My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 13 – Training of Nadine, Hawaiian girls and Sophia, Spring Break Cruise, Trip to the Cayman Islands, and Furniture Shopping Trip.

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My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 13 – Training of Nadine, Hawaiian girls and Sophia, Spring Break Cruise and a Trip to the Cayman Islands.

Character Introduced:

Josie, 14, daughter of Fred and sister of Jolene, white, 5’1 Red Hair Green Eyes 34C breasts
Janice, 14, daughter of Fred Josie’s identical twin, white, 5’1 Red Hair Green Eyes 34C breasts
Claire, 12, sister of Jolene twin of Clairice, white, 4’11 Brown Hair Blue Eyes 32D breasts
Clairice, 12 sister of Jolene twin of Claire, white, 4’11 Brown Hair Blue Eyes 32D breasts
Ray, 40, white 5’11, 5” cock
Madison, 36, wife of Ray, white, 5’7 Red Hair Blue Eyes 38D breasts
Grace, 16, daughter of Madison, white, 5’5 Red Hair Blue Eyes 36D breasts
Kelli, 14, daughter of Madison, white, 5’4 Red Hair Blue Eyes 34C breasts
Brooklyn, 11, daughter of Madison, white, 5’2 Red Hair Blue Eyes 32B breasts
Ray Jr., 17, son of Madison, 5’9, 9 ½ cock
Erin, 33, Ben’s Lawyer, white, 5’9 Blond Blue Eyes 38D breast
Gary, 24, Ben’s Friend Notary Public, black, 12” cock
Charlotte, 32, District Attorney, white, 5’11 Red Hair Green Eyes 34D breasts
Tiffani “Tiff”, 14, white, 5’2, Brown hair and eyes, 34C breasts, swan-like neck
Nicole, 16, sister of Tiff, white, 5’4 dirty blond hair – deep blue eyes, 36D breasts, swan-like neck
Sandra, 36, mother of TIFF, white, 5’6 dirty blond – deep blue eyes, 38DD breasts, swan-like neck
Jessie, 31, real estate agent – Cayman Islands, white, 5’8 blond – light blue eyes, 36DD breasts

From Chapter 12.

Ben then starts to suck on Jolene’s pussy and then mounts her and starts fucking her hard. Her sister are watching as they make love. Ben looks at them and tells them when they make the decision to be his slaves that he will take care of each of them. He proceeds to pound Jolene who is squealing in pleasure. “Master, I love you. Please get me pregnant with your baby. Make me yours”. “Baby, you are mine. I protect my women, just asks Laurie or Renee”. When he is done he tells Jolene and her sisters that they are to stay with him and that he is going to get their father to sign over custody to him when he gets back in town. Jolene’s sisters thank him and tell him they love it at his house. “Girls this is your house now. I will take care of you”.

Story continues after Ben cums in Jolene’s pussy.

“Jolene did you tell your sisters that you are pregnant?” Ben asks as he gets off of Jolene.

“No I think you just did” Jolene says. “Ben, can we suck on BIG FELLA and clean him off?” Josie asks as her three sisters come over and wait his response “Sure”.

They suck and lick on BIG FELLA, until he gets hard again. “Ben, I want to be your slave. I want you to make love to me. Please take my virginity” Josie asks.

“Do all you want to be my slaves?” Ben asks Janice, Josie’s identical twin and Claire and Clairice twelve year old identical twins.

“Ben, we have talked to Becky and Jolene about this. We all want to be your slaves. We want to be breeder slaves. We all want to give you as many children as we can. Becky had Doctor Reynolds prescribe fertility drugs to us. We are yours to have. We hate our father and want to belong to you. Please take our virginity and make us women” Claire says.

“Did Becky go over the training with you and about the tattoos?” Ben asks
“Yes Master” Clairice says and her sisters nod.

“Well I will take your virginity today, but training is going to have to wait. I will get Sheila to give you your back tattoos today marking you as my property. I accept you as my slaves. I will train you when we go to the Cayman Islands after the cruise” Ben tells them.

“We are going to the Cayman Island, Master?” Josie asks. “Yes, I will need to get your passports rushed. I will call my friend in the State Department to rush them through. You don’t have passports already do you?” Ben asks them.

“No, Master we don’t, but I know where our birth certificates are and I can get them if you have somebody drive me to my house” Jolene tells Ben. “I will have Tiffani drive you over there tomorrow. Do you have any idea when your father is going to show up again?”

“No, I really don’t care if he ever comes back. You and Becky are my family now. I am now yours Master. As our my sisters, if my father does not agree to sign custody over to you I might just beat the crap out of him until he does. I hate him, he has no love nor regard for us” Jolene tells Ben.

Ben then takes Josie and spreads her legs. He starts kissing her and then sucks on her 34C breasts and then after she moans in pleasure he moves down to her honeypot and starts to suck on her pussy. He licks her slit and then sucks on her clit, when she starts to cum he stops and lifts his head. “Where the hell do you think you are going, Master, get back to work” Josie tells him as she pushes his head back onto her pussy.

Ben, smiling, then starts to suck and lick her pussy and spreads her pussy lips. Ben then starts to suck on her hole and eventually sticks his tongue in her extremely tight vagina. He inches his way until he strokes her hymen. She has the same reaction to this as Peggy, she starts screaming and bucking her hips. Josie starts cuming on Ben’s face as he continues his licking of her hymen. “Oh GOD MASTER, that feels SOOOO good” Josie says as he continues his assault on her hymen and pussy. He sucks her to three orgasms and then pushes and erect BIG FELLA past her hymen in one stroke.

“OUCH, GOD DAMN that hurt like hell” Josie says as her new Master pushes all the way to her cervix. Ben stops and tells her “Josie baby, the worst is over. Just relax and get use to the size of BIG FELLA”. Ben stays there enjoying the tightness of her once virgin pussy. After about ten minutes he starts to pump slowly in and out of her pussy. He gradually begins to pick up pace, after about forty-five minutes he begins to really pound her hard eventually he starts to jackhammer her pussy and when he is about to climax he pushes deep and hard until her young cervix gives way and lets BIG FELLA into her womb.

“Josie, are you on birth control?” Ben asks as he is almost out of breath. Josie shakes her head no. “I am going to get you pregnant eventually, here is your first shot”. “Go for it Master, make my sister pregnant. Get all my sisters pregnant” Jolene tells him.

When Ben finally finishes cuming he pulls Josie into his arms and tells her “Josie, baby you are safe with me. You will never ever want for anything ever again. You are part of my family now, and I take care of my family”.

“Janice, your next. Are you ready to become a woman, to become my lover?” Ben asks.

“Yes, Master. Please make love to me. Take my virginity and make me yours” She tells him. Ben grabs BIG FELLA and tells her to suck him back to life. She complies and starts to suck BIG FELLA. Janice licks the head and shaft and then takes the head into her mouth and starts to suck on the head. “Master, your cock is so beautiful” Janice says as she looks up at him while she licks on the shaft and balls.

“Becky honey can you get my pills for me?” Ben asks as she goes to get them she comes back and gives him his supplements and vitamins. “I need to call Abigail and have her refill your supplements and bring home you vitamins, you are running out” Becky tells him as she picks up the phone.

Ben is erect and puts Janice on her hands and knees. He separates her legs and pushes BIG FELLA into her tight fourteen year old virgin pussy. “OW, Master, please go slow” Janice tells him as he pushes to her hymen. “Baby, you are mine. This is going to hurt a little when I take your cherry, it will get better. I love you baby and I am going to take care of you” Ben tells her as he pushes past her hymen and then thrusts all the way to her cervix. Jolene comes over and sees her virgin blood on her thighs, “Sis, you are now a woman. Ben’s woman, I love you we are going to be so happy here with our new loving family”. Ben starts to stroke her harder and faster. He does this for about fifteen minutes and Janice yells,“OH GOD, MASTER. You are making me cum. God this feels great”. Ben pounds little Janice for another hour before he pushes BIG FELLA past her cervix and starts to stroke her womb. After he deposits his load inside her womb he exits her pussy with a large pop sound.

“Baby, you are now a woman” Ben tells her as she rolls to her side, “No, I am your woman. That was fantastic”.

Sheila comes in and asks Ben who needs to get tattooed. “Let’s start with Joe, then Emily and Julia, finally Jolene needs to get all her tattoos done also. Her sisters here need to have “Property of Ben Barnes” tattooed on their lower back. Joe needs to have “Becky’s Toy” tattooed on his upper arm. “Mr. Cunnilingus” tattooed on his lower back and “Pussy-Licker” tattooed on his chest. He also needs to have his tongue pierced in three places, nipples and scrotum also pierced along with his ears. Emily will show you”.

Sheila takes Joe, Emily and Julia to the dining room and sets up her equipment and starts with Joe. It takes her two hours to complete Joe’s tattoos and piercings and moves on to Emily and then Julia. When they are done with their piercings and tattoos they come back to the pool area and show their master. “Thank you Master for my tattoos and piercings” Julia says to Ben with a lisp. Ben is pounding on Claire at that moment, she is moaning and groaning as he strokes her long and deep. He is pounding the cervix in her twelve year old pussy. “You are so welcome my sweet Julia, welcome to the family. I love you and so does everybody else here. How do you like Joe’s tattoos and piercings ladies?” Ben asks.

“Well Ben, I like them. Although he needs to put his collar and leash back on. And then come back over here and suck on my pussy” Becky tells her husband as everybody sees Joe jump and put on his collar and leash and run over to Becky.

“Mistress Becky, please let me have the honor of eating you out” Joe asks her with a lisp. Becky spreads her legs and Joe goes to town on her slit and young pussy. He lifts his head and looks at Ben. “Thank you Master, you made me a very happy man. I will take care of your women with my tongue” He looks at Becky and smiles as he goes back to work. He works hard at getter her off. He makes her come twice sucking all her juices down. “Mistress can I have another orgasm please?” Joe asks her. “You are asking me if you can give me another orgasm?” Becky asks him. “Mistress, it is my pleasure to give you as many orgasms as you will let me. I will spend the rest of my life making you happy” Joe tells her.

“I think I like my present Ben” Becky tells him as Joe goes back to town on her pussy. “Joe from now on you will always be at Becky’s side, especially when I am not there. You will do what she tells you. Do you understand?” Ben says to Joe as he puts the thumbs up to him.

“Master, I think Joe loves his new job” Emily says with a smile. Ben finally pushes through Claire’s cervix and starts to fuck her womb. “OH, Master I don’t know where BIG FELLA is but he is really deep inside me” Claire tells him. “Claire, baby, I am in your womb. This is where I am going to give you my seed. You are now mine” Ben says as he starts to groan. He cums in her womb for ten minutes and then pops out.

“Janet, Tiffani can you bring down the air mattresses and set them up in the living room. I am going to sleep in there the next couple of days. Tomorrow I start my training of Nadine, Sophia and the Hawaiian girls” Ben asks them.

“Master, take it easy on yourself. Do not over work yourself or BIG FELLA. You have all the time in the world to train these girls. They are not going anywhere” Tiffani tells him.

“Master, I am yours. You can train me whenever” Sophia tells him, “As long as you keep fucking me on a regular basis. I love my family here and I am not going anywhere unless you kick me out”.

“I am staying also, but you need to get me pregnant with my mother and my friend Master” Nadine tells him.

“Tiffani, mother, I will take it easy. I am going to make love to Clairice now. Are you ready, Clairice? Their is no rush you do not have to do this if you do not want” Ben says

“Ben, I am ready, I want to be apart of the family” Clairice says.

“Clairice, you do not have to have sex with me to be part of this family. I will take care of you as I will all of your sisters. If you want we can wait until you are ready. Know this, you are loved and we all will love you for the rest of your life” Ben tells her.

Clairice has tears in her eyes as she tells her new Master “I want you, I really do. Please make me a woman. Your woman, I want you and only you, no one else”.

“Clairice, baby you are my woman, I will not let anybody else make love to you if you do not want to. That goes for all my women. You are mine. Now if you don’t mind, come here and suck on BIG FELLA and get him hard” Ben tells her as she comes over and takes BIG FELLA into her hands.

“Master, who gave your penis that name? You did not do that did you? It is appropriate but a little strange” Clairice asks. “My dear loving wife, Becky. She is the one who gave my cock that name and had it tattooed on the top of it” Ben tells her. Julia, Emily and Nadia and Nadine giggle “Master, you really love Becky don’t you?” Nadia asks “With every fiber of my being, she is my north and my south. My beginning and my ending. All this is possible because of her” Ben says as he looks over at his wife having another orgasm from Joe’s working her pussy. “Are you enjoying my gift my love?”

“Oh, GOD yes. I need to share him with my mom and the rest of my sisters. He is getting better at it as he goes along. Joe, one last orgasm and that is it for the night” Becky says.

Joe lifts his head from his mistresses pussy and says “Yes, Mistress Becky. Thank you for letting me pleasure you today” and he goes back to eating her out.

Tiffani comes over and sits next to Becky as Ben is getting a tongue bath from Clairice. Clairice is licking BIG FELLA’s shaft and balls she then opens her mouth and starts to suck on the head of BIG FELLA. She looks up at her new Master and he tells her “You are doing a great job, suck and swallow. Try to get it down your throat”. She does as she is told and she tries to get BIG FELLA down her throat. Ben then puts his hand on the back of her head and tells her to swallow as he pushes her head down on BIG FELLA. He keeps telling her to swallow as he feels BIG FELLA entering her tight throat and he begins to push harder until she is at the base. He lifts up and he lets BIG FELLA out of her throat and she starts breathing through her nose. “A couple more times sweetheart” he tells her as he pushes her head back down on BIG FELLA. He does this a total of ten times and then tells her “do it again on your own” and she does.

“Very good my love” he tells her as she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. “Master, you didn’t cum yet?” Clairice says. “Baby, I am going to cum in your womb and nowhere else. Spread your legs for me”. She does and he starts to suck on her pussy, he then sticks his tongue deep inside her pussy and strokes her hymen. She immediately starts to cum. When she is cumming he pushes an erect BIG FELLA into her pussy and past her hymen bottoming out at her cervix.

“OW, that hurt a little. BIG FELLA feels so big inside me Master” Clairice says as she starts to move her hips. “Fuck me Master, this feels good”. He does for a couple of hours until he pushes through her cervix and dumps his load inside her womb.

Meanwhile, Joe finishes up with Becky and moves on to pleasing Tiffani. “I am going to share my toy with all my sisters” Becky tells everybody there. Joe lifts his head “Thank you Mistress Becky, I love my job, Miss Tiffani if I can do anything better, please let me know”.

Ben takes Jolene and her sisters to the living room. As Sheila is getting done with Reanna’s sex minx tattoo he tells her that these four need their “Property of Ben Barnes Tattoos” on their lower backs and their name on their shoulder. When you girls are done come over to the mattress and join me an Jolene”. Ben then goes over and lays down with Jolene and starts making out with her. He starts at her mouth kissing her passionately then works his way down her throat and to her ample 36D breasts, licking, sucking and squeezing them. “Thank you for giving me your sisters, they are quite beautiful. I will take care of you all” Ben tells her as they watch the sisters get tattoos. “Master, you are going to have to take it easy on my pussy, I am pregnant. Please be careful and don’t go too deep” Jolene tells him.

“Thanks for reminding me, that is great news. I look forward to seeing our babies grow up strong and healthy. I hope they look like you my love. I plan on breeding you and your sisters, I am thinking on keeping you guys pregnant all the time, What do you think of that?” Ben asks her.

“We will give you as many children as you want, My Master, My love. We are yours to do as you wish. Lets see how our first pregnancies go. I wish you would continue to make love to me and give me BIG FELLA every chance you get. I never want to see my father again. I really despise that man, from now on I am going to call him Fred. He no longer is my father” Jolene tells him. Ben is erect and spreads Jolene’s legs and inserts BIG FELLA into her and starts to stroke her pussy. Nadia comes in and lays next them and asks “Master, I need a couple of loads in my womb. I am not pregnant yet”.

“Nadia, we have plenty of time to give you a couple loads. You will be pregnant soon enough. I will have sex with you next” Ben tells her “Thank you my love”. She lays there watching the two of them enjoying themselves and starts to play with her pussy. When Josie is done she comes over and starts to suck on Nadia’s pussy.

Jolene looks up at Ben “You really have it rough Master, all these women that crave your love and want to please you and have sex with you. I love you Ben Barnes”. Ben continues to stroke her pussy with long deep strokes making sure he does to penetrate her cervix. He tells her he loves her as he climaxes and then rolls off of her. Janice comes over and starts to suck on Jolene’s pussy as she is starting to leak cum, “No reason to waste Master’s seed!” she says to her sister. Ben lays there and rolls over to kiss Jolene. “Master, I hope I have a girl so I can name her after my mother Salena. I miss her so much. I know she would love you if she was here, you are so loving and caring”.

“Janice, Josie do you like your tattoos? You can get any tattoos you want on your back, I will have Sheila bring over her portfolio after you get trained” Ben tells them.

“Yes, Master, Can we getting a hummingbird tattooed on our shoulder?” Josie asks. “Josie, I want all five of you to get a hummingbird on your shoulder blades. I want the four of you to get your names on your left arm” Ben tells them. And Josie, Janice and Clairice comes over and thank their new master. Claire is getting her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattooed on the small of her back. “Sheila can you do a hummingbird tattoo?” Ben asks. She gets up from tattooing Claire and draws a picture of a hummingbird. “Do you like this one?” They all agree. “Can we get “Ben’s Hummingbird” underneath of it, Sheila?”. She nods yes as she continues with Claire. When she is done with her first tattoo she starts the hummingbird tattoo, then puts her name on her left shoulder. “Clairice, your next” Sheila says.

Ben calls over to Viki’s house and invites her to the mansion for the weekend. He then calls Crystal and Martha’s houses and tells them to be over at the mansion for the weekend. He then calls Kiki, Kali and Mami and tells them they are going to get trained in the morning along with Nadine and Sophia.

Ben then takes Nadia into his arms, “Are you ready my love?”. “Master, I am always ready for you. I love you” She tells him as she kisses him and then moves down his body showing him with kisses, she then reaches his groin and kisses the head of BIG FELLA. She licks around the head and then in one stroke pushes BIG FELLA down her throat. She works on BIG FELLA for about fifteen minutes trying to get him hard. When he is finally hard, Ben pulls her over and puts her on her back with her legs over head. He then pushes BIG FELLA into her warm pussy and starts stroking her long and deep. “OH, MASTER, BEN GIVE IT TOO ME. Pump your will SLAVES PUSSY. There you go pump it. OH GOD I AM CUMMING” Nadia screams as Ben hammers her relentlessly for two hours and then pushes through her cervix.

“Nadia, sweetie, are you ready for your load” Ben says to her almost out of breath. “Yes my love give it too me. I am fertile. Give me a baby” is her response as he starts cumming and he cums hard having taken his supplements before his session with Nadia. It takes him fifteen minutes before he stops cuming inside of her womb. He exits her womb and Nadine comes over and cleans off BIG FELLA. Nadia passes out, as Ben goes to sleep with the humming of Sheila’s tattooing needle. He has Jolene and her sisters next to him.

The next morning Ben wakes up with a soreness, he looks down on his chest and it is tattooed. He goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror. The tattoo reads “Ben Barnes – A fucking GOD” with a man on a throne. He shakes he head and wonders which one had that idea?

He finishes his business in the bathroom and goes back out to the living room, Sheila is gone, she probably thought she going to be in trouble. His lovers are still asleep on the air mattress he looks down and sees Jolene cuddling with her sisters Janice and Josie, Nadia has Nadine on one side and Claire and Clairice on the other side. He goes upstairs and finds Becky, Laurie, Abigail, and Mandy sleeping in the Master bedroom he goes and takes his pills and puts his cock ring on. For the first time in a long while he has to stroke BIG FELLA to get him hard. He is stroking him as he goes back downstairs. He is hard when he puts Nadine on her stomach with her butt in the air. He then licks her slit and puts lube on BIG FELLA and then pushes deep inside of her which elicits a loud moan. “OH, Master that is one hell of a way to wake up in the morning” Nadine says.

