oh so naughty 3

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Over the next few weeks, Nancy was a regular visitor. We
fucked at every opportunity and in every position I could
think of, and then a few that she came up with herself. Soon
she had progressed up the scale and was pleasuring me in
ways I could only dream of. There was also a wild side to her
as I soon realised. One afternoon, Nancy called round. As usual I had left the
door unlocked and she slipped in. She came through to me
in the kitchen and snuggled up close. As I stood by the washing
up sink, with my hands full of soapy suds, she started to
stroke the front of my trousers. Needless to say, my cock
sprang to attention under her touch. Just then, I looked
out the window and saw her mother coming out of her house
across the fence and walking towards my house! Any second
now she would have a clear view into my kitchen window! Nancy
saw the look on my face, glanced round and saw her mother
and immediately dropped to her knees, below the level of
the window and mercifully out of sight. As Liz came up to my window, she gestured for me to open up.
As I leant forward to do so, I felt Nancy’s hand on my leg.
Slowly working its way up my calf and over my knee. Her hand
began to squeeze my thigh and as Liz began to speak to me through
the window, I felt her fingers fumbling at my flies. ‘Hi Bob!’ called Liz. ‘ I wondered if you had seen Nancy around?
She missed her bible reading and her father and I wondered
where she was?’ ‘Hey there Liz’ I replied, ’ You’re looking well today.
I’m afraid I haven’t seen Nancy at all today, have you tried
the youth club?’ I lied as Nancy’s fingers stroked my cock
below the level of the window. How I kept a straight face
I don’t know, as Liz started to chat. Readers of previous episodes of this little tale will know
how hot Liz was. This preacher’s wife neighbour of mine
had long blond hair, usually tied neatly back in a pony tail
and, despite dressing perfectly respectably and demurely,
you could tell she had a great body. I had met illegal bahis with her and
her husband John on several occasions, and every time I
fantasised about fucking her. Even after I started screwing
her daughter regularly, I still wanted her. So you can imagine
what it felt like to be holding a sensible conversation
with her through the window, while down below out of view
her beautiful daughter was starting to suck my cock. I managed
to keep going, with only a few pauses as I chatted to Liz.
Nancy’s mouth was all over my cock and balls as my trousers
slipped to around my ankles. Over the last few weeks I had
taught this young girl all about sucking cocks and she was
now an expert. She knew exactly what I liked and was doing
everything she could to make me come as I stood there chatting
to her mother. I casually let one hand fall below the level
of the window and placed it on her head and gripped her pony
tail. Being careful to move from the waist down I helped
to move her head up and down my cock as I fucked her pretty
little mouth, right there in front of her unsuspecting
mother. All the while I chatted to her mother, as Nancy’s mouth and
hands did their work. The risk was immense, but it was the
horniest thing I’ve ever done. My cock was incredibly hard
as it slipped between her moist lips. As I was chatting to her mother, I began to slip little double
meanings into our conversation. Liz asked me if I had a busy
day planned for example, and I said I expected to be ‘hard
at it for some time’. As I looked through the window at Liz, I kept on staring at
her body in her modest dress. I could see her big firm titties
as she smiled up at me. ‘i’ve got something I need to put to bed real soon’ I smiled
down at her, as her daughter’s finger began to work its way
round to the crack of my ass. ‘I have a lot of things to take care of and sometimes its hard
to keep abreast of them all’ I smiled as I stared at those
beautiful tits. Nancy’s finger crept between my cheeks
and illegal bahis siteleri slipped straight up my ass as her tongue worked its way
all around my cock. I forced my cock back into her mouth and
began to pump hard as I fucked her mouth below the window
ledge. I could feel the come beginning to build up as Liz
looked up quizzically at me. Her hand strayed to the collar
of her dress and I knew she had realised I was looking at her
tits as I said the word ‘abreast’. She smiled up at me, in an embarrassed way as she began to
make her excuses and left, to go find her daughter. Blissfully ignorant that her daughter was here in my kitchen,
on her knees with my cock pounding away into her mouth and
her finger wriggling up my ass, she turned and left as I watched
her walk away, her ass swaying gently from side to side.
Turning from the window, I pulled my cock from Nancy’s mouth.
Still holding her pony tail, I helped her up from the floor
and walked her across to the kitchen table. I bent her forward
over the table, lifted her dress and with my free hand ripped
off her little white cotton panties. ‘that was a 9 on any score’ I panted, as her ass was exposed
to me. ‘and it therefore needs to be punished accordingly’ ‘oh fuck’ she gasped as my rock hard cock pushed at her wet
pussy. Without delay, I plunged deep into her as I held her down
on the table. I was so fucking horny there was no time for
gentleness. She had brought me to the verge of coming, right
in front of her mother and I was going to get even. She had
not had rough sex before and as I held her down and fucked
her hard she was moaning and gasping with pleasure. With every deep hard thrust her little frame quivered.
God knows how many times she came as I fucked her. This was
animalistic sex, every time I thrust into her body I felt
like I was trying to get deeper inside her. If I could have
climbed into that hot little cunt I would have. As she moaned underneath me, I pulled my cock back and paused
ready for another canlı bahis siteleri deep plunge. Her ass pointed up at me as she lay there gasping, my hand
still firmly gripping her pony tail. ‘ well slut, it’s time for a 10!’ I snarled as instead of ramming
my cock into her wet cunt, I pushed it between her butt cheeks
and pressed against her tight little anus. My cock was dripping wet with her cunt juices as I pressed
harder and she began to squeal as my cock pushed into her.
She had never had anything like this before and her muscles
clenched, resisting the pressure of my cock. I paused, and still holding her down on the table I leant
over her and whispered in her ear; ‘you had your finger up my ass, well now I’m gonna fuck your
ass, so get ready for the ride of your life bitch’ She moaned again as I pressed deeper into her. I told her
to relax her muscles, and get used to the feeling of my cock.
She obeyed, slowly at first, but more enthusiastically
as she began to savour the new experience. I thrust deeper and deeper into her and soon there was no
holding me back. Her ass was incredibly tight around my cock and she began
to squeeze me with her muscles. I had never had anything like this before as I began to shoot
inside her. I groaned as what seemed like gallons of cum shot into her
ass and she joined me in yet another orgasm. This made her
muscles contract even more and I felt as if my cock was being
milked for every drop of cum I had. As I pumped into her, I
groaned with ecstasy until, totally spent I fell forward
over her body. My cock slipped from her ass as I released my grip on her pony
tail. We lay there for a few minutes, gasping as we tried to recover
our breath. Eventually, we were able to move and I led her through to
the bathroom and ran a bath. We shared our bath and kissed gently. Not once did we speak
as she dried herself off, picked up her clothes and dressed.
I lay there in the bath, looking up at her. As she turned to leave she smiled: ‘ I think you’re right Bob. I am a little slut. But now I’m
a little anal slut, and even better, I’m your little anal
slut! See you tomorrow!’ As she left the room, I lay back in my bath and smiled

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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