My girlfriend’s little sister retold_(0)

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It all started on Thursday morning. I just arrived to my girlfriend Jessica’s house, I usually just walk right in as i know where their spare key is at. I walked into the house and the first thing I see is Bianca sitting at the kitchen table in a tight long shirt that spelled the word pink across it. Though the shirt was long, as she was sitting the shirt rested above her knees and i could see her cute pink panties peaking at me from inbetween her legs. Then Jessica came down stairs.

“Hey baby” Jessica said to me before kissing me. Turned on from seeing her sisters panties i started to make out with Jessica, grabbing her ass slipping my hands closer to her pussy when..
“Jessica!” Her mom interupted “your gonna be late for school”. We immediatly picked up our bags and headed out the door.

The following day that I came over it was almost the same thing as the previous day however this time Bianca was wearing blue panties instead of pink, and I could tell she wasnt wearing a bra because her nipples were poking out.
“Hey Bianca, is Jessica here?” I asked not being able to look away from her perky tits.
“shell be right down its Friday she always takes longer on Fridays” the words rolled out of her mouth and off her beautiful soft juicy lips, looking into my eyes like there was no one else in the world.
“Yeah thats true” I struggled to say outloud feeling mesmerised by her beautiful hazle eyes.
“babe are you here? I need your help” Jessica said softly from the top of ther stairs “come here”. I walked up the stairs, took a left turn to her room, walking in on Jessica in her lacy orange bra and pulling up her skinny jeans over her matching orange thong. She turned to me and said never mind, you took too long. She grabbed me and pushed me onto her bed and crawled over to me on her hands and knees.. as she finally reached me she slowly unzipped my pants and reached her hand in to pull out my cock. At that moment her mom walked by and knocked on the door.
“Jessica, is Angel here yet? Its, almost 8:00”
“Yes mom, hes outside!” She yelled out, while staring at my hard, throbbing, fully erected dick that was in her hands, 3 inches away from her face. I had to quickly get up, shove my dick back in my pants, and crawl out her window and into the front yard before her mom noticed me. As soon as illegal bahis I got to the front door, Jessica came out and we rushed to school.

The next day was Saturday so i was planning on showing up early and we would just hang out at her place all morning. When I arrived I walked right in like always and once again Bianca was at the kitchen table only this time she wasnt wearing any panties at all. She had a cute, tight pussy from what I could see, nicely trimmed with alittle bit of hair. My dick got so hard, there was no way she didnt see it over my pants.
“Hey, uhh, is Jessica here?”
“No Angel, its just me today, Jessica went shopping with my mom” she said as she got up from the table and started towards me; as she was about to walk past me I grabbed her ass and when she turned around i said
..”where are your panties today?”
“you looked up my shirt?!” She said with a suprised tone. I got scared thinking that maybe I went to far and she didnt like it. She then moved closer to me, leaned in and kissed me hard on my lips. I was relieved that I didnt fuck up, but now I was making out with my girlfriends little sister. I responded by kissing her back, shoving my tounge into my mouth. Playing with her small tounge. I sliped my hand under her shirt grabbing her nicely rounded ass and lifted her up. We continued to kiss passionatly as we moved across the livingroom, slamming her against the wall set her down and turned her against the wall. I started kissing her back and moved down to her ass.
“Oh my god Angel, thats my ass hole your lick—” she couldnt finish because she began to moan “oh that feels so good” i enjoyed licking her ass hole while playing with her small pussy. Her pussy was so wet her juices were dripping down her leg.
“Lets go upstairs” she said to me. “What room” I simply replied
“Lets go to Jessica’s, I want you to fuck me like you fuck Jess” she said. Something about this idea really turned me on.

