Niall’s Obsession with Nylons

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My friend Polly, who’s almost my age, moved to London aged seventeen so she could live her life the way she wanted. This much, we have in common.

She was down on her luck when she met Niall in a bar, and when he asked her to spend the night with him, she agreed simply for want of a better offer.

If he’d guessed that everything she owned was in the backpack crammed under her barstool, he was either too polite to say, or else not interested. As far as he was concerned, once a girl agreed to return to his apartment, she was signing a contract of sorts…

And there was a deposit to pay!

Not that Polly found Niall’s demands excessive. He had an obsession with tights, and as soon as they entered his bedroom, he asked her to strip naked and put on an expensive pair, which he supplied from a bulging box stashed above his wardrobe.

He got her to lie on her back on the bed with her toes touching, while he pleasured his cock on her nylon-clad feet and her legs till, ever so slowly, he brought his manhood up to her pussy where he rubbed it every which way, causing her clit the slightest excitement before a warm patch suddenly emerged without warning, turning her gusset into a sticky mess.

But far from disappointing him, this made Niall smile! It seemed he was satisfied, more or less…

Next, he got Polly to spread her legs apart, and spent several minutes smearing his cream from her thighs to her ankles. It was certainly a new experience for her, and she could hardly believe what was going on, cos one way or another she’d expected to be penetrated, with maybe some argument over whether he should wear a condom; but this guy hadn’t even tried touching her breasts, which she found freaky and she wasn’t wrong! She owned a divine pair of peaches with pert little nipples that could stand eagerly to attention, and absolutely none of her previous partners had managed to resist them before…

But it seemed all Niall cared about was the tights!

After smearing his cum up and down the whole length beşiktaş escort bayan of her legs, he took to licking her, behaving like a grotesquely overweight lapdog. And frankly, she found this tiresome, especially when he worked his tongue close to her clit, which she felt was just a way of trying to suck her into something she could do without.

But he was blissfully oblivious to her feelings and pressed on, pushing his nose firmly into her crack so she felt his warm breath tingling as he sniffed her intimate juices through those lovely nylons, before stretching his tongue down towards the tender tip of her butt-hole where, she had to admit, his fond attentions proved less unwelcome than she’d feared.

With his face fully immersed in the depths of her groin, he was breathing through her pussy while tonguing her ass, and he seemed to be in seventh heaven! His groans were those of a truly gregarious lover and, when he finally emerged for long enough to push her legs back together, it was only so he could offload again, this time spewing a reduced dose of hot cum down towards the tips of her nylon-clad toes.

Five minutes later, and Niall was fast asleep, while Polly took a shower after which, she’s not ashamed to admit, if she’d found a stash of cash, she’d have flitted. And in all honestly, who would blame her? I mean, Niall was one weird guy!

As it was, she reluctantly returned to bed, got some sleep and, when Niall woke her nice and early asking if she wanted a job, she took it, though only cos all the liberating principles in the world can’t put a roof over your head.

Niall ran a contract cleaning company, and was particularly thrilled when Polly agreed to work for him, because he’d get to issue her uniform.

Of course, the short white dress with black tights was compulsory for all the other girls too, but Polly was the only one who was banned from wearing panties!

That first morning, she’d hardly found her beylikdüzü escort bayan stride before Niall was paying her special attention. She was working alone inside a luxury apartment complex, bending over to dust the surface of a coffee table, when she suddenly felt a strange presence pressing imposingly into her butt-cheeks.

Niall had sneaked up behind her and lifted her hem, exposing her wobbling ass, naked but for a thin layer of his beloved nylon. And before she fully realized what was going on he’d dropped his trousers, and was rubbing his throbbing manhood up and down between the tops of her thighs, stroking himself to a quivering climax he took no time in reaching, his cream spurting furiously over the rear of her gusset.

This time, Polly was definitely not amused. “How am I supposed to go on working now?” she complained bitterly. “Once I sit down, your cum will ruin my dress!”

But Niall had thought of that! Producing a fresh pair of tights, he told her to change in the bathroom and bring him the dirty pair, which he eagerly departed with, his thick smile thinly veiled by their tantalizing proximity to his nose!

Later on when they were packing up, Polly caught Niall leaning over to sniff the wooden balustrade near the entrance and realized what he’d used her discarded tights for; he’d been busy polishing with them, and could smell his handiwork in the air!

She couldn’t help but wonder how often he did such things…

And she soon found out!

By the time a week had passed by, Polly had been inside more than thirty luxury properties, and she’d begun noticing how they all smelled of Niall’s cum! It was clear the guy had serious issues he was never going to confront and, even worse, his pillow talk was getting more adventurous…

He was starting to talk about crotchless tights!

By now, the thought of letting him penetrate her filled Polly with abject horror, not least because it was clear he’d bostancı escort bayan led quite a few girls down the same path; for it certainly wasn’t just her pussy juices she was smelling, lingering in the background of all those fine apartments! She figured that, while it might be perfectly true Niall was harmless, there was definitely a dark side to him which she didn’t want to explore any further, and so it was time to move on…

She decided that night would be the last she ever spent at Niall’s place.

But in bed, matters got awkward. The tights he laid out for her to wear were crotchless, and he wasted far less time than usual snuggling his bits against her legs and toes. Instead, he eagerly presented his bulging manhood for a full service, and before she knew what was happening, he was on top of her with his hardened cherry pushing down towards the lips of her tight little pussy!

Poor Polly! She didn’t know how to react, especially since, if things got awkward, she could all too easily find herself out on the streets in the early hours, where the rattling window warned of a wicked wind whipping up a storm across an already savage winter’s night.

Fortunately though, Niall had a wimpish lack of staying power! So she sneaked a hand under one part of the serrated gusset that passes for a garter on this type of crotchless tights, and rubbed the inch of sensitive flesh directly beneath his cherry, forcing him to fire off a full load of cream, quickly and without control, straight onto her belly.

His head sank towards her bosom in disappointment, but she cradled him, soothing him with platitudes about how the evening was yet young…

“Why not take a little nap?” she suggested. “And when you wake up, we’ll have another go!”

But naturally, there never was another go! By now, Polly was much wiser; she knew where Niall kept his valuables and, by the time he came round, she was long gone, with enough cash not only to spend the rest of the night in a nice hotel, but to easily tide her over till she could find another job.

And who knows what happened to Niall? Years later, Polly heard a friend of a friend say he got into serious trouble for stealing tights from the boudoirs of some of his rich customers. In consequence, his company went bust and he ended up in prison, where they gave him a rough time.

But of course, that could just be urban legend – or even wishful thinking!

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