My Girlfriend’s Slutty Roommate Ch. 02

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I lay in bed while I watched Abby get dressed for work. God, she is beautiful, I thought. It had only been twenty minutes since I finished fucking her. I had been on top, as always, and she lay there rather still, as always. Despite myself, my thoughts turned again to Kate. Kate is Abby’s rather unattractive roommate that I had been secretly fucking for the past two weeks.

Now Kate knows how to fuck, I thought. I remembered how loud Kate had screamed when I fucked her hard the previous afternoon while Abby was at work. The neighbors must have heard, I thought with a smirk. I felt myself stir under the sheets.

Abby kissed me on the cheek and wished me luck in my job search. She was being sweet but the reminder made me feel less of a man. She reminded me to mail a package to her sister, something I had failed to do the day before. I promised I would.

When Abby finally left I couldn’t wait to see Kate. The front door had barely shut when I went into Kate’s bedroom and woke her up.

Kate smiled up at me sleepily. She knew why I was there; I never came to chat. I was naked and already a little hard just in anticipation. I got on the bed and knelt with my cock directed at her face. Kate smirked knowingly, shook off her sleepiness and positioned herself to service me. As she took me in her mouth I cruelly taunted her, “Can you taste Abby’s juices on me?”

Kate was not phased. “Mmmm…yes, I can. You are a dirty boy.”

This both turned me on and pissed me off a little. I was fully hard now and started to fuck her face. Kate could deep throat, but I choked her a little as I pushed deep in to her mouth. Kate gamely took it and as always it felt amazing.

I felt I would cum soon, so I pulled out, and told her to get on all fours. I pulled up the small t-shirt she wore, exposing her big bare ass. I smacked one cheek hard and she moaned appreciatively, raising her ass for me. I started to spank harder, enjoying seeing the bright red color form. I knew she could take as hard a spanking as I could give her, and enjoyed taking out my frustrations with my unemployment, and my frustrations with Abby on her. I pushed a finger roughly inside her and could feel she was already very wet. She bucked against my finger and I stuck another one in and pushed deeper. I felt her tighten against my fingers and pulled out.

Kate breathed out, possibly in frustration, but I was already shifting her body so her face was once again in front of my cock. Kate seemed to know what to expect and she opened her mouth lasciviously. I stroked my cock in front of her, slapping her face a few times with it. When I started to get close to cumming, Kate sense it and looked up and me with her tongue out. I started to shoot, into her mouth and all over her face. Kate always left my cum on her face after I was finished, only wiping any out of her eyes after I was done.

I looked at her, slightly repulsed, but also turned on. I stroked her hair briefly and told her she should shower up and I’d give her some more later.

As Kate showered, I went back to my room for a nap. I usually waited until the afternoon to nap, but I had nowhere to go and thought some extra sleepI make it a perfect morning. By the time I woke up it was mecidiyeköy escort almost noon. I checked my email, hoping I might have a response to one of the jobs I had applied for, but instead I found junk mail and one email I had been dreading.

It was from an old friend Billy, who was also my weed dealer. I had owed him $300 for nearly two months, but had not been in touch at all since I moved out of my old apartment. The note made it clear he was fed up, saying he expected me to pay my bill. I knew I had to do something but was at a loss. I had skimmed a little money from Abby but I couldn’t bring myself to steal from her. Besides, I couldn’t risk the free apartment and food I had from her. I had already borrowed $70 from Kate, and knew she didn’t have any cash. I thought of other friends, but I already owed most of them cash. It sucked to be jobless, I thought sourly.

I heard Kate shuffling around in her bedroom, working on one of her art projects. I looked into her room, and she gave me a flash of her tits. And with that I had an idea.

I went in to see her, and saw her in an old sweatshirt she wore several days a week and worn sweatpants. She looked like a slob.

“You look so hot Katie. Let me take a picture of you.”

Kate smiled and I took a picture. I had her make some suggestive poses, then had her flash her tits for the camera. Soon enough I had her posing naked for me as I snapped pictures with my phone. I shot her cupping her breasts, blowing air kisses, then, knowing she looked best from behind, asked her to turn for me. I arched her back so her ass was jutting out as she held one hand against the wall.

“Look back and give me that slutty pout.” I instructed. She knew how to bring it, and I took at least 10 pictures as she wiggled her big ass for me.

“Good girl Katie” I said, leaving her to get dressed.

I texted my drug dealer friend, attaching the best of the pictures with a short note, “Billy, relax, I’m sure we can work something out.”

Billy responded almost immediately, chastising me for not responding to his texts or emails, but responding to the bait, “Who’s the girl? Is she with you?”

I let him stew a little and went back to see Kate as she put on her big sweatshirt.

“Katie, I have a friend coming over I need to impress. Can you wear something cute for us?”

Kate looked at me curiously, then shrugged and said she’d be glad to.

I texted Billy as I left her room,

I sent him the address and added,

Billy was knocking on the apartment door before I finished my early afternoon coffee. I felt a little grubby, with the smell of sex from two girls still on me, but I knew Billy was not the fussy type.

I yelled over to Kate who was still in her room to answer the door. When she walked out I was pretty impressed. Kate is not a great looking girl, and she has a couple of extra pounds on her, but she definitely passed for hot this morning. Her outfit was simple; bare feet, yoga shorts, and a white t shirt that was thin enough to make it clear she was not wearing a bra. It was the kind of look girls think is trashy but guys love. When she opened the door for Billy I merter escort could see that he was no exception. He barely looked up from Kate’s tits to acknowledge me.