We rushed up to Jessica’s room and I laid her on the bed. She pulled off her shirt, revealing her small perky little tits that i saw the day before. Her breast were small, but they fit her body size perfectly. “I want your dick so bad!” she said as she unzipped my pants and started pulling them down. When she pulled down my pants she seemed nervous, when she saw the that my penis illegal bahis siteleri was hard and pressing against my boxers trying to get out. When she finally pulled down my boxers she was astounded when my 8 inch dick flew out and slapped her in the face. She giggled trying to hide her embarrassment and her excitement. She grabbed my dick with both of her tiny hands, holding it infront of her face. I could tell she really had no idea what she was doing. She was speechless, didnt even know what to do with it. The only words she manages to say is “can my sister take all of this?”
“Of course” I answered. “I think you can take it too” placing my hands on her head and pushing my dick into her mouth slowly. She started gagging when it was only half way in so I pulled my dick out telling her to spit on it, when she did I then instructed her to start stroking it for a few seconds. Once my dick was even harder I pushed it right back in as far as I could! She continued gagging and spitting on my dick with tears rolling down her face, saliva all over her chin and on the bed. It was way too big for her but she wasnt backing down.
Bianca is so concentrated in sucking my dick I had to pull her off and pull my self away in order to get her attention.
“Are you ready for me to fuck you?”
“Ok” she answered while still stroking my cock looking up at me with her beautiful hazle eyes.
I instruct her to turn around and she does, getting on her hands and knees on the bed. I then come up behind her and play with her pussy with my dick, rubbing it against her pussy, slapping it against her pussy watching as her juices covered my dick and also flowed down her legs.
“Please stick in already, please, I’m ready for you”

I than press my dick into her pussy. Her pussy was really tight, and very wet; I had to start slow, pressing my head in and sowly pushing in the shaft. She screamed with pleasure and pain. I could feel myself stretching out her pussy with every stroke, her tight 15 year old pussy has never had anything so big in it before. She was yelling at the top of her lungs, screaming “OH SHIIITT!! OOOHH fuck me harder, fuck me!” I excepted that as she was stretched out enough where it wasn’t too painful. I than began to pound her pussy hard, shoving every inch of my cock inside her, faster and faster.
I canlı bahis siteleri lifted her off the beg by her ass never taking my dick out, and started fucking her in the air.
“Ah! Oh my god!” she continued yelling out as I slammed her pussy against my dick. Both of us sweating over each other, breathing heavily. Her legs began to shake, her eyes rolled back, her body curled up and pushed her self off of me throwing her self onto the bed, moaning and screaming at the top of her lungs as she orasmed. I gave her her first orgasm, but i wasnt done with her…
I grabbed her by her hair and turned her around to face me on her hands and knees, ” Im going to show you how your sister likes to be fucked.” I than shoved my dick all the way inside her mouth again causing her to gag once more, i continued to fuck her mouth until my dick is really wet. I instructed her to turn around again and she did and I moved behind her. Slowly began pressed my dick into her ass. She screamed with pain reaching back to hold me away, but I’m alot stronger than her and continue to press in. Finally the head of my dick is in her ass and she is crying and screaming but begs me to keep going.
“If my sister can take it, so can I!” She shouted at me and I could see the pain in her face but for some reason it turned me on even more.
I press harder until I’m balls deep inside her ass. Im so close to cuming when I get all the way in, but I hold off as long as i can. I can see tears in her eyes and pain in her face, but she loves the feeling. Her pussy is dripping wet again.
she yelled as i started to fuck her ass, i started slowly so I wouldn’t hurt her too much. But I was so horny that after a few minutes I started pounding my dick in as my balls slapped against her pussy , stoking as hard and as fast as i can while her screams fill the house.
“Oh shit, im gonna cum!” I yelled out.
“Cum on me!” she screamed at me. I immediatly pulled my dick out, rushed over to her face and shot my cum all over her face and in her little mouth. So much cum I completely covered her face and filled up her mouth.

“Bianca?! Why are you screaming” Jessica yelled out from downstairs as I could hear her footsteps rushing up the stairs.
“Oh shit!” i said softly, quickly grabbed my clothes and climbed out Jessica’s window.
As soon as I reached the floor I put on my pants and ran down the street. Once I was a block away I got a call from Jess
… I stared at the phone as it rang over and over not knowing if i should answer..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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