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I had no idea where the address was. I decided I had to take a cab, and had the money, from sucking cock. I was not sure what to expect, likely some sleazy hotel, but I found myself in Manhattan. Perhaps I should not be surprised, these kind of people had all the money, and thought they could afford anything they wanted. I found myself deposited at one of the most posh buildings I had ever seen, and seeing a doorman, I looked at the sheet of paper. I needed to know the name, I knew the man would stop me from going in, besides I didn’t know the apartment number.

The man looked me up and down. I knew he was aware what I was, or at least had guessed by now. He seemed prepared, and took me to the elevator, and escorted me himself. I was surprised when he took me up to the top floor, where I knew some of the most expensive penthouses in the city had to be. He knocked on the door, as I stood there nervous, unsure of what to expect.

I was shocked when a woman answered the door, certain it must be a mistake. The man smiled. “I believe this is your guest you were expecting.” The woman who had to be in her forties and a good fifty pounds overweight smiled. “Of course John, thank you.” When the man was gone, the woman turned to me. “Well come in dear and make yourself comfortable.”

I went into the huge living room, with massive windows, with views of the city. I felt the woman’s hands go in front of me, and start to undo my jacket, and it slipped to the floor. The woman motioned her over. “Come, what can I get you to drink? Wine?” I shook my head. “I am only 17.” The woman chuckled and poured her a glass of some kind of alcohol, not wine. “Don’t worry, it is just between us. We have been told this is your first time, you may need a little courage.” She took the glass and nearly choked on the drink. “What is it?” A man had walked into the room, a tall but quite thick around the waist man, who looked to be at least a decades older than the woman. “My best 100 year old Scotch.” He came over and accepted his own glass but his hands went to my breast and squeezed tightly. “He wasn’t lying, look at the breasts on her honey.” His wife took my other breasts and rubbed my nipple. “I know why we always go to him, he knows how much of a breast woman I am.”

The woman continued on my breasts, as her husband went behind me, and undid my corset, letting it fall to the floor. His wife kneading my breasts harder as she whispered. “Your name my love?” I finally found my voice. “Rose.” Her husband had slid his hands down and removed her garter and slid his hands into her thong. “Is that a nickname for your lovely rose lips?” I shook my head. “No.” His wife laughed. “I am Jen and my husband is Mark.” Feeling the thong pushed off, and my stockings, down to the floor, my face went rose red, aware I stood naked in front of not one but two people. I know I had done so with John, she laughed her pimp’s name seemed fitting, as that was what the man was, but this was different. I wasn’t only a virgin, but straight, I had never been touched by a woman before.

Jen noticed I still illegal bahis looked extremely uncomfortable as her husband lifted my legs one at a time, to remove the last remnants. “Oh the little lamb is scared Mark. I think we need to give her another drink.” Mark stood and went to pour more, as Jen pulled her down on the couch. Mark sat down with her and handed her a much fuller glass. I shook my head. “I am seventeen.” He pressed the glass into my hand and Jen whispered. “Trust me, it will make it easier for your first time. Now drink up.” I slowly sipped the glass, still burning as before, my head already spinning from the first glass I had drunk. My body felt warm, and I had to rest my head back against the couch.

Jen smiled as her hand went to my right breast. “See, doesn’t that feel better?” Mark’s hand went to my other. “We will soon make you feel so good.” I felt the hands on my breasts, rubbing at my nipples, light at first, but with more and more pressure. As Jen bent and started suckling on my breast as if she was a baby breast feeding, my head went back against the cushions. I kept trying to tell myself, in the fog of my brain, this was wrong, and I wasn’t gay, but my body was going so wet. John noticed, and putting his hand between my legs, felt the juices. He smiled at his wife. “She is definitely nearing ready for a cock inside of her. Should we toss a coin, see who goes first, I know you have that new dildo you are anxious to try out?” I heard the words and shook my head in the fog. “No, please no.”

Jen reached for another glass and put it to my lips. “Drink beautiful, drink.” I found my lips pressed open, as more of the whisky went down my throat, forced to swallow or drown. Mark smiled. “I think she is right, it is her first time, she should have a real cock between her legs..” Jen was pouting but agreed. “But I get to enjoy that fine cunt first.” I had no idea what was happening, my mind all a haze, not sure what she meant. My body betrayed me as I whimpered when Jen’s hands left my breasts. Her husband laughed and kissed me. “Oh don’t worry, I’m here.”

At first as his mouth played on my breasts, I didn’t notice Jen. She disappeared from my side, but I barely registered as my legs were put on the coffee table, as if for a doctor’s exam. I jerked, even in the haze, when I felt a hand down there. Jen ignored me, and parting my lips, she stuck her mouth down there, her tongue dipping inside of me. I whimpered and sobbed, feeling the tongue licking at me, increasing as the tongue began dipping inside of me over and over, a hand massaging my clit as her mouth worked. Her husband’s mouth continued on my breasts. I found my hand placed on a cock, realizing somewhere along the way, I wasn’t the only one who stripped, both seemed to be. When my hand remained still, Mark forced my hand up and down his cock, keeping a hold, until I had the motion myself. I had little sense of what I was doing, as I pumped him, feeling the cock go hard in my hands. As I was starting to come to my first orgasm, He removed his mouth from my breasts, and I found my head forced down illegal bahis siteleri over his throbbing cock. I opened my mouth, as the cock was fed into my mouth, he pumping it himself, as he climaxed hard, at the same time as I did. Jen was smiling as she licked me clean, and I was forced to lick Mark.