“Baby, it is time for your training and to make you pregnant” Ben tells her as he begins to push BIG FELLA deeper, harder and faster into her young twelve year old pussy. Ben thinks to himself he has made love to this girl at least a dozen times and her pussy is still so tight. He then feels Nadine start to squeeze on BIG FELLA. She has learned how to use her PC muscles to contract on him. He then starts to jackhammer her. He fucks her for a good hour before pushing past her cervix and dumping a huge load inside of her. He pulls out and tells her “One down, nine to go my sweet little dove. Who taught you how to use your PC muscles?”

“Master, Mistress Becky has been instructing us from a book she bought from the adult bookstore. Did you like it?” Nadine asks as Ben gets up to get a drink. “Yes my love it was great. Do you want some just?”. “Please, Master”

Becky walks downstairs and kisses her husband. “Becky, whose idea was this?” Ben asks her. “Honey it was one of your lovers. We all think of you as a god, that is “A FUCKING GOD”.

“So which one of you had this put on me? Tell me” Ben says. “It was Laurie’s idea. Don’t be upset. She loves you and wanted this on you to remind you of how much we love you and respect you”.

“I am not upset, I wish she would have asked me before having Sheila tattoo me while I slept. How did she get it on straight” Ben asks. “We held you down”.

“You girls are sneaky little devils” Ben says as Laurie comes into the living room. “So started without the rest of us, Master. I could hear Nadine all the way upstairs” Laurie says. She comes over and kisses her husband. “I love you honey, love that new tattoo. You god you” Abigail and Mandy follow her they both kiss their Master and then kneel before BIG FELLA and take turns sucking and licking on him. “Need to get you up for the next round BIG FELLA. You got a long week ahead of you. Five beautiful girls want every ounce of you inside of them” Mandy says. Kiki, Kali and Mami come in “Master, we are not on birth control and Becky has put us on fertility drugs. So you are going to get us pregnant also. We probably won’t get the massage parlor started for another year so we might as well get started on having children” Kiki says as her friends shake their heads in agreement.

“OH, Shit does all my women want to get pregnant?” Ben ask rhetorically.

“Hell yes, we all do. Well I don’t right now but I in two years yes. But the rest of your girls all want to get pregnant and give you children. Most want to give you at least five or six. Becky wants to give you at least ten. How about you Nadia, Nadine?” Laurie asks
Ben is erect and pushes back inside of Nadine “I think I am up for at least fifteen births, I hope to have twins a couple of times” Nadine says, “I want to have at least five more children, Laurie. I never wanted Nadine to be an only child. Now we will be pregnant together and raise our children together with our best friends. It is going to be a little strange holding my son or daughter along with my grandson or granddaughter, but I will get use to that”

While they talk Ben continues to pound on Nadine. He fucks her for and hour and then comes in her womb. He does her eight more times that day before taking a nap. “Nadine, that was the shortest time I have ever trained a pussy. Just under twelve hours. You have one fine pussy, I want all my girls to exercise their PC muscles”.

He sleeps for about four hours and is awoken by Sophia sucking on BIG FELLA. “Time to get up BIG FELLA, time to train my pussy”. Becky comes in and gives him his pills and twelve supplements. BIG FELLA is erect and ready, as Sophia straddles her Master. “Let me ride the first one my love” she tells him as she starts to grind on BIG FELLA.

“Master, thank you for saving me from my nightmare ordeal with my father. I hate him for prostituting me to pay the bills because he was too lazy to get a job” Sophia says. “Sophia, my love, I love you with all my heart. I am going to take care of you. You are loved and will be loved for the rest of your life. Our children are going to grow up to be strong and independent. They will have the best of everything”.

Ben rolls her over and then in one hard thrust pushes past her cervix and into her womb. He pounds her womb a very long time and finally cums hard. He doesn’t exits her pussy he just keeps stroking her pussy until he is hard again and then goes to town again.

“OH GOD YOU ARE AMAZING” Sophia yells. “Master, I am not on birth control. If you get me pregnant you get me pregnant. I am not going to take birth control ever again”.

“OK, sweetheart, we will roll the dice” Ben says. “Roll the dice, I am a winner no matter what. I get pregnant I am happy, I am getting the ever living shit fucked out of me by the man I love. I am a winner no matter what” Sophia says as she starts to cum.

“Master, we are all so lucky to have you in our lives. We love you and care for you” Nadia says as Julia, Emily and Joe come in. “Joe, I told you to stay beside your mistress at all times” Ben yells at him as he continues to pound Sophia.

“Sorry, Master I fell asleep by the pool and just got up. I am so sorry that will not happen again” Joe says as he still has his collar on, he gives Becky his leash. “Mistress Becky, Please forgive my transgression” Joe asks with a tear in his eye. “It is OK, Joe. Don’t let it happen again. Let me show you where the Master bedroom is and where you will be sleeping. I think we should get you a large dog bed to sleep in by the foot of the bed, what do you think Ben?” Becky says. “That sounds like a wonderful idea” Ben says.

Ben continues to pound on Sophia and finally cums in her womb. After he is finished he exits her pussy and goes takes a dip in the pool to revive himself. He comes back in about fifteen minutes and tells Becky, Laurie and Nadia to join him with Sophia. He puts Sophia on her hands and knees.

“Nadia get under Sophia and start sucking on her clit. Becky and Laurie suck on her breasts as Julia sucks on BIG FELLA and gets him hard” Ben tells his girls almost immediately Sophia starts to cum. When BIG FELLA is hard Ben pushes his cock deep inside of Sophia’s sopping wet pussy. He fucks her with long deep strokes, he hits her cervix with every stroke as Nadia sucks on her clit and Becky and Laurie suck on her nipples squeezing her ample breasts.

He fucks her like this for an hour before pushing through her cervix again and start pounding her womb again. He dumps his third load inside of her womb.

He continues this assault on her pussy another seven times. The ladies switch around after every other turn. When Ben is done Sophia tells her lover “Thanks for training my pussy, I love you” and then passes out. Ben then goes takes a shower and then goes to bed in his bed with Becky, Laurie and his bed slaves after taking his pills. He wakes up ten hours later and starts over with Kiki.

Ben fucks Kiki, Kali and Mami the same way as he did Sophia. He takes a day to fuck each one ten times. He then, after taking a day off, gets Nadine on her hands and knees and pushes BIG FELLA inside her anal ring. She lets out a loud scream as he stretches her ass out.

Ben pumps her little ass long and hard for about forty-five minutes each time. When he is ready to cum he pulls out of her little ass and pushes deep inside her womb and lets his load go there. He does this ten times and then takes a nap. He does the same thing with the rest of his trainees. After he completes their training each of them kiss their lover and tell him “Thank you for training my ass, Master. It is yours whenever you want it”.

After he finishes with the last slave he goes to sleep with all of them cuddling with him. He is awoken by Sophia sucking on BIG FELLA. She makes him cum and then tells Ben “It is time to start my oral training”. She has talked to Renee and Sarah they have given the new girls their trick on how to make Ben come fast. She makes her Master cum hard every thirty minutes. After ten hours it is Nadine takes her turn. Every three to four hours either Becky or Laurie comes in and brings him his pills and supplements with a snack to keep up his strength.

“Becky, I like this. They get me off faster this way. They still deep throat BIG FELLA, but it does not take forever like it did before” Ben says to her as he looks down at Nadine sucking on BIG FELLA. “What a beautiful sight, sweet little Nadine sucking on BIG FELLA” Becky says.

This continues until all his trainees are done with their training. Becky has already called Sheila and she arrive while Mami is still completing her training.

“Sheila, I want a flock of doves on Nadine’s back, she needs all of her tattoos as does Sophia, Kiki, Kali and Mami when she is done. When you are done with tattooing them I need to talk to you in the den” Ben tells her. When Mami is done with her training, Ben gives her a soda to wash down his seed and then kisses her and tells her that she did good. Ben then goes into the den.

When he arrives in the den he calls his military supply person and asks him, “Hey I was wondering if you had those RFID chips ready yet? You know the ones that can track a person worldwide through a GPS location device”.

“Ben, Yes we have them for our exclusive clientele like yourself. They are expensive, the chips cost 5k each and the GPS system is 25k with hand held units going for 10k” the supplier states.

“I need a hundred chips, instructions for my doctor to surgically implanting them, one GPS system and three hand held units. How soon can I get them?” Ben asks

“That is 555 thousand dollars and can be ready in three months, Mr. Barnes” the supplier tells Ben.

“Make it in thirty days and I will give you a 45k bonus, if you are later than ninety days I will subtract 10k each day. I will have a contract on your desk tomorrow” Ben says.

“I will have them to you in a month, Mr Barnes. Anything else I can get you?” the supplier asks.

“I will need some weapons in the September time frame. I will get back to you on this” Ben tells him.

Ben then calls Jamal and talks to him about stepping up the hiring of the security force for his new mansion. He tells him he is going to start the hiring in July. He is looking for at twenty five female guards for his women, and seventy five to patrol the grounds. He is going to put an ad in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, LA Times and Miami Herald. He is also going to put it on the Monster and LinkedIn. He is going to town tomorrow and getting a mailbox and giving him the key to go through the applications. He asks if he is available to meet tomorrow, Jamal tells him he is at his disposal. Ben tells him to meet at Antonio’s at 1 the next day.

Ben goes and gets something to eat and drink. While he is doing that he walks by and looks in on the tattooing. He gets Becky and takes her into the den.

“Becky, I am starting to hire security for our new Mansion and grounds. I intend to hire twenty-five female guards to escort my ladies. Their are guard stations being built around the compound and at the front gate. In total we are going to have a hundred guards patrolling the grounds. I am going to check on the construction tomorrow morning and then I have a meeting with Jamal. I love our new additions, Jolene and her sisters. I think they are going to make excellent slaves. What do you think?” Ben asks her.

“I think they are quite lovely and very willing to please. They really need to be cared for, they have been neglected for so long. I thought I hated my father, but they really despise theirs. What are you going to do with Sheila?” Becky asks.

“I think she should be punished for giving me this tattoo on my chest without my consent” Ben tells her.

“What did you have in mind?” Becky asks. “I was thinking about fucking her brains in. It has been a while since I tattooed her ass” Ben tells her in response. Ben then goes takes a shower and gets cleaned up.

When the last slave trainee is tattooed Sheila comes into the den and asks “Ben how can I help you?”

“Did you give me this tattoo on my chest?” Ben asks.

“Yes, I did. Laurie requested it and she told me she discussed it with you before hand” Sheila responds to his question.

“I never approved it and did not want it. I think you need to be punished. Get over here and take off your clothes and bend over the table.

She does and does not know what is coming next. Ben has his cock ring on and has his lovely wife get him hard. He then walks behind Sheila and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her ass. “Sheila, I am going to pound your ass”. He precedes to fuck her hard

“Oh, Master please punish me I have been a very bad girl. FUCK MY ASS!!!!” Sheila says. Ben pounds her ass for three hours and takes BIG FELLA out of her ass and then tells her to swallow his load.

“Yes, Master, my love” Sheila tells him and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Ben cums down her throat. Sheila gets up and thanks him for punishing her. She kisses him goodnight and then Becky.

After the training of Kiki, Kali, Mami, Sophia and Nadine is completed Ben takes the girls to his room and sleeps with them. He tells them that they are loved and that he can only be married to Becky, but he loves each one as his wife. He give each one an engagement ring and then gives each one a wedding band. Ben tells each one “I will love, honor and cherish you until I die. You are now mine for all eternity”. They all go to sleep with their new husband, the kiss him goodnight and each other good night. They sleep for twelve long restful hours.

******** Confrontation with Fred ********

Ben is awoken his usual way, with a soft pairs of lips on BIG FELLA and his girls are sucking on BIG FELLA as other are kissing him on his chest and lips. “I love you Master” each one tells him as they look at him in his eyes. After he has cum, which is in Sophia’s mouth, they all go and take a shower together.

Becky comes in and informs Ben that Fred was spotted back in town. Ben tells her to get everybody cleaned up and dressed. He is going to the den to make calls, he is going to call his lawyer and his friend who is a notary public so that he can witness the documents that are going to be signed by Fred. He then is going to call Fred.

Two hours later the Ben’s lawyer comes in, Erin, Ben introduces her to Becky and Laurie and then the rest of the girls. Becky notices the Queen of Spades tattoo on the back of her neck and shakes her head.

Erin rubbing Ben’s crotch “Ben, it has been to long since I had some of this. Do I have time to give you a blow job?”

“Erin, you have to ask my wife Becky’s permission” Ben tells her. Erin looks at her pleading with her eyes. “You do have a clean certificate on you right?”.

“NO, I don’t. I have not had sex since the last time I had Ben” Erin tells her.

“Damn, that was over three years ago” Ben says. “Way to long, Once you have had Mr. Ben Barnes every other man pales in comparison” Erin says. “OK, you can give him a blowjob. But I need you to get a certificate from Dr. Reynolds” Becky tells her, “I need to protect the family”.

“OK” Erin says as she kneels down and unzips Ben’s pants and unleashes Ben’s massive cock. “Damn, Master when did you get this tattoo? And who named you wonderful cock BIG FELLA” Erin asks as she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth.

“Oh, last summer and my lovely wife coined that phrase and had it tattooed on my cock” Ben says as Erin gives the thumbs up. She sucks him long and hard and after a half hour Ben cums down her throat.

“Master, I need to have him on a regular basis, I am thirty-three now and am not getting any younger. I want to have children, your child seeing as though I want no other man in me. We can talk about this after we get done with this Fred character. Where are his daughter’s?” Erin asks.

“They are sitting right there” Ben says pointing to them on the couch. “They are all my slaves, Fred is going to give them to me one way or another”.

“Erin, we are never going to live with him again. Ben is our family now, we live here from now on. He will sign us over. Ben has information on him that is incriminating to him, if that fails I will beat the crap out of him” Jolene tells her as her sisters nod in agreement.

“You had sex with all these pretty girls already, Ben?” Erin asks. Before she can answer they all turn around and lift their shirts and show Erin their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on their backs. “Yes, I have popped their cherries, in their vagina’s at least. I also have trained Jolene fully and she is pregnant with my child” Ben tells her. “I am not giving them up. I will kill Fred first”.

“Master, it will not come to that” Erin reassures him as Gary comes into the room. “Erin you remember Gary right? Girls this is my friend Gary, Gary these are my newest girls Jolene, Josie, Janice, Claire and Clairice”.

They hear a knock on the door and it is Fred. Fred is escorted into the room. He sees his daughter’s and asks

“Mr. Barnes, What are my daughter’s doing in your house?”.

“Well Fred, you left them by themselves for over five weeks. Jolene brought them here and they have been staying here ever since. You have not called to check on them in all that time. I have papers here for you to sign custody of them over to me. I will take care of them from now on” Ben tells Fred.

“Do you really think I am going to let you take my daughter’s away from me?” Fred says.

“Fred, this is my lawyer. I have not call child protective services yet, because I do not want to cause my girls anymore trauma than necessary. Sign these papers and let’s be done with this matter and you can go back to chasing those women and gambling your car dealership away” Ben tells him.

“Fred, sign the fucking papers. We are not going back to that house with you. We live here. This is our home and our family now. Sign the papers and let us go, you don’t love us anymore now that mom died. Be done with it. We are happy now, we have family around us that love us and care for us. We have food now and do not have to fend for ourselves. Sign the papers now” Jolene says.

“You girls all want this?” Fred says with a tear in his eye. He signs the five documents that give custody to Ben. “Just so you don’t come back and try anything. I know that you are in financial trouble and are about to loose the Ford dealership. If you come back at us I will use that information to send you to prison. If that does not deter you watch this. These are friends of mine who took care of a little issue I had with one of my girls captors” Ben says as he plays the video of Renee’s rescue. “I take care of my family. If you cause me or my girls any trouble whatsoever, I will have you exterminated with prejudice. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Mr. Barnes!” Fred says in response.

“Oh, By the way, I am Ben’s lover and am going to have his child” Jolene says.

“We all are his lovers and we all are going to have his children, many many children. Remember if you cause us any problems our Master will kill you. I told him he should kill you after you sign the custody documents, but he said he will let you live with your disgrace” Josie says.

“I never want to see you again, Fred” Claire says and they all agree “Goodbye, asshole”.

Ben escorts Fred out the front door. He tells him he will take care of them. Fred drives off and Ben comes back into the room. Gary notarizes each document.

Jolene asks Ben “Can we show Gary our appreciation?”. “What did you have in mind?” is Ben’s reply. “A blowjob from each of us”

“You are clean right Gary?” Ben asks and he produces a clean HIV/STD certificate. “I knew I was coming over here so I had the doctor check me out”.

“GO for it girls” Ben says as he goes talks to Erin with the documents in his hand.

“Damn, it must be true what the say about black men. They are all hung” Josie says as they check out Gary’s 12” cock. They all give him a blowjob. Gary bust a nut five times before he leaves.

“Ben, I have never busted a nut five times in such a short amount of time, thank you girls” Gary says.

“Well you need to rest up. Girls would you like to have sex with Gary this weekend to really show him your appreciation?”

“Hell yes” they all say. “Gary, you have to wear a rubber when fucking their pussies” Ben tells him.

“I remember the rules, no coming in their pussies” Gary says.

Ben then goes into the den and calls his private detective and has him tail Fred. He also calls Sally and Paula and tells them to keep a lookout for Fred. Finally he calls the DA and asks her to keep him informed if she hears anything about Fred creating any complaints about the family.

DA “Ben, you need to come to my office tomorrow”.

Ben “OK around noon is fine with you”. “Yes, Ben”

The next day Ben and Becky go see the District Attorney at her private office. They go in and Ben says “Good Afternoon, Miss District Attorney. Allow me to introduce my lovely wife Becky”

“Good Afternoon, Becky” Charlotte says as she comes over and kneels in front of Ben. “Master, I need some of this” she says rubbing on his crotch. Ben looks at Becky and she says “I know she is your slave. I have seen her tattoo on the back of her neck. Go for it”. Charlotte unzips Ben’s zipper and unleashes BIG FELLA. She looks up at Ben then Becky and asks “You gave him this name? It is very appropriate”. Becky tells her she did as she witnesses the DA worshiping Ben. After about thirty minutes Ben erupts down her long throat.

“Master, it has been way too long since I have had him. What is going on with this Fred character?” Charlotte says as she gets up and goes and sits down behind her desk.
“His daughter’s have become my slaves, he had abandon them for the last three years. I have documents here that prove that and also some other incriminating things. I just need to protect my women and my new slave girls. Would you like to come over and meet them?” Ben asks

“Yes, I would. Becky, if you would allow me. I would love if my master would make love to me while I am there” Charlotte asks.

“Before you can have sex with my husband you need to have a clean HIV/STD certificate from our Doctor. I can call him and see if he can check you out today?” Becky tells her.

“Please do so, I will call around and make sure my contacts know about this guy Fred. Ben do you have your people on him?” Charlotte asks him as Becky calls the Doctor.

“Yes, I do. I wanted you to be aware of him also. Sally and Paula are on the lookout and I have a PI checking him out” Ben tells Charlotte. “Charlotte, Doc can see you in an hour, can you make that?” Becky informs her. “Yes, I can. I will come over with my clean certificate afterward”.

“Please stay for dinner, Charlotte” Becky asks her. She agrees and they depart.

I feel a lot more secure knowing that Charlotte has our back on this Becky” Ben tells her. “As long as you put her on her back and pound the crap out of her”. Ben calls his guy from the State Department about the passports for Jolene and her sisters and he tells him to FedEx over to him their paperwork and he will get them out within a week. Ben thanks him and his friend congratulates him on his marriage and his son.

“Becky we need to take the Jolene and her sisters to Abigail’s store and get their passport pictures taken. Call them and have them get ready after our meeting with Jamal” Ben tells her.

