No Thanks Ch. 04

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AN: I apologize for such a long wait for the fourth installment of this series. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have been dealing with getting my health under control, plus my computer died on me, so that had to be replaced. I should be back to a normal pace of writing, now that I am doing better. Thank you readers for your comments and feedback. This will be a shorter chapter with a longer one to follow.


Caspian found himself at a dead end; Arnold’s scent had already led him through several doors, hallways, and a lower level. Now he was staring at a wall at the bottom of the last stone steps he had traveled down. There were other scents with him, which Caspian recognized as Fredrick and Barlow, the two other wolves he had met earlier in the day.

‘I wonder why Fredrick and Barlow are with him?’ Caspian wondered. Everything about this felt wrong.

‘This defiantly isn’t part of this house.’ Caspian thought as he ran his hands over the stone wall in front of him. The house above was nearly brand new, something out of a home magazine. This was dark, dank and unwelcoming.

‘The house was just built atop something ancient, but still part of this clan.’ his wolf replied pushing himself to surface. Caspian’s wolf has a third sense about everything, able to see beyond what he could not. He relied heavily on his guidance in situations like this.

As Caspian’s hand slid over the stone it morphed into its wolf form, tapping each opalescent claw listening for a hollow sound. This place defiantly wasn’t meant for humans to navigate. When he finally found it he noticed a small slit that looked meant for a key but his wolf recognized it. He inserted his forefingers claw and turned it, removing it as the door emitted a shuddering, creaking sound as it opened.

The room beyond was dark, unlike the rest of this labyrinth he has been traveling through, but thankfully he could see quite well in the dark. Caspian poked his head through the door opening, looking from side to side.

‘Great another hallway.’ he thought incredulously as he moved forward. Unlike the last hallways he had ventured through, this one kept going a good way before Caspian began to see small reflections of light off the stone floors and walls. As he made his way further through the passage, he noticed a large door in the distance and voices speaking in sharp tones along with something else… Arnold’s scent!; he had finally found him. Something was off, his scent was mixed with something else, something unlike Arnold…fear.

When he finally made it to the door, he could hear the unmistakable raised voices of Fredrick and Barlow along with another he didn’t know but a scent he did; honeysuckle. Blaze was with them and his anger, though not being voiced at the moment, was louder than the other twos shouts.

Before he reached the door Caspian quickly masked his scent with a simple spell, making him invisible, at least, to the other wolves noses.

‘It won’t last forever.’ his wolf reminded him.

‘I know but it will long enough to figure out what the hell is going on.’

Caspian moved off to the right side of the door in case it was opened abruptly and listened. A sudden THWACK! followed by a grunt and spitting turned his worry to horror instantly; they were beating Arnold!

“Why did you do it?!” Fredrick bellowed, his footsteps echoing as he circled Arnold. He had been the one to deliver only the latest blow to Arnold.

“Not talking, huh?” Another THWACK! echoed throughout the room and some of the hallways, followed by just the sounding of spitting this time.

Inside the room, Fredrick continued to circle Arnold menacingly as Barlow stood to the side and Blaze sat in a large golden chair. With a flick of his hand, Fredrick and Barlow began to attack Arnold, brutally punching and kicking him till Blaze held up his hand signaling for them to stop.

“Why Arnold?” Blaze queried his deep voice booming throughout the room. He hadn’t spoken loudly but the strength and power resonated in any octave.

“Because,” Arnold began as he spit out more blood and pushed himself back to his knees, “he’s my mate too.”

Caspian felt like a thousand ton of bricks had just been dropped on him as he lost his breath. He moved his hand to his mouth as he struggled to control himself; he needed to hear the rest of what they were saying.

“True.” Blaze said standing from his golden chair and walking in front of Arnold. “But I won our challenge for the right to claim him.”

Arnold looked up at Blaze with tears in his eyes, his emotions finally boiling over.

“I had to have him, just once before you mated with him,” Arnold began, tears streaming down his face, “So that my wolf and I could at least know what it would have been like to be with him, even for the smallest moment. I know it was a mistake but I would die a thousand deaths before I admit regret.”

Blaze stood over top of him for a moment before dropping down one knee, reaching out his levent escort hand to soothingly wipe away Arnold’s tears.

