Nephew’s Readjustment Pt. 09

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This story contains femdom, gay conversion, extreme humiliation, BDSM aspects, mind fucking and frankly, is fairly extreme. If you enjoy it, please check out Power Trip, by wally_west, who inspired this story. Comments, ideas and feedback are welcomed.


She watched his morning jerk off ritual. She imagined that with what she had put him through so far probably made it impossible for him to not wake up with an erection. He sat down and went for some heterosexual blowjob porn. He watched a few clips while jerking off with a few fingers. He was kind of hard, but it wasn’t really doing it for him. Several minutes passed before he gave in and grabbed his phone. He picked one of the videos she had sent him last night. One that was louder than the others, due to the noise that came from his slick lips going up and down a dick. He put the phone down, closed his eyes and masturbated for perhaps another minute before splattering a Kleenex with his cum.

Nicholas spent the rest of his morning in a lethargic daze it seemed. He lay down in bed, got up, checked a few websites, watched some TV. His mind was obviously in other places. The privacy he now believed he had was still new to him and exciting, but he was very much of mixed feelings on what he had done to get it. The way he started to think of himself was changing. He was having a difficult time even admitting he could be bisexual, but his thoughts couldn’t help but wonder. He shouldn’t feel shame over being bi. If he did… did that make his aunt right? Was he really that repressed? He was certain he still liked women, though they certainly didn’t seem to like him as much as men did. Even more, his aunt seemed to know how to push his buttons with just a few words. The things she said weren’t really true, not exactly, but they turned him on immensely, just as much as the things she had him do.

This only confused him further. He was horny, right then, but he knew his aunt had something in store for him. He knew it would be something very gay. He had come to understand that there was no point in guessing, because she always came up with something even worse than he could imagine. And he’d rather wait for that. His masturbation was one thing, but doing things with other men was even more exciting and those orgasms had been intense, almost worth the confusion and feelings of shame that felt very real.

He was ready and waiting outside as 2PM came around. He didn’t want to keep her waiting. He noticed once he was in her car, the way they were going was familiar. When he asked if they were going back to a certain store, she said. “Boutique Luv.” She said, going on “I’ve been speaking with that lady at the cash, remember her? The one who sold us your panties? Well, she’s convinced me they have a nice little thing going on this weekend for faggots. Even had to register you and pay and everything.”

He inquired further, but she just smiled at him, “Oh, nothing a little homo like yourself wouldn’t enjoy. I really hope you appreciate the effort and money I’m putting in here, Nicky. You could always just admit you’re gay and we could end this whole thing. I mean, I wouldn’t sleep with you then. My job wold be done. You’re sure going a long way to prove how gay you’re not. That makes me pretty sure about you being so repressed. Just another week, and I guess we’ll find out. Unless you want to admit something?” she asked coyly.

Nicolas marshaled up a false bravado “I admit I’m going to make you eat those words in a week.” He said. Cynthia was quite content with his confidence. It was going to make this evening better.

Once they had arrived, she mentioned that she wouldn’t be with him. This caused him some nervousness. She promised him it was just the rules, only the faggot could take part. But she’d be waiting for him outside, and she had approved of what was going to happen. In fact, she vigorously approved of it. After all, there was no event, it was something she had been setting up for weeks. After all, she needed quite a cast to fulfill the next step of her nephew’s conversion. He would start seeing men in a whole new light after this afternoon. She didn’t want to spoil the surprise, and walked in with him. She spoke with the person at the cash, someone different than last time, and was directed to the back of the store.

Nicholas followed her through a door marked “Employees Only”, down a hall with several doors. She stopped at one of the doors, number five and went in. She told him he had to be completely naked for this, yes, even including his panties. The room had bright, clear lighting, and a bed in the center, a large thing but cleanly made. There were sealed closets and a couple of chairs. Not to mention several cameras and microphones, to capture the whole thing in astounding quality, innocuously installed in the room. She would watch the whole thing from her car and imagined it would become one of her favorite memories. She told him not to be nervous, looked silivri escort at him very seriously and let him know he’d get the orgasms he needed.