Ben and Becky meet with Jamal and they discuss the hiring of the security guards. Ben tells him he prefers ex-military. He tells Jamal about the security clearance requirements, and that he will run the ad by him tomorrow. The eat lunch and discuss the details. They say their goodbyes and Ben takes Becky on a tour of the new mansion and property. She sees the security fencing going up and the guard houses. She notices the barbed wire fencing that is being installed around the premises with a secondary fence that will be electrified by solar panels.

They then meet up with Ken who is monitoring the construction of the mansion.

“How is it going Ken?” Ben asks.

“Hey Ben, Becky. It is going great. Everything is under roof, sheet rock is going up, floors are going down. We are going to need the interior decorators involved soon. You are going to need to pick out your bedroom furniture, and other furniture soon” Ken tells him.

“I plan on going and ordering the sofas, recliners tomorrow. I think forty recliners will fit in the theater room. I am looking into leather couches for the living illegal bahis room. Plush couches for the family room. Becky you, Laurie, Tiffani and Janet are coming with me tomorrow to go shopping for furniture in Birmingham. I want to get a custom bed for the master bedroom, a double California King Size Bed. I am thinking about a trip to North Carolina when we get back from the Cayman Islands” Ben says.

“Mmm, that sound great. You know I love to shop, Ben” Becky says to them.

“I don’t know a woman that doesn’t like to shop” Ken says. “Yeah, yeah yeah”.

They put on their hard hats and tour the rooms. “So are we still on schedule for moving in September?” Ben asks. “If not sooner, do you have the interior decorators picked out yet?” Ken asks. “No, put I will do some research tonight and checkout the ones in Birmingham while we are there shopping”. They leave the house and go back to the other mansion. They collect Jolene and girls and head to Abigail’s store. They get their pictures taken and head back to the house.

Ben calls around and sets appointments with three interior decorator firms in Birmingham.

The next day Ben gets the crew going early and they head to Birmingham they go to the first appointment and show them the plans. They are excited to work on it, Ben tells them they have a month to come up with proposal with costs. He tells them that he will send over the plans. They go to the furniture stores that are close to the office and Becky and ladies see a nice leather couch set with end tables. They pick out three plush couches and three love seats with ottomans. They then go to the recliner store and they pick nice leather lazy boy recliners. The manager asks are they serious that they want fifty. Ben says yes and that he wants a volume discount. He tells him he wants them delivered the Tuesday after Labor Day. They go to the mattresses store and pick out king size beds, nice ones. Ben tells them that they want 75 of them. He also picks out a California king size bed and orders two of them. And tells the owner he wants them delivered the Tuesday after Labor Day.

They go to the next appointment and like what they hear and tell them what they told the first firm. They agree and he tells them he will send over a copy of the plans.

They go to the furniture stores next to that office and pick out couches for the other rooms. They then go eat and head to the final appointment. And tell them the same thing as the first two interior decorator firms. They head back home and stop by Kinko’s and have their plans copied and shipped to the three firms and one back to the house.

The next couple of days they get ready for their cruise. When the passports come in everybody is ready for the cruise. The girls from Tuscaloosa arrive. Emily has been busy with the slaves in the mansion. She has most of the girls hair removed permanently from their groins, underarms and legs. They will get the others when they get back from the week long cruise.

******** Cruise Trip with the Family ********

The family drive to Birmingham and take a commercial flight to Miami. The next day they get on their cruise ship. Ben has booked the whole deck, he has security guards and each entrance to the deck. Becky looks at Ben and tells him “Of course this is the best rooms”.

“Nothing but the best for my ladies, Girls you will notice the security guards at each entrance to the deck. They will keep prying eyes out. That does not mean you can run around naked while on our deck. Please keep your clothes on. He give each of his girls a drink card and a key to their rooms. They go and get into their bathing suits to go out to the pool area. Ben and his ladies are turning heads. Multiple pregnant women, young girls and all those tattoos. Of course, Ben has his security detail stationed in optimal position.

A couple of teenagers come up and talk to Reanna,Rachel, Carly, Elfie and some of the other girls. Renee has her eye on her girls. They go swim with their new friends.

A girl asks Reanna “Who is Ben, Reanna?”. “You see that handsome black man their with all those muscles?” Reanna asks, “Yes, the one with that HUGE bulge in his swimsuit”. “Yes, we are his girls and you see the lady staring at us. That is my protective mother”.

“He is gorgeous, I would fuck him every second of the day if I had the chance” Tiff says.

“Yes he is very beautiful, where do you live Tiff?” Reanna says.

“I am here with my mother, and my sister Nicole. Our grandmother gave us this trip to take our mind off of my father dying” Tiff says as they get out of the pool together. Reanna introduces Tiff to her mother “Mom, this is Tiffani. She is here with her mother and sister. I am going to take her over to meet Ben”. “OK, Baby. Be careful” Renee says as they go over and she introduces Tiffani to Ben and Becky.

“Hello, Tiffani. I am Ben Barnes and this is my lovely wife Becky, Reanna’s cousin” Ben shakes her hand. Tiff is blushing and looking right at BIG FELLA stretching out his swim trunks. “It is nice to meet you also, Mr. Barnes” She says looking up to his eyes.

“Tiffani, that is my mom’s name” Becky says as she motions to her mother. Tiffani comes over and introduces herself. “This is my sister Daniella Ashley she is going to join us in July. I can’t wait to hold my sister” Becky tells Tiff.

“Where is your mother, Tiff?” Tiffani asks “She is over there with my sister Nicole, you want to meet them” she asks her. Tiffani, Becky and Reanna go and meet her mother and sister. They invite them over to meet Ben.

“Ben, this is Tiff’s mother Sandra and her sister Nicole. Ladies this is my husband” Becky says to them.

Both Sandra and Nicole are staring at BIG FELLA as they shake Ben’s hand. “It is nice to meet you Ben” Sandra says as she shakes Nicole out of her trance. “Nice to meet you also”. The girls goes to the pool leaving Ben there. Becky leans over and kisses her husband. “I think you left an impression on them”. Ben shakes his head.

Becky gets into the pool with the other ladies and Sandra comes over to her “Becky, Ben is your husband? He is really handsome”. “Well thank you, Sandra, I think he is the most beautiful person I have ever met. I am deeply in love with him”.

“Becky, was that his penis stretching out his bathing suit?” Nicole asks. “Nicole, what type of question is that?” Sandra looks at her embarrassed at her daughter’s questions.

“Yes, that was. He is a well endowed” Becky tells Nicole. They swim around and enjoy the morning in the pool. Ben comes over and asks “Ladies would you join me for lunch?”

Sandra “We don’t want to impose”.

Ben “Becky and Tiffani seem to be enjoying your company I would be more than happy for you and your daughter to join us”. They go and eat lunch after Ben has put on some shorts.

Ben “Sandra, I would like you to join us tomorrow when we go out scuba diving. Would you girls like that?”.

Nicole “I would love to go scuba diving”.

Sandra “No we can’t do that, we have plans”

Ben “That is fine”.

They leave after lunch and Becky hears Sandra tell Nicole that they do not have the money to go scuba diving. When she is alone with Ben, Becky discusses what she heard with Ben. “Honey, I think Sandra could not afford to go with us that is why she said no. I like her and her daughter’s, I want to go over there and tell them it is on us”.

Ben “Don’t be pushy on her. She has her pride. Let me go with you, you have their cabin number right”

Becky “Yes, they are five decks below”. They leave and go to Sandra’s room and knock on the door. Nicole answers the door, “Hello, Nicole is your mother here?” Ben asks. “Yes come in”

The room has two beds, it is so small Becky’s closet at home is bigger. “Sandra, I would love it if you and your girls would join us tomorrow. It is my treat. Please tell me you will accept” Becky says “I really enjoy spending time with your daughter’s”

“Becky, we cannot afford it” Sandra says “We can barely afford to get anything to drink”.

“Sandra, I will pay for it. It is no problem. I insist, you and your girls will love scuba diving. Please join us tonight for dinner and drink” Ben tells her.

“Which dinning room are you going to eat dinner in?” Sandra asks.

“My family is having dinner with the Captain tonight, Please join us” Ben says.

“It will be fun. We can go dancing afterward” Becky tells her. “Please mom, lets go have dinner with them tonight” Nicole says and Tiffani pleads with her.

“Girls we have nothing to wear at the captains table” Sandra says.

“Ladies come with me. Now” Ben says as they leave. They go back to their deck. Ben has Sandra by the arm as he tells the security guard “Sandra and her girls here are allowed on my deck”. “Yes sir, Mr Barnes!”.

“You rented the whole deck?” Sandra asks. “Yes I did. All these people are my family members. I love them all. They all live with me in Alabama, well some of them right now. We are going to move into our new mansion in September, these four months are going to drag on. Let’s see what size are you girls, Becky help me out”

Becky looks at Sandra, “She is the same size a Crystal, we have plenty of clothes that you can try on. Lets see what looks good on you girls” Becky, Sandra and her two daughter’s check out what they can fit into for the dinner tonight. They pick out three nice dresses and Becky tells Ben “We are going to the hair dressers to get our hair done”.

“OK, charge it to our account Becky. Take all the girls that want to go. Be back by 6 to get dressed for dinner.
When they come back they all look stunning. Ben knows his ladies are going to turn heads. They get dressed, his ladies are all dressed elegantly, most with plunging necklines, some with backless dresses. Ben is dressed in his finest Italian suit.

They stroll into the luxurious dinning hall, Ben with Becky on one arm and Laurie on his other followed closely by Sandra, Tiffani, Tiff and Nicole. Behind them are the rest of his crew, all of his slaves with Bill, Antonio, and Ken with Carol. The whole dinning room turns around and watches Ben with his ladies. Ben pulls out a chair for Becky then Laurie followed by his guest Sandra, Nicole and Tiff.

Ben and the Captain start to talk. “So Mr. Barnes how do you like my little ship?”. “Yes it is a very nice ship. Our deck is very luxurious and plush. Would you not agree, my lovely wife? Captain this is the love of my life. My true north. Becky” Ben says.

“Yes it is very nice ship Captain” Becky says. “Thank you Mrs. Barnes. Mr. Barnes you and your ladies sure do beautify this dinning room. Now I know why you requested the added security”.

“Captain, I would like to introduce you to my friends Sandra, and her two lovely daughter’s Nicole and Tiff. I would be very appreciative if you could upgrade their cabin to something on a deck one below my level” Ben says.

“Sandra, Nicole, Tiff it is nice to meet you. Mr. Barnes I will have my people get right on that” the Captain says as he puts up his hand and one of the employees comes by and the captain talks to him and then the Captain asks Sandra her room number. She tells him and he requests her keys. They will move you while we are at dinner.

They eat what Sandra said was the finest meal she had ever ate. For appetizers they had seafood bisque, shrimp, and clams casino. They ate lobster, cracked crab and filet mignon for an entree. For dessert they had baked alaska. They drank champagne and toasted to a great cruise.

After dinner they went to go dancing, Ben danced with all of his ladies. Bill, Ken and Antonio also danced with the ladies. The Captain came up to Sandra and asked for a dance. The whole ship staff looked on as they danced. For them they have never seen the Captain dance with a passenger before. He danced with Sandra then Becky and finally Laurie. He excused himself after giving Sandra three keys to their separate rooms one floor below Ben’s deck.

They left a little past twelve, Ben escorted Sandra and her girls back to their new rooms.

“This looks much better, don’t you think?” Ben asks. “This is unbelievable Ben, how did you do this? Why did you do this?” Sandra asks as she looks at her suite. It is three times as big as her bedroom at home. The bathroom is huge.

“My dear Sandra, Becky the love of my life likes you and wants to spend time with you and your daughter’s. This just makes it easier. I will see you in the morning for breakfast. Goodnight” Ben kisses her on her hand and then leaves with Becky. They check on Nicole and Tiff. Nicole comes up to Ben and kisses him on his lips. “Becky, will you let me have some of this? I want your husband to take my virginity”

“We will see” Becky says as Ben kisses her goodnight “See you in the morning”. They go next door to check on Tiff, they knock on the door and she lets them in. “Thank you for this Ben, Becky. This is a lot nicer room and I don’t have to sleep with my sister or mother” She doesn’t asks she just kneels in front of Ben unzips his pants and unleashes BIG FELLA.

“Becky, I want to show Ben my appreciation” Tiff says as she licks and sucks on BIG FELLA. She then notices his tattoo. “Mmm, BIG FELLA. That is appropriate. You are so beautiful, big and strong” She continues her sucking and licking. Becky tells her to take him down her throat.

“Tiff, when he reaches the back of your mouth swallow and keep swallowing until he enters your throat and pushes down your throat. Breathe through your nose. You can do it” Becky coaches her. She is bobbing up and down on BIG FELLA and she finally gets it past her gullet. She then takes it down to the base. She chicken heads BIG FELLA for about twenty minutes before Ben erupts down her throat.

“Damn, that was great. You did good Tiff, but I think I owe you one. Becky make sure she doesn’t scream to loudly” Ben tells her as he takes her dress off and her bra then her panties. He separates her legs and goes to town on her virgin pussy. He makes her cum by just working on the outer lips of her pussy. Ben then spreads her lips and starts to suck her pussy longer and harder. He sucks on her erect clit and causes her to orgasm and spasm. He then sticks his tongue deep inside of the virgin hole. He strokes her hymen for about ten minutes. “Ben, make love to me. Take my virginity. Please” Tiff says almost begging.

BIG FELLA is erect and Ben pulls her legs over his shoulders and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside her with one push. She winces in pain as her maidenhood his taken. Ben then proceeds to make love to her. They have sex for about an hour before Ben pushes through her cervix and dumps his load inside of her. Ben kisses her and tells her that he will see her in a couple hours for breakfast.

Ben and Becky then go to their suite. “That was nice, you really like that Tiff don’t you Ben” Becky asks as she undresses and craws into bed with Laurie. “Yes, I do like her a lot, that was some sweet tight pussy. She is probably going to tell Nicole” Ben says.

“I want to make love with you and Laurie when you take Nicole’s virginity. She has a really nice figure. I never thought I would love having sex with women, but I do enjoy it” Becky says as she kisses Laurie. “I love you two” Laurie says as she kisses Ben and Becky, “Does BIG FELLA want to come out and play?”. Laurie then goes down on Ben while Becky sucks on her pussy and Ben sucks on Becky.

“Girls, I love this three-way play” Ben says as Becky takes two BIG FELLA size dildos out and tells Ben “Stick this in my ass while you are eating my pussy, my love” and he does with a moan from her. Becky does the same with Laurie. They stay like this for an hour. They finally get to sleep and are awoken by Carly, Reanna, and Peggy. Ben sees Peggy and tells her “I need some virgin pussy for breakfast”. Carly, Reanna and Becky shake their heads as Peggy comes up and straddles her Master and lover and they go at it for about an hour and then go take a shower together. She has a small orgasm and a very large orgasm.

While in the shower Peggy reminds her Master, “God, Ben I really love it when you suck my pussy. Will you stick it in my ass Please?” “Sure thing my sweet little Peggy. I love you with all my heart. When I take your cherry I am going to get you pregnant. I want you to have at least five little Peggy’s so that Ben Junior can have some virgin pussies to suck on” Ben tells her as he begins to pump her little ass.

“You are going to pop my cherry on my 13th birthday, my lover. I plan on taking fertility drugs six months in advance so that I am sure to get pregnant with your child” She turns around with BIG FELLA still inside of her and straddles his hips. “I love you with all my heart. I can’t wait to meet my little sister and nephew. I love feeling my mom and sisters belly feeling your child moving and kicking in their bellies. I want to experience that for myself” Peggy says as she moves up and down on BIG FELLA.

“Have they picked out names yet?” Ben asks.

“Faith picked Vincent William for her son and mom picked Laticia Felicity for my baby sister. Do you like those names, Master?” Peggy says. Ben tells her yes as he starts to stroke her ass harder. Becky and Crystal come into the bathroom and Crystal says “Master, are you going to come to breakfast or pound Peggy’s ass all day”. He turns off the water and tells Crystal “I would love to pound my little Peggy all day. I love this sweet little lady. Come over here my love” Crystal comes over to the shower and Ben rubs Crystal’s pregnant belly “Hello Laticia Felicity, I can’t wait to meet you. I love you my daughter, as I do your mother and aunts. Crystal I love that name Laticia”. He kisses her as Peggy bounces on BIG FELLA. “I love you too Ben Barnes, My Master and lover. I have never been happier in my life” Crystal says “You have made my whole family happy, we all love you”. Right then BIG FELLA erupts in Peggy’s colon.

“OH GOD, Mom, I love when our lover cums in my ass” Peggy says as she gets off of BIG FELLA and he exits her with a loud pop. “That is a wonderful sound, Peggy” Ben says as he leans over and kisses her. Peggy gets a enema and cleans out her ass as Ben exits the shower. Peggy cleans up and gets dressed again. They all go out and go to breakfast, they pick up Sandra, Nicole and Tiff on the way to the dinning facility.

“Did you ladies have a good night sleep?” Ben asks as he takes Sandra and Nicole by the arm with Tiff next to them. “I did, Mr. Barnes. That was so generous of you last night” Tiff says and her mother agrees with her. Nicole looks at Tiff with a funny look, Tiff just smiles at her. When Nicole turns around she rubs her mound. Becky and Laurie take her and whisper in her ear “It gets better the more you have sex. You are pretty sore today?” Becky says. “Wait until he pops your anal cherry tonight” Laurie says with a smile. “I really enjoyed it last night, you think he would have sex with my mother also. She really needs it, I doubt she has had sex in the last seven years. Ever since my father got ill with cancer. I want BIG FELLA in my as much as I can get him” Tiff says.

They arrive and go to the buffet and fill their plates. The men, of course, love all the meat. The women head for the fruit and crepes. The girls love the homemade omelets, Ben gets a lobster and crab omelet with cheese. Nicole and Tiff get the same thing. When they are done with breakfast they head out to go to the scuba diving place.

Ben escorts his crew onto the boats, he has hired ten boats to take them out to the reef. The go over there lessons on how to operate and the safety precautions. Nicole asks Becky “Have you ever scuba dived before?”

“Yes, on our honeymoon in October we went scuba diving in Hawaii” Becky says. “How was it? How was Hawaii? Was it as beautiful as the pictures you see?” Nicole says as Sandra shakes her head “Enough with the questions”. “It’s OK, I loved scuba diving it was so beautiful down there”. Ben interrupts her “Not nearly as beautiful as you my darling little angel”, “Hawaii was more beautiful than you can imagine, maybe you will get a chance to go on your honeymoon”. Becky concludes.

“Only if I find a “Fucking-GOD” like Ben Barnes” Nicole says referring to his tattoo on his chest.

“Young lady is that anyway to talk. I am so sorry Ben for my daughter’s comments” Sandra says.

“That is OK, Sandra, she was just probably referring to my tattoo on my chest” Ben tells her. He shows Sandra his tattoo on his chest. Opposite the one with Becky’s name in a heart.

“Is that the only tattoos that you have on your body, Ben?” Tiff asks. “Only ones he can show in public” Laurie says. Tiff giggles as her mother and sister have no clue, yet, in what she is referring too.

“I bought you guys these in town, they are underwater cameras that you can take pictures. They are digital and can hold up to 500 pictures. Have fun my friends” Ben tells them as he gives each lady their own camera.

“Mr. Barnes, we will return these to you when we get back” Sandra says. “Nonsense, they are yours to keep” Ben says. “Ben I can’t” she is interrupted by Ben as he comes over and kisses her on her lips. “Relax and enjoy our time together. I can afford it”. She is hot and horny now. They go diving and Sandra stays close to Ben. They are down see sharks and a whole rainbow of fish. Sandra’s girls cannot get over how exciting and enjoyable it was. Tiff comes over and tells him thanks with a kiss on the lips and Nicole not to be out done kisses him also.

Sandra says she is a little woozy and asks Ben to help her below. When they are below, Sandra drops to her knees and unleashes Ben’s cock. “Mmm, you do have another tattoo. BIG FELLA that is very appropriate. Let me show my appreciation”. She sucks BIG FELLA down her throat and begins to bob her head up and down. She makes him cum in thirty minutes. She swallows every drop of his cum.

