Neighbors Ch. 01: Window to Paradise

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“Window of Paradise”

The Widow Jane

The still night air was muggy, causing a sheen of sweat on her naked body as she lay on her bed. It had become a ritual in her lonely life. Lying naked on her bed sliding her favorite black vibrator in and out of her drenched, shaved cunt. If anyone knew they would wonder why she shaved it any more since no man had touched it in the five years since her last boyfriend left. “I’m sorry, Jane. I’m just not into the commitment thing.” He had said as he was packing up. She had tried to give him enough reason to stay. She had joined him and his friends at swingers parties. She had let him watch as his friends fucked her on several occasions. She’d been available for him whenever he needed sex and she had secretly loved every minute of it, though she did not tell him that. But at fifty-five she needed some kind of commitment. She needed to know there was some kind of future. So she pressed him. And he left. And none of his friends ever came around or invited her anywhere either.

“Fuck ’em,” she thought.

She had her fantasies and her toys. She kept sliding the shaft deeper and deeper till her hand was hitting the huge clit at the top of her slit on every stroke. Her first orgasm was often the best one. When it hit, she groaned aloud, unaware that she was being heard.

Lucas Brown stood quietly outside the open window. He had been there since she got in the shower because he was well aware of her ritual. He had first happened by Jane’s house by accident. Just trying to be a good neighbor, the handsome twenty-five-year-old had come to ask if she needed any help with yard work or anything.. Luke and his father lived a few doors down the block. His mother died of an aneurism when he was twelve. Despite being a handsome athlete in school Luke had never really had a serious relationship with a girl. He guessed the bar had just been set too high. His mother was so special. He was canvassing the block one night to see if there were any summer jobs available helping the neighbors. Jane had not answered the door but her light was on. He had decided to go around to the back door to see if she might hear his knock. As he passed by the window on the side of the house he heard her. He stopped and looked around. The side of the house was shielded from the street by trees and there were shrubs near the window. No one would know, he thought. He crept behind the shrub and looked in carefully.

“God, she’s beautiful,” he thought.

As beautiful as his mother. That night she had been lying flat, naked and revealing. Her legs were spread open and he could see that she had shaven her pubic hair completely off. Her bald mound stood out provocatively, especially to the young inexperienced boy. He had watched her hands go to her center and move slowly over her bald flesh. His hand moved to his flesh too. It was intoxicating. He came in his pants, and then he felt bad and went home. He dreamt of her all night. A couple of days later he went back after dark and her light was on again. That was the first time he watched her with the vibrator. He watched it going in and out. He watched her float it over her clitoris. He saw her clitoris grow and stand out proudly from the glistening core of her sex. He came twice that night. And he had come back every night he could since then.

But this night she was different.

“Maybe she’s had something to drink,” he thought.

She was talking, as if she had company. Talking to an imaginary lover. She was moaning as she slid the shaft in and out. When she pulled it out she licked it clean before letting the tip dance over her clitoris, and she actually cried out “Yes. Suck it for me.”

Luke imagined it was him sucking on her huge clitoris, making her moan sweet cries of passion. That she was thirty years older than him mattered not. It was the most erotic moment of his life up to that point. He had no idea it would pale to what else he would experience with this amazing woman. These nights continued for several weeks.

Then, one night, Jane heard him cough. She stopped. Her focus shifted and she thought she heard movement outside her window. Things she never was aware of in her arousal. Strangely, though, she was not scared, nor even maltepe anal escort angry. What was it she felt? My god, she realized. She was excited. She liked it, being watched. From that point on she began to be even more provocative, and more verbal. She found herself smiling, hoping she was turning her voyeur on as much as she was herself.

Weeks went by and Jane found ways to sneak peeks at the window. And finally one night, she looked at just the right moment. They were looking right in to one another’s eyes. She never flinched. And neither did he. She kept her hand moving, the vibrator going in and out, the tip dancing on her clit. Aware that his eyes were taking in every movement. She drew her knees up and spread her legs as wide as she could get them, revealing her entire core to him. He was standing now, no longer hiding in the shadows of the shrub. He was standing boldly, filling her window with his face and his chest. She could tell the movements his hand made, that h

e was unashamedly stroking his own shaft. They came together looking straight into each other’s eyes. It was electric. She might have been ashamed, or humiliated in front of someone else, but somehow she did not feel that with this young man. She might have felt violated, having been spied on, but it was a bit late for that as she had continued to play with herself weeks after she suspected that she was being watched. Instead she felt alive.

