Neighbors Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Surprise During Dinner

We had just started dinner at my next-door neighbor’s house when the front door slammed and the sound of heavy footsteps thumped up the stairs. We looked questioningly at our host, who told us it was probably his nineteen-year-old son Jason coming home from football practice at the local college. He commented that Jason always sounded like a herd of elephants. He seemed a little irritated, I guess because he did such a careful job making dinner nice and now it was being disturbed by the sounds from above.

Indeed, Jack had outdone himself, we were enjoying a turkey which had been cooked to perfection and a bunch of the traditional trimmings. The table was set elegantly and there was soft classical music coming from somewhere in the house.

There were about eight of us there, all guys. I at 27 was the youngest and our host, in his late 40’s was the oldest. This was a sort of pre-Thanksgiving dinner for our little neighborhood association. We took turns having dinners, yard parties, etc. On the various holidays. This was Jack’s first turn at being host and it was clear he wanted to make a good impression. It was also my first “outing” since my neighbor had told me about it, assuring me they always had a good time.

Eventually the shower started and the thumping around stopped. The conversation changed from teenage antics to other things and Jack’s good nature returned. After a while, the shower stopped. After a few minutes, we heard Jason holler “dad!” a few times. Jack looked annoyed but did not answer. After a few more attempts to get his dad’s attention did not work. We chuckled amongst ourselves that maybe Jason got some part of his anatomy stuck in the drain, when there was a sound like thunder as Jason stampeded down the stairs and shouted “Dad there’s no…” and his words stopped as he burst into the dining room, naked and dripping wet with a horrified look on his face to see the table of guys looking at him in amusement and interest.

Nobody reacted for a few seconds, then Jason covered his ample privates with both hands and turned about eight shades of red. “Towels,” he whispered. Jack’s choice of hue for the moment was purple, it was clear that he was livid that his son had not noticed the extra cars or remembered that this was the day of the party. Jason turned to leave the room, when Jack, in a calm, steely tone ordered him to stay put.

“You’re dripping. Stay there and I find you a towel. You were supposed to wash them and put them away yesterday. This…” he addressed us, “is my son Jason, who is going to learn a lesson about manners tonight.”

He strode from the room and Jason stood there, dripping and mortified, as the guests tried not to stare at his beautiful naked body. We didn’t try particularly hard. Jason had a very tight dark crew cut, his father’s blue eyes, and a hunky, smooth-as-marble physique that tapered from broad shoulders to a narrow waist. He was tanned almost butterscotch, and his crotch and bubble butt were pale in comparison. He had very little body hair, just a soft patch around his groin and some fuzz on his ankles. His penis was at least seven inches, fat and cut and despite his efforts to hide it we all got a peek.

We nervously went about eating, making attempts at conversation until Jack returned to the room a few moments later with a small towel. Jason reached for it, but Jack tossed the towel to me. “Would you please dry my son off? I would do it myself but I am neglecting the guests.” I was too stunned to argue, as Jason did not protest but stepped obediently nearer to the piano bench I was using as a chair. The towel was little more than a washrag, and I looked at Jack questioningly. “He did not do the laundry yesterday, so that’s all that was clean.”

Shrugging, I stood up and first dried Jason’s broad back and shoulders. His muscles felt solid and warm under his smooth, wet skin. I worked my way down his back to the beautiful buns, then walked around his front and started on his pecs, taking one in my bare hand as I carefully wiped the other one. I worked slowly, enjoying this too much to hurry. Everyone else at the table had all but stopped eating and was watching the activity with interest.

As I got down to Jason’s washboard belly, I could see that his penis was swelling a little in response to the toweling. He was trying to hide it and looked embarrassed as hell when I caught his eye. Jack missed nothing, and was merciless. “Jason, put your arms up so he can dry under them.”

Jason gulped and raised his arms. His penis lifted slightly away from his balls and plumped. I quickly dried his armpits, which were obviously shaved smooth to my surprise.

Saving the best for last, I knelt behind Jason and worked my way up his slightly furred, tan legs to his butt. The sight was absolutely rock hard, baby smooth and delicious looking! “Make sure that gets dry,” Jack instructed. I dutifully nudged Jason’s legs apart and wiped down his tasty silivri escort buns with the towel, gently reaching in between and under them. Through a single thickness of cloth my fingers very subtly explored his curves. I noticed that there was no hair to speak of between his buns or behind his balls and I got a quick peek of his rosebud.