Nicholas shivered as she left the room. He was just standing there, naked, his hands covering his genitals. The room was empty and he felt extremely self-conscious. Several minutes passed and his anxiousness increased. Thoughts of what might happen flooded his mind, and he nearly jumped when a door on the other side of the room opened. The last thing he was expecting was for Sydney to walk through the door.

She was wearing some kind of shiny body covering suit, latex he supposed. It had a small zipper up the center that didn’t cover her shoulders and showed the top of her breasts and a large phoenix tattoo that covered them. Her breasts were a B Cup at beast, and every curve of her body was hugged. Her hair was still bright pink on the left side and a bright turquoise on the opposite side, and her lip was pierced. She looked at him a moment, a glint of recognition in her eyes. “Oh, you. You’re the faggot that had to have his aunt come buy him panties. Your type always comes back, should’ve known.” She said.

This was different. It was one thing privately, when it was just him and his aunt. Or him and a man. Or when he was masturbating. This was a girl, a pretty one, who thought he was a faggot. His instincts kicked in and he spoke up “I’m not gay.” Making sure his hands covered his penis. Suddenly, he wanted to be anywhere else than where he was.

“Your aunt bought you panties here because you were messing hers up. That’s pretty gay, I think. I could tell right away, the second I laid eyes on you.” She stepped closer to him, and he could smell some kind of gentle perfume on her. “You’re saying I’m wrong?”

Nicholas nodded. He wasn’t gay. “I just… I like women too.” Was all that came out of him. How did he get here, defending his sexuality to this woman? She was barely his age, he thought. Not even as tall as him, if she took off those heels.

She laughed, and looked at him “Is that why you came here? Do you think I’m going to have sex with you?” she eyed him. She reached up and had a latex covered hand touch his cheek gently as she looked into his eyes “That maybe I’d touch you? Touch your dick, maybe even suck it?” She leaned in closer, whispering next to his ear “That maybe you could fuck me?”

Nicholas stood there, absolutely still. He was starting to get turned on, even with his being naked in front of her. He felt small, he realized he didn’t know what to do or what was expected of him, and felt extremely awkward. He had no clue what to do with a woman.

She stepped back, and knocked on the door she had entered from. In walked a wall of muscle. A male wall of muscle. A naked wall of muscle. Nicholas’ hands made sure to keep his genitals well covered, and he was happy that the swell of blood into his penis wasn’t noticeable. The man was perhaps six foot three, perhaps even six foot four. He was white though his skin was well bronzed, with a shaved head and a jaw line that was probably made with a chisel. The rest of him sort of exploded into view. His shoulders were nearly twice as wide as Nicholas’ and it looked like he lived inside the gym. Muscle bulged everywhere under flawless skin. He was most definitely a very serious weight lifter. He was the most muscular man Nicholas had ever laid eyes on, not an ounce of softness anywhere on him. The only thing that could be said to be soft was his cock, and Nicholas estimated that even soft, it had to be at least five inches of meat tube.

“Why” Sydney began, “would I have sex with you, when I could have sex with him?” The man just stood there, silently as she walked over to him, running her hands across his body. “Let’s see. I could fuck this man. Look at those abs! Look at that chest! Have you ever seen a better specimen of a man?” She reached down and gently lifted his cock in her palm. “And this. This is a cock. This is the type of thing I like inside me.” She dropped it, letting it flop against his leg.

She walked over to Nicholas, wrapping her hand around one of his arms. “Are you sure you’re a man? You don’t look anything like him.” She brushed his hands away from his genitals, only a slight resistance. Nicholas’ face was dark red with shame as his small penis was on display. She looked at it and burst out giggling “Really? That thing is what you thought I’d let near me? You sissy faggots crack me up. Looks like I’m going to have to teach you. Come here.” She said.

Nicholas did as instructed. He got closer to the man, his head barely came up to his neck. “Touch him.” Sydney asked, picking up one of Nicholas’ hands. She placed it on the man’s chest. His skin was warm to the touch and solid. More than solid, it was like pushing against a wall. Nicholas reached up with his other hand on his own, to feel the man’s abs, a living wall of muscle.

Nicholas şirinevler escort could feel excitement building in him. This was a man, he thought. Nicholas liked touching him. His hands started to roam, to squeeze around this muscle man’s biceps, his shoulders. Even his thighs were built, like a race horses. Nicholas held his breath as he reached down to feel the man’s dick. It was warm as well and felt heavy in his hand.