“You obviously have been with Tiff already. Tonight is my turn, I have not had sex in eight years and am not going to pass up having this BIG FELLA stretch out all my holes” Sandra says as she leans over and sucks BIG FELLA again. Becky comes in and sees Sandra worshiping Ben.

Sandra gets off BIG FELLA and apologies to Becky. “No apologies neccesarry, Sandra. I love sharing Ben. You see all the ladies with us are his. We are all his women. He loves and cares for us all. We are his, we all share his mark on our backs. We are all his property, and he is ours”.

“You all share him?” Sandra says. “Oh, yes they do. And yes I took Tiff’s virginity last night after she gave me a blowjob. It was a very good blowjob for being her first. Tonight I promised to pop her anal cherry”.

“Only after you have fucked me unconscious. I don’t mind you fucking both my girls. This is a once in a lifetime experience with this cock. I could fall in love with this inside of me” Sandra tells them.

“I love Ben, not BIG FELLA. BIG FELLA is great, but Ben is so much more than that. I hope you can understand that, Sandra. He has help each of us in more ways than just in the sack” Becky tells her.

Nicole comes through the door and looks just right at BIG FELLA. “I was wondering what was keeping you so long, Mom. I see what it was”.

She strips and tells Ben as she takes BIG FELLA from her mother “I want this inside of me, right now” she strokes him hard and then spreads her legs, “Make me a woman, please make love to me.”

Ben pushes an erect BIG FELLA into her virgin pussy, Nicole lets out a little scream as Ben breaks her hymen. He starts out slowly and then picks up his pace and begins to throttle her long and hard after about forty-five minutes he pushes through her cervix and pumps a load inside of her womb. “That was wonderful, Ben. Mom, I could get use to that” Nicole says.

Laurie comes in and smiles at them and says that they are pulling in to the doc. They get dressed and go out onto the deck. Ben sees that the other boats are back already and the Captain comes down and says to Ben, “Mr. Barnes, it sounded like you were having fun so I delayed our arrival as long as I could”. “Thank you Captain, I was enjoying myself” Ben says looking at Nicole and then Sandra. They get off the boat and Ben thanks the Captains and tells them to add $500 tip to each of their bills. He then goes and shakes the hand of the Captain of his boat. He slips him $2000. He then gives each mate $300. “Thanks for a great time guys” Ben tells them.

The mates all look and it is more money than they usually get as tips. “Thank you Mr. Barnes” the mates all say as he waves goodbye to them. He gets in the car with Sandra and Tiff in the back with Becky, Nicole and Laurie is sitting up front with the driver.

“Mom, did you enjoy your time with Ben?” Tiff asks as they pull off.

“Yes, I did. He is a very good man” Sandra says. “I think I love him, Tiff” Nicole says. “He is wonderful. Becky you are so lucky” Tiff says as she is stroking BIG FELLA through Ben’s pants. Tiff leans over and kisses Ben and then whispers to him “I am yours, take me whenever you want” and squeezes his cock. Sandra slaps her daughter’s hand, “That is enough of that”. Tiff removes her hand and Sandra unzips Ben’s fly and springs BIG FELLA free. With one stroke she deep throats him and starts bobbing up and down on him. “Mom, share you friend there” She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and before she can say anything Tiff is going down on BIG FELLA.

Sandra asks Ben and Becky “Can we take BIG FELLA to my cabin and order dinner in? I think we need to spend some quality time with Ben. Show him our appreciation as a family. What do you think Nicole, Tiffani?” Tiff gives a thumbs up with BIG FELLA still down her throat. “I think that is a wonderful idea, Mom. I want to show my appreciation at least three or four times”.

Sandra leans over and whispers in Ben’s ear “We are not going to let you go until we have our fill of BIG FELLA, and you have filled us up. I am so horny for you”. “Sandra, that sounds like a wonderful idea. Do you mind if Laurie and Becky join us? It will kick it up another notch. I think Becky has the hots for Nicole” Ben says.

Nicole looks into the back at Becky. Becky smiles at her and says “Have you ever been with another girl?” “No, I haven’t. But as long as I get Ben and BIG FELLA again then I will be very happy”.

The arrive back at the dock for the cruise ship and Ben makes sure everybody is back and accounted for. He tells his ladies that he will see them tomorrow. He then takes Sandra and her girls to his room, it is bigger, and tells them to undress. They all do, Sandra, Tiff, Nicole and Ben’s wives.

Ben comes over and kisses Sandra, “You are first, I am going to pound you until you loose consciousness. Becky get me my supplements and my cock ring” She does and puts the cock ring on BIG FELLA and then give him his pills. Tiff is quick and starts to suck on BIG FELLA getting him hard. Once he is hard he tells Sandra to get on her hands and knees.

Ben then tells Becky to suck on her pussy while he pushes BIG FELLA into her. She tells Laurie and Nicole to suck on her breast. “What about me Ben?” Tiff says. “Baby I want you to suck on Laurie’s pussy, after she cums three times I want you to do Nicole and get her to cum three times. Ben then pushes deep inside of a very wet pussy.

They go to town on Sandra and after five minutes she starts to cum and cum hard. They continue this assault for a half and hour before she lifts her head as tells them “I have never cum that many times. I am on climax overload”.

“Sandra, dear we have just begone to fuck. I think I have at least four hour in me” Ben tells her.

“Oh, SHIT. You are a fucking god” Sandra says as they continue their sex session. When Ben finally pushes through her cervix and dumps his load inside her womb it has been five hours. Sandra looks over her shoulder and tells him “Ben, I am yours you can fuck me whenever you like. I have never had sex like that before”. Ben then pulls out and traps his load inside a now unconscious Sandra.

“Ben, that was fucking awesome. I want you now. Can you go again?” Nicole says. “Remember, Ben you promised to pop my anal cherry” Tiff says. “Yes and Yes” is Ben’s response. “Tiff you want BIG FELLA in your ass?” Nicole asks. “Nicole, I want all of Ben. I am his, no other man will ever have me. I belong to him. He might as well put a tattoo on my backside like all of his other women. Ben, be my Master, I give you my body to do with as you choose. I want to be your slave” Tiff tells everybody there.

“My sweet Tiff” Ben says as he lines up Nicole to take it from behind. “I accept you as my slave. It is going to be a difficult relationship with you being in Atlanta”. Ben pushes deep inside of Nicole and starts to pound her. “You keep fucking us like this we will be pregnant in no time” Nicole says.

“Girls, if you become pregnant with my child, do not do anything drastic like going to a doctor and getting it aborted. Call us and we will discuss the options” Ben says.

“Master, I will get there information” Becky tells her husband. Ben pounds Nicole for two hours and twenty climaxes before he cums in her womb. He rolls off of her and rests for a minute before Tiff takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts to revive him.

Once BIG FELLA is hard again Tiff takes it and straddles him. She then inserts BIG FELLA into her ass and presses down. “OH GOD, that is fucking tight” Tiff says as she bounces up and down. Ben is enjoying watching her tits bounce up and down as she is rocking back and forth on 16” of hard steel. When he is revived and has his strength back he rolls her over and starts pounding her ass. She yells “Ben I am yours, Master I love you. Pound my ass and put your beautiful seed in my womb”.

He fucks her tight 14 year old ass for an hour before pushing a still erect BIG FELLA into her unsuspecting pussy and he pounds her pussy for thirty minutes before pushing past her cervix. “Tiff, you are mine” Ben tells her and starts cumming in her womb. He exits her cervix and falls asleep next to Tiff still engaged in her pussy. Tiff falls asleep as Nicole comes over and tells Ben “I am yours also, In the morning you are going to pop my anal cherry also. I want to be your slave. Right now I am going to make love to your wives”. Ben falls asleep with Tiff as the three girls go at it. He wakes the next morning covered with female bodies, his fourteen year old wife, his fifteen soon to be sixteen year old second wife, fourteen year old Tiff is still in his arms and Nicole has BIG FELLA in her mouth keeping him warm and wet. Sandra is on the floor still passed out and suddenly wakes up and gets up.

“Ben, you really did fuck me unconscious. Damn you must of fucked me for at least four hours” Sandra says. “It was more like five. I am going to pop Nicole’s anal cherry this morning, do you want to try it?” Ben asks.

“Ben, you can do anything to me that you want. I want BIG FELLA inside me every night on this cruise. I am sure my daughter’s want BIG FELLA also”. Sandra says.

“Well, Sandra, they both vowed their love for me and want me to give them their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on their backs” Ben tells her. “Mmm, that is not surprising. You probably fucked their brains in” Sandra says in response.

“Mom, I love Ben. I am his. He is mine. I might have to wait until eighteen until I move in with him, but my body belongs to him. He can have it whenever he wants it, however he wants it. I am his slave just like his other ladies. I will move in with him in three and a half years” Tiff says.

“We will see, I know I want BIG FELLA again. And it looks like your sister Nicole wants him also. NICOLE wake up” Sandra says. Nicole wakes up and takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. Sandra takes over for her and gets him hard. And then starts to ride BIG FELLA.

Becky wakes up and takes a shower with Tiff and Laurie and they make out for awhile. The get their robes on and call room service. When room service arrives it has on it three bottles of champagne and breakfast food on trays. Becky signs for it and the girls start to eat and drink the OJ. When Ben is finished with Sandra he joins them and pours the champagne. They toast Tiff and Nicole’s decision to join the family.

They five of them stay in the room till the next day at dinner when they all arrive at the dinning hall, Renee and Tiffani say that most of been some good loving. Sandra looks at them and says “Yes it was. We are going back for more after dinner”. She goes and sits down next to Ben.

“I think she is hooked. I don’t think it will be long before she is a permanent member of the family and moves in with us” Tiffani says. “She really seems to be enjoying Ben, I wouldn’t know. I can just assume he is great in bed” Renee says. “The doctor said just a couple more weeks, than BIG FELLA is going to be inside of you too” Tiffani says.

“I want him so bad, some days I feel like jumping his bones and raping him” Renee says. “Sis, you can’t rape the willing”.

They eat dinner and then head back to Ben and Becky’s room and have at it again. Ben makes love to Sandra with Becky and Laurie. Then he makes love to Nicole again with Becky and Laurie, finally he does the same with Tiff. Ben then tells Sandra “It is time for me to pop your anal cherry”. “Yes Master, pound me my body is yours while we are on this ship. I have to get back to reality once we leave it” Sandra says.

Ben pushes BIG FELLA past her anal ring and pushes hard into rectum “OH MY GOD, THAT HURTS” Sandra yells as Ben begins his assault on her ass. He pops in and out of her ass. “Relax, Sandra you will get use to it. I need to loosen you up” Ben tells her.

“Do it, I am yours, put it to me” Sandra says almost incoherently as Ben starts to really pound on her ass. Sandra starts to cry and Ben leans over “Are you alright?”. “Yes, don’t stop, don’t stop keep it up”. Ben does and he pounds her ass. Her breast are swaying back and forth as Becky and Laurie come over and start sucking on them. To their shock she is starting to lactate they drink her milk and tell Nicole and Tiff to come over and try. Again this is almost too much for Sandra. She is on orgasm overload. She has been having an orgasm every five to ten minutes for the past hour. When Ben is ready to cum he pulls out of her ass, whips BIG FELLA clean and then shoves him deep into her womb and erupts in their.

“Sandra, I hope I get you pregnant. You produce such beautiful children. If you become pregnant with my child call me and let me know before you do anything drastic” Ben whispers in her ear.

They do Nicole the say way after they take Sandra to the couch and let her sleep there. She is exhausted, her stomach is bloated with Ben’s seed.

“Nicole, Tiffani. You are both mine. Your mother has reservations, she will have to come around before you can move in with me. You have to be on your own and an adult before you can legally move in without your parents permission. Know this, I love both of you. I want to see you guys again. Becky will give you our numbers and address in Alabama. We are only a short drive away from Atlanta” Ben tells them as they go to sleep.

The next morning they all take showers and head to breakfast. Ben takes the family ashore on the next port of call and goes shopping. He takes Nicole and Tiff along with Sandra. Sandra tells him she can’t afford this.

“Sandra, Nicole and Tiffani are mine now. They belong to me, I will take care of this. You have to come around to this realization in your own time. There is a place for the three of you in our family. You just have to accept it” Ben tells her.

They go shopping and Ben goes to the jewelry store while Becky takes the girls clothes shopping. He comes back with an engagement ring and wedding bands for both Nicole and Tiffani. When they are done shopping they all go back to the ship and get ready for dinner. After dinner, Ben Becky and Laurie take Sandra and her girls back to their rooms. Ben presents Tiffani with her engagement ring and tells her that he loves her and will always honor and cherish her. He tells her that she is his and that they will be together soon. Have faith he tells her. He then presents her with her wedding band. She proclaims “I am yours Ben Barnes”. He does the same with Nicole and they go and show Sandra. “Ben you are spoiling them” she says.
“They are mine to spoil. I love them as much as I do my other ladies. There is enough love for you too” Ben says.

Ben then takes Laurie and Becky back to their cabin and go to sleep without having sex for once. The next morning they all hang around the pool and Sandra comes over and thanks Ben for such a great trip. She kisses him and tells him “I am just not ready right now, Ben” She then kisses him again and whispers in his ear “I do love you, and love making love with you. I am just a little scared right now. I love you Ben Barnes you are so sweet. Give me time”.

Ben whispers “You have all the time in the world. I love you too. The sex with you and my new slaves girls was great. Keep in touch with us”. With that they part for the last time. This is the last day of the cruise.

Ben talks to his ladies and asks each one of them did they enjoy their cruise. To a person they all says not as much as he did. They all did enjoy themselves and the ship. Janet tells him “Master, we all know that we have to share you. You are too good of a man and a lover not to share you”. She kisses him and tells him that everybody is fine with how he spent his cruise. That he probably made Sandra’s life. Helped her get over her husbands passing.

The next day the depart the cruise ship and head back to the mansion. Ben takes a couple of days to relax and sees his girls off to college in Tuscaloosa.

Kaitlin tells Ben “We are all transferring to UAB next semester. It is too difficult not being with the family. We love you and miss you too much to be without you. I hope you understand our decision”.

Ben “Kaitlin, honey I love you and I support your decision to come back home. I missed you and your sisters while you were down there”. Ben kisses her and the rest of the crew going back to school. He has a tear in his eye and tells them “This is the last time we will depart like this. Thank God, I hate not having you all here with us. See you in two months”.

After they leave Ben tours the construction site and gets an update on the progress. He sees that the fencing is going up around the property. The guard housing and guard station is coming along and will be ready on schedule in August. He talks to Jamal about the electrified fencing and the guard recruitment. He tells him that they are to secure the parameter at at all times. Jamal tells him that he will have interviewing setup by June and asks if Ben can rent an office for the interviewing and have Sheila be his secretary while they are doing the interviews. He tells him that is fine and will look into an office. He then goes and checks on the construction of the mansion. It is going well and on schedule to be able to move in by September first.

Ben calls the Architect’s office and asks if his plans for the school and office building are ready. They tell them they are and that the plans have been approved and permits should be ready by June. He tells the architect that he wants three copies of each plan delivered to the mansion for him and Ken to study. I want the construction to start immediately I will contact the current construction company and see if they want to bid on it.

The next day he receives the plans and takes a copy to Ken and the company superintendent. He tells him to have his company write up a proposal for both, if they need to bring in partners than that is fine. He wants the school to be built by August of next year. And the office building to be built by April. Superintendent tells Ben that he will convey his wishes to the owners.

Ben leaves with Ken and asks him when can he start putting in the appliances. He tells him to have them scheduled for last week of August. He tells him OK.

“I have a surprise for you Ken” Ben tells him and gives him plans for his own house. It is a luxurious seven bedroom house with all the amenities, three car garage, nursery, large eat-in kitchen. Huge master bedroom with his and hers walk-in closets. Ben tells him that he has already talked to the construction company and they are waiting on him to OK the plans. They say you can be in by Christmas if you approve them this week.

“Ben, this is too much. I am going to have to go over these with Carol. There are a lot of rooms” Ken says.

“I am hoping you will get Carol pregnant finally. And this is not too much, you are my best friend and I want you close to me and my family. Go over it with Carol and tell me what she thinks”.

The next day Carol comes to work with Ken and comes into the mansion. “Ben Barnes, you are too much” Carol says as she strips, knowing the rules. “You are way to generous to us, Ken I want to worship BIG FELLA” Carol says. “Go for it honey” Ken says. “I guess she likes the plans for your new house” Ben tells Ken as Carol deep throats her former Master’s cock.

“I think she does. We have been trying to have a child for a couple of months” Ken says “Go see Doctor Reynolds”.

“We have. We are both on fertility drugs. I have never cum this much in my life” Ken says. “He has you on the supplements that I take, they really work” Ben says.

“I couldn’t of guessed that, look at all these pregnant women” Ken says. “The ones that aren’t pregnant want to be” Ben says in response “You have such a terrible life my friend”.

Ben erupts in Carol’s throat pumping a huge load into her stomach. When he is done she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells him “I love you Ben Barnes, you are such a good friend” Becky and Laurie come in and see that Carol just serviced Ben. “I think turn around is fair play don’t you Master? We should suck Ken off” Becky says to Ben. He nods in agreement and they start to suck on Ken’s 14” love stick. “Ken is trying to get Carol pregnant Becky”.

“Well when he is close he is going to have to put his load into her womb, get her wet Ben” Becky says as she continues to suck and lick on Ken’s cock with Laurie. “Damn, you have a nice cock Ken” Laurie says. She turns her head when Carol starts screaming out an orgasm. “Ken, you are good at cunnilingus. But Ben is great at it” she says. “Well he has a lot more experience and practice at it”. Laurie takes over for Becky. When he is ready to cum he goes over to his wife and pushes deep inside her pussy and enters her womb and pumps his load inside of her. He cums for fifteen minutes as she continues to suck on BIG FELLA.

“Damn, I got to get to work. We have deliveries I need to check on” Ken says as Becky comes over and tells him “Let me clean you off” and starts to suck him clean. Balls and all.

“Ken, honey I am going to stay here today with Becky and Laurie. I will call the shop and tell them” Carol says. “OK, my love” Ken says as he zips up and leaves the mansion.

“Master, I want BIG FELLA in my ass. I want to feel him inside of me” Carol says. “Becky, once Ben is your Master he is always your Master. I am going to try and get pregnant with Ken for another six months. If he doesn’t get me pregnant will you consider impregnate me, my Master?”

“OH SHIT, Carol I would love to fuck you in your lovely ass. As far as getting you pregnant, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Ken will have to agree, I am not doing anything without my best friends consent” Ben tells her.

“Ben, I would not do it behind Ken’s back. I love him with all my heart. If you got me pregnant we would consider it our baby. Mine and Ken’s not yours” Carol says.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you and Ken too much to do that to you. Do you like your new house? It can be ready by Christmas” Ben says. She then sucks BIG FELLA hard and gets on all fours. “Give me BIG FELLA, My Master, my love” Carol says. Ben begins to pump her hard.

“Did you know that Carol loves Ben, Becky?” Laurie says. “Yes, that was evident when I first met her. I am very secure in my relationship with Ben. I know how he feels about me. I love sharing him. His heart is mine” Becky tells her

Ben pumps Carol for a good two hours and climaxes in her colon. “OH GOD THAT FEELS GREAT MASTER”.

“Carol, you know I love you” Ben says as he kisses her and then his wives. He leaves and takes a shower. Ben then tells Becky he is going out and look at appliances for the kitchen.

He leaves and starts thinking about Ken and Carol. He has his plans in the back and goes to the local kitchen and bath business. He brings his plans and tells him what he wants.

“I want my kitchen in light cherry hardwood, plywood boxes and the ends need to be hardwood. He tells them about the island he wants. He tells them about the two double ovens and two stoves and a cook top in the island. Everything is propane. He shows them where the two refrigerators and a large freezer is going. They draw up his kitchen and he likes the cathedral design. He wants crown molding on the top. He tells them that there will be under cabinet lighting and above the cabinets as well. They draw it up and he asks when will it be ready. They tell him in three months. He takes the plans and tells him that he will give them to his general contractor and see if it all fits. He will call them within a couple days to put the order in. He gives them a 10k deposit.

