My New Digs Ch. 02

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The ice cold water hit my tired body like a thousand stinging needles as the lights went on at 6 a.m. I jumped up from the floor to finish my shower in the two minutes allotted to me by Andrea and Marko. I quickly soaped myself up and rinsed myself down knowing the clock was ticking. If I lingered more than two minutes, the door would automatically lock and I’d be in there for as long as they saw fit and punished severely for not complying with the rules.

Toweling off quickly, I dried my tiny pink chastity device. This was Marko’s latest addition to my wardrobe. It had tiny spikes on the inside so when I attempted to get an erection which I often did, it was very painful. To add to the mind fuck, Andrea would tease me constantly when I was locked up. They would lock me up for a week, then unlock me and make me prance around the house naked knowing that I would immediately get hard when I was forced watch them or be in their presence. Noting how many times I would get an erection, no matter how small and pathetic it is (I top out at about 2.75 inches) they would add that many days onto my next scheduled orgasm. It was torture.

Naked save for my device I tiptoed out of their bedroom stopping for only a moment to steal a glance at their gorgeous forms. Marko on his back naked, his massive thighs and huge limp cock looking so inviting. Andrea, her head on his chest, her voluptuous tits hanging in all their splendor, her massive ass jutting out from her backside. They were truly two gorgeous individuals whom I regaled and served with eroticism and pride. kartal sarışın escort

Closing the door slowly I made my way downstairs, took yesterday’s coffee grinds and made myself a pot of coffee (fresh coffee is reserved for them). Sipping the weak liquid, I turned on my iPad in its pink glitter case. Marko and Andrea would leave my list of chores on there and I always had to keep the iPad charged and with me in case they needed something. When I left the house I would have to take it with me and there would be instructions on it. One day, while grocery shopping, I was in line and suddenly the iPad burst open to a video of Marko and Andrea fucking which I had to embarrassingly watch in the checkout line. Another time, Marko sent me to Home Depot in pink sweat pants, pink Crocs, and a baby blue t-shirt that read: handyman! The list of items he gave me was long and I had to memorize it and the whole time I was in the store I had to look at gay Tumblr blogs and make sure people saw me.

Today would be a tough day. It was Saturday and with Andrea and Marko both home I would be kept running constantly. The iPad beamed to life and the list in front of me was monumental. Washing cars, clothes, closets, home improvement tasks, it went on and on and I was certain I wouldn’t see my new digs until the early hours of the morning. I was exhausted to say the least. I had spent most of the previous night on the toilet with diarrhea as the result of a cruel joke between Marko and his buddies at a party the night before.

It kartal sınırsız escort was a cookout and a select group of Marko and Andrea’s friends who are aware of our special lifestyle were invited. Everyone was in swimming trunks and bathing suits as they lounged by the pool, while I slaved over the hot coals cooking, serving drinks, running errands. But that wasn’t the height of my humiliation. Marko had decided it would be fun if I wore a neon green bikini so I would have tan lines! Mind you the one he and Andrea picked out was two sizes too small so my 5’9, 250 pound frame was not accentuated prettily! To add to my humiliation Marko and his buddies decided to play a game called “rattail the sissy” where they all took their wet towels and stood in a circle around me and snapped them on my ass, legs and anywhere else they saw fit. The first one to make me cry got ten points, the first one to make me fall on the ground got twenty points. Needless to say after a half an hour and with the girls all watching I was a mass of red blotches, tears and quivering like a high school freshman in the locker room.

And then as if that weren’t enough, “the boys” as Marko and Andrea call them decided to prank the sissy by making me drink a tall glass of “chocolate milk” which unbeknownst to me was filled with crushed up laxative. The cramps were horrific as I struggled to continue to serve drinks, cook, see to the guests and run to the bathroom. Finally, after the guests had all left well after midnight, and I had cleaned all the dishes, kartal ucuz escort the pool, washed everyone’s bathing suits and towels, I crawled into my new digs at 3:45 a.m. only to be awoken by my aching bowels and cramps every half hour until the ice cold shower alarm went off at 6 a.m.

Since my new digs were now locked for the day and I wasn’t allowed to use the bathroom without asking Andrea or Marko’s permission, I snuck outside to pee, squatting down as I’m required to do as Marko has taught me that women and sissies sit to pee and men stand. I have a tree at the farthest reaches of our backyard where I have to go if they’re not around to ask permission. It has a camera mounted to it which is motion activated and records my bathroom time so Marko and Andrea can review when they wish and make sure I sit and don’t touch myself. I felt queasy and faint as I had never gone the bathroom as much as the night before. What I wouldn’t give for some Gatorade or a glass of water, but these too were off limits until they were up.

Picking my iPad up from the counter, I began to check off my list of “sissy do” items. First was to clean the guest bathroom from the night before. Entering it I was greeted with a disaster. Partially encouraged by Marko and Andrea’s instructions to the guests to not worry about anything as the sissy will clean it up! The bathroom was a disaster, empty beer cans and glasses littered the sink, a tampon was in the corner, urine was all over the seat and the floor in a now dried sticky mess. After scrubbing the floors, and cleaning the entire bathroom, I exited taking the small trash bag out of the trash can. It was then that I saw it. Could it be? Moreover, could it be from Andrea? I glanced down at the home pregnancy test kit in the bag. I removed the strip and saw that I read positive!! Was this possible? Were Marko and Andrea going to have a baby?

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