My Wicked Neighbor Ch. 02

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Big Tits

How the whole thing started…

I’ll never forget the Saturday afternoon I first met my crazy hot, utterly insatiable neighbor Josie in the laundry room of our condo, soon after I’d moved in. She was taking her lacy little bras and thongs out of the drier when I wandered in with a basketful of my jeans and T-shirts and other stuff I had to wash, and my eyes flared the moment I saw the sexy kind of things she wore under her clothes.

And when I looked into her pretty green eyes and noticed the way she was grinning into mine, eagerly licking her lips as she looked me over, I swear I was hooked on the spot.

We barely uttered a word before I locked the door, got her ass up on a washing machine, pushed up her dress, pulled out my cock and began to fuck her to within an inch of her life. And damn, the way she wrapped her legs around me and thrust right back, happily squealing her head off as I worked her cunt like a man possessed, had to be the hottest fucking experience of my life. And I’m guessing the added sensation of the washing machine vibrating under her ass was really getting her off, judging by how hard her tits were heaving and the way she was clenching me inside her like a vise, and screaming, “Yes, fuck me, yesss!!”

And I realized pretty quick that I’d met my match, seeing as I’d discovered a drop-dead gorgeous woman who obviously loved to fuck as much as I did.

Talk about a match made in heaven.

By the time we both came wickedly hard, throwing back our heads and gasping as I squeezed her ass in a death grip and froze, with my cock pulsing non-stop deep inside her, and her squeezing the hell out of it, till she’d milked me of every last drop I had, I could barely stand, my legs felt so shaky. But, Jesus, what a crazy, hot wild ride.

“Oh, fuck, that was sweet,” I muttered, fighting to breathe, with my cock still pulsing deep inside her, like it just couldn’t stop. And I was convinced I’d never got off on a woman more. It was like sex on steroids with her, almost too hot to believe, since I’d basically walked in the door and we instantly went at it, like cats in heat.

Still holding her in my arms, I was so grateful for what we’d just shared, that I almost kissed her face off. And amazingly, my dick stayed hard inside her as we continued to mate with both our tongues and our bodies for what felt like forever, since it seemed neither of us wanted it to end.

But later, once we were able to breathe again, and managed to clean ourselves up as best we could, we finally got around to doing our laundry, of course between kisses and teasing gropes. And eventually, after we were done, giving each other sly little grins, we made our way upstairs in the elevator, with me carrying our two baskets of clean clothes.

And the moment I discovered she lived just down the hallway from my place, I couldn’t believe my luck. Talk about a dream come true. I smiled, realizing that I’d have pussy on tap just a few doors away, any time I wanted it.

As she got her key out and unlocked her door, I brushed back her hair and pressed a kiss to the side of her neck, just under her ear, and finally got around to asking her name. “So, I guess I should know your name, huh?” I breathed into her floral scented sandy-brown hair, totally lost in her delectable scent.

She turned around and flashed me a naughty grin. “It’s Josie. And guess I should know yours too, so I’ll know what to scream next time we get together.”

Oh, fuck, was she ever a hot one – still dripping with my cum, and already eager for another round.

“It’s Dane,” I told her, running a finger over her delicate cheek bone. “And seeing as I’ve got nothing going on tonight, if you’d like, I could order us in some food and maybe we could uh… spend some more time together.”

The way she smiled into my eyes as she pressed her lips to mine and murmured, “I’d like that.” I knew what I’d like even more, would be to follow her inside and fuck her blue all over again. And when she sank her tongue into my mouth and started to moan, I dropped the two baskets of clothes I had stacked under my arm, and grabbed her. And it was back on. Clutching her ass in my hands, with her leg already wrapping around my thigh, I groaned at the feel of her warm, soft body pressed tightly against mine, as I ground my cock against her hot little pussy, aching for her all over again.

Finally, her chest heaving hard, she pulled back and stroking her hand over my erection through my jeans, told me, “Why don’t you come in, and we can uh… take care of this.”

Obviously, she didn’t have to ask twice, she’d got me so fucking hard. And the moment we stepped inside her place, I had her up against the wall with her panties off, her dress hiked up around her waist and my cock in her so fast, she gasped as I plowed into so deep with one good hard thrust, that I soon had her squealing with delight as I lifted her feet right off the floor.

