My Transformation

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I am walking on the lane in front of my house, this friend of mine he calls me as I pass from the front of his house. I walk up to him, and he said, “What’s up? And where are you going?”
“To college”, I replied.
“Tell me when you are free, I got something we could watch”, he said, with a wink.
I understood that means he’s got some porno movie, which he wants to watch at my place. He does manage to get his hands on the some good porn, but he doesn’t get enough privacy to watch it at his place.
“How about Wednesday? I am free and nobody’s home at that time.” I said.
He nodded and I looked at my watch, told him I was getting late and walked away after waving him a bye.

The guy I was just talking to was Kumar, and he lives a few doors away from my house. We’ve been friends since childhood.
Well, I am Shailesh, and I’m black, thin and I’ve got a pretty less than average face. Before moving ahead with the story, let me tell something about Kumar and me. We are good friends and there is an incident, which happened between us that I think I should mention before we proceed with the story

I was in 9th grade then so was he, he is older than me but Kumar failed twice so now we were in the same grade. He was dark, thin and had an average face (looked better than me though).
We were at my place, watching TV. We discussed about different things like cricket, movies etc but soon we started talking about girls which in turn lead the conversation to the topic of sex.
Talking of penis sizes as we were, I suggested what if I measure his penis to see how big it was. He agreed. Kumar had a height of about 5”8 then and I was 5”4. I got the measuring tape and asked him to lower his pants, which he willingly did. I got on my knees and saw that he wasn’t having a full hard erection but his penis seemed to be getting to that stage. I saw his cock grow to its full glory. I took hold of his penis in my hand and held to tape to measure and I said “5 inches”. After that I still kept staring at his penis, and I didn’t realize that I was actually doing this. His touch on my shoulders brought me back. He signalled me to take off my pants so that he could measure my penis and I did that willingly. It was then that I realized that his penis had given me a hard on. All this while I still had my eyes fixated on his penis. He measured me up and then said, “It reads a little less than 5”. He then noticed that I still had my eyes on his penis, upon which he held my hand softly and pulled it towards his penis. I slowly touched the shaft of his cock. He wanted me to hold it with a full tight grip around it. I got on my knees again as I did that.

His cock was very close to my eyes and I could see it in its full glory. I slowly moved my hands up and down on his cock and looked at it closely, enjoying every movement of it. His cock was an uncircumcised one and had its foreskin till it almost covered the entire penis and just the tip of its head was visible. The head was of a dark pink colour perhaps it was almost red. His foreskin moved up and down in rhythm with the movement of my hands. I could see the pink head coming out of the dark black skin and then hiding it self back in it again. I was not quite sure what I was feeling then, because I was so engrossed in his cock that forgot to think and even realize what was I feeling.
When I did realize, he had my cock in his hand and was rubbing it slowly. I looked up into his eyes. He let go of my cock and came down and gave me the first kiss of my life. I kissed him back. Then, I went down again and took a close look at his beautiful cock; it had a fragrance of pre-cum. That smell took me to a new high as it filled my nose and he pushed his cock towards my mouth, I understood what he wanted and opened my mouth slowly and took his cock into my mouth. The taste of pre-cum filled my mouth and I don’t know why, but at that moment it felt like the tastiest thing that had ever filled my mouth. I slowly took his entire head in to my mouth and sucked it. I was enjoying must say felt like heaven. It is something that I’ll never forget in my life. As kept on sucking it, taking it in to my mouth and out of it occasionally so that I could lick his cute testicles. They had a lot of hair growth that made each lick arouse me more. I got so engrossed in sucking that I didn’t realize what he was doing to me.
All of a sudden, I felt something near my ass and before I could look down a sudden pain followed by a shiver went up and down my body. All the hair on the body stood straight on ends. I then realised that Kumar had inserted two of his fingers in to my butt hole. Ohh………ssssssssss was all the sound I could make as I still had his cock in my mouth. The pleasure was enormous; I lost all of my senses and could no longer suck his cock. I collapsed on the floor, with my eyes closed.
This caused his finger to spring out of my ass. Before the muscles of my butt could relax, followed a contraction, he had inserted his finger once again and this time with twice the force. I lay there shivering and gaping for air. This time the shiver was followed by such pleasure like I had never felt before. I could not speak or even moan for the pleasure was so intense. It was the first time any thing had ever touched my asshole. I was concentrating on my ass so much I lost my erection. Slowly he would massage by asshole and suddenly he would give me a strong and fast thrust rendering me helpless in front of the pleasure he was giving me. It took 10 minutes of such fingering only after that was I able to do anything. As soon I was, I wanted to make him feel nice, thank him for the pleasure he was giving. I hinted that I want to change position, he relaxed and let me get up but he didn’t take out the finger. I bent over balancing my self on my knees and hand with my face near his cock. I took his cock in to my mouth and started sucking it with all the skill I had. Soon I heard him moan, this was an encouragement for me to suck more and more. I tried to take it as deep as possible. I was enjoying this moment and suddenly I felt a hot flush in my mouth, he came and I continued sucking. His cum filled my mouth and I felt myself Cumming. I could not say a word as my mouth was filled with his cock and cum. Kumar suddenly started rubbing his fingers faster and faster I knew I could no longer hold and I let it out and my cum feel on the floor. 1…2…3…4 drops later I opened my eyes and looked up to him and saw a smile on his face and I knew I had done my job well.

