slowly wanked it. “ What’s next?” she asked.

“Well”, I said “Do you remember you came down to Nan’s house on a very hot summer day two or three years ago. We were in the garden and you just jumped into a patio chair with your knees in the air and announced that you loved your bum-hole. Did I hear that right? Do you remember?”

“ I don’t remember saying that in front of you” she covered her face with one hand.

“But you do don’t you?”

“Not telling you!” she snapped.

“I’ll take that as a yes then. Well ever since then I’ve wondered what your bum-hole is like and now is the time for you to show me and find out if I love it too !” I pushed a hand under her ass cheek and pushed upward trying to turn her over.

“No. I don’t want to” she said resisting my attempt to turn her over. I persisted and used both hands and all the strength I could muster to gradually get her on her belly. She had to let go of my cock which in turn set me free so I could get behind her with both knees between her legs. Her anus was still hidden between her lovely smooth and very ample bum cheeks. I didn’t hurry though and stroked her back from between her shoulders to the top of her bum. I did it again and she began to purr. This time when I got to her bum I leant forward and kissed her at the top of her crack. She wobbled her cheeks in approval so I stuck out my tongue and ran it down as far as I could but didn’t reach her little rosebud. Trying again I gently pulled her cheeks apart an ran my tongue down to gently circle around her bum-hole. “Oh my god!” she shouted, “ that’s absolutely fabulous. Do it again.” I did as I was told and started the whole journey again. This time pausing to get a good look at her ass-hole. No wonder she loved it. It was quite a way from the bottom of her cunt, surrounded by darker skin and a perfect circle of multi pointed star like creases disguising the actual opening exactly in the middle of it. The star was actually raised slightly like puckered lips waiting to be kissed. So I did! I put my whole mouth over her delicious pouting bum-hole and after rimming around the outside for a few moments I pushed my tongue through the little opening. She responded by saying it was lovely and raising herself up on widespread knees to give me better access. I managed to push my tongue in further and then pulled it out to rim around the puckered star. When I pushed it back in she pushed back at me. “Oh my fucking god. Its wonderful. I’ve never felt anything like this before. Please don’t stop. Oh my god. I love it!”

I was enjoying it too. She had obviously showered and washed it thoroughly. There was no sweaty smell and in fact it was slightly perfumed. She tasted really sweet too. I could fall in love with this ass! Her pubic hair stopped short of it but there was plenty of that on view and occasionally I ran my tongue all the way down through it and plunged into her cunt hole. This seemed to excite her even more and when I did it she pushed back in rapid little thrusts at my face. All the time she moaned and babbled about how good it was and I knew she was approaching another climax. I made up my mind that my tongue would be in her bum-hole when it happened. When it did she swore like I’ve never heard anyone before. So many unprintables! Nothing to do with what we were doing. Just a string of expletives that went on and on as her bum-hole rhythmically contracted around my tongue. Finally she collapsed face down on the bed and went quiet for a few minutes.

I got up, left her there and went to get us both another drink. When I returned with two new drinks, although she hadn’t drunk the first one she eagerly accepted this one. She was sitting with her knees tucked up under her chin. I could see her bush between her legs and I thought I cant wait to get in there again. She thanked me for the drink and took a big slurp of it. “I’m sorry about the language. I just couldn’t help it. I was so carried away. How am I going to do without that from now on?”

“You won’t have to Rhianna. If ever you want a rimming I’ll be happy to do it for you. It’ll still be part of your education. Mind you it really is a pretty bum-hole and if you let your lovers see it I’m sure you’ll find it will happen some time.”

“ Are you trying to get rid of me again?” she sounded annoyed.

“ No honey I’m happy to be your lover as long as you want me but I know you will find that special someone eventually. Now I want to lick your lovely new pussy again canlı bahis siteleri so please lay down”.

She put down her drink and almost threw herself backward onto the bed with her legs spread wide. I leaned over her and kissed her deeply, then sucking her tongue into my mouth I played with it and sucked on it like a clit. She responded by doing the same thing to me. Eventually we broke the kiss and with my face above hers I asked, ”Do you know what you just did?”

