My Pregnant Wife

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My wife and I had booked a holiday in a quiet spot in the welsh countryside over a year ago only for Mary to fall pregnant 5 months before we were due to take our holiday. Mary insisted that we still have our holiday even though she was beginning to get a lot hornier with each passing day of her pregnancy and was demanding sex more and more often than usual.

Mary is 5′ 9″ and had long brown hair with emerald green eyes. Her breasts used to be a 34C but were now swelling the more pregnant she became. She has always turned heads and now with her figure changing she told me she loved the fact that every man could see she had been well fucked! She still dressed in all her very sexy short skirts, low cut tops and heels etc.

We were meeting Garry and his wife who were the owners of the cottage on our arrival and they had shown us around the cottage and told us where everything was. Once they had left Mary commented on how nice they both seemed. Garry was a big guy of around 6′ 2″ with broad shoulders with French looks. His wife Sarah was about 5′ 6″ with blonde shoulder length hair with deep blue come to bed eyes. She wasn’t very big up top and I would say her ass would be her best feature after her eyes.

That night Mary and I made love but Mary was slowly becoming more and more unsatisfied. The more she became pregnant the more she wanted to be fucked and it wasn’t just a good fucking she wanted, it was a hard dirty fucking she she was craving. On most days Garry would call in to see if everything was ok and we would have a chat. I could sense Mary taking a fancy to him, which of course she would always deny. A couple of days into our holiday Mary asked Garry if he and his wife like to join us for dinner. Garry agreed and told us they would be around at 6.30pm. At 6pm Garry knocked on the door with 3 bottles ümraniye masöz escort of wine but no wife. He told us his wife was unwell and wouldn’t be able to make and would it be ok if he still joined us. Mary still hadn’t changed and was still wearing a short grey skirt with black heels, shiny tights and a long sleeved low cut top.

She seemed flustered that Garry was there so early, but as he put the wine in the fridge he gently gave her a peck on the cheek. After dinner and several glasses of wine we sat in the lounge on the 2 large sofa’s. The wine continued to flow and slowly but surely the conversation turned sexier. Garry was now paying more attention to my wife and she seemed to love it. More wine and more sexy conversations continued until Garry asked my wife if she had thought about having her legs in the “stirrups” when she had to give birth?

Mary laughed and said she had and had wondered how it would feel…with that Garry told her she would have to have a practice first and got up and went to the kitchen and fetched some rope from under the sink.

“I think this has gone far enough” I said as I stood up in front of my wife.

“Oh come on, its only a little bit of fun” Mary piped up.

“Yeah come on lighten up man” Garry replied as he came back to where we were sitting with rope in hand.

With that he began tying up my wife’s right leg after he had positioned the one sofa so that he could comfortably tie the rope around an old oak post in the lounge. My wife’s face was one of enjoyment and was fully complaint with Garry. As he pulled the first rope tight her leg swung open to reveal her white panties under her tights. Not content with that Garry continued on her other leg. This time tying the rope the opposite way making my wife’s legs spread ümraniye olgun escort eagled on the sofa.

Mary was now revealing everything as her tights had now ripped at the gusset area and her hungry pussy was swallowing her white panties. “Now how does that feel?” Garry asked her.

“Mmmmmm, very nice very nice indeed” my wife replied.

He said he should check the rope on her legs and as he did he knelt down in such a way that his face was pressing against my wife’s gusset. Her eyes were now closed and her breathing was getting heavier as she let out slow deep moans. Your wife is really enjoying this he said to me. By now my cock was as hard as it as ever been in my life.

“These tights are getting in the way” he said as he ripped them from her in one movement leaving her bare legs against his face.

I knelt down beside my wife and began kissing her very hard. As I watched Garry slid her now soaking wet panties to the side and begins kissing and licking my wife’s cunt. She cried out with sheer pleasure as he did and came like a steam train shouting and screaming at us both to fuck her really hard.

“Oh fuck me; please fuck me now” Mary begged us both.

Garry already had his hard on out and beginning to inch his 7″ cock up inside her dripping pussy. Later she told me he was the first man she has had since we were married and just needed to be fucked really hard.

She was crying out for him to just fuck her hard and he gave her as good a fucking as he could forcing her back into the sofa, her legs still tied up and spread wide. As Garry fucked my wife she pulled the zipper down on my trousers and took out my fuck pole and began to suck on it like her life depended on it as Garry cried out that he was about to cum.

“Give it to me, ümraniye ucuz escort I want your spunk in me now” she growled at him to fuck her royally.

Once Garry had finished fucking my wife I pushed him out the way and thrust my cock up her. God her cunt was soaking with both of their cum that it was easy for me to thrust my cock into her as I fucked her as hard as I could without hurting the baby and added my load to her slippery hole. Just as I pulled out with a plopping sound Garry was ready to go again but this time he wanted to fuck her harder and harder to which I tried to stop him several times.

“No don’t stop him, fuck me as hard as you can” she cried out between his thrusts each time I tried.

I have never seen my wife act like this before and the intensity of what she wanted and what she was feeling shocked me and also turned me on in a way never done before. I untied her legs from the stirrups and Garry turned her on to all fours as he entered her again from behind and began fucking her as hard as he could again.

“Fuck my mouth honey, cum down my throat” Mary hissed at me between the thrusts of Garry fucking her.

Soon the sight before me of another man fucking my pregnant wife doggy style had my cock as hard as steel and Mary deep throated my cock as she was pushed on to it by each of Garry’s thrusts. We were all covered in a sheen of sweat as Garry and I spit roasted my pregnant wife. I only lasted a few minutes of deep throating Mary before I shot my load down her throat, which set off Garry filling my wife’s cunt with his spunk again.

After we had got our breath’s back and got our clothes on again Garry bid us both a goodnight and French kissed Mary before departing. That was the last time we saw Garry, as it was his wife Sarah who collected the keys from us at the end of that week. On our drive home Mary confessed that if Sarah had been there that night she would have wanted both Sarah and me to have fucked her all night long.

Who knows what Mary’s urges will have been by the time she is 9 months pregnant and ready to give birth, maybe she will have fucked me to death by then!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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