My Friends Meet My Woman

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“Alright fellas this is her, my new girl, Chanel.” announced a well built man dressed in a nice pair of denim jeans and a tee shirt, with a flourish stepping out of the way to reveal a petite woman to a group of three men. The light cascaded into the entertainment space leaving Chanel drenched in sunlight highlighting her dark skin and contrasting baby blue sundress. Her braids perfectly framed her beautiful face.

All the men began to voice their approval by greeting and congratulating their friend in succession.

“Damn Brick she fine. I mean, hello Chanel. Nice to meet you,” announced the tallest man of the three. He looked the much smaller woman up and down before opening his arms to embrace her with a hug. “I would shake your hand but since you Brick girl I gotta give you a hug. We’s family nah gurl. Brick been talking about you so much it’s nice to finally meet you. I’m Brodie, me and Brick been best friends and brothers since we was babies.”

“Hello Brodie,” squeaked out the teeny tiny woman as she was swept up into Brodie’s lanky arms. Feeling a lump pressed against her arm she pushed off the man patting his stomach in a very friendly manner. “Brick talks about you so much as well.” Her smile drifted from his face, down past the snug fitting white tee to the lump in his distressed jeans that was most recently pressed into her arm. Her eyes narrowed when she saw a slight jump beneath the fabric. She could tell the fashion influence Brodie had on Brick.

Turning back to her man she was greeted to the sight of Brick hugging, a bear of a man, the biggest man amongst the trio of strangers. She reveled in the smile they shared with each other as the big man congratulated her teddy bear. His super white teeth contrasting against his chocolate skin and black beard seemed to brighten the room. She was shocked to see how similar their smiles and faces were when they both turned their gaze on her and the large man spoke.

“Yeah bruh you did good, I’m so happy for you.” The man was talking to Brick as he approached Chanel. “Thank you for taking this man off the streets and providing a place for him to settle down. I’m Chase.” The thick man reached out the biggest arm Chanel had ever seen in her life offering his hand for shaking.

Taking his meaty hand into both of hers Chanel squeezed tightly and offered her response.

“Nice to meet you Chase. Brick says you’re the strongest man he’s ever met.” Chanel noted how the thin fabric of his skin tight black t-shirt left all of his thick muscles on display.

“Yeah Brick loves to pay me compliments,” Chase agreed with a sly smile.

Chase fell back behind the last man of the trio who was stepping forward to greet her. If Chanel could say anything about the third man it would be that he was the baby bear of the group. Not too big, not too tall, just right. If Brick weren’t a thing she could easily see herself being most attracted to the man who now stood before her. Of all three of the men she was to meet today he seemed the most reserved. If she didn’t know better she would’ve labeled him as shy. From what she’d been told about him he was a man talked with authority even though most thought of him as quiet. She decided to break the ice.

“And you must be Zander?” She extended her hand forwards, smiling at the man dressed in a faded but, albeit clean polo shirt and frayed khaki shorts.

“Yes Ms. Chanel I am Alexander but these dummies, your man included, insist on shortening my name to Zander.” Zander moved closer inside of arms reach to embrace her. She immediately recognized familiar scent of the cologne Zander was wearing as her body was pressed against his in embrace. She inhaled the scent she was so accustomed to Brick wearing as their hug lasted past what would be deemed cordial. Chanel felt her body relax still pressed against the hard body of one of her man’s best friends.

“It’s so good to finally meet you,” exhaled Zander into her ear as he clutched her closer and twisted her body from side to side.

Lost in the comfort of the embrace Chanel finally broke out of the trance as she felt what was undoubtedly Zander’s hard dick lengthen down his shorts’ leg. Flushed with a certain excitement created by the dick pressed into her stomach and the intoxicating scent in her nose Chanel slowly backed away to address all of the men in the room.

“Ever since Brick and I started talking he’s had nothing but the best things to say about you guys, and as we’ve gotten closer I’ve learned just how important and close you all are. I decided that it was high time I met his “brothers. He’s told me ALL about you.” A glint of mischief flashed across her face as she emphasized that she knew all about the friend’s history. The men showed no outward signs of picking up that she knew more than normal.

Chanel stood in the middle of the room addressing the four men. Her head still light from the heavy breathing she’d done in Alexander’s chest. Fighting through the haze to focus she took in the sight of the three very attractive men that the man she’d hopefully one day call her husband, considered florya escort his closest and dearest friends, and her body started to react.

