Neighbors, Family and Friends Ch. 02

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For Women

The story is set during the time from high school and concludes, in subsequent chapters, in 1990. The entire story contains group sex, some light bondage, female-female sex and incest. All characters are at least 18 years of age and the sex is always consensual. I had posted this story many years ago on another site and thought it would be good to bring it back with a few changes. Sorry it took so long for the second chapter. Hope you enjoy and please do not forget to vote.

I would suggest reading Chapter 1 to gain an awareness of the story line.


Leslie, Michelle and I entered the local night spot, “The Dragon” sometime around ten o’clock that evening. It was a time where you could drink at 18 and no one bothered to proof anyone at the door.

The music was blasting as we were lead to a table toward the back of the room. Far enough away from the music to be deafening but close enough to be able to get onto the dance floor and enjoy ourselves. As I previously mentioned, I was born with two left feet and was hoping that I would not embarrass myself in front of these two super looking ladies.

As we sat down we were joined by a few guys and girls, all who probably traveled in the same social circles as Leslie and Michelle. I recognized them from school, but had little interaction with them.

Introductions were made; I can’t recall the names now and probably couldn’t remember them a few minutes after the introductions were made as I was still mesmerized by the beauty of the two girls who came with me.

Leslie tried to get me to dance, but I begged off once, then a second time and finally she dragged me up onto the floor. I was thankful that the dance floor was very crowded so my spastic movements were not evident as the band kept getting louder. That and the fact that I was still salivating watching Leslie move on the dance floor made things tolerable. Every move she made seemed to be choreographed. The way she moved her hips, her ass, the bouncing of her braless tits certainly got a rise out of me. Then the fast dance music stopped and Elton John’s “Your Song” picked up where the other music stopped.

Leslie did not give me a chance to leave the floor as she grabbed me and through her arms around my neck. She proceeded to grind her body into mine, surely feeling my now stiffening cock pushing into her body. Then she did something that stopped me cold. She raised her short shirt a few inches in front and proceeded to dry hump me. She had no underpants on as I discovered when I reached behind her and grabbed her buns to push her closer to me. I took a quick step back, smiled and did not say anything.

“I never wear panties when I go out partying” was her quick response to the look I had given her.

I pulled her closer, tilted her head slightly, and she met me half way as we began to kiss. She fucked my mouth with her tongue and I did the same, all while I was grinding into her. At one point I was afraid that I would cum in my pants. That’s how much she turned me on. Similarly, she kept moaning, softly at first then louder as she began to hump me with more force. Once again, we were lucky that the dance floor was crowded with couples who were doing something similar with their partners. The song ended not a moment too soon. As it did Leslie dragged me off the floor and shoved me toward the steps.

The steps lead to what must have been a private part of the club as she knew every nook and cranny in the place. She opened one door, shoved me in and then locked us in. She turned the light on and I saw a bed, mirror and small wash station. “I’m so fucking hot; I’ve got to feel that cock in my cunt.”

With that she pushed the hem of her dress up above her hips showing me her bush of fluffy auburn hair. Like her mother, she trimmed the edges to fit her bikini, but otherwise she had a very hairy fur lined slit. I moved closer and pushed the dress up and over her head to reveal her tits. Perfect sized tits capped by log very hard nipples. I pushed her down on the bed, spread her legs and while I did not bother to undress, I dove face first into her cunt.

The smell was intoxicating. sultangazi escort Unencumbered by panties, her bush was not matted but framed her cunt lips with her clit just starting to peak out from its hood. I pushed her legs apart and began with some soft kisses on the inside of her thighs. At the same time I reached up and began to play with her tits. Rubbing and squeezing them enough to elicit a moan from Leslie’s mouth. After much teasing from me and much pleading from her, I finally reached her cunt. The lips were parted as an effect of my foreplay. I first licked up her slit then down, repeated this a few times when I was finally rewarded by getting her clit to be on display in its full glory.

“Enough, enough teasing Allan. Please lick me then fuck me.” For a few minutes I did that. I loved watching her hips undulate to movement of my tongue. Her breathing was coming in shorter gasps, moaning louder as I continued to please her. She was getting closer to cumming when I abruptly stopped, moved to wear her head was, pulled down my zipper and took out my cock. As Leslie began to suck my cock, I inserted two fingers into her cunt and began to finger-fuck her.

Leslie was on fire. She was humping my hand and sucking my cock. As she began to turn her moaning into screaming, I pushed tow fingers further up her cunt and took my thumb and moved it back and forth on her clit.

“Oh, more, faster, faster. Harder, please harder” Leslie cried out after removing her mouth from my now very hard cock. I did what I was told and was given the pleasure of seeing Leslie totally lose it as she came very hard.

