My Friend’s Boyfriend

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This is my first ever submission so ~


This was the first time I’d ever met my friend’s boyfriend. I live with three other girls (Jess, Ella and Charlotte) and another guy, but he was away for the weekend. We were all sat downstairs, drinking, getting high, it was me, the three girls and Charlotte’s boyfriend, James.

I was already attracted to him, he had a slight tan, toned, just wearing shorts and a vest. His blonde hair was gelled up pretty perfectly. I was jealous of Charlotte…

Anyway, the five of us were drinking until pretty late and we started playing games. Never Have I Ever, Ring of Fire, and then it moved to Truth or Dare. It was more just dare to be honest. We were making our way down a list of dares that we found online. Ella had to do handstands across the room while I held her legs, most of us had to down our drinks, James had to do a shot of hot sauce… and then it came to me.

“Alright Mark, your turn.”

“Well, what’s my dare gonna be?”

Next on the list: kiss a person of the same-sex for 20 seconds.

The only other guy in the room was James.


He smiled at me kind of awkwardly, and I looked at Charlotte asking if it was okay. She was laughing so I presumed it would be. I moved to next to him on the couch. He was facing away from everyone else so he winked at me and put a hand around my neck as we moved in. Our lips met and I felt a spark run through my body. I opened my eyes and he was looking at me in confusion as we kissed. Everyone went crazy laughing. They were so caught up in it they didn’t notice the kiss change from a joke. Our hands moved to each other’s thighs, stroking slowly, they didn’t notice our tongues dancing around in each other’s mouths. I was so hard in my jeans it was painful. I slid my hand further up his thigh and felt his dick, hard too. He moaned quietly in my mouth as my hand wrapped around it, everyone was still laughing so no one but me heard it.

After 30 seconds was up I pulled away and coughed. But didn’t move away from the couch, he turned back around and the both of us subtly made the effort to hide our boners. Our thighs were still touching.

“I feel sorry for you, Charlotte,” I laughed trying to defuse the tension, “That kiss was bad.”

They all laughed too and James pretended to scowl at me. And then we carried on drinking.

We were sat pretty close together for the rest of the night. The dares took a slight turn, dares to kiss each other, to flash underwear. At one point while the three girls were in the kitchen he slid his hand down the back of my jeans and squeezed my ass. I moaned a little under my breath.

“That was a hot kiss, wasn’t it?” He said quietly, his words slightly slurred. We were all really drunk by this point. His hand was still there, massaging my ass.

“Yeah.” I replied, clearing my throat as they walked back in, maybe illegal bahis stumbled was a more appropriate word for it.

“I think it’s time to sleep.” Charlotte slurred, looking at James expectantly.

“I’ll just grab a drink, I’ll be right up.” He smiled.

The girls all filed out and went to bed, so I stood up awkwardly and headed to the door, before I got there though he swung me around and pinned me against the wall, kissing me and grinding our bodies together. Our breathing was heavy, we both moaned under our breath. The kiss was rough, my hands slid up the back of his vest, stroking along his muscular back. His hands crept back down my jeans, cupping my ass and squeezing it roughly. He pulled my hair and I moaned, I kissed his neck and breathed in his ear, he bit my lip. Our hard cocks were rubbing together through the fabric of our pants and shorts.

“I’ve never been so attracted to a guy before.” He moaned as I kissed his neck and rubbed his dick through his shorts. “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Just roll with it.” I whispered, sliding my hand down his stomach and into his shorts. He was going commando. Oh man oh man. I couldn’t resist grabbing his hard cock. He moaned loader and I moved my lips back to his to muffle the sound. Then Charlotte shouted from upstairs.

“What’s taking so long, James?!”

“Shit,” he whispered, running to get a drink and heading out the door. I waited a minute or so before following him.

I fell asleep pretty quickly but I was woken up an hour later by a knocking on my door, the room still spun so obviously I was still kind of drunk. I was used to the knocking though, my room was right by the bathroom and people always forgot to bring something or other.

“Mark, you up?” James whispered through the door.

I crept to my door, only in some tight boxer-briefs that I slept in now, and unlocked the door, opening it. James was stood there, his blonde hair out of the gel now and hanging just above his eyes in a cute fringe. He was only wearing some tight white boxers, with an obvious bulge. I probably took too long looking up and down his body, tanned muscular chest, the bulge, slightly hairy legs… it was hard not to pop a boner just looking at him. I looked back up at his face and noticed him doing the same thing. He looked at me as he adjusted his package, and blushed.

“Sorry,” he whispered, he was still slightly drunk too. “I totally forgot toilet roll.”

He held the door open as I walked back into the room to grab my roll and I passed it to him, his eyes were further down again and I cleared my throat.

“Thanks.” He muttered, and then he left.

Five minutes later he knocked again, to return it. But this time as I took it and went to say good night he pushed through the door and kissed me again. We stumbled back, drunk and horny, moaning into each other as our mostly naked bodies pressed together. illegal bahis siteleri The hardening bulges in our underwear were grinding against each other roughly. James pushed me back onto the bed and crawled on top of me. Kissing up my stomach, up my abs. Stopping at my nipples to lick and bite them. I arched my back and moaned again.

