Niki Takes an Interest

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Anri Sugihara

Niki was incredibly bored. She should have been studying but they words from her European History textbook had jumbled into mush long ago. Certainly, she could find something to occupy her time, couldn’t she? Niki tossed her heavy blond curls over her shoulder and looked up with a sigh of determination. Who would bring a thrill to her afternoon she wondered to herself as her dark blue eyes surveyed the faces around her. It only took a minute for those sapphire depths to light up as she selected her treat.

He was tall, just like she liked them. Something about a man having to bend down to taste her set Niki on fire. He wasn’t the best looking man; his features were a bit too craggy for that but he was older with rough looking hands. His right hand was curled around his coffee cup and the left served as a place to rest his unshaven chin while he read his paper. Niki was already imagining them on her body.

She approached him slowly, squaring her shoulders and taking deliberate steps, once foot in front of the other. It was a walk she’s perfected since her games began. Straightening the spine did wonders for highlighting the swell of a girl’s breasts and accentuating the lean lines of toned legs. It was the single most important detail in exuding confidence. The second was the sly way she slipped into the seat opposite him, hips first, all in one movement as she tucked her lower lip between her teeth.


One word was all it took, delivered with a knowing smile, of course. The business type were the easiest to fluster. This one feel right in line, blushing deeply before he had the good sense to be outraged.

“Excuse me,” he stammered nervously.

Niki tilted her head to the side and cocked a fine, tawny brow. “Yes?”

“Can I help you?” he responded.

Niki crossed her arms atop the table that separated her from her prey and leaned forward, sunlight gleaming off the charm nestled between her uplifted breasts. His eyes were immediately drawn there as Niki planned. She dropped her voice to just a hint about a whisper. “Actually, you can.”

He swallowed then and loosed his tie.

“With what?”

Niki smiled. She shrugged nonchalantly then leaned back against the booth. “Care to guess?”

Annoyance entered his steady gray gaze and he shook open his paper in dismissal. “I don’t have time for games,” he growled out.

“Too bad,” Niki purred. “I do.”

The paper drooped a bit.

“Excuse me?”

Niki reached out and slowly pulled the paper from his grasp. “I like games,” she stated. The forgotten paper fluttered to the tabletop. Her long thick lashes dropped suggestively, then lifted, the question clear in her eyes.

“Care to play?”

He swallowed and leaned kadıköy escort forward. He really should walk away, he thought to himself. Then again, how could he? She was every man’s fantasy this woman sitting before him. She was a slight little thing, maybe chest high if they’d been standing. Long hair fell in rich waves of honey around an oval face. Her skin was flawless, healthy and pink in the cheeks without that terrible fake orange glow often seen in California girls. Smoky eyes, thickly lashed blazed like a blue flame, dark navy at the edges of the iris, narrowing in pale near the pupils. Her lower lip was once again tucked between white teeth, making them kissably red.

“What are we playing?”

She leaned back and laughed, exposing her pale throat. He was thinking about kissing again, namely kissing her and pulling aside her cashmere surplice top to see if her nipples were the same color as her lips. Her eyes returned to his. The laughter was gone. It its place was a beckoning gaze. She slipped out of the seat, came around to his side and touched the cuff of his black wool blazer with one manicured finger.

“Take care of your tab.”

Niki smiled deliberated and once again, he swallowed. Then he was watching her leave. Strappy stiletto heels, bare, toned legs, a conservative chiffon flutter hem skirt and the finest ass he’d seen in years and she didn’t even look over her shoulder. He knew that she knew he would follow. He felt like a lamb being led to the slaughter.

It was a set up, it had to be. No one came on to a total stranger so strongly without some sort of trick being involved. She could be a prostitute. But her dress wasn’t exactly the kind that enticed. Maybe, she was a police officer, but wouldn’t that be considered entrapment?

“Oh, hell!” He swore softly and gathered up his things. He would pay whatever price. Funny how she’d said nothing overly sexual and yet he had to carry his briefcase in front of his crotch as the waitress at the front counter swiped his debit card. He would have paid with cash but if she was a working girl, he was going to need all the cash he had.

She was still walking when he stepped out into the cool air. Dusk was settling casting a shadow around those perfect legs, that trim waist. He adjusted himself far less discreetly than he should have and followed her. She entered an office. He wondered at the oddity but not enough to end his pursuit. She rounded a corner but he was not dissuaded. He would have her or at least her phone number. She turned on those sexy heels and slipped into a room marked private. He hesitated, the door ajar in front of him.

His hand lingered on the doorknob for just a moment. He took kağıthane escort a bracing breath then stepped into the darkness.