I found myself half carried into the bedroom and laid down on the bed, in the middle, but pillows under my head. Jen lay with me, her mouth back to my breasts, as I felt Mark between my legs. He saw my eyes as I noticed he was still hard. He smiled and motioned to a bottle on the table. “When I knew we would have you all night, I popped a nice blue pill.” I squirmed as a finger inserted deep into me, and another, and another. Jen soothed me. “He is just stretching you, wouldn’t want to cause you too much pain your first time.” Mark heard me continue to sob and motioned to his wife. “Perhaps you should give her something else to think of.”

I was worried it was more booze or some kind of pills, my head already in a total fog, but no. I barely registered what she was doing, as she put a knee on either side of my head, until she lowered herself over my mouth. She smiled. “It is my turn, eat me out my pretty Rose.” I wanted to protest, to fight, but my arms were lethargic. I found the pussy down over my mouth, and when I protested, the pussy pushed forward, cutting off my nostrils, making it near impossible to breath. I finally started to lick, having no idea what to do, but desperate to breath. I was so lost in it, I barely noticed when my legs were being lifted until they were bent so they were nearly up to my shoulders, and my ass up in the air. Even with his stretching, and how wet I was, the pain was intense as I felt the head of his cock pushing in.

He smiled as he fed the start of his nine inch cock into me. “I am going to do it quick, it will hurt at first, but I am sure you will soon enjoy.” With that he rammed hard into me, ripping through my hymen, in one swift thrust. Even with all the booze, the pain was intense, and I bucked even in the position. I was unable to push him free, and as he held in place to give me time to adjust, the burning was intense. He slowly started to fuck me with fast deep thrusts, and every time I thought I may get used to the pace, he sped up, fucking me so hard my head bounced. But still the pussy remained over my mouth, and I was forced to continue to lick. Jen cummed hard in my mouth, as I felt her husband fill me. I was grateful, due to periods, I had been on the pill for years.

I felt my legs drop, and Jen bent and kissed me. “Good girl. Now up on your knees pretty one.” I was so dizzy and in so much pain I wasn’t sure I could, and collapsed when I tried, on my front. Mark shook his head and thrust a pillow under me, so raise my ass up. “She seems a bit of a feather weight, but this should allow you room.” Jen had gone into her bed side table, and pulled out a huge strap on, and got behind me. “I have been waiting to try this out.” I was nice and stretched from him, but it was still intense, as the huge dildo canlı bahis siteleri forced its way in. I was soon taking another cock, as her husband’s slipped between my lips, as I was forced to once again suck him off. By the time they had both cummed again, and I had, the whole world was so hazy. I found another glass at my lips and this time I didn’t protest as I drank, and all real consciousness slipped away, as if I was removed from my body. Jen kissed her husband. “I’ll get the lube.”

In the morning I woke up with a painful groan. My head was throbbing desperately, but so was the rest of my body. It took a few moments, and noticing the two naked bodies I was pinned between, to remember. I thought them asleep, until Jen who was in front of me, began massaging my breasts and took me in for a kiss, and I could feel Mark position me for a fuck. After all the use the night before I was loose, but dry, and no booze to mask it this time. My protests and cries were cut off by a hungry kiss, my lips forced open, as a tongue slid inside. Thankfully he came quickly, and no more blue pill, he went for one ride.

Mark pulled me out of bed. “Take a shower, you will find clothes in the bathroom.” Jen pulled me in. “I think we will share the shower.” Mark left them to it, and I found myself in a pulsing hot shower, having my body scrubbed clean from top to bottom. I was forced to finger her, as Jen fingered me, and we both climaxed at the same time. I was relieved when I was let out of the shower and dress. She handed me pills and explained when I protested. “Something for the headache. You drank a lot last night, and we used you for hours.” I winced as I felt a hand on my ass, as I took the pills, hoping they’d work soon. “Stop.” She laughed. “Oh, I had a feeling you might forget that part.”

Back in the sitting room, I refused to think of what I missed. Mark handed me an envelope. “John has been paid his share already, here is your money.” Jen slipped some money in her bra. “And here is a tip. You can keep the clothes.” She was grateful to have real clothes to leave in. “Thanks.” Mark French kissed her. “Our driver will take you home. We’ll be seeing you soon.”

I rushed away as soon as I could, finding a car waiting for me downstairs. I got back to my apartment building, where John was waiting for me. He had a Cheshire cat smile. “I heard you were quite the ride. I am sure you never made 200 in one night.” I pulled back. “200? That is all I made for an entire night?” He laughed. “After my share of course. A discount to get them to come back. They have hired you again, once a week for the next year.” I cringed at the thought. “I need to sleep.” He handed me a phone. “You will get a text when your next client is ready, day or night.” I took the phone. “Fine. But no more women.” He pulled me in tight. “If you tell me what you will do again, I will hire you out only to women, and perhaps some canines.” I pushed away. “No. You can’t expect me to take a dog.” He laughed. “Soon enough. The rich have odd tastes.” I pulled away from him, and hurried away, tears streaming at the memory, and thought of a dog.

He took out his own wad and laughed to himself as he counted the three grand. “The little slut really thinks I got paid so little for her cherry.”

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