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It was dark when she drove down the bumpy road that lead to the ballpark. In a few weeks it would be crowded with fans and baseball players, but tonight only one other car sat in the parking lot. It was the 4th of March and the weather had taken a turn for the worse, a northern wind had blown in causing the temp. to drop to several degrees below freezing. She turn the car key to the off position and listened for a minute at the traffic that flooded the interstate above her. Not that any passerby would be able to see the small park, but the cold wind carried the traffic noise so that seemed much closer.

Her husband had told her that sex was for young people. It was only vanity that caused people their age to still want sex. She tried again to make him understand that she needed the closeness that making love brought and the release of tension. He said she was being foolish, sex was for people who wanted to make babies.

She was 42 years old. Not a bad looking woman, clean, neat, tried to dress nice. Granted she was on the large size as far as weight went but it certainly didn’t slow her down being heavy. She worked two jobs, found time for hobbies merter escort and friends, a normal all-American woman. Her husband said that sexual prime was age 16-25 and after that it was all downhill. He said that women in their forties just thought they were in their sexual prime and tried to dress and act sexy because it made them feel younger.

Her short red hair blew in the wind as she got out of her car and into his. Her laughter rang out when she told him they were going to have to start meeting on warmer days. He took her in his arms and began to kiss her, he wrapped himself around her, telling her that he would keep her warm. She began to return his kisses. Their passion built, the fire burned higher and higher inside of them. He pushed up her blouse and bra his hands covering her breasts while his kisses trailed down her neck and shoulders and at the end of his quest found a sweet pink nipple to suckle on.

“I want to feel your cock, darling” she breathed out.

He reclined the car seat as far as it would go and unzipped his jeans. His cock sprang out and she pulled at his jeans until she could nişantaşı escort see his balls too. Her hand began to stroke and touch his cock and balls, while his reached up under her skirt and pushed her cotton panties aside so that his fingers could enter her wet pussy.

“Oh God, baby, you feel so good to me”, he told her.

“Make me cum, darling, I want you so bad” she responded.

His fingers worked her pussy moving in and out as she moved so she was almost on top of him on all fours. It didn’t take long until the sweet release rushed through her. She lowered her head and began to suck his cock. Pulling each of his balls into her mouth one at a time sucking and licking on them, the swallowing the shaft of his cock all the way down her throat. Her tongue licked the underside of his cock and then she moved up to lick the precum off the head. He asked her to stop for a minute, he was too close and wanted to last a little longer. She did then went back to teasing underneath the head of his cock.

“How long has it been since you have fucked in your car” she joked?

“Oh about 30 years” he laughed. ortaköy escort

“Well darling, guess what, it’s going to be tonight” she purred. “I’m going to slide my hot wet pussy right down on your cock and fuck you right here. “

“Come on baby, do it.” was all he said

She slipped her panties off. Pulled a condom out of her pocket and began to roll it on his erect penis. She then climbed atop him, sitting herself down on his cock. She watched his face, sheer delight flooded over him. His eyes were closed, body totally relaxed and ready for her. She came as soon as she slide onto him.

“Did you feel it darling?”, she whispered “did you feel me cum on you?”

“Oh God yes baby, don’t stop”

She began to ride him up and down, watching his face, feeling his cock swell within her. She came twice more and at the end of her last orgasm he told her he was cumming. His body jerked and released into her. She collapsed against him. He held her close until their breathing returned to normal. His cock still inside of her. Minutes later they separated their bodies and redressed, she combed her hair and put on fresh lipstick. She told him she had to go buy something since this was supposed to be a shopping trip. They kissed and parted.

She got back in her car, started the engine and drove to K-mart to buy something, who knows what. That was when it hit her like a ton of bricks, her lover was almost 10 years older than her husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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