My Neighbor Made Me Do It Ch. 09

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My Neighbor Made Me Do It Ch. 9

by: CapnSteelBoy

Thanks again to all the readers out there! As the pandemic lockdowns ease up (or not in some cases), working again doesn’t allow for all the time to write…so I’m sorry for that. Don’t forget to like and comment, I want to know what you think. Feel free to message me instead if you hate the idea of public comments. Cheers!


Chapter 9

Pulling into my apartment’s parking lot, I texted Jamie of my arrival. Before I even got to my front door, my pretty little friend was rushing down the stairs with a bag in his hands. He rushed up to me, jumping into my arms and wrapping himself around me, as we passionately made out, for all the world to see. Sure, no one was in the hall, but still, this was pretty major for me, not having done anything sexual or affectionate in public before. The reality is, I didn’t care who saw, as I loved Jamie at this point, and this was who we were.

As we untangled ourselves, I led us into my apartment, and he lead me to the bathroom. Undressed, I took a shower and shaved up any areas where that pesky hair tried to grow back. I used the girliest body wash possible, making sure I smelled marvelous. Jamie helped me dry up, his hands on my body, inspecting my shaving, really turning me on. My dick tried to get hard, but again the entrapment in my cage just pushed back any movement to engorge itself.

The denial of the cage was starting to affect my psyche more and more, as I accepted my state of submissiveness, knowing I would do the pleasing with my holes, not with my utensil. I should mind, I really shouldn’t want that…but I didn’t care. I sought out pleasure in the ways I could get it, and right now, those ways were with my mouth and boi pussy.

Jamie started applying a small layer of makeup to my face, just to even out my tone, and a bit of eyeliner to give me a closet slutty look. It wasn’t a lot, passing by you probably wouldn’t notice without looking too closely. He did his own makeup too, again not a lot. We definitely didn’t look like girls or anything.

“You’re going to love Mr. George, sweetie. He’s really generous and loving. Don’t worry, he won’t make you do anything you don’t want to, he’s really sweet. He mostly just watches me play with myself and then I suck him off before leaving, usually,” Jamie explained. Continuing then to answer my unspoken questions, he said, “Tonight, I figured you and I could play with each other for him, and then I’ll suck him off like usual. We can have fun like we did the other night together, there will just be someone watching us this time!”

I didn’t want to tell Jamie about how I spent a while sucking a big cock at the gym today, learning to deepthroat, learning to pleasure a real man’s cock. Keeping those memories and thoughts to myself, I just agreed with Jamie’s plans, and we got dressed and ready. We looked like two little femboy buddies going out for a stroll when we walked outside. No big deal, nothing to see here.

The jeans Jamie put on me were tight, like super tight. Luckily, it was some sort of stretchy denim, so after a struggle, we were able to pull them on. They really pushed my ass out and up, giving it an appearance of a bubble butt. I struggled to walk quickly in them, as the constrictive nature kept my gate to short steps, fairly girly. I kept rubbing my hands over the globes of my ass cheeks, marveling at how they felt and bounced as I walked. I don’t remember my ass being that spectacular, but in these jeans it sure felt amazing.

We got in my car and Jamie told me where to go. It wasn’t far, about a 15 minute drive. We joked and giggled together the whole time in an attempt to take away the nervousness of what I was going to do with my friend. It didn’t work. In fact, it heightened my awareness of what I was on my way to do. My caged penis ensured I stayed horny, so there was no chance of me backing out, but all the same this was definitely an odd activity for me to be doing.

When we arrived, Jamie did all the leading and talking. I followed him around and said nothing as he greeted Mr. George, and as he introduced me to him, I simply stared at my feet fidgeting slightly in nervousness. Mr. George’s hand came to my chin to lift my eyes up to his. He was an older gentlemen, salt and pepper hair, but his body looked fairly fit. A smile crept on my face as I thought to myself that he was handsome, and then I blushed as thoughts of what his cock may look like entered my brain.