“Are you sure he’s dry there? He’s never careful about that.” Jack volunteered. I Wondered how he knew such intimate details about his son’s toilet habits. “Check with your hand!” He ordered.

Too stunned to argue, I felt Jason’s velvety buns and between them with my bare hand. His skin was exquisite, and I explored for a moment more than was needed since I had his father’s invitation. My fingers gently probed the firm crease between his buns and touched the little pucker, sending a shiver through his youthful body.

“He seems to be dry,” I reported “You forgot something,” Jack pointed out, and Jason sheepishly turned around to remind me that I had yet to dry his groin. My careful drying and examination of his behind had caused his penis to inflate fully to at least eight full inches, pointing right at my face. His crotch hair was carefully trimmed to a minimum and made a neat triangle. Some involuntary gasps from the other guests greeted this beautiful sight.

Resting my other hand gently on the boy’s washboard abs, I took the towel and carefully dried his balls and around them, finishing off by wrapping the towel around his penis and wiping it carefully. I could feel it throb through the towel and gave it a little squeeze of admiration.

“Make sure he’s good and dry.” Jack ordered. “I have warned him that hair traps wetness which is not healthy, but he insists that he would be too embarrassed at school if his crotch was shaved.”

As I explored Jason’s crotch with my hand, I was very curious about Jack’s preoccupation with his son’s body. I took the opportunity to the max, even taking his rock-hard penis in my hand and gently caressing it dry. Jason took a deep breath but did not resist my touch in the slightest.

“Now Jason, go around the table and introduce yourself to each guest and apologize for disturbing our dinner,” Jack commanded. Jason introduced himself to me, shaking my hand, and apologized formally. I assured him that I was not bothered in the least and was glad to meet him, as I wiped imaginary drops of water off his nipple.

As he approached the next guest, Jack invited him to make sure I had done a thorough job and not missed any wet spots on Jason’s body. Ted, a landscaper in his thirties, dutifully lifted Jason’s arms and ran his hand across his smooth-shaven armpits, checking for wetness. Jason shivered.

Carl chose to use his finger to wipe a drop from Jason’s tiny “innie” navel, while his other hand cupped one of the youth’s rock-hard buns. Gary slid away from the table and had Jason lean against it as he carefully dried his feet, something I had neglected to do. Mike spread his legs and had Jason sit on the chair between his legs, pressing his crotch against the boy’s bare butt as used his own comb to fix the boy’s spiky hair, his other hand exploring the boy’s belly and chest.

Phil had Jason lean on the table with legs spread, carefully examined Jason’s ass for any remaining drops, gently pulling the boy’s buns apart and running his finger down the crack. Mark, not to be outdone, carefully stroked the boy’s cock and balls, although I had made sure both those areas were completely dry!

Jason was still beet-red with embarrassment but did not resist any of the men’s hands on his beautiful jock body. “Now, Jason, sit here and have some dinner,” his father ordered.

Jason looked for a chair, but Jack motioned that he should sit next to me on the piano bench. Jason hesitantly spread the towel on his side of the bench and sat down. There was not really enough room on it for both of us, and as I was lefty and he was righty, we bumped elbows a little as we tried to eat.

Finally, at Jack’s recommendation, I put my fork in my right hand and dropped the other beneath the table where it landed on Jason’s bare thigh. He started but did not comment as I curled my fingers around the solid muscle and kept it there as the conversation and eating resumed. Subtly, as the dinner went on, Jason spread his legs a little until his thigh was against mine. I ever- so- slowly moved my hand up his thigh until it was about a quarter-inch from his now- somewhat- soft penis. My touch had caused some involuntary reaction on his part, and soon the big piece of meat was pressing insistently against my hand. I teasingly stroked it with one finger, causing Jason to gulp on a piece of food but he said nothing.