“Look at you little brother,” Blaze sighed, “All busted up over such a stupid fucking choice.”

‘BROTHER?!’ Caspian’s mind was going into overload as well as his breathing.

‘If you don’t get a grip on yourself, they’ll figure out we’re out here!’ his wolf scolded him.

Arnold pulled his head back from Blaze’s hand, looking down at the ground as Blaze stood back up.

“You know what has to happen now Arnold, what I require for you to stay in my presence and the packs.” Blaze asked in an icy tone. Caspian was sure he knew where this was going.

“Say it.”

“You require my submission to you Alpha, to reaffirm my loyalty and devotion to you and the pack of which I serve.” Arnold recited in a monotone voice.

“My submission to you requires the baring of my neck, a humiliation to be witnessed by two of my fellow dominates. I am lowering myself to a submissive in front of you, to show I understand what I have done and this is the price I must pay.”

“Very good.” This time when Blaze spoke his voice was much warmer.

Caspian wiped away tears that had spilled onto his cheeks as he had listened to Arnold speak; his heart was breaking.

‘He sounds so broken and its all my fault!’

‘As much as I want to say ‘I told you so’ we have much bigger issues to deal with at present!’

“Like?” Caspian thought, sniffling.

‘Well for starters, like the fact that he too is our mate, something that neither of us could sense but I know to be a real occurrence. Its very, very rare but it does happen.’

‘Magic, plain and simple. That’s what it is. Those witches they all use in this clan, they must have done a spell to hide his scent from us, making Blaze’s the only one we could smell. Since they already dueled for me and Blaze won, it must have been part of the agreement.’

‘Exactly, but what should we do now? Do we try and help him out of this or do we get out of here?’ his wolf asked in agitation.

Caspian had to think fast because Arnold was running out of time. If he interferes everything could get a million times worse.

“Now, bare your neck to me and prove your-” but before he could finish the large chamber door opened and Caspian poked his head in.

“Who the fuck…Caspian?!” Fredrick began in a tone of anger that quickly morphed into horror.

“Yeah, hey, don’t mind me,” Caspian nervously laughed as he pushed the door open the rest of the way and entered the room, “Just got lost looking for the bathroom.”

Looking around he knew this to what was called a ‘sentencing room’ where one was judged by their Alpha and their punishment or death was carried out. It was a brutal and violent room filled with various torture devices and apparatuses.

None of the other men in the room found the intrusion or the joke entertaining, however, especially Blaze who’s fists were balled up so tight they looked as though they would shatter into a million pieces.

“Caspian, get out of here!” Arnold shouted in a pained tone, breaking the momentary silence. “You need to leave, now. I’m fine.”

Caspian looked down at Arnold where he sat on his knees, long chains stretching from the wall cuffed to his wrists, his entire body bloody and bruised. His clothing was ripped apart, save for last bit of his jeans, the rest was all around him in tatters. Blood adored the floor around him like a science project gone terribly wrong, you know that volcano we all try to make that takes about ten hours to clean up? Something just like that.

“You’re not fine Arnold, my god, look at you!” Caspian replied incredulously. He began to walk towards Arnold but Barlow stepped in front of him blocking his way. With a silent, menacing shake of his head, he ushered Caspian back.

“So this is it huh? This is how you treat your own brother?” Caspian asked in a raised voice as he turned to finally speak to Blaze, his mate, well the one who won the challenge anyways.

He had glanced at him when he came into the room but standing here with his eyes just on Blaze he could finally take him in. He and Arnold were nearly twins, the same dark skin, strong features and jet black hair though his was short and tidy. Blaze was defiantly older than Arnold, but since Caspian never asked for his age, he couldn’t be sure how old he was or how far apart they really were but if he was guessing it was only about three or four years. His eyes were darker, nearly a black hue. His presence was commanding and steadfast just like all the Alphas he had encountered before. A chill ran up and down his spine as he stared into Blaze’s eyes; he was strikingly handsome.

“It isn’t nice to eavesdrop Caspian,” Blaze replied in an icy tone. “How long have you been outside that door?” Blaze sniffed and realized Caspian’s scent was blocked and the fists he had just un-balled where back to where mahmutbey escort they were before.