“Yes, oh yes I’m cummming, cumming, cumming. Yes, yes, fuck yes.”

And with that she exploded and reached for my cock. I gave her very little time to recover as I moved to the edge of the bed, lifted her legs on my shoulders and stuck my cock into her sopping wet cunt. Her bush was matted and her pussy was soaking wet.

“Fuck me, fuck me Allan. Please no teasing, give me a good fucking.”

Just like her mom, Leslie loved to fuck. I had her going again and decided to take her from behind. I turned her over, lifted her ass, pushed her face into the bed and speared her from behind. As wet as she was, I had no problem going deep into her cunt.

“Harder. It feels so good, so good.”

This went on for no more than five minutes when I announced, “I’m cumming, cumming.”

“In my cunt, I want to feel you squirt in my cunt. Give it to me.”

I did just that, exploding to what must have felt like gallons of cum into Leslie’s drenched hairy cunt. After I was spent, I crashed onto her back, rolled over onto the bed and turned Leslie to me.

“My mom was right. You are a great fuck. I haven’t cum so hard in years. Your cock was magic.”

After resting for about thirty minutes we moved back to the club’s main floor only to find all of the people who had joined us at the table, except for Michelle, had left.

“Did he fuck you?” Michelle asked nonchalantly.

“Thoroughly and it was the best fuck I ever had. He had me cumming from the minute his tongue found my clit” was the way Leslie responded.

By now, it was close to midnight and although the club was still hopping, Leslie said, “Let’s go home. My parents are also away for the weekend. They decided at the last minute to go to their Key West house. Your mom is going with them as well.”

The thoughts of my mom spread out on the bed of Leslie’s parents nude, her hairy bush glistening from the workout she was going to get from both Sandy and her husband, Michael was almost too much to imagine. The vision of my mom getting royally fucked and sucked had me getting hard again.

Leslie must have been reading my mind. “Yeah, my parents are really going to keep your mom worked up all weekend. She loves my dad’s dick and my mom loves the taste of her cunt. Your mom especially loves it when my mom finger-fucks her while eating her out. I think they have a few surprises for her as well.”

Leslie jumped in the front seat of my car and Michelle climbed into the back. Just as I was pulling taksim escort out of the parking lot, Michelle shifted to the middle of the seat and raised her skirt above her waist. From the rearview mirror I saw he sodden hairy bush. She began to play with herself. She was a true blonde with her pussy hair really thick.

“Like what you see?” Michelle asked.

“Both of you are going to get us killed. How am I supposed to concentrate on driving when there are two pussies exposed?”

“If you think this is sexy,” Leslie said, as she turned around and pushed two fingers into Michelle’s exposed cunt. “Michelle loves it when I play with her pussy. I can make her cum just by touching her clit, going back and forth. But, I like to build her to a great climax so I finger-fuck her for a while then just rub her clit between my two fingers and in no time, I’ll have her screaming. Want to see?”

Before I could answer, and while trying to concentrate my effort on the road, Leslie placed two fingers into Michelle’s cunt and began to slowly, at first, moving them in an out causing Michelle to hump back moaning, eyes closed, concentrating on the pleasure her friend is giving her. Leslie picked up the pace and Michelle did all that she could to keep her ass on the seat. She pulled her dress down from the top and began to pinch her distended, hard nipples. Her tits were huge.

“Wait for her signal that she is ready to cum” Leslie said.

“What signal?” I replied.

“You will know it when you hear it.”

Sure enough, three more minutes of finger fucking and Michelle was really wailing.

“Please, my clit, touch my clit. I need to cum. Please Leslie, make me cum.”

With that Leslie began to rub Michelle’s clit between her thumb and forefinger applying just enough pressure to drive Michelle over the edge.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’m cumming,” Michelle screamed. I peaked into the rear view mirror and Michelle’s ass was off the seat, her hands were still busy with her nipples and with a great scream came and came a second time.

Michelle curled up in the back seat and Leslie reached for my cock through my pants.

“We’ll be at your house in five minutes. Please wait so I can live to enjoy this.”

Leslie did not remove her hand from my crotch, but she stopped rubbing my cock.

We made it home and Michelle had to be helped into Leslie’s bedroom by both of us. She seemed to recover quite nicely once we got her into bed. Leslie took off her dress and helped Michelle remove hers. Michelle had a rack on her. Probably 38 DD’s to go with her slim figure topped by a mass of curly, thick blonde hair on her cunt.

Not waiting or wanting any preliminaries Leslie blurted out, “I need your cock in my cunt now!”

