Owned by the Club

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Owned by the Club

I love motorcycles. So when my boyfriend joined a club, I thought it would be fun to ride with a group. Little did I know what was in store for me as a biker’s old lady.

The day my boyfriend came home with a new tattoo of the club’s snake and eagle logo, I was shocked at how devoted he seemed to his new club. He told me it was part of the requirements to join the club and that I had some requirements to meet as his old lady. When I asked what I had to do, he just smiled and said I would find out that night.

When we rode up to the club house that night, the place was full of club members and their old ladies. There must have been fifty bikes out front. The music was blasting as we came through the door. Four or five of the girls were dancing topless or totally nude around the room. You could see them grinding their tits and asses against the guys seated in front of them. Three or four other chicks were on there knees sucking cock. One guy had his hand on the back of a girl’s head as she sucked him. He forced her down on his cock until she looked like she was choking and held her there as he came in her mouth.

I was taking all of this in as we made our way to the bar in the back of the room. I wondered if I was going to have to suck off my boyfriend in front of his new brothers. Oh well, I suck him off whenever he likes anyway. If that’s what it took to make him happy, I would do it without complaining.
We had shots and beers. Several shots and beers.

My boyfriend was talking to another guy when a big biker came up to me and without a word, grabbed me and kissed me. His tongue worked it way down my throat as he forced my mouth wide open. His hand moved to my tit and squeezed hard. I did not want any trouble so I let him do what he wanted. I thought my boyfriend would see what was happening and come to my rescue. But the kiss continued and his hand moved from my tit to my pussy. He popped the buttons on my jeans and finger fucked me with one then two fingers of his big hand.

He finally stopped kissing me and just looked at me as he let his fingers slip out of my snatch. I’ll see you later was all he said as he moved away from the bar. I turned to my boyfriend to ask what the fuck was going on. He put his arms around me and put his lips up to my ear and told me that I was now property of the club. He told me that I had to stay at the club for a few days and wash and clean bikes. I also had to do anything else I was told by anybody male or female.

I must have looked shocked. Before I could say anything, my boyfriend took me by the arm and lead me to a back room. You better do as you are told baby or they will be real hard on you, was all he said. The girl in the back room did not move quick enough when told to strip now she was being punished. As the door opened, saw that the girl was tied by ropes hanging from the ceiling and attached to the floor. Two bikers with eight foot bull whips were taking turns whipping her naked body. First one would whip her tits and then the other would whip her back. Her body was beautiful. It was covered with red stripes left by the whipping. She was asked if she was ready to submit to anything she was told. She begged them to stop. She would do anything.

I watched as she was whipped another twenty minutes. She begged for mercy. She begged to be let down. She would suck them both for as long as they liked. Fuck me in the ass! She begged. Let me be your whore. I’ll bring you lots of money. I’ll strip anytime you say, anywhere you say.

Finally she was released. She was taken illegal bahis outside naked and left by the front door. She spent the rest of the night on her knees sucking anyone who came by. They used her as a toilet as well. She was forced to keep her mouth open and drink as much piss as she was offered. She and I would become good friends later on.

I decided that I did not want to be whipped. I knew I would give in sooner or later anyway. I would do as I was told. I wanted to please my boyfriend.

The big biker who had finger fucked me earlier came back to where my boyfriend and I were. Your gonna get fucked by every club member. Your not leaving the club house til we have done everything we like to you. He said this as my boyfriend disappeared through the door and returned to the bar up front.

I didn’t have to be told to strip. I knew what I was in for. I decided to take the lead. I dropped to my knees and asked if I could suck him. He smelled like sweat and cigarettes. No matter. I started to moan as I worked his giant cock down my throat. I bobbed up and down as it pounded the back of my throat. He grabbed my hair and throat fucked me until I was gasping for air. I had to do something or I would pass out. I pulled back from his rod and asked him if he wanted a piece of my ass. I really like it up the ass. I got used to it in high school. I got a reputation as a girl who put out and every horny guy who took me out wanted me to suck him and let him fuck my ass. Once I was set up out in the woods where everyone went on Saturday night to try to get some pussy. The guy I had a date with headed straight out there and got me into his back seat. He was on me in seconds. He rolled me over and fucked my ass good. He came quick. I thought it was all over. Wait here for a minute he said as he opened the back door to go back to the front seat. I was still face down when he came back and started fucking me up the ass again. Wow he got hard again fast I thought. Something seemed strange. Then I realized that it was another guy. A real geek from school. He was fucking me hard and fast so I let him finish. He left without a word. Before I could turn back over another boy took his place. Six guys got some of my hot ass that night.

I thought of that night because I knew I was going to be gang fucked again tonight. I could feel the big biker work his way up my ass and start to pound me like a jack hammer. I wondered if he would finish quick like my high school dates. No way. He was pretty drunk and he knew he had me as long as he liked. He slapped my ass hard and pounded away. When he finally pulled out of my ass, it was only to push me to an old bed mattress in the corner of the room. He laid down on his back and had me straddle him. I sat down on his pole and felt it slid up my ass again. I rode him while he pinched and slapped tits until they began to turn red. He had me lean forward and put a breast into his mouth. He chewed my nipple until I cried out from the pain. He told me to get used to it because he was going to be biting my nipples every day for a week.

I forced myself to smile and then I begged him to kiss me again. With his tongue in my mouth, my sore tits got some relief. At least until he started pinching them again. I sat straight up on his rod and begged him to fuck this bitch. I begged for his cum. He started breathing heavy and then shot gobs of man juice up my rectum. I rolled off of him and felt the cum start to run out of my ass. I reached back to wipe myself clean. Are you going to eat that cum out of your own ass? He thought that’s what I might do. I realized illegal bahis siteleri that I had better put on some kind of show, so I reached in and scooped out some jizz onto my fingers and placed them up to my mouth. He was watching close so I licked my fingers clean and swallowed cum, ass juice and all.