Soon his proud erection was at full staff again. Jack noticed this, and directed Jason to refill everyone’s water glass. Jason gulped, and got up from the table with his big cock leading the way. As he made his way around, several şirinevler escort guys took liberal feels of his muscular body as Jack pointed out some of Jason’s accomplishments on the football and wrestling teams. He commented on his son the way a farmer might talk about a horse or cow, and as fun as this was, I felt sorry for the boy. He said very little, answering when asked and allowing the guests to explore his body without complaint.

Mark, who was into piercing, teased one of Jason’s nipples and asked if the youth had considered a nipple ring. “I would not allow him to mark himself that way,” Jack answered for the boy, as Mark explored his meaty pecs with both hands. “He is beautiful the way he is, and something that is trendy now will make him sorry later. I agreed to the earrings, but that’s enough.”

“What about down here?” Mark said, caressing Jason’s erection. Jason shivered noticeably. Jack shook his head and said, “That is out of the question, I could not stand the sight of it.” To my surprise, Jack gently took Mark’s hand off Jason’s dick and — with a push on the boy’s rump — steered him back in my direction.

I wondered how much time Jack spent looking at Jason’s penis as the jock returned to my side. I put my hand rather proprietarily in Jason’s lap again, and — to my delight — he silently guided my hand back around his cock. Jack and Ted both noticed this and grinned at me. I was feeling more and more enamored of this submissive, 19-year old guy who seemed to enjoy my company the best.

When dinner was done, we made moves to clean up and Jack told us to stay put, and Jason dutifully cleared the table. He seemed to be getting comfortable naked in a room full of clothed men, and their appreciative eyes followed his flawless bod around the room. The guys continued to take free grabs now and then and Jason seemed to be getting more good-natured about it, but I noticed that he moved more quickly away from the others than me.

Afterwards, the group moved to the rec. room to watch a videotape of one of Jason’s wrestling matches. Jason remained nude in the kitchen washing up the last of the dishes, and I finally went in and offered to dry. Since we were alone, I decided to get his take on what happened. “Jason, that was a pretty wild scene, I hope we didn’t embarrass you.”

He smiled at me, “Well I screwed up, and my dad wants me to be respectful so he shows me how.”

“Well, I don’t have kids, but I never saw someone get punished like that before.”

“It’s not punishment,” Jason corrected me gently, his young man’s voice was getting to me. “He just teaches me that I need to respect my elders.”

“Respecting them means letting them touch you?”

“If that’s what it takes. I need to be reminded sometimes that I am not the big man on campus when I am home, so my dad has his friends help me understand.”

This was very intriguing and sort of disturbing to me, so I changed the subject. “Are you naturally that smooth?”

“No I would have some hair, but my dad thinks a lot of hair causes body odor if you are very active. My friends think it’s kind of funny, so he lets me keep the hair around my dick if I keep myself clean and dry. He checks it all the time, and he had my coach do it after gym class in high school.”

“So he makes you shave?”

“No he has his friend who is a barber do it.”

I pondered this, wondering where one found a barber that did whole-body shaves and a coach that did pelvic exams, but I had a lot of questions for this amazing boy whose father seemed to like to share him with the world.

“Don’t you get embarrassed when a lot of different men are looking at your body and touching you?”

He smiled at me. “Sometimes, but my dad believes I was given a gift and that the right thing to do is share it. People watch me wrestle wearing just a singlet, and I’m getting touched all over then. This isn’t that much different.”

“Well we sure appreciated the show today, I can tell you that.” I playfully snapped the towel on his butt, causing him to let out a yelp.

“I had fun too, I’m glad you joined the group. Most of these guys are a lot older than me and don’t understand me that well; I feel like you do.”

“I’d like to learn, if you’ll give me the chance.”

“No problem, man. You will make a cool neighbor, and I’m glad ’cause you have a pool!.” He grinned at me.

“Well you can use it, on one condition” I teased him.

“Which is…?” he grinned knowingly

“You guessed it, you have to swim naked, and I get to dry you off!” I squirted him with the vegetable sprayer from the sink, and he laughed and jumped away, but not fast enough. He grinned and handed me a towel. “Better start practicing!”

I had him sit on the counter and I carefully wiped the water from his fantastic chest again with my hands and the towel, finishing his smooth belly and then gently wiping down his crotch. His şişli escort dick was rock hard again, and I explored it freely with my hand, teasing the velvet tip with my thumb.

