Radhika’s Sexual Awakening

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This is a story about an internet friend of mine, and her introduction into group sex. She sent me this account of her first ever group sex session. The first of many to come I was told. She would like to hear from any men who read this account which I will pass onto for her reply.

I am Radhika, 25 years old and I am one sexy women with a 36 28 36 body, 5’5″ height, heavy boobs ‘C’cup size. And a well rounded ass. When I was 20 my boyfriend fucked me for the first time. (And from that time I am now always hungry for a good hard cock or two.) But now I will tell you how I got fucked by three students, and my taste for gangbangs. When I got married I was a virgin as all us good Indian women have to be. As soon as I was wed I went to live in another city with my husband leaving all my family and friends behind.

My new husband was very attentive to me and gave me a good fucking most nights, but I always wanted and felt that there must me more than just lying on my back with my legs apart.

In our block of flats there were three students are living. Dipak one of them a tall young colored guy about 6feet tall, well-built, and muscular. When I saw him I felt my self getting wet between my legs. What a man he was. I also saw his eyes looking me up and down, seeing my eyes looking at him full of lust.

Latter, I found out that he was staying with two other guys named sameer and jitu. They were taller and well built as well. At that time I decided that I had to have them on my bed and get well and truly fucked by all three of them.

My husband is an area sales manager, so he travels to other cities for two days every week so I knew that this was the chance for me. I was thinking about the guys when my husband went on a sales trip one morning and at noon as I was walking back to the flat I saw Dipak was studying alone. I thought that this could be the time to fuck him.

After I entered my flat I kept the door open and then taking a stool I stood on it. I then jumped down and knocked the stool over with a crash and moaned loudly. Hearing my moan, Dipak came inside the room and saw me on floor pressing my legs with my hand and moaning due to pain. I told him that I feel from stool. I tried to stand and walk, but I feel again this time on Dipak. We both feel on to the floor as he tried to catch me, but ended up with him laying on my body and his arm around me.

I slightly put my weight on him so that my big tits pressed on his chest. I also felt Dipak’s hand also pulling me tightly to him. I saw that his eyes were full of lust as he meet mine. I said to him very shyly but lustfully “Chod do na!” (Remove your hands), due to him touching my hot sexy body. As he listened to the lustful sound in my voice, and felt my hot flesh beneath my clothes, I could feel he was getting hot, I felt his tool growing large and hard, touching my legs, and instead of removing his hand he pulled me tighter to him.

I told him again “Chod do na, kohi dekh lega,” (remove your hands, the door is open).

He laughed and said, “So you want to shut the door?” And this time I laugh.

He stands up and shuts the door. He walks back over to me, Kneels down and puts one hand around my waist pulling me nearer to him, and then grabs me tightly as he lowers himself on to my waiting body.

I feel his hot breath on my face; I know that now he wants to kiss me. I close my eyes with anticipation. His lips mixed with my lips I welcome him opening my mouth, he inserts his tongue in my mouth playing with my tongue.

I felt his hand moving over my body, taking hold of my tits then squeezing them through my blouse. He squeezes hard, and I moan on his mouth, my nipples grow long and hard at his touch. He pulls his lips away and looks at me. I opened my eyes. He can see the look şirinevler escort of lust on my face and in my eyes. He ask me where the bedroom is. I slightly turn towards bedroom but he grabs me again and then lifts me in his arms and carries me towards my bedroom.

He lay me on the big size bed, and without any word pulls my half-removed sari off and throws it in to the corner of the room, leaving me in just my blouse bra and panties He climbs on the bed near me and opens my blouse fully revealing my full tits in just their small black bra.

Suddenly we hear doorbell. He stops, and again the doorbell rings. This time we hear the sound of samir calling Dipak. “Oh shit!” Dipak exclaimed.

I look at him, and he says that he forget about samir and jitu. They also heard my moan when Dipak runs to my flat. I listen to this think that maybe my dream is going to come true now. Dipak ask me what to do? He thinks for a minute, and then says “Ok, I will manage the situation,” I stopped him and ask him if they (Samir and jitu) will tell this to my husband. If not he can let them in. He’s surprised, but then shaking his hand in air he walks towards door. I hear the sound of the door opening, a few voices then the door close. They talk some between them, then after a couple of minutes they all enter my bed room.