And when she tossed back her head and yelled out, “Oh, fuck me. Damn you feel göztepe escort good.”

Of course I obeyed, and pounded her hot little pussy with everything I had. And though she was tight, luckily, since we’d just got it on in the laundry room, she was so wet with our juices I could slide into her hard and fast without worrying about tearing her up, considering the size of my dick.

And the way she kissed me as we fucked each other’s brains out, was so hot, I swear I could feel my cock growing even thicker inside her, she was making me so crazy.

Fuck, what a woman. And what a lucky bastard I was turning out to be, finding a willing little fuck-buddy just down the hallway, so soon after moving in.

Let me tell you, the indescribable feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her hot, wet cunt was enough to almost bring me to my knees. She just felt so good sucking me in and squeezing me so amazingly tight inside her, like she never wanted to let go. And I already knew right where I wanted to be – buried in her deep, any time she’d have me.

But when I noticed her wince, worried we were going at it a little too hard, I asked, “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

She shook her head. “No. But as good as this feels, I’d love it if you’d take me from behind. It’s just been so long since I’ve had sex, that I feel like I want it all, now that I’ve got you here like this.”

More than happy to oblige, I picked her up, tossed her over my shoulder and headed for her bedroom, giving her a few light smacks on the ass as we went, laughing as she happily squealed.

No surprise, we got naked in a hurry. And the way she looked at me the first time she saw me in the buff blew me away. It was just so hot to see her so overwhelmed, and desperate to have at me. The hungry look in her heavy lidded gaze as she took in every last inch of me, licking her lips and squeezing her thighs together tight, murmuring, “Oh, god what a body. And you’re a big one, too, aren’t you?” was almost surreal. It was like she was eating me up with her eyes. And don’t think any woman ever looked at me the way she was looking at me now.

Though I try to take care of myself, the work I do in construction, hauling around heavy shit all day, is enough to guarantee me muscles to spare and a six pack that chicks love to run their tongues over, all the way down to my long hard cock. What can I say, looking the way I do, I get a lot of pussy. But right now there was only one woman I was desperate to fuck, and she was reaching for cock, and looking like she wanted to make a meal out of it.

My eyes rolled back in my head the instant I felt her make contact. And the feel of her hot, wet tongue gliding from the base of balls all the way to the pulsing tip was nearly indescribable. It just felt so insanely good to have her mouth on me. But when she opened up and sucked me all the way to back of her throat, I almost lost it and shot her full of my seed. Fuck me, did she ever know how to give head. Like it was the reason she was put on this earth, just to suck me dry.

Holy shit, what an amazing woman she was turning out to be. Sexy as hell, and utterly gorgeous with a body of a porn star, and willing as hell, and yet with such innocent green eyes, that made me want to do every dirty thing I could think of to her.

And when I clenched fistfuls of her hair in my hands and began to fuck her mouth, all she did was moan even louder, seeming to get off the eroticness of what we were doing. I’ve had more blowjobs than I could ever count, but fuck what she could do that mouth of hers, oh, and her tongue, and Jesus, with her teeth. The feel of her lightly grazing my shaft as she sucked me in, was almost too much to take, it all just felt so wild, and so fucking good. Especially since we’d only just met, it seemed crazy to see her with my cock buried halfway down her throat with her big beautiful breasts heaving as she sucked me deeper and harder than any woman ever had before.

But somehow I found the strength to pull out before I filled her throat with my load, so I could do as she asked and take her from behind. Though slightly disappointed that I didn’t finish in her mouth, once I coaxed her up onto all fours, the sight of her glistening pussy, perfectly round ass and tight little back hole practically winking at me to take that too, was almost enough to get me shooting my load over her back. Damn, she had one helluva sweet body, and definitely the prettiest pussy I’d ever seen. A rosy pink and slightly swollen from the workout I’d given it, all I could of was filling her up and pounding her good and hard till she was dripping with what I knew would be one big fucking load of my juice.

When I slipped a couple of fingers inside her, she instantly whimpered and thrust her pussy at me for more. I grinned as I switched it up and clutched my cock and pushed it into her nice and deep, loving how she let out a contented little moan the moment I thrust into her hard enough to go balls deep and fill her up istanbul escort to the max. And fuck me, taking her from behind, if possible, she felt even tighter. So hot and wet and snug, as I watched my deal slide in and out of her, it felt like my cock was pussy-fucking heaven.

