Public Shower Tentacles

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You’ve always enjoyed swimming, and made a point to go to your apartment’s indoor pool, located in the basement, at least once a week. Due to the apartment mostly being home to working adults, the pool was almost always empty during the day, which suited you just fine on the days you had neither college nor work.

You’d just finished up in the pool, having been swimming about for almost two hours. Heading back to the women’s changeroom, you note with satisfaction that it was still empty, like it almost always was. Not that you minded other people being around, but privacy is never a bad thing. The changeroom itself was always a little dark; the white tiles that usually could be found in such places were instead replaced with light grey and darker blue tiles and walls. It fit the theme of the underground pool nicely, and although sometimes feeling a little dark, it was always very clean. Thanks, apartment staff.

Heading over to the locker where you left your things, you take a moment to look at yourself in the floor-to-ceiling mirror. You seem to be the same as you ever are after a long swim; your long pink hair is still dripping pool water, your wet, lithe body clad in your favourite bright pink bikini. You make a few poses, showing off to…well, yourself, because why the hell not? You’re quite cute if you do say so yourself, with a nicely shaped ass and cute, fairly small but perky tits. Your tuck had slipped while you swam, so there was a small bulge in your bikini bottoms as well. Finishing your walk over to your locker, you strip out of your soaked bikini, leaving it to drip dry on the bench. Now naked, tits out and small cock hanging free, you head over to the communal shower section, soaps in hand. It’s a fairly large area, taking up almost a third of the changeroom. It’s slightly lower than the rest of the room, with a few drains set into the tile floor, as well as multiple shower heads and small shelves along the walls.

As you pad across the tiles to the centre shower head, you step over the drain in the middle of the room and hear a quiet gurgle. Assuming it’s just water in the pipes, you pay it no mind. You get to the shower and turn it on, sighing as the hot water falls over you, re-drenching you and warming your cold body; it wasn’t exactly comfortably warm in the underground changing room. The room soon fills with steam from the hot water, and you simply stand under the stream for a few seconds before reaching for your lavender-scented shampoo. As soon as you uncap the plastic bottle, three things happen in rapid succession.

First, you hear another gurgle, much louder this time, followed by what sounds like wet slithering coming from the drain right behind you. Second, all the showers turn on at once, resulting in quite a large amount of steam and sudden warmth. Third, the small illegal bahis metal grate over the drain pops out, and an impossible number of dark purple, incredibly long appendages explode out of the hole in the floor. Despite the drain only being a half foot square, there must be dozens of tentacles of various shapes and sizes, all extending out from the floor and waving in the air. They start to reach for you, and you scream and start to run for the exit. You don’t get very far, however, slipping on the slick tiles and falling forwards.

Before you hit the floor, a tentacle reaches out and grabs you around the middle, followed by a few mor grabbing your upper right arm and left thigh. They lift you so that you’re suspended in the air, and are clearly far stronger than they look. “H-hey, stop!” You scream out, flailing slightly as more tentacles reach out, wrapping more around your limbs and torso. These ones have suckers along one side like an octopus, and wrap around your thighs, biceps, and stomach. You can feel those suckers gripping your pale skin like little mouths, ensuring you won’t be escaping any time soon. As you struggle and scream more, you feel more tentacles slithering slimily against your body, wrapping around your forearms, wrists, ankles, and calves, taking you down from flailing to simply squirming in the slimy restraints. All of these tentacles seem to be coated in a clear mucus-like fluid, and you can feel more slithering up your legs towards your chest. Looking down, you see two thin tentacles with star-shaped ends. The pair of appendages soon find themselves at your chest, and attach themselves to your chest, right over your nipples as another tentacle slithers up your side and snakes it’s way between your tits, up to your shoulder where it wraps back around and starts snaking down your back. The star-ended tentacles start squeezing at your small tits, ripping more yells of protest and some laboured whimpering from you. You notice idly that all of the showers have shut off.

Not long after, your legs are spread apart despite your best efforts, and your eyes go wide as you feel a slick tentacle press against your pucker, your face blushing a nice crimson. You barely manage to start screaming before it presses into your ass firmly, it’s slimy coating acting as a natural lubricant, letting it easily slip into your tight ass. Your scream dies in your throat as your eyes roll back slightly, and a slightly painful sounding moan chokes it’s way out of you. The tentacle pushes further into you slowly, wiggling softly in your tight, soft hole. You moan again, louder this time, and your small dick starts to throb and grow as your body becomes aroused. The tentacles move you into a mostly upright position and you gasp at the sudden movement, another tentacle taking that opportunity to slip it’s way illegal bahis siteleri into your mouth, quickly filling your mouth and heading for the back of your throat. Your eyes widen again in fear, and you scream muffledly into the slimy appendage. You feel a small spurt of fluid in your mouth, and your gag reflex, which had started to kick in, quickly dissipates. You notice two other things soon after; one, your mouth and lips start to feel tingly, and two, the mucus on the tentacle actually tastes rather sweet. In fact, you notice that everywhere mucus has been smeared on you, or in you, has started to feel tingly and…rather pleasurable. You let out a muffled moan as the tentacle pushes it’s way into your throat, slowly and carefully sliding down.

