Our Boy Alex

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I was just 19 years old when I became a father. I was able to visit my little boy, but only when I could make the day trip to the boy’s grandparent’s house. They hated me for ruining their daughter so they made no effort to be nice.

Over the years that followed, I worked full time, went to school part time and went to visit my son Alex as often as I could. This went on year after year until I graduated college with a degree in engineering. As the biological father, the courts would have no choice but to grant me custody.

I was 27 years old when I finally got full custody of Alex. The long court battles and legal processes had finally reached the end. There would be no more hearings regarding me and my now 8 year old son.

It was the first night Alex was to sleep in his new bed, under our roof. Frankly, I was quite nervous and wanted to celebrate at the same time.

Even though I wasn’t a drinker, I bought a bottle of J.D. Black Label. I fixed myself a drink and poured Alex a glass of juice. I was still anxious, so I made myself another drink. By the end of the second drink, I was feeling pretty good. Just one or two more and I’ll go off to bed…

The next thing I know, I’m laying across the bed looking up at the ceiling. Someone is pulling off my shoes and socks. I feel hands unfastening my shirt buttons then move down to my pants. I made an attempt to open my eyes, but the truth is I just wanted to sleep.

I was soon comfortably on my back wearing nothing but my Jockey shorts. I felt a small hand tracing the shape of my dick through my briefs. As my cock stiffened, I reached over to feel smooth bare skin. A pair of hands grabbed the waistband of my underwear, pulled them down my to my thighs and then completely off.

The warm, wet sensation I felt on my dick didn’t register as my 8 year old son’s mouth until his teeth accidentally scraped my shaft. I opened my eyes to watch him as he took me deeper down his throat.

I should have stopped him, but it had been so long since I was with a woman that I let him go on. He got up from the bed and knelt on the floor between my knees. I watched in amazement as he gave me one of best blow jobs I had ever had.

I managed to sit up on the edge of the bed. When I looked down at him, he was totally naked, his hard little cock standing straight up. I watched him work my dick in and out of his mouth as I looked over his flawless body. I suddenly felt myself getting close. I told him to stop, but he must not have heard me because he continued licking up and down the shaft of my hard cock before sucking me into his young mouth again.

I warned him again as he pushed me closer to spewing my load. He stopped long enough to tell me he sucked lots of boys and men from around his grandparent‘s neighborhood. He said he liked it when someone came in his mouth so he could taste it before he swallowed it.

He started slurping my cock into his mouth again. I don’t know why I was a little jealous, but I asked him sarcastically what he would do if they came up his ass instead.

He paused again. He said that he liked to get fucked too, but when they came in his ass he didn’t get a chance to taste it. Once again, he took me into his young mouth to bring me to a climax.

This time I didn’t stop him as I watched him suck me. I thought about some guy with a big dick savagely fucking this illegal bahis beautiful 8 year old boy until he shot his hot load deep inside the his hairless little ass.

Alex knew I was close again and tightened his lips around my cock as he took me all the way down his throat. I could take no more. Several streams of cum sprayed the back of his mouth before he pulled off my dick to take a breath.


He continued to suck me off over the next year, but at 9 years old, he started going out every afternoon when school was over for the day to cruise the park.
Getting his ass fucked was becoming his favorite past time. I would always find cum stains in the seat of his underwear.

Several times he even brought a young man home. Sometimes I would get to watch my son get his little ass pumped. The last guy Alex brought home seemed to like having an audience.

One guy Alex brought home wanted to fuck me too. I politely said no, but I would like to watch the two of them. He seemed to like that idea. Alex wasted no time at all. As soon as the young man had taken off his pants and underwear, he was on his knees sucking on the guy’s big dick.

When it was sufficiently lubed up with saliva, Alex bent over the couch and pushed his bubble-butt up in the air. The young man kneeled behind him and placed the head of his big dick against my son’s pink hole.

Alex reached back to grab the guy’s hip, easily pulling the thick 9” dick deep inside until his pubes were grinding against Alex’s soft skin. Slowly at first, the man-boy worked a slow, steady rhythm while he maximized the length of his cock, finishing each stroke with a thrust of his hips.

Alex was moaning with pleasure as the young man fucked his smooth young ass for several more minutes before he pulled out and flipped him onto his back. With his big dick aimed at Alex’s hole, he pushed inside with one hard thrust.

The young man used the angle to burry himself deep up my son’s hole. The young man quickly increased his pace, fucking the young boy without mercy. Alex was almost screaming with pleasure, his hairless little dick so hard it was shiny.

He was able to continue his assault on the boy’s ass for only a minute longer. His face became one of pure ecstasy, a deep groan building in his chest as he blew his hot load deep up inside the 9 year old boy.

The young man didn’t stop fucking Alex until his dick was too soft to push inside anymore. He got dressed and stood up to leave. He was heading for the door when he saw the look on Alex‘s face. He walked back to the boy, placed his hands on either side of his face and bent down to kiss him gently on the lips.

My son was disappointed when the young man had informed us he would be heading off to boot camp next week. But his 10th birthday is coming up. I’ll have to get him something he’ll really like.


For his 10th birthday, I had a special day planned for him. I would bring a few of the Spanish guys from the construction site over for beers as a reward for their hard work. With enough alcohol, they might be open to a little playtime with Alex. As his big day grew closer, I had a plan worked out, but it would be up to him to see it through.

I bought a couple of cases of beer and a bottle of Tequila. I illegal bahis siteleri picked three of the workers from the site and posed my invitation. As I hoped, they didn’t turn me down.

When we got to the house, we made our way to the basement. I handed them each a beer and poured a healthy shot for a toast. Alex gave us about 20 minutes before coming down to the basement. He wore only a pair of thin cotton briefs, which accentuated his firm round ass.