Jesus, as I savored the feel of her tight hot cunt sucking in my cock, I still couldn’t believe how it all started. All I’d done was head down to the laundry room to wash some clothes, and now here I was buried balls deep in probably the sexiest woman alive. And the way she thrust her hips back, practically begging me for more, only made me want to take her that much harder. Damn, it was like she was made for me, every bit as insatiable as I was, I could fuck her all day and I’d bet she’d still be begging for more.

Just to test the waters, so to speak, I slicked up my thumb in the juice dripping from her cunt and slipped into her ass as I fucked her pussy, and chuckled at the delightful way she whimpered and thrust her ass back, hungry for more, and letting me know that nothing was off-limits. So now that I knew I could do whatever I wanted to her, I was looking forward to seeing her as often as I could. Because really, how often does a guy meet a woman who’s as crazy about sex as he is. I know I’d never met one, at least until her.

And just seeing my cock slide in and out of her tight little cunt, slick with her juices and harder than I’d ever seen it was enough to nearly get me off, man, what a sight. But when I clutched her hips and pounded into her hard and steady, the erotic sound of our flesh slapping together and her desperately moaning, and muttering, “Oh, fuck, yeah, just like that.” I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

Pressing kisses to her back I said, “You like this, huh?”

She shook her head, and breathlessly heaved, “No. I don’t like it, I love it. The feel of you filling me up and taking me so hard feels almost too good to be real. And I know it might sound crazy, but it feels like I’ve waited a lifetime for this with you.”

It kind of shocked me that someone as gorgeous and sexy as she was sounded like she’d been denied what she needed. So, reaching under her, to give her a little more, I circled her clit with my thumb till she was screaming, “Oh, damn, Dane, yesss, yesss, yesss! Oh, wow! I’m coming so fucking hard.”

And I was happly right there with her. The way my balls were beginning to tighten, with a tell-tale shock wave running up my spine told me I’d be filling her up with a geyser of red hot come that I knew would flood her pussy till it was splashing on the bed. And hopefully she’d know that I was just as blown away by the feel of her as she was, by what I was doing to her.

I could feel her inner walls contracting over and over as her whole body shook as she came, and I just kept on pumping in and out of her till I could hardly see straight and knew I’d filled her with everything I had and had nothing left to give her. Still, I hated to pull out, it just felt so good to be buried inside her, like it was where I was meant to be.

Eventually, after trailing grateful kisses up over back to her shoulders and neck, I pulled out, rolled off her fighting to breathe and collapsed on the bed beside her, pulling her into my arms. Brushing the hair out of her eyes, I pressed my lips to hers and asked, “You okay?”

The way she smiled contentedly into my eyes floored me, as she said, “I’d say I’m way more than okay, after what we’ve just done.”

I nodded in agreement and closed my eyes. Damn, it felt good just to be with her, even if all I knew was her name, and the fact that she liked to fuck as much as I did. So, I imagined I’d be putting my number in her cell phone, and anytime she needed me, I’d be right over, happy to see to her every need.

Finally, curious to know a little more about her, aside from the fact she had to be the hottest woman on earth, I turned my head and asked, “So, you live on your own?”

With her chest still heaving, she nodded. “Yes, I’m a principal at a high school. So there’s no real chance for me meet anyone at work, at least without the gossips getting wind of it. And my job keeps me so busy, with meetings and dealing with students, staff and the parents, that I barely have time for a life of my own. Ten years ago, I was engaged to marry one of our history teachers, until I found out that he was banging the gym teacher, too, who also happened to be a big burly guy.”

“Yikes, that must of hurt.”

She shrugged and blew out a resigned breath. “At first I was devastated, since the wedding was all planned and invitations had all been sent. And mostly I was embarrassed to have to tell everyone why the wedding was off. Eventually though, I began to realize how lucky I was to have found out what he was really like, before we got married and not after.”

I nodded. “Yeah, I’d say you were lucky.”

She turned onto her side, got up on her elbow and looked at me. “And you don’t have anyone kadıköy escort in your life right now?”

I shook my head and told her the truth, “No, there’s been no one lately. So no worries, I’m clean. And if you want to keep this exclusive, it’ll be just you and me.”