While Michelle was nude lying on her bed, propped up against her headboard, I turned Leslie over and entered her from behind. Her cunt was on fire. She came almost immediately after my cock entered her.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck I’m cumming. Too soon, too soon.”

I wasn’t going to stop fucking her even after she came. I continued to plow away at her cunt. She was face down near her friend’s cunt. I pushed her up to where Michelle was laying; her legs splayed idly playing with her pussy.

“You ever had your cunt eaten by Leslie?” I ask Michelle.

“No, all we ever do is finger-fuck each other” came Michelle’s reply.

“Get ready for a first.”

With that, I pushed Leslie’s head into Michelle’s hairy cunt while continuing to plunge my cock into Leslie’s cunt. We were like a well tuned marching band. My cock was going in an out of Leslie while she was thoroughly engrossed in eating Michelle’s cunt.

“Right there, oh yeah, right there, Leslie. Your tongue is just perfect on my clit. I can’t believe we haven’t done this before,” exclaimed Michelle.

It took us all of five minutes before we all came, one right after the other. Michelle came first and my orgasm trigged Leslie’s.

We all slept soundly in Leslie’s bed.

About ten the next morning I turned over and saw that Leslie was not in bed, but Michelle topkapı escort was just about to get out when I reached for her.

“I never did get to fuck you last night and I’m hard as nails,” moving the cover back to reveal my cock standing at attention.

Michelle moved back to the bed and lowered herself on my cock. She road me and as she did I was able to play with those magnificent tits. Kneading them, rolling the hard nipples, Michelle was equally as vocal as Leslie during sex.

After a few minutes I turned Michelle around into a reverse cowboy position and began to thrust my cock deep into her cunt. To me there is nothing sexier than to be below your partner in this position, especially when Leslie had a mirror on her ceiling. Seeing a woman splayed out legs apart, cunt and full bush exposed as you drive your cock in and out of her cunt is something special.

Michelle was very excited, her cunt juices dripping onto my cock. Her breathing was fast, moaning all the while my cock hit her most intimate places. Little did I know that Leslie had returned to the bedroom. Seeing her friend in that condition, hips thrusting to capture as much cock as possible, wailing away about ready to cum, Leslie moved closer and began to lick Michelle’s sensitive nub that was sticking out from her mat of pubic hair.

Leslie’s skillful mouth produced the desired result, “I’m cumming, cumming, fuck I love to cum, cumming on your cock. Come on cum with me, in my cunt, in my cunt” Michelle directed me.

I too, was panting and yelled, “Here it comes. I’m cumming, cumming.”

Michelle collapsed on me with Leslie proud of being able to help her friend get off.

The rest of the summer was more of the same, but more so with Leslie than Michelle. A short time after our first get together, Michelle left the area to take a class closer at Emory which is where she was going to start college in the fall.

Leslie and I continued to develop our relationship both in and out of bed. And while the sex was great, the other parts of the relationship developed even more than expected. The relationship prospered, the sex was great. I even got to see Leslie join in when I fucked my mom. I thought we were falling in love and I had anticipated continuing the relationship in the fall when we were both going to attend the same college in New York.

We had talked about the dorms at NYU and regardless of which ones where we were to be placed; we could continue our budding romance. About a week before we were to leave for school, at dinner at a great steak house she blurted out, “I’m not going to NYU. I’m not sure school in a big city is what I want. I’ve been accepted into Dartmouth and I leave in two days.”

I felt as though I had been punched in the stomach by Muhammad Ali.

“Why, I thought you were all set to go to school with me?”

“I can’t. We will be in the same area, I can visit you or you visit me, it’s only a five hour ride, but I wanted a school not located in a big city. I just found out yesterday. Please don’t hate me.”

“I could never hate you. Let’s see how things go and see when we can get together once we are settled in.”

Both of us did not feel like ending the evening in bed. I dropped her off at her house, came by two days later to say goodbye. At first we burned up the phone lines talking to each other almost every day. Than the calls became less frequent and finally, the day came when I figured out that the relationship would not survive the distance between the schools.

I did visit Leslie at Dartmouth. She seemed very happy and was able to get her roommate to be out of the room for the weekend. Unfortunately, the sparks were not there. It was sex with no feeling. I came back from the visit and a few days later Leslie called. The conversation was brief.

“I know it’s difficult for us being so far apart. Listen, if you want to go out with other girls I would understand.”

We said goodbye on the phone and that was the last time I spoke to Leslie until the reunion.


In the next chapter, which will be listed under the Incest heading, you will find out about my mom’s trip down to Key West with Leslie’s parents and what caused my mom and me to have some very satisfying sex which also included Leslie.

Please vote. Comments are always appreciated. Feel free to mark me down as one of your Favorite Authors.

-NY Boss August 2010

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