Naruto- KoRn Koncert In Konoha: Part 1

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Classroom Sex

“So, everything’s set Lady Tsunade?” asked Shizune, who was sweating endlessly. Tsunade nodded and replied, “Yes KoRn is coming to the Leaf in two months time to allow travel time for people from other villages to arrive early.” She continued after pausing to daydream at the thought, “This will be the biggest thing to come to the leaf village since the Akimichi Clan’s family reunion, no pun intended.” She paused again, “Actually let the pun stand, I for one find that funny as hell. But back to the point, this will bring enough cash in to pay the band, buy new equipment for the Academy, build Jiraiya’s strip club and my casino, AND still have enough to gamble away!” She nearly had an orgasm thinking about that last part, but quickly recovered to tell Shizune to make the announcement to the village and then start writing letters to the other villages to invite them. Shizune hurried out and then lit herself a cigarette.

59 days until the concert.

Naruto laid on his bed and pulled his headband over his eyes, arms folded and fantasized about the day he would lose his virginity. He never really thought about the same girl but it was always an experience that would run in his head for days at a time.
Hinata stood outside Naruto’s door with her sister Hanabi, index fingers pressed together silently procrastinating. “Why did you need me to come with you to ask Naruto to the concert?” asked Hanabi who secretly harbored a crush for Naruto as great as her sister’s. She had been reluctant to come for fear that she would pass out when near Naruto and Hinata would discover her secret. “B-because youre my sister a-and I c-could really use y-your support.” Hanabi sighed, “Fine but dont faint cause if you do I’m not gonna catch you.”, after which she smiled to let Hinata know she was joking.
Hinata breathed in deeply and rang Naruto’s doorbell.

Naruto was shaken from his fantasy by the chime of the doorbell. “FUCK, this one was the best one yet!!!” He slammed his fist on the bedside table and walked to the door, then failing to realize the boner he picked up during his daydream, he opened the door to meet the two Hyuga heiresses both blushing an intense crimson, which did nothing to help ease the sudden tightness he was starting to feel in his pants. They both became nervous and lowered their eyes to the ground but met a diversion on the way that caused their eyes to widen and their noses to issue a stream of blood. Naruto noticed this and casually looked down to now become illegal bahis fully aware of the cause of their nosebleeds. He blushed, covered himself, gave an embarrassed smile then asked to be excused which they granted him.
Hinata turned to leave but was stopped by her sister who only gave her a sly smile then proceeded to whisper into her ear. The flow of blood from Hinata’s nose only increased as she listened to what her sister was saying. She had no idea how much her sister knew about sex and it took a little more to convince her to follow Hanabi’s lead, but she had a pretty good game plan so she eventually agreed.

As Naruto walked out of his bathroom he was met by a shockingly erotic sight. Hanabi and Hinata were on the couch with their tops off sharing an extremely passionate kiss. It was Naruto’s turn to get a nosebleed. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” he half yelled. “We wanted to ask you a favor.” said Hinata losing her stutter. “Will you let us be your fuck slaves?”

“WHAT!” shrieked Naruto all the while wondering if had actually heard the words that had come from the innocent mouth of elder Hyuga girl who was usually so sweet and shy. “SHE SAID, would you let us be your fuck slaves?” replied Hanabi while twirling her index finger through Hinata’s hair before coming up beside her and suckling on her earlobe.

Naruto’s erection was swiftly returning now causing both Hyugas to smile ear to ear. Naruto started to look embarrassed again and moved his hands to cover himself but this time each Hyuga caught one of his hands and led him to the couch and set him down. “Awww Naruto, little Naruto just wants to say hi.” said Hanabi in an extremely seductive voice placing a hand on his groin and rubbing slowly back and forth. Naruto’s throat felt dry now causing his voice to come out in a somewhat screechy tone, “I-I-I would love to, but are you sure?”

The two Hyugas smiled at eachother and Hanabi replied, “We both love you Naruto you already know what we want.” Hanabi seemed brave in declaring love but Hinata was now starting to become nervous again. “Well,” started Naruto who was now slowly undressing along with Hanabi, “What do you girls want to do first?” Hanabi thought for a while before seeing her sister’s nervous expression returning and said with a sly smirk, “I’ve got an idea” then poofed out of sight momentarily before returning with a large box.

She sat on the couch, opened the box then motioned for Naruto to come see. Naruto looked in the box and is eyes illegal bahis siteleri got wide and his jaw dropped as he looked at Hanabi, then back at the box, then back at Hanabi. “I think it’s time that we taught Hinata a little lesson in confidence.”