As I watch them coming in, I feel myself getting hot and juicy between my legs now that my dream is going to become true. I half close my eyes and see that they are near to the bed. They all look at me, lying there in bra and panties, and half-open blouse. Samir looks at me for a minute and exclaims, what a sexy figure, then says that Dipak told us that you are wanting to get fucked by us.

I laugh, and then moan as he puts his hand between my legs and strokes my cunt through the wet material.

“You sure you can you take all our cocks in your cunt slut, maybe were too much for you.” he said.

I laugh with lust moving my tongue over my lips giving him an invitation and a challenge. Ok radhika, my little slut, we will fuck you as you wish. And with that he pulled me towards him in his strong grip, one hand rubbing my cuntlips, then moving his fingers on down pressing them in to my ass. His hard cock touching me from under his pants.

With his other hand he opens the remaining buttons of my blouse and throws that away, at the same time Dipak open the hook of my bra and its slides down. Now I was only in my small black panties. I pretend to try and be shy by covering my tits with my hand, but they are laughing as they undress themselves.

I look at them as they are standing fully naked now. Samir has a big cock near about 10″long and much thicker then the other two. He said shaking his cock with his hand,

“Come on Radhika take this in your mouth and suck me.”

I smile at him, then sitting on my knees in front of him I take his big cock in my hand then slowly in my mouth, sucking, moving my tongue over it. I see Dipak come over to me and take my heavy tits in his hands, he squeezes them hard, rolling my nipples in his two-fingers. I moan out loud.

Now samirs cock is bulging in my mouth. He pushes my head down harder on to his cock so the full length of his cock goes down my throat. Dipak puts my hand on his 8″ cock. I start to play with that hard rod while sucking samir. I listen as jitu cheering his friends, then tell Samir to fuck me on the bed.

Samir laughs, and throws me roughly on the bed, and orders me to take my panties off and open my legs wide, I do as he says.

“That’s better our little whore,” he sneers.

He sits between my legs aiming his cock at my cunt. He looks at me and says,

“Tell me radhika to fuck you”

Instead of answering him, şişli escort I look at his face and push myself towards him to receive his cock. He push his cock with force and it goes halfway in to my wet cunt. I moan sexily making him hotter. He thrusts in again and I feel his full length in my cunt touching my womb.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, aaaahhhhhhhhhhh,”

I moan again and samir start fucking me in and out.

“Ohhhhhh samir, fuck me hard, ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaahhhhha aaaaaaaeeeeeeee, fuck me like a slut with that big cock of yours. Aaaaaaahhhhh, yes that’s it, I shout out.

Samir is now fucking me hard, reaming out my cunt with every thrust.

“Ohh yes radhika, yes I will fuck you like a slut, we all will. Just like some cheap back alley whore,” he replies.

With that he rolls on to his back taking me top on him, and shouts at dipak and jitu to come and join him. This slut wants your cocks in her ass and mouth. I watch as dipak and jitu jump up and come over to the bed.

Dipak inserts his finger in my ass hole, moving in and out while jitu pulls my head toward his cock and force me to take his cock in my mouth. I suck him deep as Dipak inserts another finger in my ass and then third one. Now he feels that my asshole is ready to take his cock.

He positions himself and insert his cock in my tiny hole. Jitu removes his cock from my mouth to allow me scream, and I scream loudly with pain. I try to move away from the cock that’s violating my ass hole, but Samir holds me to him tight. Dipak holds on to my hips and forces forward to achieve his target.

I scream loudly telling them to fuck me slowly, but they laugh loudly saying that they know now that I Radhika rani is a cock hungry whore wanting more cocks for her hot holes. And now I have to take all of them when ever they want.

“Now we will fuck you like a whore, you are our slut for this night and we will fuck you legless the whole night.” They say.

With this they all fucked me hard in and out. Dipak starts pounding my ass and on each stroke forces me on Samir so to take his hot rod in my cunt even deeper.

Jitu is now playing with my tits. Squeezing them hard, screwing my nipples, scratching them with his nails, and biting them hard. I moan again and again.

Now I feel better and with every stroke more pleasurable as the three cocks fuck my holes, reaming them out.