Later on we never spoke about this incident and never tried to do it again.
Four years later, we were in different collages. I had decided to join the local gym and look towards building some muscles. On the first day, I went there I saw Kumar working out. I went over to him and observed. Mind blowing!!! He had become a stud of a sort. He had grown taller, about 5”10. Great arms and superb chest and flat abs I kept staring at him for a few moments. He was very strong and he also mentioned that he had been working out since last 31/2 years. I wondered how did I not notice he had built up such a body.
Now I did want him. And this Porno movie was a great opportunity.

Finally, the Wednesday had arrived and I was waiting eagerly for him to come over with the movie, I was more eager for him than I was for the movie. At 1.00 pm the door bell rang, it was him. I took him to my room. Arranged for some drinks and some chips to eat. I played the movie. He was keen on the movie and got fully aroused. He watched the movie with great interest and didn’t notice I had closed all the windows and doors tightly so that no one could see what’s going on inside. I turned off the fan and room became hot. He still didn’t notice this and was continuously watching the movie without blinking an eye. By the time the movie came to an end we were sweating. He looked at me and said “ Oh…It’s so hot here.”
“Yep” I replied.
There was a moment of silence. Then I said, “How about a shower?” He looked at me curiously.
I added, “It would be nice and will also help relax”.
He agreed. I lead him to the shower. I opened the buttons of his shirt and slowly pulled it off. Then I moved on to his pants. I undid his jeans and pulled it down. He took his legs out of it. I could now see a bulge through his underwear.
At this point of time I was not quite sure as to weather the bulge was due to the movie, which it seems had got him very much interested or because of my actions or because he had imagined something else regarding the idea of taking a shower together.
I did not move for some moments, and then I looked up to him as I was now on my knees in my effort to take of his pants. He smiled and this smile was not the kind I was used to looking at and I got a feeling that this had something more to it.
He bent down pulled me up to standing position. I lost eye contact and I didn’t know what he was looking at or was looking like for my eyes were attracted to something else. I kept my eyes fixated on it for sometime and the first look of it made my mind go blank. A dark empty head with no thought and without realizing what I was doing I raised my hand and placed over his chest, which was bigger than any other chest I had ever been so close to. It was strong, hard and square in shape just like the chest of some models. His nipples were small and brown in colour. My hand crawled over his chest feeling all the muscles I could and slowly moved towards his nipples. I rubbed his nipples and flicked it and he seemed to have not noticed my attraction towards his chest. By this time he had his lips very close to me. I got a rush inside of me but went ahead and kissed. It was just a touch of lips at first and then we opened our mouths and he invaded me with his tongue and filled my mouth with his saliva and he tasted good. I just kept on drinking whatever he offered me. The kiss was over and I needed some time to come out it.
By then he turned on the shower and lead me in. The water was cold so I leapt and hugged him tight. Later I got used to the water’s temperature. Then I rubbed soap all over him cleaning him and loving his body together we had spent and hour in the bathroom without ever realizing it.
After the shower he rubbed me dry slowly while I was having a visual feast just looking at his body, his cock. He grabbed me and in an instant I was in his arms, he carried me to the bedroom as I garlanded him with my arms, kissing him like he was something I had never seen. As he put me on to the bed I just laid there closely observing his lustful eyes. He was looking at his cock as he was rubbing it with his hands. I wanted to play but it seemed that he had had enough of foreplay and was a longing to penetrate. He himself rubbed some lube on his cock.
I had not had enough of my visual feast. I watched him closely as I lay there in front of him naked and I was admiring his body. His chest, shoulders and abs were all so perfect, so strong as I kept on looking I forgot I was actually looking at a male body; like a weak woman lay in front of her man afraid of him but also proud of him, his possessions and also proud of the fact that she possesses him or the other way round I lay there motionless.
