My Nasty Hotel Secret

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Not many people know this about me, but I used to own and operate a BDSM-themed boutique hotel near the Canadian border, ten miles south of Blaine.

It was called the Black Rose: 26 rooms, all themed with velvet curtains and marble pillars and packed with kinky sex implements, going for $300 a night in high season. It catered mostly to Americans and Canadians, but I had lots of German, Dutch, and French guests as well. Rich people who live to fuck. Mmmmm…exactly what I like.

I guess you should know that despite what I look like, I’m not a nice girl. Oh no. Not when you get me behind closed doors. At this time, I was cheating regularly on my husband because he couldn’t come close to satisfying me. (He thought I was partnering in a catering business with a girlfriend, which kept me away for days at a time–little did he know.) I had — and still have — an insatiable appetite for cock, but also consider myself fully bisexual. Many of my fantasies center on seducing other women, often barely out of their teens, and teaching them how to please me. Of course, I acted out many of these fantasies at the Black Rose. But I digress. God, I know what I’m going to tell you, and it gets me so wet that I wish I was masturbating right now.

I operated the hotel under the name of Mistress Rose, and what made it unique was that every guest signed a waiver form putting him or herself completely in my power for the duration of my stay. No rules but Mistress Rose’s rules. I get off on power and being worshipped. What can I say? I’m a nasty girl.

The penthouse suite was called the Mistress Suite, and no one was allowed to stay there but me. Four adjoining rooms, big bay windows overlooking the surrounding forest, a four-poster California king bed, a soaker tub, TVs showing my favorite lesbian erotica, and two big walk-in closets containing my many “tributes.”

Did I forget to mention that? All the guests had to bring me a tribute based on my wish list — sometimes spa products or silk dresses, but usually to enhance Mistress Rose’s deliciously commanding image. Italian leather boots. I used to hold regular jerk-off parties in the library, where the men would kneel and shoot their loads all over my boots, while the girls would be forced to get down and lick them clean afterwards. Let’s see…what else? I used to own all six models of the Hitachi Magic Wand. Handcuffs and nipple clamps, of course. A complete array of leather floggers. Lots of vibrators. A French couple brought me a gold-plated dildo from Paris one year.

Needless to say, I was living my dream until the property got rezoned and sold ten years ago. But let me share a sample entry from my diary to show you what it was like in the glory days.

November 3, 1997

It’s 9 pm, and ataşehir escort I’m in the circular room in my suite that I like to call the “Voyeur’s Paradise.” I get off on watching my guests fuck, and I’m proud to confide that I’ve mastered the nasty art of invading their privacy to the full. I have a bank of 52 small TV screens, all of which display exactly what’s going on in the guestrooms at all times. Every room is packed with hidden cameras and microphones; I need only flick a switch and I can see and hear everything. Delicious. Remember, they signed the waiver form.

I sip my champagne and turn up the volume on Room 16. It’s occupied by Thomas and Lisa, a blonde young couple from Amsterdam. They heard about the Black Rose from another couple they met at a live sex show in the red light district.

Lisa is very, very petite, although she has nice apple-shaped tits. This morning, I zoomed in on her while she was washing up in the sink, and discovered that her pubic region is completely shaved except for a small blonde tuft at the top. She’s very shy about speaking English. Thomas is much more fluent. He works as a marketing manager at the same IT company where Lisa does product testing. What a magnificently fit cyclist’s body he has, I note now with approval. Right now, he’s lying on top of Lisa, kissing her and stroking her body. His long, steadily stiffening prick is clearly visible against the cream-colored bedspread.

Oh my, is Mistress Rose’s hand straying between her thighs again with her dark slacks yanked down to her knees? Yes indeed. But I don’t just want to watch and masturbate tonight. I want to participate. I want to control and dominate. And in a house where my pleasure always, always comes first, I’m going to take exactly what I want.

I press a button that will summon two of my staff members within the next ten minutes. The hotel has five employees, two strong men and three servant girls, all subject to my command.

Meanwhile, it’s time for me to dress for the occasion. I step into the walk-in closet in my bedroom and select a magnificent blue satin robe that opens in the front, emblazoned with blazing red roses. Long leather gloves in a matching red shade. My favorite black boots, thigh-high, and pointing the way to my black Calais lace crotchless panties. And then I reach for the top shelf, where I keep my extensive collection of masquerade and fetish masks. I select an exquisitely shaped gold mask that conceals the upper half of my face but leaves my beautiful mouth fully exposed. I tie the straps in place, and the two horns point upwards, representing an Assyrian fertility goddess.

There’s a knock at my door. “Come in!” I respond.

My two male servants enter, each shirtless avcılar escort and wearing full black hood masks with eyeholes and matching slacks. I explain what I want and they nod wordlessly. My pussy is throbbing now with need. I glance into the Voyeur’s Paradise once again and see Thomas and Lisa entwined on their bed. I’m ready to be the aggressor and take whatever the fuck I want.