“You can’t touch me. I wouldn’t ever have sex with you. Honestly, you should be grateful your aunt is helping you out. Most women would rather spit on you than help you understand what you are. How does that cock feel in your hands?” she asked innocently.

Nicholas stood there, unwilling to let go, his own erection very obvious. The silence continued. She wanted an answer. “I like how it feels.” He said quietly. His penis throbbed. Sydney nodded at him, explaining “That’s because you’re a faggot. Because you like men. Because you wished you had something like that. But all you have is a little boy dick, isn’t that right?” she asked.

Again, the silence. The room was quiet despite the three people in it, and Sydney never took her eyes off his. “Yes.” He said quietly. Sydney leaned towards him, sticking out her ear “I couldn’t hear you, could you speak up please?” she asked in that same innocent voice. Something snapped in Nicholas and his voice rose “I have a fucking small dick, OK!?” He never let go of the man’s thick cock though. It was still mostly soft.

Sydney reacted in delight. “That’s right! You’re a little dicked faggot. I’ve seen my nephew’s cock at a pool party, and you’re about the same size. Except… he’s 8. And I can tell you, as a woman, we’re not exactly into sleeping with men who have undersized dicks. Or doing anything with them. Has that been your experience?” she questioned.

He couldn’t say anything. He also couldn’t let go of the cock in his hand, stirring. He looked at the large muscular man in front of him. He really did want to touch him more, where has his hands had roamed already wasn’t enough. Her question had him aware that he had yet to ever kiss a girl, let alone get close to sleeping with one, his few attempts having failed. Yet… here he was. With a man turning him on, going far further than he’d ever gone with a woman. And knowing his aunt, he’d be going even further. He tried to swallow it all, but his mind was having difficulty digesting it.

Sydney noticed this, and knew no answer was coming and took pity on him. “I know, you haven’t had any experience with women. Maybe the fact that you’re getting all horny holding a real man’s cock has something to do with it?” she asked, her voice full of honey. “Do you really think I’d have sex with you when I can have him? Did you think I could get turned on by you? What kind of mental gymnastics did you have to do for that to make sense to you?” she asked him.

Nicholas thought his aunt had made him feel more shame than he knew was possible. It seemed he was wrong because even though he couldn’t let go of this man’s cock, right now he wanted nothing more than to crawl in a hole for the rest of his life. She hadn’t just hit a nerve, she also stabbed it and shot it. She had seen right through him and played on his deepest fears. Nicholas was relatively young, and his bitterness over never having had any real relationship with a woman made him question his value. He perceived that any woman would be at best accepting of his endowments. None had ever given him the time of day. His dating profile attracted no attention. He had just assumed it would happen eventually. But, then his aunt came along and brought him into this messed up situation. He couldn’t deny he liked men. But to actually hear one say the private thoughts in his head out loud, things he was afraid to think was mortifying. More so that he was incredibly hard, he was very much enjoying this.

Sydney went on, “I think you’re the only one turned on here right now. And you got very excited when my friend here walked in. Maybe the reason you haven’t been able to get with a girl is because you want to get with a guy? Does this man turn you on?”

Nicholas simply nodded, he couldn’t find words.

“Do you think he’s sexy?” Another nod. “Do you want him to have sex with you?” A pause, then a nod. “Good, because you’re certainly not going to be getting any pussy. But I don’t think he’s very turned on. Do you think you could fix that someway?” she asked.

Nicholas reluctantly let go of the thickening appendage and was happy the carpeting was so comfortable as he sank to his knees. Sydney chuckled, “I like his cock too, but I think you might like it even more, fag. Make him nice and hard if you can. Worship his cock so it gets hard and he can stuff it in your ass.” She said with a hint of nastiness in her voice.

Nicholas needed no convincing. He pushed his face in between the man’s legs, deeply şişli escort inhaling the masculine scent. His balls were abnormally large as well and hairy. Nicholas licked them anyways, he dragged his tongue across the man’s nutsack. It was leathery and as his tongue scraped across, he could feel small bumps. He placed his hands on the man’s extremely muscular thighs as he dragged his tongue along their insides. Sydney’s friend’s cock was filling, coming to attention. Nicholas lowered his head, turning his face sideways so this fine specimen of cock lay across it. He imagined how gay he looked right now with a smile on his lips and a growing cock covering his cheek and eye and most of his forehead. He idly used one hand to rub himself.