With his strong arms he held my thighs and lifted it up while I held his body and pulled him towards me, this lead to a lingering kiss. By this time he had put my legs over his shoulders and my ass hole was fully exposed for him to do whatever he wanted. Still kissing me giving me a continuous supply of his juices to drink, he brought his cock close to my ass, touching the opening slowly and then illegal bahis with a slightly strong force in order to penetrate me. As he entered a little I felt my hole stretch to the full, accompanied with such pain that I could no longer let him in and pushed him away from me, to let my hole relax a bit. But this was fruitless now, for his strength now overpowered me. He bought his cock back in with twice or maybe thrice the force and I could now do nothing. He rammed into me, I held his body tight my nails almost tearing his skin for the pain was too much to handle and I could think not, rendered helpless I lay there while he continued to pull out his penis almost out of my asshole and then thrusting back with as much force as possible.
The excruciating pain had tested me to my limits; I wanted to scream for help but could not. He had his tongue inside my mouth, I cannot describe but his hands held me in such a manner that just couldn’t move or do anything. I was helpless he was dominating.
Slowly the pain receded and the acceding pleasure took control. This wasn’t what I was thinking but I surely was what I wanted. The pleasure as it took control of my mind, my body; it exceeded all my expectations of the pleasure I thought I would get. I looked at Kumar, now he didn’t look to be dominating and I didn’t feel dominated upon. I had a strange feeling quite incomprehensible and indescribable, but the feeling was such that I wanted to be that way, just feeling that all my life and every moment of it. This feeling wasn’t lust, nor sexual pleasure it was more than that. At that point of time I just did not know how important this feeling was, and that it was going to change my life forever.
Looking at Kumar I felt like I was not being dominated but being made love to and simultaneously I also felt like a giver of love, his face had an expression of calmness and also satisfaction I had never seen before. As he kept on stroking my ass I felt more and more better like I had just meet ‘The me’ the inner soul of mine. This took to a high of pleasure I had never experienced before not only in terms of sexual pleasure but also any other form of pleasure. I was reaching my climax, I did not want it to end, I didn’t want to have an orgasm so soon but I things weren’t in my control. With closed eyes I hugged him tight and kissed him deep, feeling each movement of his cock inside me as it went in and out of me, almost to the opening of my ass threatening to slip out of me and then with one thrust racing back into me harder and harder each time. I could not hold on any longer and blew it my cock let out a squirt of cum, followed by another squirt this time more, much more than the previous time. It landed on my stomach and chest his body rubbing it all over me while I although unintentionally reciprocating the same. I still clinged on to his body, feeling each thrust and movement of his cock as it came in and out of me. It became faster and faster and harder and harder as moments passed by without both of us ever realising it. He finally came and he blew a big load into me, I tried to hold his penis tightly by contracting my ass hole so that not a single drop goes wasted.
We just lie there hugging and kissing each other, like each kiss and hug were meant to thank for the pleasure or rather the love received. He didn’t withdraw his cock and just lying there fell asleep, so did I. Soon I woke up, but he was still fast asleep. I kissed him, caressed him all of a sudden it felt like he was dearer to me than anything else. Then I slowly moved away from him and removed his cock from within me. I went down and saw his cock was now soft and shinny, shinny because of the lubricant he used. I observed it for a while and then went on to suck it. After some time I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, by this time he woke up and got dressed to leave. He didn’t say anything he didn’t have to.
The following day, I was thinking about yesterday and walking, my feet took me to Kumar’s house. I rang the doorbell. His mom opened the door, and said, “Hi, how are you?” without waiting for my reply walked inside to call Kumar.
He appeared after I sometime and before I could say anything said “How about us going out?”
I nodded and followed him.
We went to lonely street near Thane creek. The street was empty but a few young couples here and there enjoying each other’s company as if the rest of the world did not exist. It was silent for these couples spoke in low tones, but for the occasional gushing of the wind which was largely pleasant and the noises from the busy flyover near by. An occasional horn was the only disturbance these couples had.
Until we reached there none of us spoke a word. After walking for some time and till we had almost reached the edge, where only water lay in front of us he looked at me and said, “Well” followed by a smile.
I just looked at him, and spoke not a word.
He said, “How do you feel today?”
“Fine, What do expect me to feel?”
“Oh! Nothing, you just seem to be very happy”
“Yeah” I asked “How about we hanging out together more often? You see we haven’t been doing so for sometime.”
“So you want to do it again”
I nodded and replied, “Not just for that, for us to be together. I think we enjoy each others company more.”
“How about us going for a movie together, just the two of us.”
“Like yesterday?” He asked, sporadically.
“No. The legal ones I am talking about”
“Ok, We’ll go for one, how about Saturday?”
“Fine with me, if its after six O’ clock” I replied, “ I have to attend tuitions till then on Saturday’s. Which movie hall do we go for?” Without waiting for a reply I myself suggested, “Meghraj Movie hall, Vashi”.