With me leading the way, we head downstairs and stride silently through the dim-lit second-floor hallway. Up ahead stands Jessica, one of my female slaves, a tall, slender, 20-year-old volleyball player from the University of Washington. She is naked and wearing an ankle cuff that’s attached to the wall. As I pass, I only acknowledge her by stopping and raising my right boot six inches off the ground. Jessica quickly kneels and tongues the bottom of my boot, clearly showing her submission to me. I am so fucking excited now.

We stop in front of room 16. I can hear an old Depeche Mode record playing inside. One of my servants hands me the heavy bronze key. I unlock the door and march in. Thomas raises his head with a look of shock. Lisa is kneeling on the bed, sucking his erection fervently, but now her face jolts up too.

“Grab her! Hold her down!” I order my servants.

They quickly seize Lisa, as she screams out, and lift her into an armchair next to the bed, pinning her arms in place. She curses in Dutch and tries to wriggle away, but can’t.

“You like that, slave? You want to see what I’m going to do to your boyfriend?” I say in a loud, confident voice.

Thomas is still lying there, stupefied. He tries to get over to Lisa but the larger of my two servants holds him back.

“Get back on the bed, Thomas,” I say.

He complies. Still fully erect. I turn up the lights in the room so the little Dutch cunt can see everything. Deliberately maintaining eye contact with Lisa, I recline on the bed and take Thomas’s thick, uncircumised cock in my gloved right hand. I caress his balls with my other hand.

“Mmmmm…what a delicious-looking cock,” I taunt Lisa.

I get off the bed and go over to her. I kiss her hand on the mouth, forcing my tongue between her lips, knowing she has never kissed a woman before, enjoying every moment. I love forced bi action with a willing submissive who’s there for my use. My hands roam all over Lisa as the servant holds her in place: I cup her tits and run a knowing finger over her irrepressibly aroused, smooth little fuck-slit.

I pull back and slowly, deliberately extend my tongue directly in front of Lisa’s face, making her watch. My eyes are blazing with power now.

Returning to the bed, I take Thomas’s stiff cock with my right hand, gripping it at the avrupa yakası escort base, and begin to lick it like an ice cream cone, moaning with loud enjoyment as if no one else is in the room but me.

Thomas’s face contorts with pleasure — he can’t help it. “Oh shit,” he moans. “Oh shit!”

Already a long trail of shiny pre-come is trickling down the side of his thick, veined shaft. I lap it up, showing my come-covered tongue to the Dutch cunt and making her understand her place.

“You see that, bitch? You like watching Mistress Rose drink your man’s come and do whatever she wants?” Without waiting for her response, my head goes down on Thomas’s length and I start to suck him off.

“Oh my God,” Thomas gasps. “You are so much better than Lisa.” My soaked cunt completely contracts at the moment he says that. I reach back and frig myself.

It’s a sign for the man servant holding down Lisa. Mistress Rose needs more satisfaction, and he has his orders. Without turning my head, I hear Lisa scream again as he grabs her by the hair. His hands clamp my ass and he lifts up my robe to do his duty. Lisa gets underneath and starts to lick at my clit while my servant unzips his fly and thrusts his long dick into me.

I desperately want to be filled with come at both ends. I pull my head up off Thomas’s cock and start jacking him off, talking roughly.

“Fuck me, you motherfucker!” I groan out to my servant. “Fuck me! And make her lick my ass!”

Again, wordlessly, he pulls Lisa up, and I feel her young tongue circling my asshole while I’m getting fucked. I can hardly stand the sensation, especially when the tip of her tongue strays into my asshole. Yes — oh my fucking God.

My other servant kneels next to me on the bed, produces his cock and starts beating off. “Oh yeah! Oh shit!” I scream.

I love being in the center of a group, getting fucked with my robe on and my mask on. I’m getting ready to cream in a huge way.

It happens — right when Lisa is forced to slide her tongue as deep up my ass as she can. Seconds later, Thomas starts to shoot his load and I bury my face on his cock, swallowing that come greedily. Another loud gasp comes from my servant beating off, and I feel a hot jet of come spatter across my neck and on to the cream-colored bedspread.

My man at the back groans, “Fuck! Now!” And then he too releases, leaving half his cum-load inside Mistress Rose’s beautiful cunt and spraying the rest all over his mistress’s well-fucked ass.

I scream and roll away on the bed, as hands reach out to caress and worship me. I fucking need it and deserve it. I am a goddess and a mistress. I feel so fucking good.

When I’m fully recuperated, I order my servants to lift me and carry me back to the Mistress Suite. Thomas and Lisa climb back under the sheets, exhausted.

“You’re going to learn more tomorrow about how to worship a real woman,” I tell Lisa before we go. “I will see you at breakfast.”

“Yes, Mistress Rose,” she says, eyes downcast, but with a shy flickering smile. I know she will serve me well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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