Though she grinned, happy to hear that, she studied me for a moment and asked, “How old are you exactly?”

Not sure why it mattered, I told her, “I’m thirty-one.”

She winced and see the disappointment in her eyes. “Well, nice as this was, I think I’m a little too old for it to go on for more than just this impulsive little tryst we’ve just shared.”

Shaking my head, I smiled into her pretty green eyes, as I traced a finger over her lips. “You know when we’re naked and enjoying each other like this, I think age is irrelevant. Especially since I’m hoping to spend the day doing exactly what we’ve been doing, and hopefully making you scream even louder.”

Though her eyes lit up at the idea of even more kinky fun, her expression suddenly turned serious as she told me, “But, I think I should tell you that I’m forty-three, and practically old enough to be your—”

I cut her off, and suggested, “My older sister?”

She just laughed when I tugged her close and squeezed her, at least until I bent and sucked one of her pretty pink nipples between my lips, and flicked it with my tongue and got her quivering all over again.

And when she finally got the energy to get up, straddled me, fist my cock in her hand and sink her pussy down till she had me packed in her achingly tight, I tell you, looking up and watching her get off as she rode my cock to the finish line was a thing of beauty. Her head tossed back, big breasts bouncing, pretty white teeth digging into her bottom lip, she was not only gorgeous, but sexy as fuck, and with an appetite for carnal pleasures that rivaled mine, I was starting to think this could turn into something more than just the odd hookup. At least I hoped.

Damn, the way she clamped hard around my cock as she came just felt insane, and I couldn’t believe how hard I came, filling her pussy to overflowing, with wave of wave of my seed. We were so alike, despite the difference in our age, and I knew just this one day with her would never be enough, not when it was this good. Already I wanted more, even with her still impaled on my cock.

So, no big surprise, we agreed to carry on, and since she often worked late, I’d wait for her call and then head the down the hallway and give her what she’d been aching for all day.

Sometimes, we’d go at it so hard, and nearly fuck each other blind. And other times we’d make slow sweet love and then after I’d just hold her and listen to her unload about the stressful day she’d had. But, as far as I was concerned, any time I was with her was a good time, no matter what we did.

I had started to think, after the last time we were together and I’d spent the whole night with her snuggled into me tight, and then got up and had breakfast with her in the morning, and even fucked her in my lap at the table, that what we had was damned near perfect. And I was trying to think of a way to let her know, without freaking her out, that I wanted more.

But that was before I’d gone to my mother’s house that day for lunch and met sly little Stella, who it seemed, wanted a piece of me, too. And how the hell could I have known, that after she’d pushed me into sucking her titties and fingering her snatch in my mother’s basement that she’d turn out to be my girl Josie’s equally insatiable niece!

Talk about a shit show. Here I thought I had the perfect set up with a woman custom made for a guy with my voracious appetite for sex and then sexy little Stella shows up to threaten what we’ve got.

And I’ve got a sinking feeling as I sit on the couch in my condo, after bumping into them in the parking garage downstairs, that Stella’s probably busy telling her Aunt Josie, just how we met, and possibly what kind of kinky shit we’d gotten up to in that basement. Though I was glad I’d managed to show some restraint and hadn’t hiked up her dress and fucked her till she screamed freaking head off, like she’d beg me to, I still imagined that Josie wouldn’t be too thrilled to know that I’d sucked her niece’s titties and given her pussy a quick little finger-fucking. Hell, I’d done more than that at some clubs on the dance floor, with chicks I didn’t even know, but seeing as this was her family, I had a feeling she’d be royally pissed.

I looked up when I heard a knock on my door, and couldn’t believe it when I opened up and found sexy Stella standing there, anxiously licking her lips. And before I could even stop her, she was pushing past me and walking inside. “Don’t worry,” she said right away. “I didn’t tell my aunt how I knew you. Or, what you did to me.”

I couldn’t believe my fucking ears. What I did to her? Was she serious? Especially since we both know that she was the one that followed me down to the basement when I went to the cold room to get some wine, and she was also the one who offered to suck me off, or let me fuck her, and made a grab for my cock. And now she’s here offering to keep our dirty little secret? What the fuck? I got a bad feeling about this, and I’m wondering what the hell she wants from me.

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