“You really like my body, don’t you?” he marveled. “It ain’t all that!”

“I sure do, and I don’t get to do something like this very often!”

“Well get used to it, I take a lot of showers!” he teased. I took his face in my hands and looked into his gorgeous eyes. He smiled at me and I daringly, kissed him once on the mouth. He gently but insistently responded, and the kiss was exquisite. He laughed and hugged me.

We went into the rec. room where everyone was enjoying seeing a half-naked Jason pin another cute guy to the mat. There was not much room left on the big sectional sofa, but I found a spot and pulled Jason back against my chest, wrapping my arms around his body. One hand rested on his flat, tight belly and the other gently cupped a pec. He seemed totally relaxed and comfortable in my arms, and Jack looked approvingly in our direction. Jason’s dick rose and fell several times as I held him but I decided to give him a break from all the sexual attention.

The other guys seemed good-naturedly jealous that the star attraction of the night took such a shining to me. Jack seemed thrilled. Jason dozed in my arms, and little by little the guys left, soon it was just Jack and me and the sleeping boy. I was more than a little tired myself, but was also extremely content with the beautiful youth snuggled against me.

“Jason really seems to like you,” Jack observed. “I’m glad, because I think he needs someone closer to his age to look up to.”

“Well I would certainly like to be of any help I can, he’s a great kid, and I enjoyed meeting him.”

“You could be a lot of help,” Jack agreed. “I have my hands full with his younger brother right now, and Jason needs some guidance from someone I trust. I would be very grateful.”

“Well I will do my best if he is receptive.”

“I’m sure he will be, he seems to like you a lot.”

“I like him too. I am just wondering how you would feel if our like turned into something more.”

“I am hoping that it will! He is ready to give himself to someone who will appreciate him, and I want him to have that companionship. I prefer someone a little older because boys his age are still not ready to give him what he needs.”

“Which is?”

“You will figure that out as you get to know him. Sometimes he just needs a little reminder like tonight’s that he is not god, and that he needs to show respect in order to get it.”

“No offense, but I have trouble understanding how the men tonight — myself included — were respecting him when they were touching him.”

“I know that, but it is a lesson in humility when his ego gets out of hand.”

“I see, I guess. But if I become physical with him, I would prefer that others are not touching him in that way.”

“That will be up to you. You may feel differently later, but if you don’t I will respect it.”

“I appreciate your confidence! I wonder if you will be surprised by the way I handle Jason, however.”

“You handle him the way you think is best.”

With that, I nuzzled Jason’s ear with my mouth and gently stroked his chest. “Wake up!” Jack watched with interest as Jason responded to my actions by stretching and offering me his mouth. I kissed him gently, then pushed him gently down next to me on the couch and stretched out next to him, my hands still caressing his body. I proceeded to sweep my hands lightly his whole front again until he was quite aroused, then gently took his penis in my hand. With my other hand, I felt gently beneath his balls to explore his butt, and found that tight little hole I had seen before.

Jason arched his butt towards me, and I teased his anus as I stroked his dick. His father watched in interest as I slowly brought his son to a well-earned orgasm. When he came, Jason moaned, stretched and shot his seed all over his beautiful tummy. I licked it off hungrily, and it tasted good!

Jason looked nervously at his father, who said nothing, then at me. “Jason, you earned that!” I rubbed his clean belly and waited for father and son to reconcile what had taken place.

“Son, what do you say to your new friend?”

Jason grinned at me, “Thanks! No one ever did that for me before!”

“It was my pleasure!”

“I’m glad you both liked it, because I would like you to take care of Jason’s needs from now on.” Jack declared. “Jason, I think you are old enough to be a responsible companion, and you will do as you are told just as you do with me.”

“I think that would be great, Dad.” Jason grinned. I was surprised that he was so content to have his fate decided by others, but was not about to complain.

“Well I am going to bed,” Jack said. Take him upstairs and return the favor if he wants you to, then I want you both to get a good night’s sleep.” Jason took my hand and led me upstairs. He indeed returned the favor, gently but expertly sucking my dick and then offering his phenomenal butt to first my mouth, then my finger, then my dick.

We fell asleep with my face buried between his pecs and his arms around me, and I woke up the same several hours later; everyone else was still asleep.

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