He agreed.
This conversation, I had not known would be a beginning of what could change my life so dramatically, that I feel this one had to be a part of this story without which this story of mine would be incomplete.
The one day in between seemed to be very long for me. I spent a lot of time thinking what would I wear, should I cut my hair, the worries that came into my mind seemed to be endless and so seemed the arrival of the time decided.
We were to meet at the gates of the theatre, as I was to arrive there directly from my tuitions. I reached the gates at 5.30 pm. He wasn’t there.
I looked around to see a lot of people around me, some just like me waiting for someone to come, while many who simply arrived to talk and hang out. There were men and women, boys and girls of all ages particularly, young couples.
I looked at my watch almost three to four times in a minute, the wait just seemed to be too long I was anxious to see him, I could not explain why was this anxiousness present in me, but I surely felt it.
I finally saw him walking from across the street; he too seemed to have made an effort to look good. He was wearing a tight light creamish coloured T-shirt, with similar coloured cargos, which complimented each other effortlessly and made him look handsome, as his bulging biceps and big strong chest stretched out of the T-shirt.
I looked at him and smiled and was greeted by one from him. He didn’t stop beside me and walked away as if I was just not there, I followed him. He walked close to the entrance and stopped turned around and smiled again. I just returned nothing but a stare.
We chatted for a while about the movie, as we were doing so it appeared to me as if almost all the ladies around me irrespective of their age, also some men were staring at us and at him more particularly for longer durations. I felt awkwardness, as I could not understand why were they staring at him. I finally was able to make out the intentions of the ladies they were drooling over him. I felt jealous in the beginning, and also insecure. I could not explain why was this insecurity. I just asked to move over to the northern corner of the movie hall compound. Later, I felt proud that I had tasted and had this guy whom all these women were drooling over. I always felt he was an average looking guy, this time I looked at him I didn’t feel so he looked truly amazing.
Our seats were in the last row towards the extreme right hand corner. The two seats beside us were empty. The movie began I was watching it keenly and forgot about him being by my side for a while.
Then we got a bit cosy and I rested my head on his shoulders while he wrapped his arms around me. I felt this strange rush inside of me, and I was wondering how he was feeling. Sometime passed. I felt his fingers working around my shoulders and my neck. He was caressing me. I let him do it and spoke not a word.
It was dark inside the hall and I couldn’t see anyone around me not even his face clearly, except when the light reflecting from the screen fell on his face.
It was just one such instant when the light showed a glimpse of a bulge in his pants. I instinctively touched it and made efforts to bring it out, but had to struggle a bit but I finally had his member out of his pants as well as his underwear. I couldn’t see much of his cock but a black rod like shape thanks to the darkness. I looked up to his face and he was looking down at me. Our mouths moved closer to end in a kiss which was quite a long one, lingering, feeling each other’s lips, tongue as well as tasting and drinking each others saliva. His caressing continued like it had never ceased while my hand moved close to his cock slowly touching his shaft by my fingers and running them over to the tip of his now wet with pre-cum penis.
I rubbed his cock with my fingers for sometime, now again resting my head on his shoulders looking down at his cock. Then I held his penis firmly in my hand and started rubbing it slowly in upward and downward motion, with an occasional pulling of foreskin down to expose his pink penis head out. The caressing hands stopped and now held my head at the base, which fit in entirely in his palm and it now pushed my head towards his cock. I understood what he wanted and went on do what he wanted. But this time as I moved closer to his cock, I felt not lust but a pleasure different from what I would call as sexual pleasure rather a pleasure of giving satisfaction though this doesn’t explain fully how I felt. At that time, I did not think much about how I was feeling and proceeded to suck his cock, beginning with a kiss at the tip followed by another kiss to the shaft and another to base and one more for the cute balls. I kissed each time with best of my efforts as if each kiss were to signify how much I loved his cock. Next, I opened my mouth a little and tried to take him in, but I could not as my position did not allow me to do so. His hands were constantly pushing my head indicating that he wanted me to take it in. I got up and knelled down on the floor in front of his seat so that now I was hidden behind the next row of seats, so that nobody could see me with the darkness helping me in that respect, while I could now easily suck him. Again my lips parted to let him in but I didn’t open them wide so that his foreskin was being pulled down as I slowly took him in, his skinless pink head entered my mouth touched my tongue, filling it with a taste so beautiful that I could not stop rolling my tongue over it. OH god the taste was awesome I thought. I sucked on and on with full concentration and enjoying it more and more as time passed by. He did not shiver or moan but occasionally raised his hips to thrust his cock deep into my throat. This continued for some time after which he came, and filled my mouth with his cum. I loved the taste of his cum as well as the smell of it. I drank all that he could give me with a hasty greed at the same time illegal bahis siteleri ensuring not to waste a single drop of it. When I got back on my seat the movie was almost over, I wondered how long I sucked?