Despite the pleasurable feelings, you’re still pretty scared, and the tentacle in your ass is pressing against your bladder. You feel the sudden urge to pee, but manage to hold it back. For maybe thirty seconds, anyways. The tentacle pushing down your throat and the tentacle in your ass both hit really nice spots at almost the exact same time, and you lose control, your lower half shaking as you wet yourself, the golden fluid splashing out of your mostly hard cock and onto the tentacles and the tiles below. After reaching a certain point in penetrating your body, the tentacles stop. And then they retract. Slowly. Teasingly. Your body begs for them back and they oblige, almost having pulled out completely before they slam back in. You scream into the tentacle as it starts fucking your throat, feeling the same thing in your sensitive ass as the tentacle starts thrusting into you, slowly picking up speed as you squirm and try to flail around, moaning the whole time. The other tentacles holding you squirm and caress you, slithering in and around your asscheeks and fondling your tits. By this point you’re moaning like a bitch in heat, your small cock rock hard and begging for attention. Unfortunately for you, you’re unable to free a hand to touch yourself, and the tentacles don’t seem to be going for it either.

Minutes pass, and if your mouth weren’t occupied you’d be gasping and moaning with each thrust into your poor body. Despite having nothing touch your cock, your prostate being constantly massaged has you rapidly approaching orgasm, and soon you can’t help but go limp as you cum, cock twitching as you spurt your fluid all over yourself and the area immediately in front of you. Soon after you feel the two tentacles pumping into you jerk and twitch, before shooting a warm, thick liquid inside of you, causing a mini aftershock orgasm in you. As they pull out of you, you think it’s over, and feel some of the thick fluid drip from your ass, seeing some drip from your mouth as well; a thick, dark blue fluid that was surprisingly sweet.

Thinking it was all canlı bahis siteleri over, you’re horrified when you feel another, thicker tentacle press against your recently used hole, and see what you assume to be a similar tentacle moving towards your face, one that had what looked like a puckered hole on the end and several bulges at regular intervals further down. You close your mouth tight. The tentacle prods against you as the other one shoves itself into your ass, but you don’t open your mouth, only letting out a pained whimper. The tentacle, seeing that it can’t get into your mouth, pulls back slightly. Another, thinner tentacle wraps around your throat and squeezes, cutting off your breath until you’re gasping for air. As soon as your mouth pops open, the thicker tentacle shoots forward, bulling it’s way into your mouth and down your throat as the tentacle chocking you relaxes it’s grip. These tentacles start to fuck you even harder than the last ones, and you’re soon reduced to a moaning, twitching mess as they continue to use you like a doll.

Like before, you feel them eventually seize up and spurt more thick fluid into you, filling you up even more. Unlike before, they don’t pull out. Instead, they freeze in you, and you see the bulges in the tentacle currently down your throat start to move towards your mouth. ‘Oh no,’ you think, as you feel your jaw stretch around this bulge, the object just squeezing past and moving towards your throat, right down to your stomach. A second later your feel one push up against your ass, the ring of muscle having to stretch around the clementine-sized object. One after another these objects are pushed into your body until you can no longer count how many are in you. You cum at some point, a shaking, shuddering ordeal that’s less shooting cum and more it dribbling down from your cock pathetically.

After some time, (you’re not sure how long, it could’ve been minutes, or hours) you feel your limp body being lowered to the ground. The tentacles that were in you are gone, but you don’t feel empty. In fact, you feel fuller than you ever have in your life, and look down to see your stomach bulging out obscenely, looking as if you were a few months pregnant. The tentacles slowly retreat into the drain, leaving your limp body face down on the floor of the shower area, ass still up in the air. Your arms lay uselessly by your side, and all you can do is lay there and groan pathetically, drooling a dark blue fluid; the same fluid you can feel leaking out of your ass.

That’s how a group of college-aged girls find you ten minutes later, slumped over with your ass in the air, wet pink hair splayed around you, still leaking that dark blue fluid. There are dark sucker marks all over your back, stomach, tits, and limbs, and your belly is swollen and lumpy, making you look like a strange, pregnant slut. As they watch, horrified, you groan softly and a dark purple, rubbery orb pops out of your ass, landing on the ground and rolling with a gross wet noise.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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