My First Time with Ryan

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It was 2013 on a hot summers night. Me and Ryan decided to go camping and make the most of the beautiful weather! We were both 18 and fresh out of school both deciding what we were going to do with ourselves now we’re “grown up”.

Ryan and I would often talk about what girls we would love to hook up with or see naked! These chats got us through our high school years. But it was this one night, where we both happened to be laying in tent together where Ryan asked me something a little different to the norm…

“Have you ever checked out any of the guys after a gym session at school?”… This questioned stunned me a little as I had always checked out all the hot guys getting changed very secretly…

“Ummmm… Maybe once or twice… What makes you ask this?”

“It’s been playing on my mind for a while now, I’ve seen you stare at the guys cocks and quickly look away like your staring into thin air”…

“Whaaaaaa… How did you notice this? Please don’t say anything, I feel so embarrassed!”

“It’s okay man, it’s just me and you right now… I’ve been meaning to tell you for a while now, but I think I like guys… I’m not sure what it is, but there’s nothing like a hot guy getting out of a shower and playing with his cock in the hot steamy mist! I hope I’m not scaring you right now but there’s a reason I wanted to go camping with just you!”

I was a little shocked at first, but secretly illegal bahis deep down, I’ve always had a little man crush on Ryan! He’s always been a bit of a girly guy… And for some reason, it really turned me on!

“It’s funny you say this, but I’ve really had a crush on you for so many years! I’ve just been too much of a pussy to tell you!”

“What, really? So now everything is out, what would you like to do about it? My teenager cock was getting so hard, knowing that my friend of so many years was into me!”

“Well… how about you hold me close and kiss me?”

The next few minutes were so awkward… Both of us had rock hard cocks and touching each other for the first time…

Ryan leaned over and kissed Elliot, Elliot was a little shy but continued and as the seconds passed by, he was rubbing his throbbing cock wondering what’s going to happen next!

Ryan soon took off he’s shirt and jumped out of his sleeping bag, begging Elliot to do the same…

Both young men were now in nothing but their underwear, kissing each other passionately and feeling each other’s hot bodies!

Elliot couldn’t help but notice Ryan’s huge cock bulging from below… As they continued to kiss, Elliot’s dreams of many years had finally come true… He was holding he’s best friends dick, playing with it like his own…

Both boys had finally gotten naked, kissing, rolling around in the illegal bahis siteleri tent with both cocks touching one another…

Ryan jumped on top of Elliot and slowly kissed his torso making his way down … Elliot was moaning, knowing his secretly gay friend was about to take his cock in his virgin mouth!

Mmmmm! Your cock tastes so good! Why haven’t we done this before? Ryan starts sucking Elliot’s throbbing member, eating all of his pre cum!

“You’re going to make me cum!” Elliot screams! Ryan was there, sucking his dick like a little school girl slut, taking the whole length in and out of his mouth, like a professional!

Elliot moaning, finally lets go of the biggest load he’s ever produced, right into his little gay friends mouth!

“Oh my god, your cum tastes so good!”

Elliot was in ecstasy and quickly threw Ryan underneath him, instantly putting his hard cock in his mouth.

The next 10 minutes where the best 10 minutes of Elliot’s life… Tasting his first cock and having his little sissy friend explode in his mouth!

The 2 boys laid in the tent after the big ordeal and started to take in what really just happened…

“I can’t believe we just did that… It’s been a fantasy of mine for years! There’s just one more thing that I want to happen… Stated Ryan”…

Slowly switching over to lay on his stomach… “I really want to feel you inside canlı bahis siteleri me! I want to take your cock and turn into your little bitch!”

Now on his knees and bent over, Ryan spreads his tight ass and reveals he’s untouched asshole…

Elliot gets up, stroking his hard teen cock, staring at Ryan, now bent over begging for his sissy virgin ass to be pounded!

“OMG please fuck me Elliot!” “I’m so keen for your cock! I’ll be your little bitch and do anything you say! Make me your sissy boyfriend… Please!”

Elliot bends over and starts licking his little sissy friends ass, inserting his tongue as far as he could into that boy pussy! Ryan screams with pleasure, “YES! Lube my faggot ass, I want your cock!”

Finally, Elliot inserts the head of his cock into his new best gay friend… Pumping slowly, Ryan at last feels Elliot’s rock hard cock fill his boy pussy!

Minutes go by and Elliot is making Ryan his bitch… Fucking him so hard just like a little girl!

In and out, in and out, Ryan’s hole being stretched like he had never imagined! Bent over and pushing back like a real slut!

Elliot moans as he releases his second load for the night into his little bitches asshole! Ryan screaming with pleasure, finally stops and takes a massive load of cum in his ass for the first time…

Both boys lay down in complete exhaustion, with their minds running at a hundred miles an hour just coming to terms of what has happened…

“Fuck” that really just happened…

Both boys then fell asleep in each other’s arms hoping that the world would never find out about their little secret.

Will anyone find out?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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