She was sure now who he was. The shy kid from down the block. But for the next two nights he was not there. She was disappointed. She kept watching for him. God she wanted him to be there. She cursed herself for scaring him away. Then, on the third night, he was back. No hiding anymore. He coughed softly to let her know of his presence. They stared at each other for a moment. Then she pulled her legs back in the same wide open pose and stroked her hand through her slit. And she smiled at him. It made him light headed. He suddenly looked down and was working feverishly to get his fly open and his cock out. Then his eyes returned to her, her beauty, her sensuality, her flesh. That night he watched her orgasm over and over. He never got tired of watching her writhe in pleasure from her orgasms. He wished he could be a part of them, more so than he was by watching. He wished he could feel them, taste them, share them.

During the day his college classes demanded attention. He tried to focus but it was unbearable. During lectures he found himself dreaming. Dreaming of standing at that window, stroking and watching the most erotic woman he could ever imagine. At least once a day he would retreat to a men’s room stall to stroke himself off. But the intense need came back all too soon. He would look around at all the girls in class and on the campus lawn. Girls that every other college guy would call “hot”. They held no interest to him. They seemed immature and self-absorbed, snobbish. When he talked to any of them, which was rare, they seemed only interested in trivial, inconsequential bullshit. No, his interests had become more sophisticated, more focused. He now had a passion in his life, one that he intended to pursue with his entire being.

When he and his father shared dinner, which was usually the case, he did his best not to think about her. When his father wasn’t home to share dinner he would often not even eat. He’d simply lie on his bed and watch the clock. At 7:55, the magical time would arrive. Time for the five minute walk up the block and across the street, then between the two maple trees and across the side lawn. Then slide in behind the shrub to the window of paradise. Each night he became more comfortable. He no longer had any guilt. She would smile warmly at him and he would smile back as she displayed every sensuous part of her glorious flesh or him. She would part her swollen pussy lips and watch his eyes devour her pink inner folds. She would coat her fingers with her juices and suck them clean as he agonized over wanting to taste what she was tasting. She would take her breasts in her hands and pull them up so she could lick and suck one of her huge nipples. And all the while he would stroke ever so slowly. He would cup his balls in one hand as he stroked kurtköy ucuz escort the shaft of his circumcised cock. And he would come. The orgasms would be so intense he felt that every nerve in his body began and ended in his cock and balls. He wished he could show her that he had shaved them all, his cock and balls, the same as her pussy was shaved. Bald, smooth flesh to match hers.

Then one night, when their tryst was completed, as he lay in bed trying to sleep, he suddenly got an idea. The next day he had only one class so he hurried home and went to the garage and rummaged through the storage room in the back. “Yes”, he exclaimed when he saw what he was looking for. It was an old bar stool, with arms and a cushioned seat. He hauled it out to the main floor of the garage and got out a measuring tape. Standing next to it he realized it was a little too high. His waist was right at the bottom of the window. So he got a saw and cut the legs down a couple of inches. Then he hauled some stacked boxes out of the corner and rearranged them so they would be the same height as the bottom of the window. Then he placed the stool next to them and sat on it, leaning back with his feet up on the bottom rail. Then he experimented with other positions, drawing one leg up and hooking it over the arm of the stool. It was the perfect height. Then he had a panic attack. What would she do? Would she end their secret liaisons? Would she think he was getting too bold? God, he was nervous about this. But he knew deep inside he was going through with it. So he set the stool by the garage door where he could get it out easily tonight. Then he went to find something to occupy his mind for the rest of the day.

He still needed cash so he continued canvassing the neighbors looking for handy work, yard work, lawn care, shrub trimming, etc. He wondered sometimes if there were others like her. There were several widows on their block and he met some of them. He actually did work for a couple of them. They were appreciative, he didn’t charge them much, and was polite, with never a hint at any personal communication. He would not have responded anyway. None of them could compare to his “window of paradise”. But he did find work that day and he ran into trouble with one neighbor’s lawn mower. By the time he repaired it and finished the lawn as he had promised, he was late for supper. It was after seven when he got home. His father was there, and had waited supper for him.

“Hi Luke.” His dad was at the stove when he came through the door in a rush. “I just put in some burgers. I figured you’d be coming anytime.”

“Yeah, I had trouble with the Martin’s lawn mower and she really wanted me to finish it today so I stayed. I gotta shower Dad. I got plans tonight okay?” He hoped his father wouldn’t have some plans that would hold him up. This was a special night.

“Sure son. Go ahead. By the time you get done I’ll have the burgers ready.”

‘Are you goin out tonight dad?” Luke asked him, hoping he would be leaving before 7:55.

“As a matter of fact I’ve got to get out of here before 7. Playing poker with John and some others. Why?”