Brick couldn’t help but admire his beautiful woman. He’d never known anyone who cared for him like she did or that he could be more honest with. He looked on as she stood there scanning each of his friends. He knew she was thinking about all the things he’d told her about them. The biggest give away were her hardening nipples. Brick noticed the fidgeting in her stance. He knew it meant she was getting aroused, it was her horny dance. He quietly slipped to the side of the room and began pouring drinks for everyone. He’d been the unofficial bartender in college for his boys and knew exactly how to make everyone’s drinks.

“Shit! I’m so glad I could get all of you together to meet this lady. She has changed my life.” Brick passed out the drinks to each of his friends finally stopping to kiss Chanel and offer her a drink as well.

“I would like to propose a toast. To the beautiful Chanel, and the best friends a brother could have.” He lifted his glass of whiskey towards the lofted ceilings of his entertainment room.

“To Chanel!” His friends exclaimed in unison.

“To the fellas.” Chanel replied.

They all lifted their drinks to their lips and slowly downed each one.

“Damn Brick, did you put any coke in this whiskey?” exhaled Brodie, his chest beginning to heat up. The question was rhetorical. Brick was notorious for trying to get his friends as drunk as possible as fast as possible.

“You know how I do.” Brick responding gathering the glasses from his friends as he prepared to pour another round.

Chanel let the effects of the drink radiate through her body. Being on the smaller side she was already feeling the affects of the potent drink. Add that to the arousal that was steadily pulsing through her she was quite flush as she leaned back against the large sectional sofa behind her.

A hush fell over the room accentuated by the clinking of glass from Brick’s aggressive drink making. Chanel and the three men studied each other across the space of the room.

“So Brick has told you ALL about us?” inquired Chase through a another sly grin.

“ALL. ABOUT. YOU.” answered Chanel in a firm tone letting each word linger. She made sure to look her questioner in his eyes so he knew his secret was not a secret between them.

“So you know ALL about Brick?” the question left Brodie’s mouth dripping in doubt.

“ALL. ABOUT. HIM.” once again letting each word linger, Chanel responder to Brodie looking up into his eyes.

Brick was back with the drinks and again a quietness fell over the room. His friends paid extra attention the looks that Chanel was giving her man. They could see the adoration and love that she clearly had for him. The each gave his ass a good stare as he walked across the divide to deliver Chanel her drink.

Drink held before him, his brow crinkled in thought, Zander broke the silence.

“So Brick has told you ALL about us and you’re STILL here, what are we going to do?” The words were direct and solemn. There was an urgency to the question. The tension in the room was stifling.

“I want to watch and participate.” Chanel’s announcement cut through the tension lifting a weight off the room. They didn’t notice, but the men in the room let out deep sighs of relief and anticipation. She didn’t hesitate following up on her announcement.

“It didn’t take much to realize Brick was bi, I kind of just felt it, and he didn’t deny it,” she explained taking a sip of her drink. “Brick helped me deal with my sexuality in a way that made me feel very comfortable and I’ve been very thankful for that. He’s a sweet guy and I couldn’t help notice how much he talked about you guys and how his mind would wander when he spoke of you and how he’d never say names when he brought up some of the experimenting he did in college.

Eventually I forced him to tell me everything. So I know that you guys fuck each other. I know that Brick bottoms alot for you three. I know that he can get very slutty and needy and you are there to help him. I appreciate that. So don’t be mad, your secret is safe with me. If fact, I want to be in on it.”

Chanel lifted her drink to her mouth and finished it in one gulp. Looking to the men for their response as she held her glass for Brick to put away.. They in turned finished their drinks in silence, looking to one another for guidance. Finally Zander shrugged his shoulders and stepped forward taking control of the situation as the most respected of the friends.

“Ok. So how do you want to do this?” he inquired standing with his arms crossed amused at this ridiculous situation he was in.

“Your friend has a fantasy of watching his woman get fucked by his friends and I want you to make it happen for him today. I think he deserves a gift for all that he has done for us.” Chanel turned everyone’s attention to Brick who until that point had let his woman’s plan work itself out. göztepe escort She pulled him down to her to kiss him in the mouth, openly groping him through his jeans.