Later, that night I was lying on my bed but could not sleep. I was thinking about Kumar. Images of his body, cock, face and his smile flashed across my eyes. I thought about what had happened at the movie hall, I thought I had really enjoyed sucking his cock like I had never done before. I also realised that the pleasure I derived from today’s act was not just sexual pleasure alone but had more to it. My mind raced to another thought, I had today sucked someone’s cock in a public place; what is it that leads me to do it? I remembered uncontrollably touching his cock the moment I saw that bulge. The more I thought the more questions came to my mind but never came an answer to anyone. Why did I ask Kumar for a date? These questions just prevented me from sleeping but lead to no conclusion except for one for by the morning I had decided that I really like him.
The next few encounters with him I always ended up having sex with him, at least giving him a blowjob or a hand job. All these sexual encounters with Kumar had one thing in common i.e. he never attended my cock but concentrated on my ass only, with my attention too focused on the same and of course I also ensured he had a good time with me.
Once after our usual act of sex we had just sat on couch, Kumar popped this question, “What kind of relationship do you think we are having?”
“I don’t know” was my immediate reply.
“Hey, we have been hanging around with each other for some months now, ….almost 6 months. Where do you think is this going?” He asked, a bit louder this time and also showing dissatisfaction with the previous answer.
I had a lot of thoughts going on in my mind, but answered, “Maybe, to a higher level of friendship”
“Have you forgotten in the last six months each time we meet we have always had sex!!! Good friends do not have sex, especially when they are both male.”
“But we do”
“What do you think that makes us?”
“Gays” I uttered reluctantly, then raising my voice a bit “What is the point that you’re trying to make?”
He looked away from me and said, “Well! There’s something I think I should say but I am not quite sure how you would take this.” After pausing for a moment he continued, “I like the way you treat me, be with me, every time I’m with you I feel comfortable, secure and feel…. loved. Today, I just want to be with you like this because I feel the best when I’m with you.” “ You make me feel better so I just want to be with you for ever and never ever be with anybody else and never share my love with anyone else.”
On hearing these words the dark clouds in my mind were cleared and all the questions that kept me awake for nights together seemed like answered. Now I knew what were those feelings I always felt but could never explain. Those feeling were love. This wasn’t all that I was confused about. Every time I was with Kumar, never for a moment did I feel like a man like his charm robbed me of my manhood. I responded to all his motions, actions, and words not in the capacity of man. I heard a voice inside me telling me how much I love Kumar. I realised it was this woman in me who had actually fallen in love with Kumar.
Quite a lot of time had passed away in silence, while I thought of this; I don’t know what was he doing during this time. I did not break the silence but moved myself close to him and held his face in my hands and kissed him, a deep kiss. Then I bent over to his ears and said, “I love you”. Having heard this he said nothing, just held my face in both of his hands to French kiss me after which he said, “Even I feel the same for you.”

I was in love, the happiness was unbounded and I was like a 13-year-old girl in love blushing at his sight, thinking of him all day. Time flew by like a bird and a year passed each day we meet and spent some time together. Our relationship grew with each day; I was head over heels in love with him so I think was he. Love had blossomed between us to give birth to a relationship not acceptable in society. Our parents initially believed we were doing drugs, considering the amount of both of us had suddenly begun to spend with each other. Each day we spent hour’s together hanging out, sometimes just talking, and loving each other most of the time. Our union had left between us no secrets, as we never felt the need to hide anything from each other. Our relationship had become so intimate there was nothing left for us to share, no part of our minds unexplored and all fantasies known to each other and also fulfilled. We had a hard time convincing our parents we were not doing drugs.

One such fantasy I had which he fulfilled was that I wanted to be a woman. Yes, wanted to be a woman. I remember, when I was a child I dreamt at nights that I had grown up to be a beautiful lady. I was six or seven years old then, and I didn’t know much about sex nor did I know anything about the meaning of the dream. The only thing I remember was that the dreams never scared me and I never told anyone about it. Later on, these dreams ceased to reoccur and the thought got buried in time. This long lost thought was unearthed from my mind on that Wednesday when Kumar carried me to the bedroom in his arms and reinforced when I felt loved by him that day looking at him engrossed in thrusting his cock into my ass.
I never told him about this fantasy of mine but somehow he came to know about it. When I asked him how he came to know about this fantasy. He replied, “ I love you, Shailesh. You don’t have to tell me everything I just know.”
Is that some spell, or something? Those words definitely were magical and had me spellbound. That moment onwards there was no looking back. I was never the same; I was never a complete man again. My life had changed forever.