Immediately, hands on his hips whirled him around. A light flicked on, the door which he now faced clicked shut and the sound of the lock turning reverberated in his ear. He was instantly fully hard as the point of her tongue touched his chin. He had to dip down to catch her mouth against his. A breath passed between them and then her tongue was in his mouth. He dropped his briefcase, barely heard it as it hit the ground so loud was his heart racing in his chest. She grabbed his hands and directed them to her ass. She felt just as toned as she looked across the parking lot.

Niki pressing close, her lips moving across his jaw, down his throat as she turned them. She backed up and he followed, his hands sliding up her ass and tugging the hem of her sweater up until he felt the heat of her skin. Her back hit the countertop. His hands her on her ass again lifting her then setting her atop the marble slab between two sinks. It was then he realized he was in a public bathroom. He gazed down at her.

Niki bit her lip and smiled. She grabbed his belt and tugged him close. She was kissing him again and he was tugging up the front of her shirt, just as he’s imagined earlier. But he was too busy delving into the honey depths of her mouth to look at her tits. Instead, he palmed the smooth mounds, weighing them in his hands. She shivered as the rough pads of his thumbs ran over her puckered nipples.

She broke the kiss, leaned up and traced the outline of his ear with her tongue. Now he shivered.

“Fuck me.”

Niki didn’t have to tell him twice. He yanked her skirt up, the cold of the marble a stark contrast to the heat of her skin. Her hands had already worked his belt and the zipper at his crotch. The head of his straining cock was pressing into the juncture of her thighs before his pants hit the floor. Niki reached down, held the heat of him in her hand for only a moment before she stuffed the head in her yearning pussy. He did the rest, tilting those sexy hips forward slipping into her with such slow deliberateness Niki thought she would die. She was so wet that despite the satisfying stretching of her hot satin cave, she felt no pain, only sweet, sweet comfort. Niki braced her arms behind her and moaned as her back arched, giving him more room. She looked at his face, studying the intense concentration on his rugged face.

“Fuck me hard.”

His hips tilted back but immediately surged forward deep inside her. Her high pitched moans filled his ears spurring him onward. He plunged into her over and over again and her moans deepened. kartal escort She lifted the soles of her feet onto the counter forcing her knees to either side. She put her left hand on his shoulder and grabbed onto his tie with the right. The blue flames of her eyes bored into him.

“Fuck me harder,” she growled.

His jaw stiffened. He grasped her legs under the knee and forced them to her shoulders. She moaned low in her throat and bit down on her lip. He thrust deep, out and back again. Their bodies made satisfying slapping sounds he was sure anyone passing in the hallway could hear.

“Harder,” she ground out.

His fingers tightened around her thighs. She grunted with gratification as he plowed into the sticky inferno of her hungry puss. Her eyes slid closed and her hand left her shoulder to delve between her swollen flesh. She looked down and watched his bulging cock tear into her pink flesh. Her clit winked at her. Niki smiled to herself. She wasn’t bored anymore. Her fingers went to that button of flesh sticking out against the backdrop of his engorged dick. Her eyes closed again as her senses filled with her own pleasure. Niki’s head rolled back.

“Harder,” she screamed. He bore down on her, lifting his weight above her and using it to bring the most impact against her oozing cunt. Her body pumped out more hot juice greasing up that fat cock of his sucking and pulsing in her. She tried to peer around his muscled arms to see her sap coating his plump balls but she was unable to manage it for the weight he was putting on her. She looked at his face instead, puckered with concentration. Sweat dripped down his face as he fucked her, his jaw set in a hard line. She fingered herself furiously and moaned even louder. She could feel her orgasm rising up in her. Niki rubbed her swollen clit harder until her legs began to twitch. He felt the urgent pulling of her burning pussy walls and though he would have liked to fuck this sweet piece for days he couldn’t hold back the load building from his heavy balls. He rose up on the balls of his feet and stabbed into her one last time. His hips stiffened and his knees nearly bucked as his shot a hot stream of thick cum into her. Her keening cry echoed off the walls of the bathroom. She finally stilled.

He took a deep breath, bracing himself before reluctantly pulling himself from her messy snatch. Her puss made a smacking sound as his cock slipped from her depths. For a moment he stared at her angry gash. His cum smeared her thighs along with her own fluids. She was good and well fucked judging by the self-satisfied smirk that played across her face. He leaned against the wall waiting to catch his breath watching her hop down from the counter. She smoothed her skirt of her wet thighs, tugged her sweater down over those perfect pert breasts before walking over to him. She tilted her head to the side and tucked her bottom lip between her teeth.


“What’s your name?” he asked still winded.

“Aren’t you cute?” she replied.

Niki’s laughter followed her into the hallway.

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