“ohh god it feels good, fuck me hard like a whore, fill my holes with your cum, fill all of them, fuck my every hole. I want your cocks in me all night I never get fucked like this you bastards, fuck me, make me moan.” I cry out.

Dipak grunts, pulls out is cock from my ass, and pulling my hair shouts at me,

“You fucking bitch take my cock and insert again full length in one shot.”

I took hold of his cock and guided it back into my ass hole. As soon as it was in he rammed it in fully until his balls slapped my ass cheeks.


I hear laughing as I cum, the sound of them laughing at my writhing body and animal grunting as they increase their speed plunging in and out of all my holes.


Jitu inserts his cock back in to my mouth as I am gangbanged by all three cocks again. I am getting fucked in all my holes, three cocks taksim escort at same time and I love it.

“Ooooooooohhh god, it’s my first time fucking like this,” I call out.

Samir laughed. “Look at you, Getting fucked by the three of us, and loving it. You really are a slut, aren’t you? You’re going to cum again and again, aren’t you, slut?” he sneers at me.

Yea, four times I’ve cum and it’s because of you bastards. You’re fucking me like dog fucking a bitch.” I reply.

All laugh and Samir ask me ‘you seen how a dog fucks?’

I said yes, and then he asks me about a horse and a donkey. I tell him that I had seen a dog and donkey fuck. He asks me if I want a donkey, and again they all laugh.

I shiver, but I am now out of control so I tell them that yea, I would take a donkey’s cock. I want that mammoth cock in me, want it to fuck me and then I will take bath in its heavy load of cum.

On hearing this they all get hard again and fuck me more. Harder and harder they ram their cocks into me.

Samir screams out “I am Cumming soon.”

At the same time I feel Dipak increase his speed, he will also soon shoot his hot cum into my willing body. The next moment I feel they are spraying cum in my holes, filling me, mixing with my cum. It pours out of my ass and cunt due to the amount now inside me. Jitu cries out and shoots his cum in my mouth. I try to swallow but he pulls his cock out and sprays it on my face, then uses his slimy cock to spread it around finely wiping it in my long black hair. All of us lie on bed.

After a few minutes, Samir and Dipak stand up, and seeing me still rubbing my wet sloppy cunt, asks me how I feel? I smile and move my tongue over my lips. I lick some of the salty cum sprayed on me by jitu, and tell them I loved it.

They all sit on the sofa, naked and ask me for any liquor. I take a towel to cover my naked lower half; But Samir pulls the towel away and says laughing “you are our whore, our slut. Aren’t you?”

I shook my head, “yes I am your whore.” I reply.

“Then you must obey us.” Samir tells me.

I look at all the cum over me, the scratches on tits, cum dripping from my cunt and ass running down my legs. And all them bastards also seeing this and smiling.

I walk towards fridge for the liquor without any cloths on. My tits wobbling with pain and my ass feels as if it is on fire. But it doesn’t matter. They order me to serve drinks to all, and then they order me to take a large drink from each glass. I hesitate because I haven’t drunk before.

Samir cries out “You bitch, do as you’re told and take this,”

I take one drink, then another from Dipak, and a third form Jitu. They each have two more drinks, and I two more. Now we talk more freely, more dirty, they all get hard again “Now I will fuck her in the ass this time,” Samir exclaims.

“I want to piss over the sluts’ body later,” Dipak says, to a round of laughter.

“I want to fill the whores belly with more cum,” Jitu adds.

They all agree that it will be fun to do all this.

I get myself down on to my knees and pull my ass cheeks apart offering my ass for him. Now he will fuck my ass while the others also take their turn again with my other holes. It looks like the dirty bastards are going to fuck me for all night, and piss over me, but I don’t mind as my naked body is now theirs to abuse.

Samir Looks at me on all fours with my ass in the air and decides I need a good spanking first as I have been such a dirty slut for an Indian women. With that they all take turns giving my ass a good hard slapping causing loud cries to mingle with the slap of their hands on the naked flesh of my rounded ass cheeks until they are both bright red. Then Samir fucks it while the others alternate between my cunt and mouth.

I am told that I am now well and truly their cum slut sex slave to use when ever and how ever they wish. They also tell me they have a lot of student friends who they are going to bring the next time who would love to see me naked and to use me as they wish. But that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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