After a few more beers and as many shots later, the first guest was asking to use the bathroom. I apologized, explaining that the bathroom in the basement wasn’t working. I turned to Alex and asked him to show Jaime where the upstairs bathroom was.

Jaime followed Alex to the first floor, continuing up another set of stairs to the guest bathroom. Alex was already sporting a hard-on, but making no effort to conceal it.

Alex watched from the doorway as Jamie unbuckled his pants and pulled the zipper down. Jaime pulled his uncut cock out of his boxers while Alex stared openly, watching it grow big and fat.

Jaime’s cock stood out a full 9”. Alex fell to his knees in front of him and pulled his pants and boxers to the floor. His small hand guided Jaime’s cock into his hungry mouth. Within moments, Jaime’s hard dick was covered with thick saliva.

He continued to suck Jaime’s cock for several more minutes before he stood up and pulled his briefs off. Alex turned around and bent over the sink to show Jaime his hairless pink hole. Jaime grabbed Alex by the hips and pushed his cock up the young boy‘s ass.

Without hesitation, he began pumping him furiously. Alex’s hard little dick danced as Jaime continued his onslaught of the boy’s hole.

Jaime let out a soft whimper as he shot multiple streams of cum deep inside the eager 10 year old. He pulled his pants up and hurried down to the others in the basement.

When questioned what took so long, he patted his flat stomach and shrugged.

Next to go was Enrique. Without Alex here to walk him up, I gave him directions to the second floor bathroom.

When Enrique rounded the corner, Alex was standing naked in front of the sink and playing with his hard little dick. Enrique paused for only a moment before stepping up to the toilet to relieve himself.

He watched Alex jack himself as he opened his pants and let them drop to the floor. He pushed his boxer-briefs to his ankles and let his cock get nice and hard. Although not as long as Jaime’s, Enrique’s dick was incredibly fat.

When Alex placed his hand around Enrique’s hard prick, his fingers would not close, leaving a gap of more than an inch. Alex spit in his hand and rubbed it up and down Enrique’s hard shaft. For the second time in less than 10 minutes, he presented his tender young ass to a nice hard cock.

Enrique placed the head of his hard dick against Alex’s hungry young hole. Slowly, he opened up for Enrique and he was able to push himself to the hilt.
Once in, Enrique took his time. He used a slow, steady rhythm as he moved his hands over Alex’s tiny body.

Enrique was getting extremely turned on the way Alex pushed his little-boy ass to meet his thrusts. He pulled Alex to a standing position and kissed him lightly on the neck. He rubbed one hand over the boy’s chest and nipples and started jacking Alex with his other.

Enrique asked if he could cum canlı bahis siteleri in the boy’s ass. He nodded his head and Erique increased his thrusts until his hot spunk was squirting the boy’s insides. He kissed Alex’s neck and slowly withdrew from the boy’s hole. He looked about to say something, but pulled up and went down to the basement.

After another half hour and two more beers, it was Julio’s turn to use the bathroom. I gave directions and watched as he climbed the stairs on somewhat unsteady feet.

When Julio rounded the corner, he saw Alex lying face down on the bed, his nude young body buzzing with nervous energy. His legs were far enough apart to show his nice pink hole. His feet were pointing toward the ceiling to show off his beautiful little ass. He gave Alex the once-over, taking in the boy’s cute bare bottom and smooth skin.

Alex rolled over and played with his hard little dick while he stared at Julio’s massive cock. It hung a good 7” down his leg and it was still soft

Alex stuck a couple of fingers in his mouth to give them a coating of saliva. He lifted his legs to give Julio a nice look at his fuck-hole and slid his moist fingers up his butt.

When Alex looked again at Julio’s dick, it was considerably longer and more fat. The head of his dick was poking out from the mound of foreskin. He reached down and began stroking himself. Alex was amazed when Julio’s fat 12” dick could stand up on it’s own.

Julio walked to the foot of the bed, reached down and pulled at the laces of his work boots. He kicked them off and dropped his pants and boxers to the floor so he could step out of them. He pulled his tank top over his head to reveal a nice smooth chest covered with several tattoos. I told him to take his socks off too, I wanted to see his entire body.

He kneeled between my raised legs and thumped his cock against my tiny bottom. I felt the dampness of his pre-cum where he touched me with his cock.
He looked me in the eyes as he grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs. He spit on my hole and pressed the head of his huge dick against me.

He pushed slowly into me, never taking his eyes from mine. I shivered involuntarily as my insides were filled with his enormous cock. He asked if I was okay. I nodded my head and showed him my hard prick.

After several minutes, he had buried his 12” dick deep inside my 10 year old boy-hole. Still looking me in the eyes, he pulled out a couple of inches and then back in again. He pulled out further the next time, then back in.

Soon, he was slowly fucking me with long even strokes. I told him to pump me faster. Waves of electricity jolted my body as he picked up the pace. I had relaxed sufficiently enough for him to pound his cock up my ass.

He said he had never been able to cum while fucking before, but my little ass was so hot maybe this would be the first.

I really wanted him to cum inside of me. I told him to start fucking me as hard as he could. There was a sparkle in his eye as a grin spread across his face.

Another wave of electricity washed over me as he assaulted my hole. A few minutes later, his breathing was coming in short gasps and his eyes rolled toward the ceiling.

The expulsion of cum was so powerful I could feel it behind my belly button. He shot several more jets of cum before he was spent. He sat back on his haunches and stared into my eyes with this gorgeous smile on his face.

He slapped me playfully on the ass and got up to dress. He stopped in the doorway, smiled once more and headed for the basement.

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