My Gift From Missy

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It was May 13th, 2001, my 26th birthday, when my girlfriend gave me the greatest birthday present I had ever received.

We went to dinner the night before, with my best friend, Alex. After dinner, we came back to our apartment for a while, then suddenly, Missy and Alex were leaving. They said they had to go out for a last minute gift for me. I didn’t think anything of it, because there is a 24 hour department store a few miles from our house.

I also didn’t think anything of it when she wasn’t home by 3 am, since the three of us are usually awake until 5 or 6 every morning. I went to bed, figuring she’d be next to me when I woke up.

When I got out of bed the next morning, my birthday, I was rather disappointed that she wasn’t yet home. After all, it was 11 am, and very unlike her to not call when she wasn’t coming home. I paged her, then waited for her to call back.

About 20 minutes later, Missy called back, apologizing like crazy, and said she fell asleep at Alex’s house after putting my presents together, and that I should come over there to get them.

I walked the few blocks from our apartment to his house, and Missy was already waiting at the door for me. She took me upstairs, and gave me my first round of gifts, about $200.00 worth of Star Wars haramidere escort memorabilia.

The rest of the day passed rather slowly, with visits to my parents and another nice dinner with Missy and Alex.

We decided the three of us would go to a strip club before going out drinking, and went back to our apartment to get ready. I got dressed first, and when I came out, Missy and Alex were engaged in a deep kiss on the couch, his hand up her shirt, her hands clenched tightly in his hair. I sat in the chair across from them, enjoying the show.

The three of us had, quite a few times before, played silly games like strip poker and truth or dare, with whomever Alex was dating at the time as our fourth participant. Missy had known for several months that I wanted to see her fuck my best friend, but she always said she didn’t think she’d be able to go through with it. Seeing them make out was nothing new for me, and I had even seen them perform oral sex on each other.

Anyway, this time their making out seemed to be getting rather serious. Alex had slipped Missy’s shirt off, and she was in the process of doing the same to him.

I watched as he unhooked and removed her bra, releasing her 36DD breasts. He leaned ikitelli escort down and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking noisily. She pulled on his nipple rings while he slowly caressed her legs, inching his hand up her skirt.

She spread her legs to give him better access, at the same time unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his large, swollen cock.

Suddenly, Alex picked Missy up and carried her to the bedroom. From my chair, all I had to do was turn a little and I could see our bed. He laid her down, then practically tore her skirt and panties off. His head dove between her legs, causing her to thrash her head around rather violently. Her back arched as he licked her to orgasm, her feet kicking out wildly and her fingernails digging into his back.

After she came, she rolled him onto his back and pulled his pants and boxers off. She began sucking his massive cock, licking from base to head before swallowing him whole.

Missy stroked Alex’s cock with one hand, the other pulling his nipple rings and scratching his chest. She took all eight inches deep into her throat without flinching, and began sucking faster. By this time my own cock was begging for release. I slid off my jeans and started slowly stroking istanbul escort myself.

I continued stroking as Missy released Alex’s dick and started kissing up his stomach and chest. She began grinding her pussy against his cock, and I began stroking my cock faster.

As she guided his dick into her dripping hole, I came, spurting my seed all over my shirt.

She turned around to look at me, only the head of his cock inside her.

“Are you sure about this?” she asked.

I could only nod, still too overcome to speak. With one swift drop, Missy took Alex all the way inside her, her ass slamming down on his hips. I lit a cigarette as she slowly started fucking him, but still kept a hand wrapped around my quickly stiffening cock.

After several minutes, he flipped her over and began pounding into her as hard as he could, his balls slapping against her ass. I was now stroking my dick again like a horny teenager, and as Missy came, I stroked myself to one of the greatest orgasms I’d ever had in my life.

Alex continued punishing her twat, slamming into her like a bulldozer. He finally let out a deep moan and, to the shock of Missy and me, came deep inside her, sending her to another orgasm.

They collapsed together on the bed, a sweaty tangled mess of body parts.

We still hit the strip club that night, as well as the bars, and even though I was completely trashed, the image of them fucking stayed in my head all night.

My birthday is next Monday. Missy and I now live with Alex, and I can hardly contain the anticipation of what my birthday will bring this year.

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