“Long enough to hear everything I needed to, everything you or your brother wouldn’t have told me,” Caspian replied hotly.

“Plus you guys weren’t exactly stealthy on taking him, I followed fairly easily.”

“I see, well then, to answer your question, when he disobeys my rules and takes what isn’t his then yes, this is how he is to be treated.” Blaze replied gruffly.

“I am NOT an object to be owned!” Caspian roared, suddenly infuriated even more. He was tired of being spoken of like a carnival prize. His hair began to glow a hot red, his anger reaching its boiling point.

“All you’ve done is deceive me from the beginning, all of you. It’s been nothing but lie after lie, luring me in, just hoping I’m superficial and dumb enough to drop my “manties” for you and be your, “submissive-king”. Well, I got a big fat newsflash for you, Alpha, it’s not going to happen!” Caspian made sure to use air quotes for both terms, rolling his eyes after each.

Caspian caught his breath after yelling at Blaze for a good minute when he realized he had been screeching at an Alpha. What he had just done wouldn’t be tolerated by any dominate and an Alpha would be sure to rip his throat out. His defiance would get any submissive or omega severely punished or killed and he was clearly outnumbered. His anger started to turn to fear as he realized the situation he was in. How was he going to get out of this one? He’d have to use his only advantage; his powers.

Caspian was broken out of his thoughts by Blaze’s clapping.

“I gotta tell you I’m rather impressed at how ballsy you are Caspian but, then again, I wouldn’t expect any less from my mate.” Blaze said almost cheerfully catching Caspian completely off guard.

“Of course I can’t just let you get away with speaking to me that way.” He cracked his knuckles, making Caspian swallow visibly.

“Apologize right now Caspian.” Blaze’s tone was serious, his body language threatening and Caspian knew if he didn’t do as asked he’d end up in worse trouble than he was in now. His pride and rebellion, however, won out over his common sense.

“Sorry dear,” Caspian sneered, “I’ll take a rain check on that apology.” He raised his right hand and made a pushing motion at Blaze in the air between them, shocked when nothing happened. He tried the same motion frantically three more times before looking down at his hand like it was broken and then back up again.

“What have you done?!” The fear and anger in Caspian’s voice were nearly equal. The glow of fire to his hair dissipated.

“Only what was necessary to keep you docile enough for you to realize there is no escaping me.” Blaze replied with a wicked grin.

“That’s not an answer!”

“Your powers are bound until we mate that is. After that, they will be released back to you but now we have a self-created issue between us that I really don’t have the time for so…”

Caspian was airborne before he knew what was happening; Blaze had made a quick move towards him, gripping him by the base of his neck, tossing him through the air like he weighed nothing. He narrowly missed hitting the golden throne-like chair but still colliding with the wall behind it.

“CASPIAN!” Arnold cried out pulling at the chains on the wall behind him, fury building in his chest. He watched as the air left Caspian’s lungs on impact, slumping down to the floor lifeless.

“Bare your neck to me NOW!” Blaze demanded in a tone only an Alpha could. Arnold stared at Caspian’s motionless body; there was no way out of this. With a sigh, the last bit of his pride drained away and he bared his neck to his Alpha and brother.

“Good, now unchain him.” Blaze instructed Fredrick and Barlow. He turned away as they did so and walked over to Caspian, sitting him up. His breathing was shallow but appeared unscathed just unconscious. He lifted him up in his arms, turning around to see Arnold rubbing his wrists, looking at Caspian with deep worry in his eyes.

“He’s mine brother, you will do well to remember that next time because as I will not be merciful to you.” Blaze said in a cold voice cradling Caspian’s head.

“I can forgive you having him once, but if you do it again, I will leave you in these dungeons to rot.” He paused for a moment, taking in Arnold’s pitiful expression.


“Yes, Alpha,” Arnold replied looking down at the floor.


Blaze made his way out of the chamber while Arnold’s bonds were released, weaving back through the labyrinth and up the stairs into the main house.


Caspian awoke with a start, bolting upright in his bed. His head was hurting, as well as the rest of him. The sunlight streaming in was too bright for him to process so he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples trying to will his throbbing headache away. As he opened his eyes and looked down maltepe escort at the covers he realized they weren’t his. His were a simple brown, these were a crisp white with gold stripes. His head snapped up as he quickly looked around the room, taking in his surroundings.