From that moment onwards he always treated me as a woman, referred to me as a woman, touched me each time just the way a gentleman would touch a lady. I was loving each moment of this and I think so was he, later on he once told me that initially he felt guilty because he was having a gay relationship with me but ever since he had begun to be with me as he would with a lady he never felt the guilt and somehow felt at ease with himself. I now acted as lady every time I was with him, especially during sex but later on also when we were not having sex. As days passed I started talking like a woman, my grammar getting perfect slowly, I never made an error when referring to myself as a lady; I had also acquired an accent just like a woman and now talked like a woman with such ease as if it came to me naturally and one would easily believe I talked in the same manner since I learnt to speak. I had set free the woman in me, she was imprisoned in me when I learnt social manners from my parents and they taught me to behave like a boy, which unfortunately my body was but so wasn’t my soul. She had opened up and remained free for large part of the day, as I spent a large part of my day with Kumar. But she had to go into hiding when I was not with him alone. Slowly I began to walk like a woman and also acquired all mannerisms of women, I giggled, sat, held my drink, etc just like any woman would.
Both of us finished collage and took up jobs but by this time another year had passed by. We now decided that both of us should live together, but also knew that our parents would not approve of it. So we raised money and moved out. I now started cross-dressing and never let anybody in our new neighbourhood know that I was actually a male. I wore clothes ranging to mini skirts, saris, jeans, trousers any clothing that a girl would wear I wore them too. I used padded bras and stuffed sponge inside to complete my look as a woman and give me breasts. Nobody now knew about our past and we told them that we were actually husband and wife. My new name was Nisha.
Our first night at our new home, we decided would be celebrated as our wedding night. That night I dressed up in anticipation that he would undress me to make love. I cannot explain the joy of dressing up just so that your love can undress you; it just has to be experienced. I wore the most expensive sari I had brought, went to the parlour and had my hair done. The lady at the parlour didn’t even suspect I was not a woman. I had never grown any facial hair, I don’t know for what reasons but it surely helped to enable me to change over from man to woman. After having got all ready and done. The fellow ladies at the parlour complimented me, said, “ I was beautiful.” I looked in the mirror and instantly knew I surely was. My long hair, slim figure and the sari draped over me made me look gorgeous; Kumar is going to be surprised I thought.
But more than him it was me who was surprised by the effects of my new look. As I walked back to my new home almost every guy on the street was looking at me, some were whistling, some who were themselves with their woman just kept to staring at me much to the displeasure of the woman they were with. The women were obviously jealous, they gave such look I actually got scared a bit but also felt proud that I could do this even when I didn’t even have a real pair of breast, what would have happened if I had a pair of real breasts and I was going to have it in a matter of few months as I had now began to take hormones.
That night Kumar had bought scented candles, flowers and cd’s of some of my favourite music. We had our dinner; I fed him each morsel with my own hands while he kept his hands busy playing with my body, caressing me. He said, “ You look awesome, so beautiful…..I have never seen beauty so innocent. Nisha you actually are really beautiful and I am not saying so only to make you feel happy but I really mean it.” I knew he did, I tried but couldn’t control myself from letting out a giggle.
Later on, I was sitting in his laps with my head resting on his chest. I was about to fall asleep when he kissed me on my forehead, then on my eyes, cheeks and then my lips. He slowly took off my sari from my shoulder and proceeded to unhook my blouse. I said nothing just remained there motionless, just looking at him. He threw my blouse on the floor and proceeded to remove my bra, at which I felt a bit uneasy, as I had yet not developed breasts although I knew it was okay with him. He must have noticed my uneasiness hence he as soon as he threw my bra on the floor; kissed my nipples and said, “I love your nipples.” It made me feel happy and he continued to kiss my nipples and then sucked it, occasionally flicking it with his tongue.
He then lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bed and then put me down on it. He pulled of my sari and also removed my perker and threw them on the floor. He then sat on my thighs and kissed me. I opened my mouth to welcome his saliva and he gave me plenty of it to drink. With his tongue still in my mouth he removed my panties too. Now I lay nude in front of him while not a single piece of clothing had come off him.
He stood on his knees and pulled me up to kiss me again. I did not let him have it. No sooner did he pull me up I turned around and had him facing my back. I tried to walk on my knees to get away from him, but he stretched both his hands and pulled me back to him so hard that my back thrust against his chest. I could feel his cock, rock hard by now, poking at my ass cheeks through his pants. I rubbed my ass on his bulge to tease him. He held the back of my palms and wrapped me in his arms; both of us were on our knees, my ass rubbing against canlı bahis siteleri his bulge, my back supported by his chest. I faced away from him, with my head tilted to the left; he pushed my hair aside with his face and kissed my neck and my shoulders. He did something to my ears that’s all I can say but I felt very good, made my knees weak and I rested more on his chest now. He then kissed my neck again; this time taking a little bit of my skin into his mouth and slowly chewing on to them, as well as sucking them real hard. He was giving me a love bite, marking his territory, my body. I closed my eyes and loved each moment.