Ben then takes the plans to Ken and they go to the kitchen and go over it. It all fits with a couple of minor modifications. Ken tells him he might as well get the bathroom vanities there also.

“Ben, you know I have been trying to get Carol pregnant. I want to ask you a favor. I know you are fertile, very fertile. If I can’t get Carol pregnant by Christmas will you? I know it is a lot to ask, but you already know her and love her. You are like a brother to me. Please consider it” Ken asks.

“Have you thought of artificial insemination?” Ben asks.

“Yes, my sperm are a little lazy and that is expensive. Too expensive when we have somebody closer to us that we both love” Ken says.

“Let me think about it. We do not need to decide this right now” Ben says, “I will go back over to the Kitchen and Bath place tomorrow. With the plans and go over the bathrooms with them”.

Ben goes back to the mansion and makes love with his girls trying not to think of Carol and her proposal. “Becky, you and Laurie need to come with me to the Kitchen and Bath place to look at what I picked out for the kitchen”. “OK, My love. What about Carol and Ken?”

“Ken asked me to get Carol pregnant when I went over the plans for the kitchen. I don’t know I need to think on it. illegal bahis siteleri What do you think?” Ben asks. “It is your choice, I think you should do it”.

They go the next day to the Kitchen & Bath place and Becky loves the kitchen layout and cabinet choice as does Laurie. They go over the plans with the owner and tell him that he wants a mahogany double sink vanity in the master bathroom. He tells the owner he wants a 36” vanity in each ensuite bathroom. He asks how long it takes to get a vanity made. The owner says it is the same time frame but can rush something if you need to change something. Ben orders the kitchen and bathrooms. He tells the owner to come up with the price and call him. He says he wants 90% of the vanities to be cherry and the rest being mahogany. He tells the owner the five guest rooms all need to be mahogany.

They leave and he tells Laurie and Becky that when they come back from the Cayman Islands that they are going to take a trip to North Carolina to buy custom made beds. The following week they leave for the Cayman Islands.

******** Business, Pleasure Trip to Cayman Islands ********

Ben tells Renee, Becky, Laurie, Jolene and her sisters, Julia, Nadine, Reanna, Rachel, Sam, and Sarah that they are accompanying him on his trip to the Cayman Islands. The girls start to scream. Julia tells her Master that she has never been out of Alabama.

“Julia, baby, you are with me now. We are going to travel the world together. That goes for all of you. Now I can’t take seventy five women with me every time I go somewhere, but when I can I will take as many as I can to as many places as I can. I love you girls, and want you with me always. I want to share everything with you” Ben tells Julia and the other girls.

“Master, you promised to train us while we are in the Cayman Islands remember?” Josie tells Ben.

“Yes sweetheart I remember. Reanna and her sisters are going to help you and your sisters with your training. Is that OK with you girls Reanna?” Ben asks.

“Master, that sounds like fun to me. How about it sisters are you up to helping Josie with her training?” Reanna says. Her sisters agree, “We can show you our tricks on how to get Master to cum quickly in your mouth”.

They get into the jet and fly to Grand Cayman Island.

Ben meets with his investment banker the first full day he is in the Cayman Islands. He takes Becky with him and makes her power of attorney on his estate. He tells the Banker that Becky is his wife and is his heir to his estate until his son Ben Jr. is twenty one. After that time Ben Jr. is responsible for the wealth and is to take care of Becky and the rest of the family. He tells the banker to setup an account in Becky’s name and transfer ten billion to that account.

“Ben, I do not need that money. I have you that is all I need or want” Becky says as she starts to cry. “Becky, my love I want to do this and this is yours to do with as you choose. I doubt even you can spend ten billion dollars” Ben tells her as they kiss.

“So how much do I have in my account after the transfer?” Ben asks.

“As of today, you have approximately 384 billion dollars, Mr. Barnes” the banker says.

“I am thinking about buying some property on the island do you know of a real estate agent that I can trust” Ben asks. “Yes, let me give you Jessie card. She is very nice and a really good agent with high end houses” the banker gives Ben the card. I need to setup some accounts with five million a piece in each one. He gives the Banker the documents that he needs, passports and birth certificates for each of his slaves.

When he is doing that he talks with Becky “I am thinking about setting up an account for Ken and Carol. What do you think?” Ben asks. “I think that is a wonderful idea and would be a great Christmas gift. How much are you thinking about?” Becky asks, “Twenty-five million” is his answer. “That is good”

“I need you to setup another account and put it in the name of Ken and Carol. I will FedEx over their documents when I get back to the states” Ben says.

“It is going to take me a while to setup these accounts. Let me make copies of the documents and give them back to you so that you can enjoy the island. I will call you when they are setup so that you can sign the paperwork” the banker says as he gets up and copies the documents.

“Thank you sir” the banker says.

Ben and Becky then call Jessie and setup an appointment with her. They go and meet with her. She is a beautiful blond with nice breast. She is dressed in a fine linen outfit.

“Jessie, I am Ben Barnes and this is my lovely wife Becky” Ben says

“How may I help you, Mr. Barnes?” Jessie asks.

“I am going to be on the island for a couple of weeks and would love to see houses. I am looking at least six or seven on a secluded section that can be walled off. They need to be large houses. I have about a hundred people that need a place to stay when we are here. Can you find me something like that?” Ben asks.

“Let me look” Jessie says and she comes back with a upscale community that has three adjoining houses that are available. They go look at them and both Ben and Becky like them they are at the end of the road. “What about those houses?” Ben says as he points to the three houses on each side of the road.

“They are currently not for sale. I can do some research and see what they are worth and who owns them. I can get back to you in a couple of days” Jessie tells him.

“OK, put contingency contacts on these three houses and get the inspector over to check them out.

He goes back to their rented house and sees the girls enjoying the pool. “Hey ladies why don’t we spend some time on the beach” Ben says to his girls as they run up and kiss him and tell him he has to wear his banana hammock. “Let me get it for you” Becky says as Jolene strips her master. When she comes back she sees her bobbing her head up and down on BIG FELLA.

“Ben cannot go out there with a hard on!” Becky says.

“Becky, he was a half erect when Jolene undressed him. She is just trying to drain his balls so BIG FELLA will fit into his suit” Reanna says. “I am surprised that you were not doing it” Becky tells her cousin. “We are going to take turns until he cums”. An hour later Ben erupts in Renee’s mouth. She swallows his load and he kisses her.

“Renee, tonight I am going to make love to you. I am going to make love to you everyday we are down here. You are still taking your fertility drugs right?” Ben asks her.

“Yes, Master. Thank you. I have been waiting for this since December” Renee says as she kisses her Master. Her girls come up to her and congratulate her. “Can we be there when you to have sex?” Reanna asks. Ben looks at Renee and tells them “No, the first time is just for me and Renee”.

The girls go and get ready for the beach. Renee puts BIG FELLA into his banana hammock and kisses BIG FELLA on his head and tells him “I will see you tonight after dinner. Rest up BIG FELLA you are mine tonight” She then tucks him in and gets up and kisses Ben.

“You know I love you, with our without having sex” Renee says. “Yes, I know. I love you too” Ben tells her as he kisses her again. “I wouldn’t plan on doing anything too stressful tomorrow. I have been looking forward to this for a long time and I am really, really fucking horny. You are probably going to walking with a limp if you are able to walk at all” Renee says.

“I have heard that before, Renee” Ben says as they go outside and head to the beach. “Ben, honey you have never made love to me” Renee says with a smirk on her face. Becky comes out with a bottle of water and his pills. “Ben, I think you need to get a head start on your supplements and vitamins. I think Renee might try to put you in the grave tonight. I have heard stories about her sexual prowess from Tiffani. I am going to be in the bedroom with you two tonight” Becky tells her husband.

Ben and Becky go to the beach and the girls are laying out trying to get a suntan. “Master, I need some suntan lotion on my back can you help me” Sam asks him. And Ben comes over and rubs lotion on her back and legs. “Do forget my ass cheeks, my love”.

“I need some lotion on me too” Sarah says. Ben moves over and rubs the suntan lotion on her, he rubs it on her legs and works his way up to the top. Making sure to get her ass cheeks. He undoes her top and rubs lotion all over her back, neck and shoulders. He leans over and whispers in her ear “I love you Sarah”. She looks over and tells him “I love you too Ben” and they kiss.

“I need some lotion also, Ben” Rachel says. Ben goes over and rubs lotion on her legs, ass cheeks and back, shoulders and arms he leans over and kisses her and tells her he loves her. He does the same with Reanna without her even asking. He sticks a couple fingers into her pussy making her moan after he has completed rubbing lotion on her legs and buttocks. He undoes her top and finishes her upper body. She rolls over and tells him he might as well do her front. And he rubs lotion all over her front. They kiss and she tells him. “I Love you Ben Barnes. You have made me a very happy woman” She rolls over and continues with Jolene and her sisters. Laurie and Becky are next.

“Ben, you need some on you too” Renee says and tells him to lay down on his stomach. “BIG FELLA is erect isn’t he?” “Renee, how could I not be erect after that, sensual situation. Rubbing suntan lotion on all those young tight willing bodies. I love my life, and my family”.

Renee rubs sunscreen on her Master and lays next to him. She kisses him and fondles BIG FELLA. “Ben rest for a minute and we will go into the water” Renee says. They then get up and head to the water. A couple of girls get up and Becky tells them to give Renee sometime with Ben. “Yes, Mistress Becky” They all turn over and watch as Ben and Renee play in the water. Renee then gets on Ben and it is apparent to everybody there that they are having sex in the ocean.

“God that is so hot” Rachel says. “I am happy for Renee” Becky tells them. When they are done they wave to the girls and they all go swim with their lover.

Sam and Sarah swim over to Ben and tell him “That was so beautiful” Renee swims over after fixing her bottom. “Renee, we love you, mom. We hope you get pregnant and have a boy. Ben will you get all three of us pregnant, Please. We want to share the experience with Renee and Rachel”

“It would be my honor, but tonight is Renee’s night. I love you girls all of you. I look forward to having many children with you” Ben says as he kisses each of them. “I need to train Jolene’s sisters also. I think I can get seven women pregnant in our time in the Islands”.

“Master, you think BIG FELLA can handle non-stop fucking for two weeks in a row?” Rachel asks as she swims over. “No” is his response. “I will get you girls pregnant, give me time”

“Master, we have all the time in the world. We love you and are not going anywhere” Renee tells him. They get out of the water and head back into the house. They all take a shower and head to dinner. After dinner Ben, Becky and Renee say goodnight. Within fifteen minutes they hear Renee scream out an orgasm. Ben and Renee make love all night and into the morning. Becky leaves the room and goes and fixes breakfast for them. Renee’s girls follow Becky into the room and watch as Ben is pounding Renee from behind.

“OH, GOD I LOVE YOU BEN BARNES, CUM IN MY WOMB AGAIN” Renee yells as her daughter’s come and lay next to her. “Ben is a terrific lover isn’t he Renee” Sam asks her. “OH GOD YES, HE IS A FUCKING-GOD. POUND MY WOMB, CUM INSIDE ME MY MASTER, MY LOVER, MY HUSBAND AND MY FRIEND. AS GOD AS MY WITNESS I LOVE THIS MAN”.

Ben continues his jackhammer assault of Renee’s pussy. He pounds her for another hour before he cums for fifteen minutes in her womb. When he is done Renee passes out. Ben gets up and puts her on her side. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. “Sleep tight my sweet Aunt Renee”.

He gets out of Ben and goes to the shower, Rachel Sam and Sarah join him in the shower. They wash their Master, each girl taking a different body part. All three take turns washing and taking care of BIG FELLA. “Master, lover did mom wear BIG FELLA out?” Rachel asks. “NO, but he is extremely tired”. They finish up and then dry off and dry Ben off. They put lotion on his sore muscles and on BIG FELLA. “Thank you for helping Renee, Ben. I love you” Becky tells him has she hands him his vitamins and supplements. The girls take him to their room and put him to bed. They give him an Ensure drink and a protein bar. “Rest now Master, we will watch over you” He sleeps for eight restful hours as his girls watch over him.

Jessie comes over and discusses the property with Becky and Laurie.

“It seems that Mr. Barnes has a lot of beautiful women around him” Jessie says.

“Yes, we are all family. We all love him deeply” Becky says. “What did you find out about the property?”.

Jessie tells them “I have a list of the people that own the properties in question and their current market value and what price they owners paid for them. I also brought over the contingency contracts on the properties that Mr. Barnes wanted to buy. I have the key code and can take you over there when you have a chance”.

Right then Ben gets comes out of the bedroom stark naked with BIG FELLA dangling between his legs. He walks by them and into the kitchen not even aware that Jessie is there. It is just so natural for him to walk around naked. He comes back out and Becky says “Jessie, the real estate agent came over to discuss the properties we were looking at buying”. Ben comes over and says hello. He shakes her hand and she drops to her knees and starts to suck on BIG FELLA.

“I am sorry, I don’t know what possessed me to do that. I am single and haven’t had sex in a long long time. And have never seen a cock bigger than seven inches. I want this one” Jessie says as she begins to suck on BIG FELLA.

“Hold on, Jessie” Ben says “Becky, tell her the rules”.

“Jessie you need to get a clean HIV/STD certificate before you can have sex with Ben” Becky says.

“OK, I will go to the hospital and get it. Hold on what does that say, oh BIG FELLA I will be right back” Jessie says. She literally jumps up and runs out the door. They hear screeching wheels and she peels out heading to the hospital. Two hours later there is a knock on the door. Becky answers it and Jessie gives her the clean certificate and lets her in the house. Once the door is closed she starts to strip. Becky looks her over and tells her she needs to loose the bush.

“Let me help you with taking care of that bush” Becky tells her and takes her into the bathroom and gets her shaved. She then starts to suck on her pussy. “Jessie, Ben’s girls are all bi-sexual. Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No, I have not. I see that you are quite good at that” Jessie says as Becky continues to suck on her pussy. Jessie comes in her mouth and then they get up and go find Ben in the living room. “Ben, Jessie has gotten her clean certificate” Becky tells him.
“Very good. Do you really want to have sex with me?” Ben says. Jessie runs over and kneels in front of him “I want BIG FELLA to fill all my holes, what are those tattoos on your girls mean?”

“Well the “Property of Ben Barnes” is self-explanatory. The Queen of Spades means they prefer black cock rather than white. The one on the back of their necks mean they have completed their anal training, the Queen of Spades on their mounds mean they completed their pussy training. The training consists of having sex with me ten times in a row without interruption in their asses and then their pussies. Finally they have to give me a blowjob twenty times in a row” Ben explains to her as she sucks on BIG FELLA. When she had gotten him rock hard she gets up and straddles Ben. She lines BIG FELLA up and pushes down on him. She rides him for forty-five minutes cuming every five minutes. Ben then picks her up and puts her down on the couch and starts to throttle her like a car piston.

He fucks her like this for an hour, she looks up at his tattoo on his chest “YOU ARE A FUCKING-GOD”. Ben then pushes past her cervix and starts fucking her womb. “OH GOD, BEN YOU ARE IN MY WOMB, YOU PASSED MY CERVIX. NO OTHER MAN HAS BEEN THERE BEFORE” Jessie screams. He pounds her in her womb for forty-five minutes and then cums hard for twenty minutes, pissing long streams of cum filling her womb up.

“OH, Yeah get me pregnant” Jessie says as Ben exits her. He lays next to her. “Becky, Ben I am yours” she tells him. “What?” Becky says.

“You can’t think I would ever let another man fuck me after I have had BIG FELLA inside of me? Do you Becky, Ben? I am Ben’s this pussy belongs to him” Jessie says.

She then leans over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. “Becky do you have any lube, I am going to take BIG FELLA in my ass now” Jessie says. “Damn, you are aggressive” Ben says.

“Master, is that what your women call you?” Jessie asks, he nods “Well, Master. I am your slave, my body is yours. I know you live in Alabama and I am in the Cayman Islands, but I am rich enough to fly back and forth. I am not letting BIG FELLA go. I realize that I have to share”. Becky comes back with the lube and lubes Jessie’s ass. Jessie then inserts it in her, and lets out a scream as Ben pushes her down on him. That scream wakes Renee out of her coma she comes out of the master bedroom and watches with her girls. “Who is this, Reanna?”

“Mom, this is Jessie. She came over to show Ben and Becky some properties that Ben is planning on buying I guess. Ben came out of the bedroom naked and she saw BIG FELLA and literally took him in her hands and started sucking on him. Becky told her to get a clean certificate and then she could have sex with our Master. Two hours later she was back with her certificate and they have been fucking ever since. She just took BIG FELLA up her ass, she was an anal virgin. Damn, Master, she is really enjoying her time with BIG FELLA” Reanna says.

“I think so” Ben says. “Hell yes I am enjoying BIG FELLA. I FUCKING LOVE THIS” Ben again picks Jessie up and puts her on her hands and knees and starts to pound her deep. He fucks her hard for about two hours. “Don’t fuck him out, he still has to train me and my sisters!” Josie says. When Ben is ready to cum he pulls out of her ass and then pushes deep inside of her pussy and stretches her cervix out. He then pops through her cervix and pumps another huge load into her womb. “Are you on birth control, Jessie?” Ben asks.

“No, I don’t care. Get me pregnant. I welcome your child as I do your seed in my womb” Jessie says as she crawls over and gets a pillow and goes to sleep.

Ben gets up and jumps in the pool. He cools off and comes back into the living room. “Josie come with me to the master bedroom. It is your turn”. They go into the master bedroom and in five minutes you hear Josie scream out an orgasm and profess her love to Ben. About an hour later Josie yells out “FUCK ME MASTER, CUM IN MY WOMB. GET ME PREGNANT, GOD YOU ARE A FUCKING-GOD. I AM CUMMING”. Ben fucks her ten times in a row. Josie has on average ten orgasms per hour. When they are done Laurie comes in and sees Josie’s belly is swollen with Ben’s cum. Becky delivered his supplements and vitamins every three hours. Jessie is with her and she bends down and cleans off BIG FELLA with her mouth.

“I can’t wait until he trains me. I was serious when I told him my body is his, no other man will ever have me” Jessie says. “I know you were serious” Laurie says as she comes back in with a pan of cool water and a wash cloth. “I love this man. I take great pride in making sure he is healthy and clean. I would gladly give my life for him” Laurie says as she finishes cleaning Ben. She leans over and kisses him and tells him “I love you Ben Barnes. Rest up and train Josie’s ass next” Josie just smiles as she subconsciously heard what Laurie just said.

Laurie and Jessie go take a shower and play a little in there. When they are done the go see Becky, “Jessie can you take me and Laurie to see the properties?” Becky says. “Yes I can Mistress Becky” Jessie says and gets up and kisses both of them. “Thank you for sharing Ben with me. He is incredible”

They tell the rest of the ladies that they will be back in a couple of hours. They go and tour the three houses and they both like them. “This will be a nice vacation spot for the family. Do you think Ben can buy those other seven houses? He wants to wall off the property from the road. This will be nice to have you down here to supervise the construction of the wall and other additions that Ben will want” Becky says.

“I think Ben has the resources to convince the people to sell” Jessie says. “Tomorrow, I will get Ben to take a break from the training to come over here and make them an offer. You are available Jessie right?” Becky asks. “Yes I am at your disposal while you are down here”. They go back to the house and as they enter they hear Josie screaming “FUCK MY ASS MASTER, FUCK YOUR WILLING SLAVES ASS. PUT YOUR SEED IN MY WOMB. GOD I AM CUMMING AGAIN…”.

Looks like training has started again. Renee comes over and tells them they just got started and Ben came once already. “Jessie, can you show me where the best market to buy seafood is located. You all want seafood tonight?’ Renee asks. The all tell her yes. “Sure come with me” they go to the fish market and then to the grocery store. They get enough for four days dinners and breakfast stuffs. They head back to the house and enter with the bags, they have bought enough for three trips. They hear Josie screaming and hollering every time they go into the house. When they are done bringing in the supplies they asks “So how many times has Ben cum so far.”