“Yes I do. My bum doesn’t taste bad does it? You’ve taught me to give everything a try and I know you won’t make me do stuff if I don’t like it as long as I try it.”

“My word she’s got it!” I said, “But its not just with me. Its with anyone. If you don’t try new things then you wont develop sexually and in ten years time you’ll be on your back getting fucked, counting light bulbs and thinking about the housework instead of really enjoying yourself.”

“OK, I do get it but you don’t. I love you and want to do everything with you.”

“And I love you too but it will change when you meet Mr Right. I want you to be ready!”

“Please make love to me again. I love you and I want you.” I smiled at her, gave her a quick kiss and made my way down her body kissing and licking as I went. When I first licked into her cunt she opened her legs much wider and lifted her knees up to expose her whole crotch. I wetly tongued her vagina, brought my hand up to her bum hole and started to tickle her there too. She wriggled beneath me and I knew this was her approval sign. As my saliva reached her bum-hole I started to press my finger into it. I was working hard at her clit at the same time. She was starting to get close again so I backed off her clit and concentrated on getting my finger deep in her virgin ass. I licked just slowly and started to finger fuck her ass. Pretty soon she was pushing herself onto my finger. Now was the time! I got myself in position to fuck her but kept by finger in her wet bum-hole until the very last moment. Then I scooped out as much of her pussy juice as I could and slapped it on her ass-hole followed quickly by my cock. I easily pushed the head in straight away and then just held it there. Her eyes shot wide open. “ You’re in my ass!”

“Yes darling. Just relax and it will be wonderful” I assured her. After a few seconds I pushed a bit more cock into her hot hole and waited again. Rhianna did not move but she was biting her lower lip so I kissed her to change that. I pushed a bit more cock into her as I kissed her and felt a slight push back from her. “ Oh god. Is it all in?” she asked.

“No not yet. We’ll get there” I told her. I pushed all the way in and started to just rock my body on top of hers but kept my cock still. “ I can’t feel how deep you are. All I can feel is a burning in my bum hole. It’s not too bad though. Are you going to fuck me like this?”

“Yes baby. I’ll take it nice and slow until the burning stops. Right now give me your hand.” I took her hand and placed it on her bush. “ Rub your clit baby.” I made a slight withdrawal then pushed straight back in really deep so that she could feel my balls in her bum crack. I saw her fingers moving. I kept still a few seconds then withdrew a touch further before pushing straight back in. She wriggled her approval. Half way out then slammed back in. No resistance. Her bum was really wet now and I could slide in and out with ease. It was so horny that I could feel that I would soon cum. “Wank that lovely clit baby. I want you to cum while I’m fucking your beautiful ass. You’re lovely and wet and its so hot inside you.” I was fucking a bit faster now and Rhianna was pushing herself on to my cock as I pushed into her. Her fingers were working like lightning in her cunt and she was pulling at one of her nipples. Oh god I’m going to cum. Fuck me. Fuck my ass its fantastic. Fuck me. fuck me. Fuck me. Oh fuck my sexy fucking ass Oh fuck. I’m fucking cumming with your cock in my ass. I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I love your cock up my fucking ass Oh. Oh. Ooooh!.” She turned her lower legs over my back and squeezed and shuddered her way through her orgasm. Mine was also happening and I so wanted to push into her as deep as I could and let go but I knew it was going to be a great orgasm with lots of cum and I knew what she would want me to do.

I told her I was cumming too and she threw her legs back onto the bed which half forced my cock out anyway and commanded me, “Cum over my boobs.”

I pulled out and wanked off over her giant tits. The cum went all over her cleavage and under her chin. I managed to get some on each nipple. Rhianna grabbed my cock and rubbed the last few drops into her tits and then really surprised me by taking it into her mouth and sucking off whatever she could get. I sat back down on her belly and smiled down at her as she massaged my semen into her tits. She looked up at me and we both burst out laughing.

We finished our drinks. Boy did we need them! Then we pulled back the covers and got into bed. We spent some time just talking face to face and kissing like lovers. We both knew that this could be the last time but neither of us wanted it to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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