I turned around a kissed him again this time I fed him my love juices from my mouth which he drank without hesitation and kept on asking for more. I let the need to remain unfulfilled and started unbuttoning his shirt. He helped me pull it off and I threw it on the floor. His strong chest and abs became exposed to me; they still appealed to me just as much as they appealed to me in my bathroom almost three years ago or maybe more than that. I hugged him rubbing his chest against mine feeling the warmth of his body. I undid his pants and soon had his pants as well as his underwear on the floor. The floor was now a pile of clothes both his and mine.
He lay down and pulled me up on him, another kiss followed, which was ended abruptly by me as I broke the kiss and moved away from him to the farthest corner of the bed and sat facing away from him. He came up to me and pulled me and with a jerk had lifted me in the air and then put me back on the bed with my face and stomach on the bed and ass cheeks and back exposed to him. Holding me down to prevent me from moving he sat on the back of my thighs with one of his leg on each side of me. Without wasting a moment he let his fingers slide into me, I closed my eyes to feel the pleasure and there wasn’t much I could do, his strength was too much for me and I cannot stop him from doing anything. Slowly his grip on me weakened and I lifted my ass signaling him to get up from above it, which he willingly did but he didn’t oblige me by removing his fingers, now four of them inside me. I now repositioned my self in manner that his cock now pointed right into my eyes as I was now sitting on top of him in almost 69 position with my ass close to his face to let him work and play with it and also to enable me to suck his cock my own head close to his penis. I sucked and sucked with all the experience I had gained in the past three and a half years, I certainly knew how he liked it and what made him cum, and purposefully kept away doing things that made him cum. I sucked him on and on and his thrusts into my mouth fastened and I felt his breathing get faster. All of a sudden, just as he was about to cum I took his cock out of my mouth and stood up straight on the bed, he lay there for a few moments as if trying to come to terms with the fact that I just stopped when he was about to cum, this certainly made him a bit angry which I knew would make him fuck me harder an attempt to get back at me which I always enjoyed more and more.
I wanted to have more of such foreplay, but he didn’t seem to think likewise for as soon as he got up he pulled me hard against him my body hitting his like a hammer hits a nail; I heard a sound that resembled a clap as our bodies collided. He kissed me harder than he had ever kissed me his huge biceps and strong forearms wrapped around my slender feminine body causing a bit of pain which however didn’t last longer than a few seconds as I put my legs around his waist following which he put me down on the bed again and started positioning himself near my butt hole to enter me. He then lifted my legs and pushed them down again the only difference being that they now rested on my shoulders exposing my tiny tight hole to him. He pressed the head of his cock against the hole I felt my asshole stretching to accommodate; even before he had the head of the penis inside he pulled out again, came back with a second thrust faster than a bullet his entire cock was inside me even before I could scream for help. My head swung from left to right and back again faster than a butterfly could flutter her wings. “Arrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhhh” a loud scream I let out, loud enough that even a guy on the street could hear me. All this was just because I quit sucking just when he was about to come. Boy!!! Do I Love that? He pulled out completely, pressed his palms against my mouth and shoved his cock back in to my tight ass harder and faster than before I screamed into his palms of which he didn’t even let a squeak to come out. The pain and the pleasure reached a new high; I dug my now long fingernails into his chest. He later on settled to just thrusting without pulling out completely but out enough to make me believe that he is going to pull out completely and shove back in each time he did it. I slowly got used to it and started to push my hips back to meet his rhythmic thrusts. Oh…. He did it again; his cock went out and came back in even before I could react. I sprung of out bed and embraced him in ecstasy, biting my teeth at the same time.
He had never made love to me this way before, and did I love it? He pulled out and I could now finally, straighten my legs having my ankles beside my ears was now beginning to be painful. That did not last for more than a minute. He turned me so that I was now lying on only one shoulder, facing sideways and he sat on his knees near my ass. He lifted my one leg and the other lay straight on the bed. He entered my ass and this time his thrusts were harder and faster that before. I had been stretched to the limits of my endurance. Only a few minutes had passed I could not bear it any longer I begged him to stop, which he did. But at once he pulled me into doggy position and his huge cock was back in again, he did not want to let me rest even for a second, nor did he take a break. I still wonder how is he able to do that?