Nicholas started planting little kisses on the thick mushroom head, then along the stiffening shaft. He reached up with one hand to angle it right as he press his lips against the tip and slowly pushed around it. His lips were being pulled inward, not letting his teeth get in the way. Even not completely hard, he couldn’t swallow it all. He used his hand to hold the base, the thickest part as he began a passionate blowjob. His reward came slowly but surely as his jaw was forceably stretched wider. This passed for several minutes until Nicholas was fairly sure the cock he was sucking couldn’t get bigger. It was an actual, real life ten inch dick. At one point, he’d tried to swallow it all, placing his hands on the wall of muscle’s ass. He instantly felt arousal, how firm and strong this man’s buttocks were. But he couldn’t get further than about two thirds before his gagging made it impossible, so he went back to half jerking him and half sucking him.

Sydney bent down on her knees until they were the same height. It was a signal, and the man finally acted, he reached out and palmed Nicholas’ head and pushed him down a good five inches on his shaft, keeping him there. Nicholas was barely able to breathe through his nose and cock was filling his mouth and pushing against his throat. Nicholas just rubbed himself harder.

“Wow, you are a gay one aren’t you, little fella? Not that you can answer with a face full of cock. As you can tell, my friend’s cock is pretty large, so I can see why you’re so excited. I don’t know if he’ll be able to cram it all the way up your ass. Maybe you knew that women couldn’t do this for you. I’d definitely call this pretty gay though.” When she stopped, the man let go.

Nicholas’ face was red both from the embarrassment he was feeling as well as choking on dick. He caught his breath and without instruction, went back to sucking dick. He was in the middle of his own shameful thoughts. He was acting gay so he could finally sleep with a woman. But he liked it, he was willing and even wanting it. It was a good back up, if he had bad luck with the ladies, well, he could always hook up with a guy, they weren’t bad at all. But what if he really never got to have sex with a woman? What would that mean? He shuddered and focused on the sensation of the cock in his mouth until Sydney stopped him.

“So, you like men, huh?” she asked casually.

“Yes, I like men.” He said meekly.

“I’ve rarely seen a knob polished with such devotion, so I’d say that was an understatement. Do you want him to slip his dick inside you and make you squirm?” she asked, keeping her tone the same.

“Yes. Please.” It was more of a question than a statement.

“Hump his leg. Then maybe he’ll fuck you.” She said.

“What!?” asked Nicholas. The thought turned him on greatly for a moment, but Sydney didn’t wait a second to respond, “Hump. His. Leg. He is a man, a real man, he’s worth ten of you. You’re the faggot who groped him and sucked his cock. Now you can hump his leg like the pathetic homo you are.” She said.

Nicholas didn’t know how to respond. She was right. He was pathetic in comparison with this model of masculinity. So why did he find it so damn hot? She wanted him to hump a man’s leg, like he was some kind of lowly horny animal. Once she had said it though, part of him wanted to do it. Wanted to revel in it. He felt shame fill him as he repositioned to the side of the man. He half crouched on the balls of his feet and placed a hand on his hip to steady himself as he inched closer. The instant his penis came in contact with the man’s leg he could feel it’s warmth. Its’ muscle. Awkwardly, Nicholas began using his hips to thrust, his penis rubbing up against the man’s thigh.

Sydney was nearby, with her own opinion on what was going on, “You thought you were going to have sex with me? Now you’re humping a guy’s leg. What made you think you could have sex with a woman? You’re just another little dicked gay boy. Be happy you get to act your disgusting gay urges out.” She said.

Nicholas kept humping. He wrapped an entire arm around the man’s thigh as he cried. He knew how he would look at anyone he knew did this and his shivering didn’t stop. Why was he crying and horny? His cum spewed up the man’s thigh. He hadn’t even moved yet. Nicholas clenched tightly and stayed still as he shot out another load.

“Ugh, you faggots always make such a mess. He was kind enough to let you treat his leg like a fire hydrant and you get it all dirty? Lick him nice and clean.” Sydney ordered him.

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