“No reason.” In his head he knew the reason. “Yes!” he thought. No one to see him get his stool out of the garage.

He hurried off to the shower and took extra care, trimming and shaving again. In a moment of inspiration, he decided to oil the freshly shaved skin. He hoped it would give his mutual voyeur a nice polished look for her hungry eyes. Then he dressed in some bikini briefs, a pair of short cotton shorts that were easy to remove and a sleeveless t shirt. He picked the one a friend had given him…it had big letters across the front…it said PINK. When he got back to the kitchen his burger was on the plate. His father was finishing his burger as Luke sat down. It was 7:45.

“If you have to go dad, it’s okay. I don’t mind eating alone. I gotta hurry anyway.” He hoped he wasn’t being obvious but he wanted his father gone. “I mean I don’t want ya to be late.”

“Well, I guess I should get outta here. I might be late so I’ll see you tomorrow. Okay?”

“Sure, dad. See you tomorrow.”

Yes! It was all working out he thought as he gobbled kurtköy yabancı escort down the burger without even tasting it. Then he ran back to the bathroom, took a leak and checked everything out.

“Perfect,” he thought. He looked at the clock. It read 7:59 “Shit,” he thought, I’m gonna be late.

He went out the door to the garage, grabbed the stool, looked up the block to make sure no one was around and headed out in a hurry. Up the block, across the street, between the maple trees, across the side lawn to the shrubs. He looked at his watch. 8:05. The light was on. He set the stool down next to the shrub and slid in to the window.

Jane was just coming out of the bathroom on the other side of the rom. She stopped when she saw him appear. Their eyes locked, this had become a part of their mutual ritual. Then she walked around to the near side of the bed and stood facing him. She had a towel wrapped around her waist. She unhooked it and let it fall. She saw the appreciation in his eyes as he looked at every inch of her naked body. Her full 38C tits. They looked so much more beautiful with her standing. He loved her full wide hips shrouding that sweet center of her sex. Then she smiled at him and provocatively gyrated her hips a few times. He smiled back.

“My god Jane.” She said to herself. “You’re becoming such a slut.”

But she loved it and had no intention of stopping it. It was almost as if she was trying to find ways of being even dirtier. She was not really thinking. She was just letting her libido go wherever it wanted. Before she knew it she had spread her legs in a wide stance, thrust her mound out at him, and run her finger through her cunt lips. God, her juices were running down her lips. He had to be able to see them. She decided she needed to get control of herself so she finally sat back on the bed and laid down in her usual pose. When she was situated she looked back to the window.

It was empty.

“Oh god, no!” she thought. “Where did he go? He can’t leave. Not now. Not tonight.”

She had a plan tonight. Then she heard the shrub rustling and watched intently to see what he was doing. There he was again, standing at the window.

“What was he doing?” she wondered.

His arms went back behind him. His torso was raising up…

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed.

He was in full display in front of her as he sat in the stool. He was naked, glistening with the sheen of oil. And he was shaved! And there in the bottom half of the window, where his face had always been, was his naked, glistening, 6 inch hard dripping cock, with his shaved smooth balls. It was magnificent.

“Oh you lovely dirty boy,” she thought as she stared at the beautiful prick, it’s shaft wet from the pre-cum running down it. She looked up to his face and licked her lips. He had a look of uncertainty, so she smiled to let him know it was good. So very, very, good.

Luke relaxed when he saw her smile. He pulled his right leg up and draped it over the arm of the stool and fluffed his balls out with his hand so they were clearly visible. He thought he heard her catch her breath. Her face contorted with a look that was a mixture of agony and pleasure as she looked at his shaved balls and licked her lips. Her hands were busy, her fingers working her magnificent clit. She pulled it and pinched it and rubbed it and then she moaned out loud, clearly loud enough for him to hear. Then again, and again she moaned out her orgasm as she continued to stroke her clit and watched him stroke that beautiful prick.

Her lust was consuming her, but she was caught in a world of continual desire. She spent her days waiting for their nightly ritual. It had been weeks and the desire never weakened. She had never felt so alive in her entire life, More alive than with any of her many relationships. This was life changing. She was so surprised at his special revelation that night that she forgot about the plan that she had formulated. She had so many orgasms that night she thought her muscles were going to spasm for days. But she loved every one. And the look in his face told her that he did as well. Her final orgasm came when she watched as he pumped his cream all over the screen that first time. She loved watching him stroke it out of his cock, the look on his face one of pure ecstasy. How she wished she could taste it, and clean it for him, to show him how much she was loving it. She wondered how long this could go on, how long she could stand it. But neither one of them was going to give it up. Not yet. Maybe never.

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