“Was just the fifth time. I think they are in bed for the night” Rachel says as Becky comes out of the room caring two glasses. “That was his second round of supplements and vitamins” she tells the group. “OH FUCK ME. YOU ARE A FUCKING-GOD” is yelled from the bedroom. This goes on until two in the morning.

They cook dinner, grilled fresh tuna steaks and salad. While they eat they can hear Josie having orgasm after orgasm. “Jessie, this is what Ben does for a living. Making love to his women” Reanna tells her.

“How many women does Ben have?” Jessie asks. “With you, I believe the count is up to 85 or 86, it is kind of hard to keep track. In September we are all going to move into a 150 bedroom mansion. Ben Junior is the only baby born so far. My mom is due in July as are four or five other ladies. A couple are due in August. More are due this fall and winter. We are going to have a full house soon. Ben has already had the architect design an addition with another 100 rooms. Some of the twins will be sharing rooms” Becky tells her.

“We sleep with each other all the time. Sarah and I sleep with Ben every night we are bed slaves as are Julia and Nadine” Sam tells Jessie. “Jessie, Master has impregnated me and Julia already along with our mothers” Nadine tells her. “We are all going to raise our children together. We all wanted to get pregnant together. Master just accepted Julia and her mother Emily who will permanently remove your body hair when you visit the house this summer”.

“Jessie you might as well sleep here tonight so that we can go and see the properties with Ben in the morning” Becky says. “We can always have some girl time tonight” Rachel says. They play till the wee hours of the morning, all the girls are sucking a pussy and having their pussies sucked. Becky at one point brings out her bag of toys and passes them out. Their are orgasms coming from the living room and the master bedroom now. When Ben is finished training Josie’s ass at two in the morning he comes out to the living room and witnesses his girls playing with each other.

“Now this is a beautiful site” Ben says. They look up and Jessie pulls Ben onto the floor and they takes turns sucking on BIG FELLA and licking and kissing his shaft balls and body. They clean their master off with their tongues and he makes love to each one till the morning.

“Master, you really are a FUCKING-GOD” Jessie says. They sleep until noon and Jessie gets up and asks Ben to look over the papers while she takes a shower with Becky and Laurie. He does and then joins them. When they are all clean they get dressed and head to the properties. He is dressed in a very expensive suit and Laurie and Becky are dressed in their designer dresses from Paris. They knock on the first door on the street. Jessie introduces herself and then Ben, Becky and Laurie. The owners invite them and Ben strikes up the conversation with Jessie’s help.

Ben “Sir, I would like to buy your house from you. I have just purchased the three houses at the end of the street and am planning on buying all the houses on this street. What would you take for this house?”

Homeowner “Well I haven’t thought about selling. I don’t even know what it is worth or if I could find another house on the island”.

Jessie “Here is what the appraised at last year. With a 15% increase in real estate price”.

Ben “I will give you 500k more than that if you sign today. You will have your money tomorrow”

The man and his wife go to the kitchen and talk it over. “OK, Mr. Barnes you have a deal on one condition we find another house on the island and you give us sixty days to pack and move”.

Ben “Deal, Jessie here can help you find something on the island”.

Jessie “I have a listing here for your examination. I will even be your buying agent for free”.

Ben “I will pay her commission, and have my mover friends move you in sixty days for free”

Homeowners “You really must want this property”

Ben “I plan on walling off the the properties and have an electronic key entry gate to access the properties”.

Jessie presents them with a legal document that has their address on it and their intent to sell with the price written in. The owners sign their copy along with two others. Ben signs the documents and Jessie tells to meet her in her office the following Monday she will have the contract drawn up and a cashier’s check for the amount.

Ben and entourage go to the next house and make their pitch they do that for the rest of the day. By the end of the Ben has committed to buy the houses for over twelve million dollars. The whole street cost him over fifteen million dollars. The go back to the house and get everybody ready to take them out for a celebration dinner.

“Ladies, this is to family, love and a nice tropical retreat that we now own. I will show you all the properties we just bought. We will be spending January and probably February down here next year. Drink up ladies. I love all of you” Ben tells them. The next day he goes and gets the cashier’s checks for the properties. He goes and meets with Jessie at her office and tells them to put a house in Renee, Tiffani, Janet, Becky, Laurie, Kaitlin, Crystal, Nadia’s names. He gives her the documents that she needs. She makes a copy of each and gives them back to Ben.

“Ben you have to be the co-owner on each property for at least a year” Jessie says.

“That is fine as long as the ladies are the primary owners” Ben says. Ben then goes back to the bank and picks up the bank books for his ladies. Each of his women are now millionaires, ten times over. He then heads back to the house. He enters the house and calls his ladies to the living room.

“Ladies, I have something for you” Ben says with Becky at his side. He hands each one their bank books. They all look at them and they see they have a balance of ten million dollars. The first one to speak is Jolene “Master, Mistress Becky we do not need this. We have you that is all I need. Your love and our family. I think the other girls agree with me” they all nod their heads.

“Ladies when I told you I would take care of you for the rest of your lives I meant it. You are all millionaires now. You have complete independence, you do not have to stay with me if you do not want to” Ben tells them.

“Fuck that, I am never leaving you Master. You will have to kill me” Renee says and her girls agree. “You can keep the money, we just want you” Reanna tells him.

“Shit, I never knew it would be so hard to give away ten million dollars, Becky” Ben says.

“Ben, they are just saying what all your women are going to say. They love you. You provide everything we need”, she squeezes BIG FELLA, “We love you Ben, not your money or your huge cock” Becky says.

“I love his huge fucking cock” Josie says. “I love him too. BIG FELLA is amazing. I don’t blame Jessie for not ever wanting another man. Once you have had BIG FELLA inside of you, you never want another man”.

“OK, I understand. I just don’t want anybody to think that I do not provide for you and that I have something over you. They need to know that you are with me on your own free will” Ben tells them.

“Janice, come with me, it is your turn to get trained” Ben tells her. “Yes, Master” is her response. “Renee, Becky come with me. They go into the master bedroom and Ben tells Renee. “I am going to train Janice. I am going to put a couple loads into your womb. I want to get you pregnant. Along with your daughter’s Sam, Sarah and Rachel already want me to get them pregnant. They all stopped their birth control. I think Reanna wants to get pregnant also. Hopefully your girls are inclined to having multiples like you”.

“Master, I want to give you as many children as I can” Renee says as she start to suck on BIG FELLA. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. She licks on the head of his cock. “Master, your cock is so beautiful” she then takes him deep into her throat and bobs up and down, she gets off of him before he can cums. She then squeezes BIG FELLA’s head a couple of times. Ben then pushes deep inside of Janice. “OH, YES. FUCK ME MASTER”. Ben pounds 14 year old Janice’s pussy. “POUND YOUR SLAVES WILLING PUSSY. THAT PUSSY IS YOURS MASTER”. He pushes through her cervix after an hour and pours his first load inside of Janice. He then exits her womb trapping his seed in her young womb waiting for an egg to be delivered. “Janice sweetheart, I love you and I am going to take care of you for the rest of our lives. We are going to have beautiful children together”. “Master, I hope I have two or three babies at a time for you. I love you, trust you and care for you. You are mine” Janice tells him. Ben cries at that and exits her young pussy, Renee starts to work on BIG FELLA within minutes he is hard again and start to pound Janice again. When he is ready to cum he pushes deep inside of Renee, pushing past her cervix and spewing his load deep inside of her. Becky gives him his supplements, vitamins and two little blue pills and sucks him hard again once he exits Renee. He pounds Janice and he puts five loads in Janice and five into Renee. They all fall asleep together and in the morning they take a shower together and go to the living room.

“Girls you want to take a drive and see the houses we own” Ben asks. They all say yes. The drive by the houses and Ben describes what he is planning the go out back on one of the three vacant houses to the beach. “We have our own private beach, I am going to wall it off on either side so that we do not have any intruders when we are down here. I think a couple months in the winter time and a couple of months in the summertime before hurricane season, this will be a nice place to come to get away” Ben tells them.

“You girls want to go shopping? Need to bring something back other than swollen bellies that hopefully have children in them” Ben asks.

“Ben, are you actually asking women if they want to shop? Of course we want to go shopping” Becky says and the girls all agree. They go to the local shopping destination and buy island clothes and nice souvenirs for the family and themselves. They have dinner out and then they go back to the house and Ben tells Janice it is time for her anal training. She smiles and says “Yes Master, lover” and heads to the master bedroom with Renee and Becky. They finish her training at 4 in the morning and Ben has put half of his loads into Renee. They sleep to Noon and then go swimming in the ocean till evening and have a nice home cooked meal.

After dinner Ben tells Claire “Claire it is your turn to start your training, lets go to the bedroom” they go to the master bedroom and after about ten minutes she starts cumming and cumming hard. He fucks her hard and fast for about an hour before pushing through her cervix and pouring his seed inside her young womb. “Claire I love you, I can’t wait to see our children”. “Master, I love you. I love how BIG FELLA feels inside of me. Please continue to make love to me” Claire says. They have sex for the rest of the night, with half of the loads going into Renee. When he is done with her training they fall asleep in each others arms. The next afternoon Claire wakes up still in her Masters arms she rolls over and snuggles with him. Becky wakes up and looks at Claire, “Becky, I love waking up like this in our Masters arms”. She reaches down and starts to rub on BIG FELLA. Ben wakes up and looks into his lovers eyes. “Morning sweetheart, that was fantastic” Ben says to her. “Master, I love you” They kiss and make out as Becky reaches in and rubs her sister slave and kisses them both. “Master, I love our new slaves. They are so sweet and beautiful. I love making love with them and it sounds like you do too” Becky says to Ben.

“I do love it a lot, what do you girls think of Jessie?” Ben asks. “I like her, her pussy is sweet. I think she really loves BIG FELLA being inside of her. I love eating her out. How about you Claire what do you think?” Becky asks. “She sucks pussy good, and she is beautiful. I don’t know how she can be down here and still be a slave” Claire says.

“Let’s get something to eat and head to the beach and play in the water a little” Ben says as they get their suits on and eat a little breakfast and head out to the beach with the rest of the family. They stay out until dinner time and go back to the house. Renee and Becky cook dinner while Ben makes love to Laurie in the living room. “I know we haven’t done this in a while, I love you, you know that right?” Ben asks her “Yes, my love. You are training many slaves. I know you love me and I love you with all my heart” Laurie says as Ben pushes an erect BIG FELLA inside of his second wife. “I am fertile now, give me a child my love”. The have sex for an hour before Ben is ready to push through her cervix. Becky calls everybody to dinner and Laurie says “FUCK DINNER. It is my turn with BIG FELLA”.

The fuck for another hour and take turns who is on top. When he is ready to cum he pushes through her cervix and pumps his load into her for twenty minutes. “FILL MY WOMB, MY LOVING HUSBAND”.

They finish their love-making and rest. “You two ready to eat yet?” Renee says. “Can you bring us two plates and two glasses of wine?” Ben asks She does and they eat dinner in each others arms. They fall asleep like that. Becky wakes them up and takes them into the master bedroom. They sleep till the next morning.

“Master, you must have been really tired” Claire says. “Yes I was, are you ready to complete your anal training?” Ben asks. “Yes, let me get you breakfast and your pills” Claire says. She goes and gets him his breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast with OJ and two bottles of Ensure.

“Master, do you really like this Ensure drink?” Claire asks. “Yes, I like it. Becky did some research on it and apparently it does wonders for your libido” Ben tells her. “I wouldn’t think you would have a problem with that” Claire says. As he eats she sucks on BIG FELLA. When he is done with breakfast Becky comes over and takes the tray from him and Claire straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA deep into her young twelve year old ass. She makes him cum after twenty-five minutes. The make love the rest of the day. After the tenth time she leaves BIG FELLA inside of her ass as they take a nap. Clairice comes in after a couple of hours and tells her Master “I am next”.

“Yes you are. Let me take a shower and get cleaned up. I will start your training after we eat dinner”. After dinner Ben takes her into the bedroom and trains her pussy. He has Laurie and Becky sucking on her breast as he punishes her pussy from behind.

Ben is blowing little Clairice’s mind. She is one orgasm overload when she comes down from one orgasm she has another one. This goes on for two hours as Ben’s girls come in and witness the love-making session. Ben finally pushes through her cervix and dump his load inside of her womb. He cums for thirty minutes. Becky then goes and gets his pills and give them to him with another Ensure drink and a Gatorade. Meanwhile Reanna sucks on BIG FELLA and gets him hard again.

The repeat the previous session. With Reanna and Rachel sucking on Clairice’s breast as Ben pounds her. They fuck that way until noon the next day. Clairice has ten huge loads in her womb and can barely move. Ben picks her up and takes her to her bed and snuggles with her as they sleep. When the wake up the get something to eat and start her anal training. He fucks her ass while two girls suck on her breasts and a third sucks on her clit.

When they are finished her training she sleeps in her Master’s arms. Before she falls asleep she tells him “That was fantastic love-making, I don’t think I want to do that ten times again. I am weak from climaxing so many times. I love you Master, Thank you for training me and accepting me as your slave”.

“My pleasure baby” Ben replies to her as they go to sleep. They sleep for twelve hours and get up and go to the living room. It is morning time and they rest until everybody else gets up. “Ben you are amazing lover” Clairice tells him. “You are not too bad yourself, sweetheart”.

For the next week they lay around the house go to the beach and have casual sex. Jessie comes over a couple nights for a session of love-making. She brings over the sale documents for Ben to take with him. The sales are final and they will be out of the houses by the middle of July.

“Jessie when they are out, I want the houses cleaned. I will be back with some of my girls to get it furnished. I will also be back to hire the construction company to put in the brick and block fence around the property. I will order the beds and have them delivered when we come down” Ben tells her.

He gives Renee the deed to her house. “Renee, I love you and this is for you and your girls and their children” Ben says. “I don’t need this, I thank you for it” Renee says. They leave the Cayman Islands with a new slave their. Ben tells her to plan on coming up to Alabama in September. The final night in the Cayman Islands he spends making love to her.

The fly back and are greeted by Tiffani and Janet at the regional airport. They drive back to the mansion and Ben calls all his family to the mansion for a family meeting.

When the whole family is there he tells them the news “I have bought ten houses in the Cayman Islands. I put one in Tiffani, Janet, Crystal, Becky, Laurie, Kaitlin, and Nadia’s names. They are for the whole family’s use. We will be taking a trip down there in January for a couple of months. I also have these for you girls. Wait to open them until I pass them all out. I will go down to Tuscaloosa and give the ladies down there theirs. Alright open them up” Ben says.

“This says I have ten million dollars in a bank account in the Cayman Islands” Elfie says. “Yes, each of you have a bank account with ten million dollars in it. You are all millionaires, these are yours to do with as you choose. If you choose to leave me you will be setup for life. I am not going to keep you here against your will” Ben says. Alana looks around and speaks up “I think I speak for everybody here. I don’t want your ten million dollars I want you and want to be with you. I am here on my own free will. I look forward to living with all of you in one house. I love you all with all my heart. Do you all agree?” they all shake their heads yes in agreement.

“OK, next week we are going to North Carolina to buy custom furniture. Be ready by Thursday” Ben tells them. Each lady comes up and thanks him and kisses him and strokes BIG FELLA.

************ Family Trip to North Carolina to Purchase Furniture ***************

Ben tells Becky we need to get a custom double California king bed made for our new master bedroom. You ladies need to make a decision whether you want a queen or king size bed. What type of wood you want it made from. And what design you want. I am going to put four poster canopy beds in the guest rooms. I am also putting on in my master bedroom. I have magazines here for you to look at and decide on something” Ben tells them.

Some of his ladies can’t make it, Paula and Sally have to work as do Hillary. Ben notes what they want and tells them to plan on moving into the new mansion in September/October time frame.

They leave the mansion two days later with Darryl driving the bus. Ben and all his women heading to North Carolina on a two week furniture shopping trip. They get to the Charlotte area and check-in at the Ritz-Carlton, one of Ben’s favorite hotels. He has booked the top two floors for his family.

The manager asks “Good afternoon, Mr. Barnes. Welcome back to the Ritz. If there is anything you need please give me a call. My cell phone is on the back. What brings you to our fine town?”

Ben “We are up here to shop for custom furniture, we need to get beds and bedroom furniture for about a hundred rooms. Need to get a dinning room tables that will seat at least fifty. Do you know of any large custom furniture makers that are in the general area?”

Manager “Not off the top of my head, but let me check around. I will call your room in about an hour. Do you already have a list of companies that you plan to go checkout?”. “Yes I do”. “Can I get a copy of that list?” the manager asks Ben and he makes a copy.

They go to their rooms and there is a bottle of Dom Pérignon in every room on ice with cheeses and crackers. A note reads “Complements of the Management”. Becky says to Ben “That is a very nice touch. I guess your reputation is getting around Ben”. There is a call on the phone and Becky picks it up. It is Vivian she says there is a bottle of champagne and cheeses in their room. Becky informs her that it is in every room and that they should make sure that the younger ladies do not get drunk off of it. Vivian being the mother said she will take care of that.

In an hour there is a knock on the door and Ben answers it. The manger is at the door with the list that Ben provided and also a list of his own.

“Mr. Barnes, I called all the owners of the stores on your list and expressed to them that they should take very good care of you and your family. That you are very special guest of the Ritz-Carlton and that I would take it as a personal favor that they would treat you right. I mapped out your destinations so that you can maximize your time. I have the owners names next to the store and his cell phone number, when you get to the store ask for him and he will personally assist you. I also have another list that I put together from a recommendation from a friend in the business. It has a couple of your stores on it, they are large businesses that can handle large orders” the Manager tells Ben.

“All the furniture is to be made out of hardwood, no veneers. It needs to be built and ready to be delivered to my mansion by September 1st. I will call your list and see what they say. Thanks for doing this for me” Ben tells the Manager.

The manager leaves, and Ben asks Becky “Let’s go to the first store tonight and then go to dinner”. “That is fine with me, Let me get the others ready and call Darryl to get the bus in the front”

They all leave thirty minutes later for the first store on the list. They enter the store and ask for the owner. The salesman asks who is asking and Ben tells him his name and the person calls on the phone, before the salesman puts down the phone the owner is running from the back of the store to where Ben is standing.

“Mr. Barnes, welcome to Hackett Furniture, my name is Paul Hackett how can I help you?” Paul Hackett says almost out of breath.

“I am in town to buy furniture for my new mansion. I need furniture made out of hardwood only, no veneers. I am looking at a bed that will hold two California king size beds. I like four poster canopy beds. Do you have any that I can see? And can my ladies look around and check out what you have on display?” Ben tells him.

“Sure let me get the salesmen over here to help them” He calls the salesmen and tells them to take care of Mr. Barnes family, take notes and to take very good care of them

Ben, Becky and Paul go look at the canopy beds and they see one they like. “Can you make this out of mahogany? Ben asks. Paul says yes. “I want a two nightstands a dresser, two makeup tables with attached mirrors that match all made out of mahogany do you have those on display?”

Paul “We have some, We can match that design with the makeup tables with mirrors, Do you want lights around the mirror, Mrs. Barnes?” “That would be nice, Paul, not very big but bright” Becky responds.

Ben “I need all this furniture to be made and ready to be delivered by September 1st is that possible?” “Yes, sir” Paul is quick to answer.

“I need a large dinning room table that can seat 75, I was thinking something in a u-shape in our formal dinning room. With fluted pedestals made out of mahogany. Do you have any examples on display” Ben asks.

“The dinning room tables are over here, we do not have any that seat 75 people, but can design something that I can FedEx to you for your approval” Paul says as they head that way. Ben and Becky see the pedestals they like and asks can those be put on their table. They look at tables and decide on a table they like. The go and meet with the other ladies and some have picked out beds some just want to go to dinner. Ben goes and finalizes there purchases.