“Nice to meet you, Kenny. Thanks for joining us tonight, I think you’ll have some fun too,” Mr. George had said. I snapped out of my pervie reverie and responded with a quick affirmative. We went inside his house, it was small, but very tastefully appointed. There were pictures of younger people on the walls of the stairwell, and a few with Mr. George with a blonde woman. He saw me staring at them and explained that was his family, his children…and escort buca sadly his late wife. I could see the sorrow in his eyes when looking at the picture of him and his wife, the loss clearly written on his face. It broke my heart to have seen this, and I found myself appreciating Mr. George as a human more and more.

Mr. George broke out of his thoughts, and smiled at us both. We moved into his living room where he had some wine already open and breathing, pouring us some glasses of the deep purple liquid. I never really was a wine person, but this stuff tasted amazing and complex. We got to know each other more over the next hour or so, talking about life, laughing at the ridiculous stuff, just basically being friends having a good time drinking and learning about one another.

After an hour of drinking, I was definitely feeling it, and I could tell Jamie was too. He got up sloppily and moved over to sit next to Mr. George, as their lips found each others, and they started making out in front of me. I just sat there, staring blankly, realizing how jealous I was that my boyfriend was sucking another man’s face! Before I got angry, I realized it wasn’t that Jamie was cheating on me or something, it was that he got to make out with Mr. George while I just sat there useless.

So, I slowly started peeling my clothing off, wanting to entice them both to play with me through some drunken thought of being sexy while nude. They finally noticed me when I was standing in my panties, doing some silly seductive dance to the music that was playing. I would contort myself slowly, running my hands over my body, pushing my ass out toward them. In my mind I was as seductive as a stripper…in reality, it probably looked like every drunken girl you’ve seen in the corner of the dance floor.

I heard them giggling at me some, when Mr. George started stripping Jamie down. When he was down to his panties, he joined me, wrapping his arms around me from behind, helping me dance more fluidly. I wrapped my arms behind me to paw at Jamie’s body, as his mouth found my neck. His hands running up my chest, teasing and pulling on my nipples. He would grind his panty covered dick into my ass crack, driving me wild with lust.

He spun me around pulling my mouth to his, as we continued gyrating and sucking on each other’s tongues. Jamie pushed my head down to his nipples as I sucked on their elongated hardness with glee. I loved his long nipples, so erotic and taboo in their unnaturally long state. I was reminded then that I want to do this too, to change my body to be more erotic, to be more sexual. I nibbled at his inch long nipples, hearing him moan with pleasure, heightening my need for pleasure of my own.

Jamie pushed me away, and took my hand, leading me over to our host. He pushed my face toward Mr. George, who took me in his arms and pulled me close to him, our mouths meeting and doing a dance of our own. This was like only the second person who I kissed of my own will, finding his differences from Jamie enjoyable to discover. He tasted different, his lips weren’t as soft, his facial hair was tickling me. Being lost in thought about Mr. George, I barely noticed that my panties were removed. The only thing breaking me out of my internal dialogue, was Jamie’s fingers rubbing over my plug, pulling it from my bottom. A drawn out moan escaped my mouth, directly into Mr. George’s.

He simply laughed at my patheticness, and pushed me away from him while he undressed himself. Jamie simply hugged me from behind, while whispering perverted things in my ear. “Look how manly Mr. George is…his hairy chest, leading down his stomach, to his manhood. His tone thighs framing his cock and balls. You love this, don’t you, faggot? You’re gay for life…you’re gay…you love cock…you…,” Jamie’s whispers continued, constantly calling me names and peeking my arousal. My poor penis was just slammed against the cage enclosing it, leaking out droplets of precum every so often. I wanted to fuck, to get fucked, to suck cock, anything…I just needed contact with someone…no, not with someone…with men!

Oh gawd! Jamie was right! I am gay. I am a faggot. I love cock. All his little whispering was going straight to my core, straight to my center of being. I was too horny to possibly deny anything, as everything gay I’ve done has brought me pleasure. He was right, dammit, he was right. During all this, my mouth simply muttered on its own, “Yeessss….yess Jamie…I’m a faggot and I love it…”.

I was putty in Jamie’s hands. Everything he said to me was true, and I was loving the degradation and then acceptance by myself. That lovely feeling of taboo returning, making my mind go almost blank. The only thought left was of cock, was of pleasuring cock however I needed to, to get cum, to get release. So again, standing there with Jamie’s arms holding me up, my body was doing its fuck dance, pushing my ass against his dick, urging it forward, begging for it to buca escort bayan fuck me.