His hand rubbed my hard cock through my underwear and gripped it as he bit my neck, I was in pure bliss. He massaged my dick through the fabric and kissed his way back down my torso. Nipples, abs, stomach… he kissed along my waistband slowly and purposefully and his hands began to pull them down. He was obviously nervous. He tossed my underwear to the side and grabbed my dick, tentatively licking the head and looking me in the eyes, all I saw was hunger in them.

“I shouldn’t be doing this.” He whispered as he took my cock in his mouth. His tongue and lips swirled and massaged my dick and I moaned again, hands tangled in his hair and pushing him down deeper on my dick. He gagged and pulled away, breathing heavily. You could tell he’d never had a dick in his mouth before but it was exciting and he wasn’t bad.

“You’re so hot.” I whispered in the darkness.

He massaged my balls and licked up and down my shaft hungrily. His tongue running all over. Along my balls, the head. He was going to town. I pulled him back up by his hair, hard dick tenting out of his boxers and kissed him again as I rolled us both over so I was on top. I bit my way down his body and pulled his underwear down too, quickly. We were both naked now, pre-cum was dripping from our dicks as we made out, grinding and moaning together as our hands stroked and scratched and explored each other. I couldn’t take it anymore. I edged my way down until I was between his muscular thighs. Within moments his dick was throbbing in my mouth and he was moaning, gripping my hair in his hands and back arched on the bed. His well-kept pubes were brushing against my nose as his dick hit the back of my throat. He gasped and moaned and I pulled back out as he panted.

“Wow,” he whispered.

One of my hands slid under him to squeeze his ass as the other gripped his cock. I licked the head some more, swirling it around and making him tremble.

Then I got brave. As I took his dick back down my throat my hand slid slowly along his ass, nails dragging slightly to make him moan again. My finger stopped at his tight hole and he gasped as he realised what I was doing. I pressed slightly, one finger on his hole and the others gently stroking his taint. His dick throbbed in my mouth as he moaned and writhed in pleasure. I looked up saw him, staring at me. He bit his lip.

“Oh my god,” he moaned, “oh god, oh yeah we shouldn’t be doing this”

My finger pushed slightly further and he groaned again, trembling. He was loving every second of it.

“Oh my god yes Mark.”

I was canlı bahis siteleri sucking more aggressively now, building up a rhythm. Jerking myself off with the hand that wasn’t fingering his tight asshole. He was shaking and moaning and becoming more vocal. His fingers were pulling my hair as he thrust his dick into my mouth. We were both groaning. I could feel him building up, his cock was throbbing. Pre-cum was practically pouring into my mouth. And leaking from the tip of my dick too.

“Wait a minute,” he whispered. Pulling me onto the bed and manoeuvring the two of our bodies so we were in a 69 position. “It’s not fair for you to do all the work.”

He was so fucking hot. I was on top, my hands both gripping his ass now, my middle finger moved back to his asshole and he moaned on my cock. The vibrations made me tremble with pleasure. We sucked in unison, moaning and groaning and gasping. Sometimes we’d gag and share a laugh. My finger pushed deeper inside him and he moaned louder before catching himself and quietening down. His dick throbbed and he licked along my own shaft, up and down, licked my balls and then he slid further up. To my own hole. His tongue flicked curiously, but got more determined as he heard how much I moaned.

“Fuck,” I whispered, squeezing his ass tighter and pushing further in. We were both groaning and sweating. Thrusting. His hand jerked off my dick while his tongue was busy with my ass. His warm tongue flicked around my hole, his hand jacked me off quickly, roughly. My mouth was going to town on his hard dick and my finger was pushing deeper into his asshole. We were groaning and I felt his cock throb again in my mouth.

“Ugh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he whispered. At the same time his tongue moved back to my balls and I felt my own dick throb.

“Fuck me too.” I whispered back. We got more desperate. He moved back to my dick, licking and sucking like his life depended on it and I did the same. Begging for the loads.

We moaned and groaned out as we shot into each other’s mouths, once, twice, three times, more. Swallowing together and groaning in bliss. His cum was salty, but nice. It usually was.

When we finished we licked and sucked the last drops from each other, making each other tremble and whimper.


I turned around and collapsed on the bed next to him, breathing roughly and rubbing his balls gently.

“Fuck,” we both whispered through breaths. He kissed me again, swirling our tongues and the taste of our cum around each other’s mouths. We got caught up in it again. Still horny, still hot for each other. Our bodies were pressed tightly against each other, my hands were in his hair, pulling, his were scratching down my back.

“Fuck,” we moaned again, and laughed.

Then Charlotte shouted from upstairs, “James what’s taking so long?”

He smacked my ass, hard, as he got up and put his underwear back on.

“Maybe I’ll see you in the morning,” He whispered to me, then he left my room.


[[[Maybe there could be a part 2 if anyone likes this story, perhaps Mark and James take a shower together n the morning????? Who knows.]]]

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