The room was huge, easily double that of his own. It was furnished with ornate gold, white and gray furniture. He peered over the side of the bed to see a plush white bedside rug. The floor itself was a white and gray swirled marble. As he sat back up, he realized the bed was also a king size compared to his pitiful full and the mattress was the most comfortable he had ever been on. He looked behind him and took in the sight of the elegant gray tufted button headboard. Everything in this room looked like it came straight out of a home decor book.

Caspian sat still for a long moment, wondering why he wasn’t locked up in a cage instead of in an opulent room. Blaze seemed more than capable of doing that to him, especially after their last interaction. He shuddered with lust when he remembered his scent, immediately chastising himself for it. He couldn’t help his attraction to him he surmised, as they were mates. It was his bodies natural reaction. In some ways, his attraction to Blaze was stronger than to Arnold, even though he had physically been with Arnold and only been in the same room with Blaze for a few minutes before becoming a lawn dart.

Pulling the covers back, he discovered his shorts had been removed, leaving him in just his briefs and his shirt. Scanning the room, he noticed them draped on a chair in the corner. He decided on worrying more about finding out where he was for the moment than his shorts.

Scenting the air, Caspian gently extracted himself from the bed, taking care to make as little noise as possible. A few scents made his nose twitch; Fredrick and Barlow’s as well as Blazes. Caspian knew they weren’t close by, as the scents were too faint but they were defiantly within this…house? The bright sunlight to his right caught his attention.

Caspian crept over to the Cathedral window in the corner of the room and peered outside. He took in the lush green landscape, the forest bordering the edge he was looking out upon. It seemed as though this house was the same one he had arrived at earlier; but looking around, this room’s decor didn’t fit with the outside of the house but then again, neither did the labyrinth and dungeon below.

Turning away from the window, Caspian tip-toed around the room, noticing a door slightly ajar to his right. Slowly pushing it open he discovered a bathroom just as ornate as the bedroom. Gold, white and gray adorned its surfaces, with the marble flooring flowing right through. Caspian was in awe as he scanned it over. There as a large gray and white marble swirled double vanity sink with two oval mirrors framed in gold. The toilet looked extremely expensive, something Caspian would never have thought about a, well, toilet. The shower was walled in with frosted glass. Opening the door, he found a gray and white mosaic tile that covered its entirety, with a built-in seat. There were four shower heads on all three solid sides of the shower, plus four overhead. It looked as though several people could be in it at once. He briefly daydreamed about taking a hot shower but decided that finding a way out of here was more important.

Making his way back out into the bedroom, he scented the air again, just to be on the safe side. The scents were still far enough away that Caspian decided to stop walking like he was sneaking out of his parent’s house after curfew. He wasn’t taking heavy steps but he wasn’t a ballerina anymore either.

Looking at the white double door at the entrance of the bedroom, he decided to try his luck.

‘Think it will be unlocked?’ he asked his wolf he walked towards them. When no response came, he repeated the question. Nothing. Total silence. He stopped in his tracks, panic setting in.

What was happening? Never before had his wolf never answered him, but not only that, Caspian found he couldn’t reach him. He wasn’t gone, he knew that much, but it felt as though he was…sleeping? It didn’t make sense. He knew Blaze had bound his powers, but how could he have possibly closed him off from his wolf? His head was swimming.

Collapsing to the floor his mind raced as he remembered their brief conversation before Blaze treated him like a rag doll. He clenched his jaw as images of Blaze’s snug grin played in his head. He had told him he bound his powers till they would mate but it didn’t register with Caspian till now what that would mean. He hadn’t just lost the ability to tap into his powers, no, he also lost the connection to his wolf. Blaze couldn’t have done this alone, that much he knew. His mind drifted back to the knowledge that a coven was part of this clan.

“Son of a bitch!” Caspian growled, smashing his clenched fists into the floor. He gasped at the pain that surged through them, pulling them back up to his as though he had stuck them in a fire. Not only were his powers gone and his wolf subdued but was also incredibly weak. Sitting on the floor, staring at his hands like he had never seen them before, his brain searched for answers. The one is settled on sent waves of fear through Caspian like he had never experienced before; he was basically human.

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