He told me to get up and go back to the bar. No clothes. He took my jeans, panties and tank top with him. I never saw them again. I had my spiked heal biker boots because I never took them off. I walked back into the bar and up to my boyfriend. Some cute little blonde was giving him a nude body rub. She had her hands all over his crotch. He must be loving the fact that now that he had given me to the club, he could feel free to use the other females as he pleased. He looked at me and asked if I was making his new brothers happy. I told him that I was doing my best.

I was put up on the bar to dance for about fifteen minutes. I swayed back a forth to the music always bending over to expose myself. I kept my lips parted and used my tongue as if I were ready to take a cock down my throat at any time. Then I was told to go to a table and suck off everybody there. The first guy told me to deep throat him or he would throat fuck me until I did. I worked my way down his shaft until I could feel his balls with my tongue. I came back up only enough to stimulate him and right back down. Every few seconds I came up high enough to catch a breath. I moaned so he could feel a vibration in my throat. His pre come started to fill my mouth. He groaned and shot a good load down my throat.

Without a word, I moved to the next guy and throated him. I hoped they liked me. Maybe I wouldn’t be beaten or pimped out in the future if I was a good girl. After all five of the men at the table had shot there wads into my belly, I went back to the bar. My boyfriend had been watching me while his cute blonde sucked him off.

Another biker came up and took both the blonde and me by our arms and said he was going to have a three way. He wanted to see us eat some pussy. We wasted little time when we got to the back room. I really liked kissing her. I could feel my nipples start to get hard as out tongues made love to each other. She moved away from my lips to my neck and whispered to ask me if this was my first night. I mumbled yes. That’s when she informed me that I would be fucked by every member of the club. More than one hundred men. Those were the club rules. They would keep me at the club house until they had made me their slut.

The little blonde moved down to my nipples and swirled her tongue around each one making them even harder. Her teeth raked them and her hot breath made me hotter than I had ever been with a woman. As we lay down on the dirty mattress, she came down on top of me and used my thigh to grind her pussy. Pussy juice soon ran down my leg from her sopping cunt. Her lips moved from my tits to my belly. I loved the way her tongue played with my navel ring. From my belly to my pussy she moved to quickly work her way into my slit. I reached down to grab my ankles as she shifted her body between my legs. I pulled my legs wide apart and almost level with my head to give her maximum access to my hot pussy.

Suddenly, a flash went off and I opened my eyes to see a biker taking photos of us in action. I later learned that they were sold to a website. Pictures of me would end up who knows where. I knew better than to object so I closed my eyes and enjoyed my pussy eating blonde as she continued to work tongue and fingers into me until I had to cum. My breath grew short canlı bahis siteleri and I heard myself scream out to my lover to fuck me harder. I was shaking when she finished me off.

Now it was my turn to eat her sweat box. I rolled her onto her back and went straight for her snatch. I soon realized that her pussy was still full of cum. No telling how many men had fucked her that night. She knew what I was tasting. She told me that she had been taken off the pill and she was going to be fucked until she was pregnant with a club baby. She already had one little girl but never knew who the real father was. She was allowed to keep some of the money she made whoring to support the child.

The biker who brought us to the back room mounted me up my ass, I finished bringing my blonde lover to a hot, wet climax. She asked me to let him cum in her pussy. She could not go to bed until the club members were satisfied that she might be pregnant.

The big biker soon had us laying on top of each other. He would fuck my ass for a while then fuck her pussy. He went back a forth as his sweat dripped onto my back and his tongue darted in and out of my ear. Fuck me you dirty slut, he would grunt. Finally he shot his load into my little blonde’s sweet pussy. He might be the one to give her another baby.

After the big biker got up and went back to the bar, the blonde and I lay there on our backs as two more men took their place between our legs and pussy fucked us hard and fast. They said nothing just fucked us and left. I looked over a her as yet another pair of bikers took their turns using us as they pleased. Hours pasted without much rest between uses of our fuck holes. Our pussies and asses were full of biker spunk. Our holes dripped. At least this made good lube for our raw openings. From time to time, I got a chance to move close to her for a kiss. She reached over and pinched and rubbed my nipples. They were very sensitive having been bitten and slapped repeatedly all night.

The number of men that fucked us grew to first ten and then twenty. Then twenty each. My boyfriend came in and fucked me like the rest of his brothers. He took me outside for a break leaving the little blonde as she was being ass fucked. Out in front of the club, the pretty girl was still on her knees. She was beautiful in spite of the fact that she was dripping with piss and still covered with lash marks from her whipping. My boyfriend seemed matter of fact as he moved over her and pissed into her mouth. She swallowed and choked until he finished. I was told to squat over her face and piss. I could not resist bending down and kissing her open mouth. As my tongue found hers, I tasted the fresh piss. I wanted to keep kissing her anyway. I whispered that I was sorry to use her like a toilet and then turned around and pissed out much of the beer and whisky that I had been consuming all night as well as the cum that had been fucked into me. When I finished, she lapped at my pussy and ass to make sure I was as clean as she could make me.

New guys were arriving as the evening grew later. I went back in the club and moved around the room giving naked lap dances to anyone interested. Whoever liked would take me back to the mattress where I would rejoin my little blonde and take another fucking. You’re the bitch who eats cum out of her own ass aint ya. I was asked. I would then have to dig my fingers into my ass and eat whatever came out on them.

Finally as dawn broke, I passed out on the dirty mattress in the arms of my little blonde. The beautiful girl out front had curled up on the dirt and passed out as well. This did not stop the last few bikers leaving from pissing on her as she slept. So ended my first night as biker club property.

To be continued if you like.

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