“Strip.” She commanded looking at Brick. He slowly lifted the shirt above his head revealing his soft muscular torso that everyone in the room had grown to love. His pecs round enough to almost be small man breast. His soft abs revealing that he worked out but still probably ate too much and drank too much. His upper body looked like he LIVED responsibly.

Turning his back to the room. Brick unbuttoned his jeans and dropped them to the ground unveiling his bare ass everyone in the room was more than familiar with. He was perfectly hairless below his waist his skin perfect from years of secret skin care routines that he wouldn’t let anyone know about until Chanel had interrogated it out of him. His ass was soft yet firm and big. The results of lots of working out and genetics. Chanel beamed as his friends eyes went directly towards the ass they’d been dicking for years. She was excited to know they still wanted it. Their packages all growing in their pants. She loved the quick inhale of breathe they all took in unison as Brick bent over to remove the pants and socks from around his ankles, offering a glimpse of his cute asshole.

“From now on…” she declared dropping the sundress to reveal her naked body as she turned towards the friends, “Brick and Chanel is a package item. If you’re gonna fuck him you’re gonna fuck us both.” She grabbed Brick by the hand leading him across the floor to Zander’s bringing them both to kneel before him.

“Alexander,” she said with a smirk, looking up to the man as she and Brick undid his belt buckle and pants.

“Brick tells me you’re the first man to fuck him. That means you’ll be the first one to fuck me.” Brick had pulled the impressively thick and long circumcised dick from its confines causing Zander to step out of his pants leaving him in only a shirt. “Kiss it baby.”

Following the orders of his woman Brick lifted the dick to his mouth placing the head inside his mouth, swirling his tongue around his friends dickhead. Chanel and Zander both let out loud moans, Zander’s head went back his eyes looking to the ceiling letting his friend assume his regular position amongst them, Chanel face went towards the shaft of the dick painting it with her tongue.

The couple couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Chanel was determined to make it happen but she had her reservations that she would actually go through with it, but the liquid courage and the attraction she had to all the men in the room had long taken over. Brick almost caught a nut as his tongue danced with his woman’s along the dick that took his anal virginity all those years ago. Never in his wildest dreams could he have ever thought this long held fantasy of his would come true.

The sight in front of him was almost too much for Chase to handle. He’d have never expected being outed would led to him getting some pussy. Especially pussy from his homie’s woman. Her quickly removed all of his clothes and gathered himself behind Zander lifting his worn polo above his head and tossing it across the room. Zander felt Chase’s dick wedge between his ass cheeks as the big man’s paws came around his body to tweak his nipples. Zander’s ass instinctively pushed back against the dick only to be pulled forward by his dick.

“No one besides me gets fucked until all of you have cum in my pussy.” Chanel ordered, pulling on Zander’s dick. She pulled him to the back of the sofa as Brick followed. She placed Zander in Brick’s hand as she bent over the couch pulling her ass apart lewdly exposing her pussy. “Put him in baby.” She looked back to her willing partner who quickly licked her to add moisture before guiding his boy into his girl.

“Fuuuuck.” She hissed as the dick moved into her. A deep moan escaped her mouth next. Brick was pumping his friend in and out of her.

“Fuck her bro. She been begging for it. She calls me your name all the time when we fucking.”

Brick was pushing and pulling on Zander’s hips from a squatting position coaxing his friend to fuck faster.

“Yeah girl! You done heard about me huh? Heard about how I opened your man’s pussy up for him, and wanted me to do… the… same!?” Zander’s pace was quickening stabbing into the new pussy in front of him. Ending each of his words on the in stroke.

“Fuck… Yes… A…lex…and…er.” Chanel’s head thrashed side to side as she began to be pounded from behind. He breath catching as she tried to answer through the thrusts.

Satisfied with the pace he’d set Bric turned towards Chase who was standing now in the middle of the room his dick in his hands. From his squat position he fell to his knees and beckoned his big friend over. Chase presented his thick dick to his dick sucking friend. Brick was a dick sucking fiend something they all learned after breaking him in during college. He liked dick so much that they stopped calling him Bernard and instead changed halkalı escort it to Brick and playoff of the dick he liked so much.

“First off fuck you for putting us on blast. Second thank you for finding a cool down ass chick for us all to play with,” Chase admonished while rubbing his dick on his buddy’s face, his feelings still mixed about how he felt right now. “I should punish your ass with a hard fucking but you’d undoubtedly like it.” Before Brick could respond Chase shoved his meat into the open mouth.