“I need these items delivered in September, I do not know the exact date because my mansion is not ready to move into yet. I will know something by August. Do you guys deliver and setup?” Ben asks

“Depend on where you live?” Paul says. “On the Alabama-Georgia border in Alabama. I will give you the exact address. I figure it will cost more”

Paul tabulates the figures and estimates the dinning room table gives the figure to Ben and Becky with terms. For a dinning room table and a double California king size bed, and three sled beds and a couple contemporary beds with dressers that match it is over a two hundred canlı bahis siteleri and fifty thousand dollars.

“Paul, do you have your wire information? I will wire the deposit over to your account tomorrow” Ben asks him. Paul goes and gives him the information and thanks him for his business.

They leave and go out to dinner. The next couple of days they work through the list of furniture stores. They leave Charlotte and head to Asheville to look at the furniture stores up there. They have about twenty more beds to decide on. They go to one store and the ladies fine five beds and furniture that matches. Ben tells the owner his requirements and he agrees to it. He does this until everybody has a new bedroom suite. Most are king size beds.

Ben then tells them that they are going to one final store that specializes in canopy beds. They head that way, Ben tells Becky “Becky, I want the guest suites to have luxurious king size beds, with matching nightstands and dressers. I think matching wainscot paneling would look great in those rooms”.

They go in and asks for the owner and again the salesman asks his name. The owner hustles down to meet them. Ben tells the owner he is looking for five king size canopy beds with matching dressers and nightstands. He is also looking for matching wainscot paneling. “Do you do that here?”

Owner “Yes we do we have samples of wainscot paneling, but lets look at the canopy beds first”. They choose the beds they like, five different ones with matching dressers and nightstands. They then look at the wainscot samples. Becky likes it.

Ben “We will take the it all in cherry, all hardwood no veneers. I will FedEx you the floor plans for the five guest suites when we get back home. They are approximately 20×30, would love the door frames to match in cherry also. Can you come up with a ballpark figure?”.

Owner “Let me work on that. Janice, can you get refreshments for Mr. and Mrs. Barnes and his family?”

Tiffani comes in and asks Ben and Becky to look at the cribs and changing tables. They excuse themselves and go with Tiffani. Ben and Becky both like them and Becky tells the owner “Put ten changing tables and fifty cribs in our order please”.

The price tag on the cribs are $500 a piece and the changing tables are $750. Owner tells them “The list price on that is $32,500. I will give you those for $20,000, the wainscot paneling is at least $75,000 in cherry and the furniture is another $45,000. That is a total of $140,000”.

Ben “We need it delivered and installed also we need it to be made by September 1st is that date something that you can meet?”

Owner “Yes, where do you live?”. “On the Alabama-Georgia border, it is about six hours from here” Ben tells him. “You want it installed also, Mr. Barnes”. “Just the beds, I will have my guys do the wainscot in the rooms”. “OK, I will do it for $5,000”.

Ben “Deal, I will wire the deposit to your bank if you give me the information”. The owner goes and gets the information. Tiffani comes in and tells Ben that everybody is hungry. The owner comes back with the information and Ben asks if there is a great place to eat around here. The owner tells him of the place he likes. Ben asks if they can seat 75 and the owner calls the restaurant owner and tells him that he has a special customer that is coming over with a crowd
of 75.

Owner “Mr. Barnes they say they can seat you and are getting the tables arranged right now”

Ben “Tell them we will be there in fifteen minutes”. Ben shakes the Furniture store owners hand and leaves.

They go to the restaurant and eat. It is a nice North Carolina Barbeque restaurant. The get racks of ribs, slaw, minced pork and beef. Pitchers of Beer and sodas and have a great time.

Becky is walking out of the restaurant and is accosted by a redneck who has been watching her, Ben and the family. Joe is within hearing distance of the encounter.

Redneck “What are you doing sweet thing with that big nigger? You should be with your own kind”.

Becky “What did you say to me? That is my husband and I love him and he is no nigger. You are!”
Redneck draws back his hand to strike Becky as he is tackled by Joe. Joe starts to hit him and proceeds to gouge out his eyes. “How dare you insult my Mistress you redneck asshole. I am going to kill you motherfucker!”. Joe continues to pound on him as the rednecks wife and children look on. A couple of guys try to pull him off as the cops show up. Joe finally calms down and is put in handcuffs.

Becky tells the police what the redneck said to her and he was about to strike her when Joe came to her defense. Cop said he almost killed the man, he is going to be in the hospital for a while if he had to guess. He tells her that he is going to have to arrest Joe. Ben comes over and tells the officer that Becky is his wife and Joe is their friend. He asks where are they taking him and tells Joe that he will be getting his lawyers up here.

The family get back on the bus and head to the police station where Joe is booked on assault. Ben tells Joe to not say anything and that he has lawyers coming. Ben goes and talks on his phone. He calls his lawyers and his friends. The next morning they meet at the police station with the lawyers. They police say that all charges are dropped and give him the address of the rednecks family home and where he is hospitalized. On the document it lists the rednecks name and that of his wife and kids. His name is Ray 40, his wife Madison 36, and children Ray Jr. 17, Grace 16, Kelli 14 and Brooklyn who is 11.

Ben takes Joe back to the hotel and tells him to stay there. He then goes to the hospital with Becky, Darryl and Jamal. He goes to the administrative offices and tells them that he is paying for the hospital bills for Ray. He goes up to Ray’s room and tells him that he is paying for the bills, he says “Fuck you nigger!”, his wife Madison shakes her head “I am sorry for my husband. He was out of line with his comment about you and to your wife”.

“Shut up Bitch” Ray says as the nurse comes in and tells them they need to leave. “Ray is going to be in there a long time. They say it might be three months before he can get out” Madison says.

“Where are my manners, I am sorry I am Madison and these are my children Ray, Grace, Kelli, and Brooklyn” Madison tells them.

“I am Ben Barnes, this is my lovely wife Becky and my friends Darryl and Jamal. Can we take you home” Ben asks.

“Yes I would appreciate that, Our car got repossessed last month. That bastard Ray has been out of work for six months. He doesn’t even look anymore” Madison tells him.

They drive back to their house and go in. Ben looks around and tells the girls “You need to get undressed now. You are mine, That bastard father of yours forfeited your life to me. I am now your Master. You are going to be my slaves. I am going to breed all four of you. Starting with the girls. You are going to come home with me and spend the rest of your lives serving me and my friends. You are going to be breeder slaves and fuck toys. Now get those fucking clothes off”.

Ray Jr. comes over and yells “You are not fucking my mother and sisters”. Jamal and Darryl subdue him, strip him and tie him to a chair and put a sock in his mouth. “Damn, Ben look at the cock on Ray Jr. I think we can make use of him. Laurie needs a fuck toy. We need to get him fixed though. I think a Prince Albert would look good in that cock of his” Becky tells him. She takes a ruler over and measures his limp cock and then strokes him hard. “Damn, his is 9 ½” long with a nice girth. Are you a virgin Ray?” Becky asks him. Ray shakes his head yes.

The girls now have their clothes off Ben examines them. “Now are all you girls virgins?” he asks they all shake their heads yes. “Good, I am going to have to wait to fuck the shit out of your mother. But I am going to take your vicinities right now. I am going to start with Grace’s pussy”. He then takes Grace over to the couch and spreads her legs as she looks at her mother in distress. Ben then starts to suck on her pussy which has a musky sweat smell. He licks and sucks her to two orgasms as her mother watches. Becky notices that her mother is getting wet by watching Ben with her daughter.

When he is done with giving her a third orgasm he gets up and tells her to suck on BIG FELLA. She shakes her head no and he slaps her “Suck my cock, get it hard” Ben says. Grace opens her mouth and Ben pushes BIG FELLA in. She has a hard time with it as Ben forcefully pushes his cock down her throat. He strokes a limp BIG FELLA in and out of her throat until he gets hard and then he starts pushing all sixteen inches into her throat. When her lips are around the base of his cock he tells Grace’s sisters and mother “This is how you suck BIG FELLA, you are all going to do this and get use to this. When you suck my cock you are to take it all the way down your throat. Is that understood?”. They all shake their heads yes. Little Brooklyn is crying a little, she is scared. Ben takes BIG FELLA out of Grace’s mouth and proceeds to fuck her. He is not gentle, he takes her virginity in one stroke. He pounds right up against her cervix. He fucks her like a jackhammer for an hour before he breaks through her cervix and then continues to fuck her womb. He cums in her womb after fucking her for two hours.

When he is done he pulls out and tells Grace “You are mine, you are going to give me a lot of children. That is your purpose in life, you do that and I will take care of you. All you girls are going to get trained when we are back in my mansion. Training consists of us having sex ten times consecutively in you pussy and then ten times in your ass. You are then to suck my cock, or give me a blow job twenty times in a row. Within a couple of months all four of you are going to be pregnant. Even you my little minx, Brooklyn. I am going to pound that sweet little pussy and ass of yours next. Get over here and suck on my cock. By the way his name is BIG FELLA”

Brooklyn reluctantly gets up and comes over and Ben guides BIG FELLA into her small mouth. He tells Jamal to push her head down on BIG FELLA and he does. Ben tells her to swallow, swallow as BIG FELLA is stretching her young throat. When Ben is finally hard he takes BIG FELLA out of her throat, he spreads Brooklyn’s legs and pushes BIG FELLA in up to her hymen.

“Baby, I am going to take it easier on you. You are so young. I do not really want to hurt you sweetheart. You will get use to BIG FELLA being in you. I am your Master now. I am going to take care of you. You are going to provide me with at least twenty babies. Have your periods started yet?” Ben whispers in her ear. She nods yes. “Good, baby. You are mine. You are going to sleep with me for the rest of your life”.

Ben takes his time with young Brooklyn gently stroking her pussy and then pushes deep breaking her hymen and she lets out a cry as he begins to pick up steam. He pounds Brooklyn’s pussy for two hours making her cum repeatedly from his efforts. “Madison, I think you baby likes BIG FELLA in her pussy. Do you like BIG FELLA Brooklyn baby?”

“Yes, Master. It hurt like hell at first but it is beginning to feel better” Brooklyn tells her new Master. Ben then pushes through her cervix and pumps a huge load into her young womb. When he exits her pussy she looks down and sees her belly swollen. “Master, is that your sperm in my womb?” “Yes my little sex slave, it is. Do you like being my slave?” “I enjoyed you fucking me”. “Baby, I just made love to you, I fucked Grace. I am going to fuck the shit out of your mother when we get to our mansion”

“Master, thank you for making love with me” Brooklyn says. “Get BIG FELLA hard for me again, please” Ben tells her as she leans over and sucks on BIG FELLA, she still has a hard time getting it down her throat after a few minutes Ben pushes her head down on BIG FELLA. He loves how her throat squeezes his and is making him hard. Becky comes over after Ben takes BIG FELLA out of Brooklyn’s throat and puts her on her hands and knees. She has some vasaline from the bathroom, and smears it on her asshole and BIG FELLA. “Please don’t fuck my daughter’s ass, Ben” Madison asks as Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. Brooklyn screams and starts to cry a little after a while she looks up and tells her mother “Too late, I am Master Ben’s slave” she is rocking back and forth on BIG FELLA. “Master, it is getting better” After about an hour Ben is ready to cum and takes BIG FELLA out of her ass and wipes him off and then pushes him deep inside her pussy pressing against her cervix until it gives way and dumps his load in her womb.

Ben the lays next to her and whispers in her ear “Brooklyn, baby you did great. Thank you for giving me your virginity”. She replies “I didn’t you took it. But now that you did you own me. You have to take care of me”. “I will baby”. He then kisses her and sucks on her little 32B breasts. He looks up at Kelli “Are you ready, Kelli? Do you want to be fucked like Grace or made love to like Brooklyn?”

“Made love to” Kelli says. “I am your Master, you are my slave. My sex slave you will address me accordingly!” Ben tells her as he comes over and spreads her legs “Yes, Master” he then drops his head in between her legs and starts to suck on her pussy. He licks her from her asshole to her clit. He licks and sucks on her clit taking her button into his mouth after it has become erect and proceeds to give her an orgasm. He then spreads her labia sand starts to lick her inner pussy lips and her love canal. He then strokes her hymen which drives her crazy. Kelli starts to buck her hips and she starts to squirt all over her new Master. Ben sucks it all down, and licks her clean.

Ben sits on the couch and tells Kelli “Suck BIG FELLA until he is hard, make sure you take him down your throat”. “Yes Master” is her reply as she gets on her knees in front of him and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Her mouth is bigger then Brooklyn’s and takes BIG FELLA easier, she still needs help getting down her throat but after about twenty minutes Ben is hard again. He then puts Kelli on her hands and knees and begins to slowly push BIG FELLA into her virgin pussy. She starts to moan and groan, “Oh, Damn Master that is tight. Go easy”. “Kelli, baby this is going to hurt a lot” Ben tells her as he pushes through her hymen. Once past he pushes all the way to her cervix. He stops there and tells her “You did good, relax and adjust to the size of BIG FELLA. We are going to have a lifetime of love-making head of us” After a couple of minutes he begins to stroke her pussy. He pounds her pussy for 90 minutes before pushing through her cervix and stroking deep into her womb.

“Kelli, you are going to have my children. You are going to raise them with me and my family. You and your sisters are going to serve my family. You are to give me multiple children. I always want you and your sisters pregnant. I am going to dump my seed in your womb everyday until you are pregnant. You are my slave” Ben tells her then starts to cum in her womb. “Oh, GOD MASTER, it is so warm” she tells him.

“Madison, you see your girls are now my slaves, your son Ray Junior over there is going to be my second wife’s fuck toy. Becky’s fuck was the one that defended her when your husband was insulting her and about to strike her” Ben tells her while he is still firmly lodged in her 14 year old daughter’s pussy. “I am going to take Kelli’s other cherry now like I did Brooklyn’s. Come over here and suck BIG FELLA until he is hard”
Madison reluctantly does as she is told. She is conflicted by her emotions, she is aroused by watching BIG FELLA stretch her daughter’s pussies and Brooklyn’s ass, she is also at the same time discussed by it. She kneels in front of Ben and takes BIG FELLA into her hands. “Now suck on him, get him hard” he tells her. “OK” is her reply. “OK, What?”. “OK, Master”. She takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking, she is better at this then her virgin daughter’s, which is to be expected, but still has a hard time getting it down her throat. “How big is your husband, Madison?” Ben asks her.

Madison takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth “Ray Sr. is really small compared to you. He is only five inches and really really thin” she tells him. “I wonder where your son gets his size from?” Becky asks as she strokes Madison’s sons cock. “I don’t know, are you really going to fix my son Master?”

“Most definitely, Madison, I can’t have him impregnating my wives” Ben tells her as she strokes and licks on BIG FELLA. “How many wives do you have?”. “I think the count is up to 70 right now give or take. You and your daughter’s are going to be our servants. Our sexual servants. Deep throat BIG FELLA and quit talking” She does as she is instructed and gets BIG FELLA hard.

When BIG FELLA is hard he goes over to Kelli and pushes BIG FELLA into her lubricated asshole which elicits a scream and a few tears. “Damn that is huge, Master” she tells Ben as he begins to pump her ass. “You will get use to it” Ben tells his new sex slave. Ben fucks her ass for the next hour and a half without stop and without mercy. He drives BIG FELLA deep inside her colon. Ben pops in and out of her ass, stretching her sphincter muscle. “You are mine now, Kelli, your ass is mine” Ben tells her and starts to cum in her colon. Kelli is whipped, she collapses after Ben exits her ass and passes out.

Ben goes to the bathroom and washes up and takes his pills. Brooklyn comes in and asks “Master, Can I have some more? Will you make love to me some more, in my bed, before we leave this place forever?” “Yes my sweet little sex slave”. She kneels in front of Ben and starts to suck on BIG FELLA getting him hard. She then lays down on the bed, and tells her Master “Come and get it”.

Ben inserts BIG FELLA into her once virgin pussy. “Damn, you are still really tight Brooklyn”. “Master, I don’t want to be your sex slave. I want to be your lover, make me like your other women. I only want to please you and be loved by you” Brooklyn says. Ben continues to pound her pussy. They fuck for the next four hours and Ben falls asleep with Brooklyn in his arms. When they wake up Ben tells her “I will think about your request. I will discuss it with Becky when we get back to the mansion”.

“Thank you, Master. I love having sex with you. BIG FELLA is amazing, so big and beautiful” Brooklyn says as she takes BIG FELLA into her hands and looks into Ben’s eyes “I want to be your woman. I know I am only eleven, but I feel a connection to you” she then starts to suck and lick on BIG FELLA. She bobs her head up and down on him and starts to take him down her throat when Becky comes into the bedroom.

“Are you two ever going to finish making love? I am beginning to be jealous of Brooklyn” Becky says to them. “Mistress Becky, I am just showing some affection to my Master” Brooklyn says to her after taking an erect BIG FELLA out of her throat and begins to straddle him. She reaches out a hand to Becky. “I love my new Master and lover. I want to be his woman just like the rest of you” she then pushes her pussy down on BIG FELLA. “I love how it feels to have BIG FELLA inside me, he stretches me out, fills me up”

Brooklyn starts grinding on BIG FELLA moving him in and out of her pussy at her own speed which amazes Becky on how fast she is taking it. After about 45 minutes Ben rolls her over to her back and starts to jackhammer her. “Pound me my love, GOD I LOVE THIS MAN”. Ben fucks her for another two hours. Madison, Kelli and Grace take turns and come in and witness Ben making their sister his.

In the living room “I think Master has a favorite among us Mom” Grace says. “I haven’t had a crack at BIG FELLA yet. I don’t think he has favorites. I think we will all be happy in his company. Do you like having sex with him, Kelli Grace?”

“It hurt the first time he put it in me, but as I got stretched out and use to his size I began to love it. He gave me so many orgasms that I couldn’t stand it after a while. I liked it in my ass also” Kelli tells her mother. “I like it, actually I loved it after I got broken in” Grace said. “I am not going to miss this place at all. As long as Ray Jr. and you are with us we will be fine. I think Ray Jr. is going to like being a sex slave”.

“I loved my blowjob last night that Becky gave me” Ray Jr. said.
When he is finished fucking his new sex slaves he gets up and takes them one by one to the shower and cleans them up. He then gets them dressed and tells them that this will be the last time they will ever see this house. He has yet to decide on Ray Sr.’s fate. Madison says “Fuck him, that asshole”

They pack what little they can and put it in the bus and head on board. He tells the girls to get undressed in the back. That he will be having sex with each one of them on the way home. But first he needs to go say goodbye to their father.

They arrive at the hospital and Ben goes in and checks on Ray. Ray, of course, is blind and has multiple broken bones from Joe’s ass-kicking. Ben pulls up a chair and whispers in Ray’s ear “Ray, this is Ben Barnes the man you call a nigger. I just wanted to let you know that your wife and daughter’s are now mine. I just got finished popping your daughter’s cherries, both in their pussies and asses. I am going to fuck the ever living shit out of your lovely wife when I get back to my town and get her checked out and make sure your redneck ass did not give her any diseases. Oh, by the way, your daughter’s love my 16” cock. Each of them took it all the way down their throats. Your baby girl Brooklyn loved me fucking her. She even came back for seconds and thirds. They are now my sex slaves. Your son will be my wife’s fuck toy after we get him fixed and get his cock pierced. Madison loves sucking on a real cock, she tells me that you only have five little inches. It is amazing you ever got her pregnant, much less four times. I think Ray Jr. is somebody else child because he is packing nearly ten inches of white cock. I might even let him fuck his sisters if it pleases me. I just thought you should know that before I leave town. You be a good boy and recuperate nicely and don’t give any of these nice nurses a hard time and I might let you see your wife and daughter’s again. Oh, I guess you won’t be able to see them but be able to talk to them. I am going to enjoy breeding your daughter’s and your wife. By the time you get out of here they all will be pregnant with my nigger baby”.

Ray is under a lot of pain medication and cannot respond, but has a distressed look on his face. Ben gets up and tells him “Ray, I hope you get well soon. Take care of yourself”. Ben leaves the hospital with a huge grin on his face and enters the awaiting bus.