I asked Kate to get him a coffee and after he watched her walk away into the kitchen I asked with my eyes if he was sold. He nodded anxiously and I knew I had my solution to my debt.

Kate walked my in and gave Billy a nice smile as she placed his coffee in front of him. I asked her to stay and chat with us, pulling her on to my lap. We talked a little about the game last night as I stroked Kate’s bare leg I complemented her on how smooth her skin was.

“Are you using a special lotion?” I asked.

Kate answered something or other about an oil she used and I interrupted, telling Billy to feel how nice her skin felt.

Billy tentatively touched Kate’s leg, then seeing it was cool he stroked it appreciatively while my hand softly stroked her other leg. I knew Kate, who loves attention, must be reveling in two men admiring her. I kissed her neck and I felt my cock stir yet again under her ass.

I tried to think of something good to say about Billy, and came up with, “Billy always has the best weed.”

Kate was impressed, or maybe she was just remembered I had asked for her help impressing him. “Wow! You know good weed is the easiest way to a girl’s heart.” she said playfully.

Billy puffed up his chest a little and said he had some really grade A stuff from Vancouver.

“Do you want to try?” he said with a sly smile.

Soon the three of us were on the couch, smoking Billy’s weed, which was in fact very good. Kate sat in the middle and when I started again to stroke one leg, Billy started to stroke her other.

“What a great morning.” Kate purred.

“You like?” I taunted, “…smoking and chilling with two guys’ hands on you?”

Kate did the closest she could do to blushing and I kissed her neck. Billy followed by kissing her shoulder and Kate inhaled deeply.

“Tell us you like it Katie. Tell us you’re a bad girl.”

Kate giggled softly, her eyes glazing over. “I am…I am a bad girl.”

“And what do bad girls get?” I asked, repeating a back and forth we had done several times in the last two weeks.

Kate giggled again. “Spanked?”

I motioned for her to get over my knee and with little hesitation she did as she was told. Her bottom faced Billy, her feet on his lap.

“Pull down your shorts for me.” I instructed. I never liked to make anything easy for Kate.

Kate moaned as if this were too much effort, but quickly put her hands on the waistband of her shorts and wriggled back and forth as she bared her ass for me.

“That’s it.” I said soothingly, stroking her ass cheeks. “Billy, the bad girl has a nice big ass doesn’t she?”

Billy nodded and I told him to feel how firm her bum was. Billy reached over and followed my lead, groping the ass cheek I wasn’t already fondling. The grabbing, combined with Kate raising her bottom in response to the touching, resulted in Kate’s asshole being on display for me, and especially for Billy. In fact he seemed to be rather deliberately spreading her ass as he groped. I watched as his nişantaşı escort thumb started to slide into her ass crack while he fondled her.

I felt slightly pissed at Billy for manhandling her so aggressively and a little at Kate for allowing it. I knew it wasn’t it wasn’t rational, after all I had set the whole thing up. I pulled my hand back far and let it come down hard on her ass cheek.


Billy moved his hand away, startled and Kate yelped. I smacked each ass cheek again and again, showing no mercy. Kate’s ass was bright red with marks forming. She squealed in pain but she did not try to move away. Finally I stuck a finger into her, knowing she would be wet.

“You have Billy all worked up bad girl.” I said as if talking to a child. “Why don’t you take a look?”

I pointed at his cock and she looked over her shoulder to see the tent in his pants. I motioned with my chin and she clambered off of me. She knelt on the couch facing Billy and started to unbutton his jeans. She had her back arched to make sure she offered me a view of her puckering asshole. She pulled out his cock without ceremony and I heard my dealer-friend moan appreciatively.

“Suck it.” I told her. Almost immediately she went down on his cock, her head bobbing and bare ass wiggling. I knew Billy would be pleased. Kate always gave an amazing bj. As I heard Billy groan and the wet sounds of Kate’s slurps I got harder still. I felt the need to own Kate.

I pulled out my cock and positioned myself behind her. At the last minute I decided she was going to take it in her ass. I had always used lotion with her but this time I wanted her to feel it raw. I pushed myself in without warning, and heard Kate shriek. She barely missed a beat sucking Billy’s cock though. I continued to push in and out of her asshole and heard her cry with pain mixed with grunts of pleasure. It turned me on enough that I had to slow down for fear of cumming too quickly. Sweat now formed an effective lubricant as I slid in and out of her. Billy moaned as he shot into Kate’s mouth. I saw she focus on swallowing it all even while her ass continued to be pounded. She then released Billy and started to push her ass back to take even more of me in. Watching her take it like this was too much for me and I shot into her ass crack.

The three of us were all beat and lay there for a while. Eventually Billy took out more weed and we all got higher. Kate was fucked more that afternoon. Near the end of it she sucked Billy and I one after the other until we both shot in her face. She was our personal whore, and seemed very glad to play the role. Finally as evening rolled in, Billy left, thanking Kate and I and leaving us a ‘tip’ of his fine product.

Kate put her t shirt back on and lay down on the couch for a nap. I was about to go to Abby’s room to do the same, then I saw the package I had promised Abby I would mail. It was almost 5pm so I grabbed it and ran out the door. On my way back into the apartment I saw Abby, returning from work. She asked why I had not returned her texts and I said I had been at the library, studying job leads. She kissed my cheek and I wondered if she could smell that I reeked of sex.

As we walked in the door Abby saw Kate lying on the couch, looking a mess, dressed only in her thin t shirt and panties. The place smelled like pot and there was an ashtray near her with leftover joints. Abby made a disapproving sound and told me quietly that Kate really needed to get her shit together.

“Aww…” I said with a sly smile, “she’s all right.”

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