The in and out, in and out, in and out, movements of his cock were only getting faster and my asshole had become numb, when he finally came. He said nothing and just let it out inside me filling me up, with loads of cum. I tried to squeeze my butt hole to prevent the cum from dripping out but it had battered too much and was now gaping open. I fell on the bed paralyzed, drained of all my energy unable to even move a limb.
Kumar rested upon my helpless body. He said, “Wont let me cum….. eh, must be thinking should have let me cum then.”
I tried to speak but I couldn’t, my voices just wont come out. I tried harder the second time, murmured, “That’s why” took a deep breath in again, “I love you”. I had enjoyed way too much and I just could not speak to thank him for all the love he had given me the first night of our married life.
Sex was the only good part of our married life. Both of us now had to work very hard, I got a job in a BPO and he got a job as an accountant in a small-scale firm. I earned almost twice than he did but my salary alone was not enough for both of us, but when his salary also was used we could lead a pretty much normal life. Both of our parents were against us getting married and refused to even call us their son. They quit talking to us when we moved to our new home a decided to begin a married life.

The next morning, Kumar left for his office and I was alone at home. I did the dishes and a little bit cleaning and laundry. It was noon by then; I had to leave for work at 3.00 pm. our jobs had become a barrier between Kumar and me. We could hardly find any time to spend together except on weekends.
The doorbell rang; I went to answer the bell. It was a lady, young but definitely elder than me, dressed in a yellow saree and yellow blouse, the fair women smiled at me. I smiled back. She introduced herself, “Hello, I am your neighbor, Mrs. Aparna. I live at the next apartment.” I welcomed her in and offered her to sit. I said, “I am Nisha, we just moved in”
“I know, I came to get acquainted with you all.” She said.
“Would you like some coffee?” I asked, to which she nodded.
I went in to the kitchen to make the coffee, she followed me there which I didn’t think was good manners on her part.
“So….. What do you do?” I asked.
“Oh. I am a teacher at the New English High School, my husband runs a cloth shop at Vashi.” She replied, “ The shop is not a big one, a small shop”
“What about you?”
“I work in a BPO, and my husband is an accountant” I replied.
The coffee was ready by then, we sat on the couch. She seemed to be thinking of something, cause she didn’t say anything for quite sometime and just blankly started at me.
I was beginning to get a bit uncomfortable, then to make matters worse she said, “Heard a noise from your apartment last night.”
“Ya, I sure did hear it, and it came for apartment too. What happened?”
Oh my god, she heard me scream last night, worse even she even has the guts to ask me about it. I didn’t know what to say but remained silent, looking down. She bent a little to see my face I smiled shyly.
She moved closer and touched my chin with her fingers and lifted my face to clearly see my expression.
Both of us let out a giggle, “ It pains in the beginning but you slowly get used to it and then…” she said
“Learn to handle your husband there’s no way out.”
I felt it was a bit awkward; someone just barges in to your house, walks all over your kitchen and then advises you on your sex life on the very first meeting!! I had not known at that time that Aparna would soon become such an important part of our life. She understood me very well most of the time we didn’t even have to communicate our feeling we just understood. She was kind, loving and a wonderful lady. Time progressed my friendship with Aparna grew more and more intimate, however I still hid from her the fact the I used to be man. My body had responded pretty well to the hormones. In a matter of few months I had progressed from no breast to 34C, and my buttocks too showed changes it became round and feminine and grew bigger. My stats now read 34-28-35. The flip side to the story was that I no longer had erections I had become impotent. My doctor told me that it was a side effect of the hormones, that it had reduced the levels of testosterone in my body to really low levels. My sperm count was also affected adversely. It wasn’t really a flip side for me, because I could still enjoy sex, have an orgasm, ejaculate. I wasn’t disappointed at all for I was now more feminine, didn’t have to worry about having a bulge in my skirt every time I got aroused. The penis was actually never used in the last few years, never even for masturbation. The only purpose it served was urination and ejaculation these were still working fine.
Aparna was my only friend other that Kumar, ever since I became a woman I had lost all of my old friends who now felt uncomfortable talking to me. I spent a lot of time with Aparna and we shopped together, played games, watched TV etc. Aparna had had a rocking sex life good enough material make a few more stories, like threesomes, lesbian, eunuch, orgies etc. name it and she had done it. Aparna had a boyfriend, and they had threesomes Aparna, her husband (Santosh) her boyfriend (Sashi) almost everyday. She was some sex machine.
Another year passed by Kumar was now earning better than he did in the beginning and had received two promotions in a year. Even my pay had improved we could now some of the luxuries life in general had improved. I still loved Kumar a lot, so did he we had sex whenever we could and wherever we could like in a movie hall, park, trial room in a shopping mall etc. Drinking his cum was now my favourite pastime. He never disappointed me and maintained a good supply except when I got too greedy and had it 4 to 6 times a day.

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