“Madison, girls Ray wishes you all well and hopes to get better soon” Ben says as he sits next to Brooklyn who unzips BIG FELLA and looks Ben right in the eye and says “FUCK HIM, that racist asshole cost me more than one friend. He is not going to cost me my lover BIG FELLA” she then starts to suck on BIG FELLA. “This is mine, I want this inside me whenever you want to give it to me Master. I am your fuck slave” she says as she licks on the shaft of BIG FELLA. Brooklyn then shoves BIG FELLA down her throat. She chicken heads on BIG FELLA for a good twenty minutes before she gets off and gets on top and starts to ride BIG FELLA. She is yelling “FUCK ME MASTER, FUCK ME MASTER”.

“Madison, I think I have a sex addict on my hands here” Ben tells her. “You made her one with that BIG FELLA. When will we get to your mansion, Master?” Madison asks. “About six hours, why?”. “I want you to get whoever you need over to your mansion to give me a blood test and checkup and give me a clean bill of health. Because then I am going to fuck you to death”.

“You can try, Madison, you can try” Ben tells her as Brooklyn continues her bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. She finally gets him past her cervix and tells everybody, “OH GOD, MASTER is in my womb” They fuck for forty-five minutes before he is ready to cum, Brooklyn senses this and stops riding BIG FELLA and takes him into her mouth and starts sucking on him.

When he is done cuming down her throat she gets up and sits on her lovers lap and kisses him. She whispers in his ear “I love you Master, you have yourself a willing sex slave. I am yours do with me as you choose”.

He picks her up and sits her down next to him and she goes to sleep. “Brooklyn is so sweet, Madison. Kelli your next” Ben says. “Yes, Master”. Kelli gets up and comes over and leans over and sucks BIG FELLA hard again. Kelli then guides it into her pussy and starts bouncing up and down on him. “Do you like having sex with me, Kelli?” Ben asks her, “Yes, Master. I really don’t think I would have ever come across another cock like yours otherwise. I like how it feels inside of me”

Ben lets Kelli ride BIG FELLA for about thirty minutes before he picks her up and puts her in the back of the bus that has cushions. It was designed for this purpose, pounding his girls. He starts to throttle Kelli hard and fast. Every five minutes she cries out that she is having an orgasm. After an hour of constant pounding Ben pushes through her cervix and starts pounding her womb. He does this for thirty minutes and finally cums hard inside of her.

Kelli kisses her Master and tells him “God that was fantastic, I think I am going to enjoy being your sex slave”. “Kelli have you ever eaten pussy before?” Ben asks. “No, I have not” is her reply. “Well, you are going to have to learn. What Joe, the guy that attacked your father. That is his purpose in life” Ben tells her.

“Master, if you don’t mind would you do me a favor” Kelli asks. “Sure, if I can” he tells her.

“Please don’t ever mention my father ever again. I do not want to know that he even exists anymore. He is dead to me” Kelli tell him. “OK”.

“Grace, it is your turn. Get back her and bring BIG FELLA back to life” Ben calls to her. “Yes, Master”

Grace and Kelli pass each other and Grace asks Kelli “Are you OK, Kelli?”. “Yes, I think I am falling in love with him. I love how he makes me feel” Kelli tells her sister. “Doesn’t he make you climax also?” “Yes he does Kelli”.

Grace gets down on her knees and starts to suck on BIG FELLA she tastes Ben’s cum and also her sisters she looks up at Ben and he tells her “You look so beautiful with BIG FELLA down your throat, I am going to enjoy making love to you and your mother and sisters. The sooner you accept that the faster you can start to enjoy it”.
She gets BIG FELLA hard and takes it out of her throat. She climbs on top of Ben and pushes down on BIG FELLA she starts to hump him and Ben asks her “Tell me you enjoy it, tell me that you love having sex with me. Tell me” he keeps this up for 45 minutes and then turns her over and starts to throttle her. “Tell me what I want to hear”.

“OH GOD MASTER, You are making me cum over and over again” she screams.

“Tell me what I want to hear” Ben says.


Ben leans over and whispers in her ear “Tell me that you love me, I know you do”. “OK, God OK. Master I LOVE YOU. Please don’t ever stop fucking me. I am yours. I am your slave. Fuck me”.

They arrive back at the mansion and they all head inside, Madison and her girls are already naked but as they enter the house Becky tells them the house rules. “Girls, there is to be no clothes worn in my house by any woman unless there are guest in the house. That is a rarity around here. I will get your dress sizes and get you all a dress so that when we do go out you will have clothes to wear. There is to be no hair below the neckline. Emily will permanently remove all your hair below your neckline tomorrow. I will just trim your bush Madison. You will be given your “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on your lower backs tomorrow. You will also be tattooed fuck slave on your shoulder, and breeder on your groin. I will be starting you on fertility drugs and pregnancy vitamins tomorrow. You will have to earn your other tattoos. Madison the doctor is on his way, Master is in the pool area getting a rub down by Kiki, Kali, and Mami. Let me warn you. He is probably going to fuck you for at least two days or until you pass out”

“Yeah, right no man can go two days straight fucking” Madison says.

“You don’t know my husband, he might just fuck you into the grave” Laurie tells her. “Bring it on, wait how many wives does Ben have?” Madison asks. “Legally he has only one, Becky. But I am his second wife. I go with him everywhere. Although he treats us all like his only wife. We all love him, and care for him. You see we all have wedding bands on and engagement rings” Laurie answers her.

Becky takes Madison up to the Master bathroom and trims her bush, on the way Madison says “This place is huge, how many rooms do you have?”

“This has 13 bedrooms, indoor pool and the other usual rooms in a mansion. We are building a new mansion that will have 150 bedrooms and two dinning rooms, living rooms, game room, indoor pool with jacuzzi and hot tub and sauna. We are going to have a large weight room and an entertainment room with stadium seating. A huge kitchen with an attached eating area. Rooms for the domestics, huge laundry facility. We are going to have a whole wing for the children, a extra large nursery for the babies. We will have two nurses on duty twenty-four hours a day. We already have a OB/GYN that is a slave. We are going to have an outdoor pool with volleyball and basketball courts. It will have a large BBQ pit and seating for picnics. We are currently looking at building a school for all our children. We currently have seven teachers that are slaves that will teach in that school. They will be homeschooling us next year” Becky tells Madison.

“Damn, Master is really rich” Madison says. “You can say that, lets get this bush trimmed” Becky tells her as she gets her trimmers out and goes to town on the bush cutting it back to stubble, enough for Emily to use her machine.

They go to the pool area and Becky tells her to take it easy for a while until Doctor Reynolds arrives. Ben and Becky go to the den to talk about Brooklyn’s status.

Ben “Brooklyn want to be more than a sex slave. She wants to be an equal with my other ladies. I don’t think I will offer that to her sisters or her mother. I want to know your opinion. Should we allow her to be a regular slave?”

Becky “You really like her?”

Ben “She gave herself so willingly, almost like you did. I like her a lot. I want her to be in our bed, to be a bed slave”.

Becky “Brooklyn needs to learn how to perform cunnilingus. If she does good, I will approve her”.

Ben goes and gets Brooklyn and brings her back to the den. “Brooklyn, you need to eat your Mistresses pussy now” Ben tells her. “Yes, Master, my pleasure”.

“Mistress Becky, I have never done this, but I experienced Master’s talented tongue. I will let that guide me” Brooklyn tells her as she kneels between her legs and starts to lick on her slit she works her magic on her anus all the way up to her clit and then back down. Brooklyn then spreads her pussy lips and licks the inside of her pussy and then sticks her tongue down her tunnel.

“Ben, I think she passed her test” Becky says as she comes down from a powerful orgasm. Little Brooklyn sucks down all of Becky’s cum. “Do I do good Mistress Becky?” Brooklyn asks.

“Yes, sweetie you did great. Master asked me if I would accept you as a member of the family and not just as a sex slave. Do you know the requirements?” Becky asks.

“Yes, Master has to fuck my pussy ten times straight and then my ass ten times straight without interruption. I will also have to perform a blowjob on him twenty times in a row. Master can have my pussy and ass a hundred times in a row if he wants” Brooklyn says.
“OK, if you are willing to go through the training we are willing to accept you as a full member of our family. You will become like one of Ben’s wives. We will not make this offer to your mother or your sisters. We might have you have sex with your brother Ray, do you agree to that” Becky asks.

“Yes Mistress Becky, but I would prefer to only have sex with Master. I want to provide him with a child every chance I can get pregnant. I want to give him multiple babies. Will those fertility drugs help me with that, Mistress Becky?” Brooklyn asks.

“Yes, they should. We can asks Nadia when we go back out to the pool area” Becky says. “Put this ring on see how it fits” it fits perfectly. “OK, when you are finished with your training you are going to get your piercings also. Master is going to fuck your mother silly for the next couple of days and then rest for a couple of days. Then he will start your training. Welcome to the family.” Becky tells her. She jumps up and kisses Becky and Ben “I love you both, especially you Ben”. Brooklyn squeezes BIG FELLA and looks at her Master “Can I have some, Please?”

“You sure can, My sweet little lover” Ben says as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. They fuck for the next two hours, when they are done they go to the pool area and tell everybody the news.

“Ladies, I have decided to accept Brooklyn as my wife, and slave. She is going to be trained after I get done with Madison. She is going to be a bed slave and a breeder slave. She is going to be my third wife behind Laurie. Come over and welcome her to the family” Ben tells his girls as he goes and sits beside Madison.

“Doctor, did you get a chance to run the tests on Madison here? Is she clean?” Ben asks.

“Ben, my dear friend, she is clean and healthy. I have given her a fertility shot as I did her daughters. I gave Laurie a prescription for their fertility drugs. You have quite a collection of beautiful women. Your mom would be proud of you” Doc Reynolds tells him.

“Thanks doc. I am going to rest a bit. I just got finished pounding the crap out of Brooklyn. I love that sweet little girl. She is going to make a perfect little wife. I can’t wait to get her trained. She is so sweet and very giving” Ben tells Madison.

“So are you going to make the rest of us your wives?” Madison asks, “No, only Brooklyn.” is his response. “She is going to be traveling with me everywhere just like Laurie, or course except when her pregnancies will not let her. I plan to get her pregnant once a year for as long as she can bare children”.

“Master, she is only eleven. Most women can give birth until they are at least forty. That is over thirty children” Madison says. “Not if she is on fertility drugs. I figure she is good for at least a sixty if not more. Hopefully she can carry mostly twins or triplets” Ben says.

“Damn, you want to make her into a baby factory” Madison says. “You don’t want to be a grandmother a hundred times over? How about a great grandmother fifty times over? I plan on you getting pregnant at least ten times. With your daughters getting pregnant, I figure you and your girls will have at least two hundred babies. Your babies will eventually be having babies. If you and your daughters have girls then in twelve years they will be having babies. Ben Jr. is going to have fun with his siblings” Ben says.

Becky goes and gets Ben’s pills while he takes a nap. Madison goes and talks to Tiffani and Janet.

“Master just informed me that he plans on getting me and my girls pregnant every year until we can’t get pregnant again. He thinks we can give him a couple hundred children. Is he insane?” Madison asks.

“NO, Madison he is not insane. He just loves women and wants a large family. You see all his women that are always around him, always taking care of him. You see all of us that are pregnant and showing. Some are not even showing yet. We all want to give him children. Although most will only give him between 5 to 10. Becky wants to have at least 10, Laurie hasn’t started yet. Elfie says she is in for at least 15, but that might change. Most of the girls that are between the ages of 12-22 want to give their Master at least ten babies. My sister has been taking fertility drugs and is now pregnant, it is early though. I hope she has twins or even triplets. She probably loves Master the most next to Becky and Laurie. Renee would probably jump in front of a speeding bus if it would save her Master. I love Master, he is my lover, my babies daddy, my son-in-law and my grandson’s father. He is the nicest most generous man I have ever met. I love him with all my soul. I thank God everyday that he brought Ben into my life and my daughter’s life” Tiffani tells her.

“Madison, Ben is the best man I ever met. I brought my sisters with me when I decided to become a slave. He not only accepted me, but also my sisters even though I deceived him. Janie is pregnant with me, we got pregnant in Hawaii with Tiffani. I believe my other two sisters want to get pregnant when we move into our new mansion. I love Ben with all my heart as do my sisters. You will not be a full fledged slave, but you will never want for nothing. You will be in the lap of luxury for the rest of your life” Janet tells her.

“I know, my life with my former husband was a life of misery. He was a bastard, low-life redneck. My children were literally poor white trash. At least now they are in a better place. It looks like Ray is enjoying his new life” Madison says.

“Just wait until Sheila puts that Prince Albert piercing in the end of his cock. He is going to have his ears, nipples and scrotum pierced tomorrow also” Tiffani tells her, “Ray, can you come over here”. Ray comes over and Tiffani starts to suck on his cock. She sucks him deep down her throat. She sucks him until he cums. “Madison, give Ray a blowjob”.

“Ray, can you go again?” Madison asks him “Yes, mom”. “Ray, she is no longer your mother. She is just another woman that needs servicing. You will be sucking on her pussy and fucking her eventually” Tiffani tells him. He responds “Yes, Mistress Tiffani” with a smile on his face.

“You like the idea of fucking Madison, Ray?” Janet asks. “Yes, she is a very attractive woman. As are all of Master’s women”.

“Well after you get your piercings, I am gong to take you to get your vasectomy so that you can’t get anybody pregnant” Tiffani says. “Yes, Mistress” is his reply as he moves in front of Madison and she starts to suck on her son’s cock. She sucks him deep into her throat and bobs up and down on his almost ten inches of man meat. When she has made him cum she sucks him clean and then tells him “You are a lot better than that asshole of a father you had. How come you never had a girlfriend or had sex before? With a rod like that”.

“Mom… or Madison, no girl wants poor white trash as a boyfriend no matter what size his cock is. I never want to go back to North Carolina. I like it here with all these pretty women for me to have sex with and that will love me and make love to me. I don’t care if I never have a child as long as I can be a part of this family. I will gladly be a sex slave for these beautiful women”.

Laurie comes up and tells Ray “OK, lover boy it is time to come to bed with me. We can’t fuck until you are fixed but you are going to sleep with me tonight. My husband is going to be busy for the next couple of days with Madison. He is going to fuck her brains in”.

Ben has a surprise for Madison and all his girls. He puts on a robe and goes to the front door and lets Ken in with a new toy for his slaves. Doctor Reynolds is there also at the door and Ben tells him that Madison needs to get a HIV/STD certificate. He tells him she is in the pool area.

The new toy is a custom fuck table, it is in the shape of a T with adjustable straps to tie down a girls legs on the “T” part. It has two places for wrist restraints. They set it up and Ben thanks Ken and escorts him back out of the house. Ben goes back into the pool area where the doctor has just finished certifying that Madison is indeed clean. He tells Ben that his new slaves are quite beautiful and that his mom would be very proud of him. He then goes and checks on Ben Jr with Tiffani.

Ben then tells everybody that he has a new toy for them and that he set it up in the living room. He tells Madison that she is going to be the first one to use it.

The all go into the living room and they see the table. Ben then leads Madison over to the table and puts her face first onto the table. He then lifts her left leg and straps it to the table and then her right leg. He then restrains her arms. “Becky can you go get my pills and my cock ring, please?”. She giggles and goes up stairs.

“Brooklyn can you get come over here and work on Madison’s pussy for a minute? Get her nice and wet” Ben tells her and she runs over and starts working on her slit. Becky comes back with the things Ben asked for and puts his cock ring on and sucks BIG FELLA hard. Ben then tells the girls to stand back.

“Watch this ladies” Ben tells them as he pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her. He is fucking her so hard that he is lifting the table off the floor. Madison is hollering and screaming, she is either in pain or ecstasy. It is anybody’s guess, only thing for certain is that Ben is not stopping or letting up. He holds her hips as he continues to throttle her hard and deep. Ben is only getting about ten inches inside of her, he is hitting her cervix with every stroke. He fucks her likes this for a good two hours.

All along Becky, Brooklyn and Laurie ask Madison “How do you like your Master? He fucks pretty good does he?”. The most she can do is nod her head. Ben continues his throttling of her pussy pushing deeper into her cervix. “Madison baby you are going to have to take all sixteen inches”.

“Becky, call Abigail and have her bring some smelling salts home. I have a feeling we are going to have to revive Madison after awhile” Ben tells her. “OK, Master. We have those stimulants, you want to put a couple in her ass” Becky tells him. “Yes that is a great idea”. Becky goes and gets the stimulants and Ben pushes two into her anus. It takes her ten hours for the stimulants to wear off and another three hours before she finally passes out. Ben has comes five times, always putting his cock ring back on.

The revive Madison and give her another stimulant in her ass and her fertility drugs. Ben continues his assault on her cervix and after another two hours he finally breaks through and starts fucking her womb.

When all is said and done Ben has fucked Madison for three days, her belly is swollen with all the loads inside of her womb. “So, Madison, you are going to fuck me to death?” Ben asks her. “You are the Master, my body is yours to do with a you choose. But can I take a break? My pussy is really fucking sore” Madison tells her new Master.

“What do you think ladies, do you think Madison has completed her pussy training?” Ben asks.

“Hell, Master that was the hottest thing I have ever seen. You were literally fucking her off the ground. That is one pounded pussy. She passed” Janet says.

“I agree” Becky says. Most of his ladies have a huge smile on their faces.

“I am going to go take a shower and go to sleep. I am going to take Madison with me to the shower, Would you like to sleep with me Madison?” Ben asks. “Sleep, yes, more fucking NO, HELL FUCKING NO” is Madison’s reply. “Just sleep”.

They go upstairs and take a shower and Ben takes his pills and gives Madison her fertility drugs. They then go to the king size bed and lay down in each others arms.

“Master, I can get use to this. You are quite handsome and very well built” Madison says as she strokes his chest and arms. She then kisses him full on his lips and then works her way down his chest and stomach. She then picks BIG FELLA up and starts to kiss, lick and suck on him. “Your cock is amazing, Master”. She then deep throats BIG FELLA and starts to get him hard. When BIG FELLA is hard she gets on top and starts to grind down on him taking BIG FELLA all the way inside of her. “Master, I want to sleep with BIG FELLA inside of me”.

“Sure thing, do you like your new life, Madison?” Ben asks. “Master, I love my new life with you. I found my calling in being your sex slave. What are you going to do in ten years when I am 46 and old?” Madison wonders.

“Madison, I will be 4o and will have fathered countless children by then. I plan on fathering children until I am at least fifty five. That is twenty five years of having sex with beautiful women. My Becky will be 38 then and will probably be a grandmother. As long as you please me, you will never ever have a reason to doubt your place. Just think this time next year you will be a grandmother, hopefully to at least three children. You will also be a mother. There will be plenty to do and plenty of places to see as a family. After Christmas this year we are all going to our compound in the Cayman Islands for at least a month if not more” Ben tells her.

They go to sleep and sleep for the next twelve hours. Ben finally wakes up and goes to the bathroom and takes his pills. He goes back to sleep and is awoken later by Brooklyn sucking on BIG FELLA. Ben looks up and says “Good Morning, my sweet little Brooklyn”. Brooklyn takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and tells him “Master, honey it is evening time. You slept for twenty-four hours. I am in need of some BIG FELLA, I need a load of your potent seed in my womb” she then goes back to sucking him and when she has got him completely hard she straddles him and pushes down on BIG FELLA. After about thirty minutes Ben rolls over with Brooklyn still engaged and starts to pound her cervix. He fucks her for a good hour like that before he pushes through her cervix and cums in her womb.

They get up and let Madison sleep. Ben goes downstairs with Brooklyn and tells her to get on the table. Ben then straps her legs to the T part that spreads her out, he then put her arms in the restraints and he begins to fuck her long and hard.

“Brooklyn, baby I am going to train you on my new fuck table. I am going to fuck your pussy ten times and then your ass ten times before I release you sweetheart” Ben tells her, she turns around and tells her Master “Thank you lover. Pound my pussy baby”.

Chapter 14 – Becky’s gift to Ben, a fashion show trip to Paris and New York City

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