Brick could only moan out his agreement as he let the dick settle into his throat. Chase had the thickest dick of all his fuck friends and they’d celebrated with an all night session using his mouth as a cum dump the day he finally learned to deep throat him. Having the dick stretch his jaw and throat brought back a lot of nostalgia from Brick’s college days. By the time his senior year ended there wasn’t one day he didn’t feel the need to have some his bro’s cum in his stomach or ass. Thankfully his friends understood that even though he was fucking and getting his dick sucked by girls, and on the rare occasion them, Brick needed dick in his life. They never treated him different because of it and for that he was their boy for life.

“Yeah dawg go nice and slow. Since I fucked you second. I guess I’m getting in your girl next huh? Well take it slow I don’t wanna get too close. I’m trying to last in that pussy.” Chase relaxed his hands on Brick’s shoulders as he got some lazy head just like he liked. He like being worshipped it allowed him to take in the scene. He was taking in Brodie’s boney ass while he walked to the front of the couch to present his dick to Chanel. Chase paid close attention to see the girl’s reaction.

Back in college Brodie had been upset to learn that his childhood friend was easy pussy and he was the last to know. Back then he felt like if anyone was supposed to know it should’ve been him first. But knowing what he knew now he was glad it worked out that he was the last to fuck Brick. Not that he ever bragged about it but Brodie was extremely well endowed and had he been the first to fuck Brick he might have scared him off. At over ten inches long and nearly as thick as Chase it was good that Brick got to work out the kinks before trying to ride his monster. In the same way this was going to work well for Brick’s woman too. She was gonna need time to warm up. He strode across the room to present his pride and joy to the little woman.

If nothing else Chanel knew she was a trooper she’d never run from dick and today wasn’t going to be the day she started. Zander was expertly pounding her pussy. If her heart wasn’t fully on being everything for Brick she might could fall in love with this Zander dick. Her face had been in the pillow a long time feeling her knocking around her walls. She was building up to a huge nut when she felt her face being pulled out of the pillows.

What greeted Chanel was something she was totally unprepared for. Brodie was standing in front of her pointing the biggest dick she had ever seen in her life, directly at her mouth. He must have been bigger than her entire forearm. Her eyes bulged and her pussy tightened thinking of having to keep that monster from tearing her apart. Zander felt the pussy tighten around his dick and lost control.

“Fuck I’m bout to nut,” he screamed picking up his pace, brutally pounding into Chanel. Chanel’s mouth opened in shock and was quickly filled by Brodie jamming as much of his dick down her throat as possible. Unable to take such a sudden thrust from both ends Chanel pushed Brodie out of her mouth while her pussy contracted in on Zander holding him deep inside her.

Not able to take the tightness Zander came deep inside his boy’s girlfriend. “Fuck take this nut girl!” he screamed trying to dig into the girl as deep as possible.

Feeling the cum pump into her sent Chanel over the edge. Her mouth opened in a soundless scream as her body convulsed in her first orgasm of the afternoon.

Brick held Chase’s dick in his mouth while he watched Chanel thrash around on the couch. He knew the dick in his mouth wasn’t going to be for him so he pulled Chase over to the back of the couch where Zander was pulling out. Before she could even get used to the empty feeling Zander left her with Chanel could feel what must have been Chase’s dick enter her pussy.

“Fuck her dawg add your nut to Zander’s nut.” Brick slapped Chase’s ass to spur him on. Chase didn’t waste any time as he responded by forcefully thrusting his hips against Chanel’s ass. She felt stretched by the wider dick but was determined to relax. She had to if she had any hope of taking the monster dick in front of her.

Brodie was about to put his dick back into the girl’s mouth when he was intercepted by Brick falling to his knees to service him where Chanel could see him expertly deep throat the dick. Brodie didn’t mind he was just as excited to let Chanel watch his childhood friend suck him off. Part of him wanted to show how much more of a man he was than Brick. They’d always wanted to one up each other and Brick finding a girl who totally accepted him was definitely a “W” for Brick. Since Brick had made Brodie jealous by showing up with such a fine catch he was going to make Chanel jealous that he’d been fucking Brick for years and would always have a hold on him. They were best friends after all.

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