I finally focused enough to see Mr. George was sitting on the couch naked, his cock in his hands. It was everything I hoped it would be, long and bending upwards, it looked heavy. His balls were also large, looking extremely full, making my mouth water to coax forth their bounty. Jamie slowly walked me over to the couch, and started pushing my head down to Mr. George’s cock. I didn’t resist, as my mouth opened for his pleasure on the descent down to his manhood.

His dick tasted clean, but there was a manly scent to it. I breathed deeply through my nose as I engulfed the fat bulbous head, taking as much of it in my mouth as possible, swirling my tongue around the head to coax forth his seed. I was kneeling on the floor in front of Mr. George at this point, as I felt Jamie’s mouth on my rosebud. He was rimming me again, and the feelings around my tender hole were amazingly intimate and arousing. I moaned around the cock in my mouth, adding those vibrations to the blowjob I was giving.

Jamie’s mouth pulled away from between my cheeks, but quickly was replace by the head of his penis. There was no preamble, just a slight push as his dick slipped into my boi pussy without resistance. I wanted him there, dammit, its where cock belonged! As he started penetrating me, he would push me further onto Mr. George’s cock…deeper and deeper it would go, as it started entering my throat. I fought back the urge to gag, pulling from my training at he gym, relaxing my throat and accepting the cock to be there. It wasn’t easy, it took a lot of focus, and sadly that focus pulled away from my pleasure. At least my two lovers were enjoying themselves, that is, if their moaning was any indication.

Jamie stopped pounding away at my hole and said, “Mr. George honey, you want to give this new pussy a try before it gets ruined? I assure you its about the best its ever going to be! This slut is just constantly begging for bigger and bigger, he’s a real slut boi.” He giggled and laughed at his own statements. Cute as hell, but discerning a little talking about my asshole getting ruined. In my current situation, I was far too horny to care about any of that, I simply wanted to be fucked into pleasurable oblivion. Mr. George’s hands pulled my mouth off his cock as Jamie’s exited my butt.

I couldn’t believe how hard it was to move, I was almost fucked into this position and my body didn’t want to move. Mr. George and Jamie simply changed places, and my mouth immediately went to Jamie’s little dick, taking it into my mouth immediately, not caring where it had been at this point. Mr. George started poking at my back door, pushing and prodding trying to fit. Eventually his impatience got the best of him, as he started forcing his wet cock head into me.

Just as it breached my boi pussy, my mouth flew off of Jamie’s cock as I screamed, “oh….my…GAAAAAWWWWWWWDDDDDDDD!!!!” Jamie just laughed, and stuffed his dick back into my mouth, me trying to talk and moan around it. Mr. George was hilted inside me at that point, just sitting there letting me adjust to his size and shape. It felt titanic in size being larger than my plug, and it felt incredibly slick as I then realized Mr. George added lube to allow it to fit.

Mr. George started moving after a few minutes, and the feeling of stretching pain and p-spot pleasure were combining in the most wickedly seductive way. I would wince at the pain, but moan at the pleasure, over and over again these two dueling feelings would wash over me. My hand was on my caged penis then, trying to tug it and feeling the sheer volume of precum that had leaked out of me at this point. Everything was covered in the wet slickness, it dribbling out almost every time the cock penetrated me.

Eventually the burning sensation of the stretching of my rectum ended, and the only thing left was a numb sensation of the cock gliding in and out of my ring, with the pleasure being forefront now as my prostate was poked and prodded into submission by this man’s cock. As I worked away at Jamie’s cock with my tongue and mouth, I could feel him engorging as his balls pulled tight up to his shaft base. I knew what was coming as I slid the head of his cock to the entrance of my mouth. He started spurting his sweet tasting femboy seed directly onto my tongue.

Savoring that flavor for as long as possible, I finally had to swallow to allow me to breath deeply as Mr. George started pounding more forcefully in and out of me. Deep thrusts followed by his head almost exciting my body before being slammed all the way back in again. I could feel my asshole stretching just a bit further again as Mr. George’s cock was engorging now as well, and then with one final slam, he started spurting his seed deep into my bowels, filling me with that warm feeling of his semen spilling out and trying to make me pregnant.

