My Innocent Addiction: Chapter Three

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Chapter 3

“I want you to perform for me. Convince me that you want me, and desire to fuck me.” Mr. Thomas explained, watching her. “B-but…I’m a virgin.” She whimpered, looking at him pleadingly. Rebecca…a virgin? The delightful idea hadn’t even crossed his mind, with how expertly she sucked cock and how many guys she had dated in high school. “Are you, indeed? I’ll know if you’re lying.” He threatened, still in disbelief. “I really am, sir. I never went farther than, you know, a blow job…”Tears were forming in her eyes, though he could tell the strong, confident 19 year old was trying not to appear weak. “I suppose you shall have to be taught then.” He said finally, accepting that she probably would have no idea how to seduce him and ride him just yet. This virgin wasn’t to be his though…he still owed a favor to a dear friend….

“Freddy! My man! After all these years, you’re finally repaying me for that stunt in Miami?” His old business partner and long time friend, Cecil Murphy, greeted as he walked into the home. “Yes, I have a frigid bitch that needs some tutoring upstairs in the second bedroom on the left.” He replied, smirking. Cecil was ruthless and cruel, just as bad as Freddy if not worse. They had done great deeds together…or unspeakable ones, depending who you asked. “I left the video camera on in there…hope you don’t mind. I desperately want to witness the popping of this one’s cherry, if she is indeed a virgin.” Freddy said. “For all I care, you can come up and watch. Humilate her even more, I say. Hell, maybe we could take both of her holes at once! Like we did with that one stripper, what’s her name…she came around eventually, anyway.” Cecil propositoned, looking excited at the prospects. While Freddy was a middle aged white man with a paunchy stomach, Cecil was a tall, broad shoulder black man, with a dick nearly 13 inches long. Rebecca wouldn’t know what hit her! Both heavily aroused, they proceeded up stairs.

With an added twist of cruelty, Freddy un-blindfolded the girls’ father, turning him so he could watch. The horror on the prudish, illegal bahis loving father was apparent, and if he hadn’t have been gagged still, Freddy was sure the man would have some choice words for him. “Sorry, we weren’t getting the money we wanted, so we took your daughters…Lily will remain unhurt, if only Rebecca here can please us.” Freddy threatened, not telling him that his thirteen year old baby was already punctured. The father struggled, wanting to help his daughter, but he was completely paralyzed. He was going to be forced to watch his friendly neighbor and a man of a race he loathed sodomize and rape his eldest daughter, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Rebecca was crying and begging as Freddy informed her what was to happen. She became even more panicked as Cecil pulled off his clothes, revealing the full length of his long black shaft, fully erect already and far bigger than any the teenager had ever seen. “Think you can handle this, you little prudish cunt? Man, I can’t believe you ain’t ever had dick before! I’ve been with girls age 12 who were already champion whores…guess I get to teach you…mmm bet that pussy is tight!” Cecil said, standing over her. He reached out and pinched her nipple, hard, and she squealed in pain. He began twisting both nipples, one in each black palm, and although she seemed slightly aroused, her expression was stricken. He reached down, pleased to find that she was shaved clean. He always preferred a girl who was hairless. He mounted her, biting down on her neck so hard blood leaked out, causing her to scream. Her father, still watching, looking ready to vomit. He forcefully shoved the bitch’s legs apart, and rubbed his cock against her clit for a few moments before thrusting in hard. She screamed at the top of her lung, crying and trying to squirm away, as her maidenhead burst from his cock’s deep thrust. He continued to fuck her, not caring about the stupid whore’s pain. He grabbed her 34D tits, squeezing them and biting on the nipples as he fucked her deeply, thrusting in and out harder and harder. She didn’t have the ease of illegal bahis siteleri passing out like her sister…she was more awake than she had ever been, fully alert and horrified! Worse, it looked like her father had a slight boner! Cecil continued thrusting, her tightness simply overwhelming, and after about 45 minutes of brutal rape, he finally pulled out and came on her tits. “You’ll learn to enjoy it.” He promised, laughing as he smeared the cum on her tits. He put some on her finger and put it in her mouth. “Always remember the taste of the man who first fucked you.” He said. “My turn.” Freddy said, as he fully untied her and turned her over. Originally, they had been going to fuck both holes at the same time, but he didn’t want her to fade out and them miss the joy of hearing her painful screams. She fought hard as he started rubbing her ass, knowing that worse pain was coming. “No! NO NO NO NO!” She yelled, bucking wildly. “Give me a hand, will you Cecil?” Freddy requested, his hard on painful after watching her innocence being brutally stolen. Cecil helped hold her down, and they dragged her so she was bent off the bed, her ass right there for Freddy to plow. No lubricant. Freddy stuck his finger in, preparing it, and knew it was going to be difficult to fuck such a tight hole. “Relax, Rebecca, or I’ll make it so much worse..”He warned. She tried, but her ass continued to clench tight on his fingers. He decided he’d have to use a little lube after all…

“You’re going to eat out your daughter’s ass.” Freddy told the father, in no uncertain words as he ungagged him. “No! I won’t!” He yelled, trying to get his hands free. “You will, or Lily will be taken much as this one was, and I’m really not sure that little body could handle it…” Freddy replied menacingly. “Besides, you already have a boner, why not get in on the action?” Cecil added. It was true. Although the girls’ dad’s cock was only 6 inches, it was still clearly hard in his trousers. They brought him over to Rebecca, who was begging for her dad to help her and weeping bitterly. Her father’s face now pressed against canlı bahis siteleri her ass, he had no choice but to lick it, eating out her asshole to lubricate it for Freddy’s dick. Rebecca was surprised at how horny this made her- no one had ever really touched her ass- but she still dreaded what was to come and was completely revolted that her father was part of this. He licked it much in the way he had used to lick his late wife’s pussy, realizing it had been years since he had intimacy with a woman. Soon, her ass was wet with her dad’s saliva, so Freddy pushed her dad away. “Cecil, help Rebecca to give her dad a blow job while I assfuck her…I think he’s earned a reward.” Freddy said, and Cecil moved the father to her mouth. Rebecca clamped her lips shut, but Cecil grabbed her nose and held it until she had to open her mouth to breath, then forced her to give her beloved daddy a good cock sucking. As soon as she was busy taking care of that, Freddy stuck his dick in her ass, going slowly at first to try to loosen the hole. She couldn’t make any noise, since her mouth was full of cock, but she felt a severe burning in her previously untouched ass as Freddy gained speed, starting to assfuck her more and more rapidly. Her dad was still at her mouth, his eyes closed with pleasure-and shock that his daughter knew how to give such great head- and her father soon finished in her mouth, leaving her no choice but to swallow his seed. It wasn’t shocking that he didn’t last long…it had been so long, and he had gotten so aroused. Secretly, with how much Rebecca looked like her mother, he had always wanted to touch her, to use her body, to please her. Freddy was now rapidly thrusting, a wild look in his eyes, and her ass was quickly filled with cum. “Fuck yeah.” Freddy said, as he slowly pulled out, smacking her ass hard afterwards. They rolled her back over, pleased at how scared and hurt she looked. “Well, sir, do you think you’re up to giving your girl an orgasm now? I’m sure she’s more than ready.” Freddy asked her dad, as he fingered her clit, seeing that despite her soreness, she was quite wet with arousal as well. To Rebecca’s disgust, her dad nodded eagerly, and soon, she was having her clit eaten out. “I won’t orgasm.” She vowed to herself. “Not for these pigs. Not ever….”

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