Naruto gave a sexy smirk at Hinata then sat back and let Hanabi prepare her. Hanabi reached into the box and pulled out a shinny black leather one piece suit complete with holes located in the areas of the breasts, pussy, and ass. Hinata gasped but followed her sister towards the bathroom to get herself suited. Naruto felt like he was on cloud nine as he searched through the box and waited for the girls to return. While he was waiting for them he pulled a few items out of the box including a paddle, ball gag, blindfold, and travel harness which he hung from the rafters.

Hinata walked into the room clad in her newfound uniform with Hanabi smiling at her work. “Good work Hanabi” started Naruto, “I think you deserve a little treat for a job well done.” Naruto finished removing his clothes and sat on the couch with Hanabi eagerly awaiting her reward.

He motioned for Hanabi to kneel in front of him. She followed his orders and found herself face to face with his eight inch cock. She started licking her lips and looked up at Naruto with a pleading look on her face. Naruto nodded and she reached and gripped his cock tightly in both of her small hands and started stroking in diligent motions causing Naruto to moan and toss his head back. Seeing this as encouragement she leaned forward and started to leave delicate licks on his penis. Naruto moaned out, “OHHHHH, Hanabi you’re so great at this” Hanabi smiled and then slid the head of his cock past her lips and gently began to suck on it.

This time he knew he had died and gone to heaven. He tangled his fingers in her hair to guide her as she lowered her mouth further on his cock. But his damned virginity wouldn’t allow for to much pleasure before it happened. He held Hanabi’s head in place and without any warning other than the tightening she felt in his balls he began to cum.

She was taken by surprise but reflexively began to swallow the jets of cum that were flying into her small mouth. But there was to much coming out so she pulled it out of her mouth to keep from drowning in it and caught the rest on her face. As the globs began to die down, she began to swish the cum remaining in her mouth. Quickly becoming addicted, she began to scoop the cum on her face with her canlı bahis siteleri finger and then sucked them clean before turning back to Naruto to clean his cock.

Hinata, having seen this erotic display began to leak her juices onto the floor. Naruto noticed this and stood up helping Hinata to her feet and led her to the harness then blindfolded her and grabbed the paddle. “Well Hinata, now I just need the answer to one question, do you want me?” Hinata spoke with a stutter, “Y-y-yes N-n-naruto” earning her a hard slap on the ass with the paddle. “You stuttered Hinata, try again.” Hinata tried to speak again. “P-please Naruto” once again she felt the hard wooden paddle collide with her bare ass, which had already started to turn pink from the first strike.

“You’re still stuttering Hinata, try again.” This time she screamed out, “YES PLEASE NARUTO!!!” Naruto smiled, “Good girl Hinata” he then positioned himself at the entrance to her wet glistening pussy. “Now beg for me Hinata” he said as he spanked her again with the paddle. “Please Naruto Please Do Me” He spanked her again, “Beg for Me.” “Please Fuck Me Now.” Naruto spanked her hard again and yelled, “BEG FOR ME.”

This was to much punishment for her but she was enjoying it for some reason she couldn’t explain, so much in fact that the last slap had caused her to squirt her juices out onto Naruto’s cock. She yelled finally finding her reserves of confidence, “PLEASE NARUTO FUCK ME, FUCK YOUR HORNY LITTLE SLUT, I’LL DO ANYTHING JUST PLEASE FUCK ME NOW!!!”

He smiled and slowly slid his cock down her passage causing her to half moan half gasp at the feeling. Hanabi knew what was coming next and scooted closer to Hinata. Sure enough Naruto soon broke through her barrier and Hanabi locked her in a deep kiss to keep her from screaming. But soon the pain was in the past and she was bucking her hips against his cock. “PLEASE NARUTO FASTER, HARDER, PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!!!” He complied and forced in as hard and as fast as he could. “Oh god Hinata, I think I’m going to cum.” “Me too Naruto, please cum in me mix it with mine!!” Hearing Hinata talk like that set off a chain reaction.

Naruto came into Hinata, who came onto Naruto, which caused Hanabi who had been fingering her pussy to cum on the floor. After Naruto helped Hinata out of the harness, Hanabi moved over to them and sucked Naruto and Hinata’s cum out of her pussy before moving to clean Naruto’s cock off with her tongue.

Then they all laid down on the bed holding eachother in a warm embrace. “I think this is the beginning of a VERY VERY GOOD year” said Naruto gaining him a nod from both girls before they all drifted off to sleep.

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