All three of us breathing like marathon runners, buca escort covered in sweat and sin. My ass pussy was quivering, pulsing, opening and closing down on Mr. Georges softening cock, and as he withdrew from me, I could feel some of his load come spilling forth, the escape of air and seed making disgusting noises. Mr. George and Jamie just laughed, my big dicked suitor just slapping my ass and calling me a good slut.

They both got up and were talking to one another, I didn’t really understand anything said as I just sat there on the floor leaking cum after rolling myself over to sit down. I did catch a glimpse of Mr. George handing Jamie a number of bills. I realized what I should have known earlier, that I just basically performed my first act of prostitution. I knew deep down what Jamie did for money, and now I did it too, I sold my body for money. I couldn’t believe how much of a slut I was, a whore and a slut.

I weakly started getting up and went to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet to pee and expel what I could from my backside. As I wiped up with toilet paper, feeling around my hole and realizing it was barely closing. It was very hot to the touch and tender. I knew it would be sore in the morning. I could easily fit three fingers in my now gaping hole, with just about zero resistance. I wanted to puke at how disgusting I felt, thoughts of having to wear diapers the rest of my life uncontrollably entered my mind.

I got back to the living room to find Jamie and Mr. George having another drink, conversing and laughing together. They had dressed themselves, and their eyes fell on my crestfallen face and naked body, concern filling both of them. They swooped over to me, lovingly holding me and telling me it was all fine, and not to worry. It was natural for the boi pussy to be too worn out to close tightly right away, but it would, etc. Feeling reassured by their words, I got dressed then and thanked Mr. George for the good time, kissing him on the lips, and meaning it.

The ride home with Jamie was quiet, I didn’t want to talk as all the thoughts of what had occurred ran through my mind. I was still aroused, but didn’t see any way to get release while caged after what had happened. I didn’t want to mess around with my backside at his point, too scared of it being gapingly open the rest of my life. Jamie laughed at my concerns, but told me he understood, telling me to leave the plug out for tonight, letting my hole rest up would be a smart move.

Instead of parting ways, Jamie followed me into my apartment. He explained how it works, what he does. Basically, he advertises online, but only in very specific, legit websites that require payment to join. This ensured legit offerings for those that sought them out and it ensured serious suitors for those employed on the website. It was win-win, sort of like a digital pimp.

After he finished with his explanation, he handed me $300, explaining that was my share for the evening. It was a lot of money for such a short amount of time and effort, I thought. Further, I had enjoyed earning it! I made about $1000 a week after taxes with my job, and in this city that was basically nothing. My monthly rent and cost of living was about half that, and it took me over 40 hours a week to make it. Apparently, I could make that much a week with just over 3 hours of work. It was an interesting thought, to say the least, thinking of the volume of money I could make with doing just 20 hours of work a week at this new trade.

Jamie broke me out of my reverie, as we showered together and went to sleep. Between the alcohol and sheer volume of my day’s activities, I was too exhausted to worry about my arousal and quickly found sleep in the arms of my sweet little Jamie. No thought of what had changed in me these past few days, no care of being basically gay now. A dreamless night passed, resting my body for the weekend.

I awoke Saturday morning to find myself alone. Jamie had apparently gotten up early, made breakfast and left me some, and then went about his day. I assumed that he had some early morning clients to deal with or something. Weekends seemed to be his busy time, as the first time I saw him in the woods sucking cock was on a weekend.

After getting up and eating, I started my routine and was flushing myself out at the toilet as was now usual. I was curious of the outcome from last night, the lasting effects, and I felt around my asshole then to ensure its status. The good news is it was shut, not gaping open. There was resistance when I pushed and prodded with my finger. Sure, it slipped inside but if I concentrated on clenching up, it was nice and tight again. This relieved me and made me feel a lot better, again making me marvel at the adaptability of the human body.

After finishing up, I sucked on my butt plug to lube it up and slipped it back into place. My ass was sore, but the plug was helping me with accepting my new position in my sexual life, ensure I could take bigger cocks up my ass, making sure it was as pleasurable as possible for me, and it appeared my body would recover from these sessions. It filled me with a new level of confidence, to not be so scared about cock in my ass. I know, weird to think and feel that way, but it is what it is.

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