My First Official Nude Day

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I remember when I was in my early teens during the late 1960s I would go nude in our home when no one was there, but that was not very often living in a family of five. Back then we heard about nudist camps and hippies that lived free and sometimes without clothes, I wished I could be like that. When I was twenty and married my ex-wife, I still desired to be naked but she didn’t want to. This didn’t cause any real issues as we lived in the upper mid west where there wasn’t any opportunities to go nude outside of our home. I didn’t know about any nudist resorts and we didn’t have any nude beaches so I wished and seldom enjoyed being naked. As with some couples our marriage ended after twelve years and I moved into a small home on several wooded acres in northern Minnesota. This allowed me to be nude outside in the summer and I loved it. However I always wished I had a friend to be nude with or a resort close by that I could go to.

After a few years I moved again this time to a more southern state in the mid-west and with decent internet access. I searched on line to find a nudist resort or club within reasonable driving distance of my home, I lucked out and found one. After a couple of emails and calls I decided to go and spend a weekend. Although nervous, I was also excited at the prospect of spending an entire weekend outdoors, with other like minded people and best of all naked! The day finally arrived and away I went. Within several hours of arriving at the resort I met a guy, John, who was about my age. I learned that he lived close to the resort and was a member for many years. John told me he is married and his wife tolerated his practice of nudism but didn’t accompany him. We became quick friends and over the next several years we spent quite a few weekends together at the resort or when he visited my we would strip off.

After I received a nice promotion at work I decided to have an in-ground pool installed on my property, the thought of skinny-dipping any time I wished was exquisite. When the pool was completed and the water warmed up I of course invited John to spend a nude weekend to break in the pool with requisite skinny dipping. John asked if he could invited another friend of his, Tim, who like us is a nudist. Although I had not met Tim I said that would be fine! On the designated weekend John showed up with Tim, also about our age, single, and seemed to be a nice guy, struck me as a little reserved but he smiled as he looked up and down my nude body.

“Why don’t you guys strip-off and we will head out to the pool,” I announced. In no time flat we were all naked and out by the pool.

We spent some time swimming around and making small talk when out of the blue John says “does anyone want to swim between my legs, but be careful where you kick!” This took me by surprise, was I reading more into this statement? The thought of swimming between another persons legs was, to me, sexual in nature. I was deep in my thoughts and didn’t say anything but noticed that Tim didn’t say anything either.

After a bit more swimming I said “I’m hungry why don’t we have dinner, and guys no need to ware anything for the rest of the weekend.” We got out of the pool, and had a nice BBQ dinner. After dinner we again swam and talked until dark then went into the house and got ready for sleep. I told my friends they could sleep in the spare room or on the sleep sofa that has a queen mattress. John stated he and Tim would both sleep on the sleep sofa. I get bedding for the sleeper and made up the bed for them, said our good nights and I went into my room.

After a few hours of sleep I was woken by a noise and couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up to get a bottled water from the kitchen with the dim light coming through the living room window I was surprised to see Tim with his head down on John’s lap and appeared to be sucking John’s cock.

John saw me, smiled, and softly said “feel free to join us.”

In my confused state of mind I replied “thanks but no, I will see you in the morning.” I went back to bed but couldn’t get that image out of my mind, of course I had a hard-on and started to stroke and play with my cock, but didn’t want to cum, I was thinking tomorrow could be an interesting day. When I woke in the morning the sun was shining and looked to be a great day to spend in the water. When I got to the living room I saw the blanket and sheet tossed to the side of the bed, John was spooning Tim with his hand on Tim’s soft cock, both were asleep. I didn’t want to wake them so I just went out to the pool for a swim.

I was in the water about half and hour when John came out of the house sporting a hard-on and smile. He come over to the pool and sat on the side with his legs in the water. I swam over to him so we could talk. He started out by saying that he should have told me a long time ago that he was bi-sexual and that Tim is gay. He gave me a few minutes to absorb what he said then asked if this bothered me. If it did they could leave or would not have any sexual contact for the rest of the weekend. maltepe escort I told him it didn’t bother me and to not be concerned I would be sad if they left.

He smiled said “great” than told me anytime I wanted to join them in some activities I would be welcome. I thanked him and confided that I have never been physical with a guy but the idea didn’t turn me off, I didn’t mention the state I was in after seeing them last night.

Later in the afternoon when we were swimming John again asked if anyone wanted to swim between his legs.

Tim said “get ready” and under the water he went. I was thinking it odd to take so long to came back to the surface, John had a big old grin. When Tim finally surfaced he looked at me and said “your turn.” Down I went and saw John’s hard cock sticking straight out, when I got within arms length I reached out and touched the first cock that wasn’t mine. I swear I could feel the heat and was mesmerized by the feel of it in my hand. I surfaced, looked at John, smiled as did he. For several hours we swam around like horny teenagers grabbing and playing with each others cocks, it was the most fun I had in a long time! After dinner that night we all went to my king size bed. I was between John and Tim while we stroked each other’s cock or our own. When I was getting closer to coming I softly said out loud “I am close to blowing…” they both continued stroking me and lightly feeling my balls, it was a wonderful and as I came they continued lightly stroking and touching my cock and balls until I was completely drained, after which they rubbed my cum all over my stomach. Tim than got out of bed and went over to John and started to lick and suck on his cock.

Tim than looked at me and said, “you can join me if you wish.”

I was to intimidated, so just said “if you don’t mind I’ll just watch,” he smiled and went back to work on John. While watching him I got hard again and lightly stated to play with my cock. John saw this, brushed my hand away from my cock and started to play with me again. After a few minutes he came and than switched places with Tim and went to work on Tim’s cock with his mouth, after a few minutes Tim came. The last day they were there we again gave each other hand jobs, I was never so drained, happy and changed. I still liked being with women but also enjoyed being with my two friends.

Needless to say after that weekend I couldn’t get those images and feelings out of my mind and although John, Tim and I didn’t get together again John and I included mutual stroking during our times together. Over time we started to include sucking each other, John would often have me cum in his mouth from a wonderful blowjob, I would suck on his cock but never cum with my mouth only with my hands, this didn’t bother him and he always said that some day I would taste his cum.

John and I continued in this matter for about six years and he was the only person I had sexual contact with. I than meet a woman, Kim, who also enjoyed the nudist life style. To me Kim was stunning, she is about my height, a little heavy, and nice large tits. I think she has a cute ass and keeps her pussy shaved. After a few times together while nude she encouraged me to shave my cock and balls, I really enjoy the feeling of no hair down there and Kim says I am really nude now. Like most dating rituals things went slow between us, secrets were kept, like my full relationship with John. I continued to see John and we would have our cock time but I was afraid to tell Kim about that part of my relationship with John and that I was bi-sexual. She knew John was also a nudist and when John and I were together we would be naked and this didn’t seem to bother her. It now seems odd, but Kim, John and I never spent time naked together, the three of us would sometimes go out for dinner or a movie as friends.

This all changed last year when Kim told me about National Nude Day. While she was talking I was in my kitchen nude, I chucked and said “what is so special about that, we are nude most days.” She said the day was July 14th and it would be fun if I invited John over to my house to celebrate nude day. She didn’t live with me, and I said I will only if she joins us.

She smiled and said “of course.”

I called John and told him about our plan, he told me he knew all about National Nude Day and would love to come over, did I mind if Tim joined us, of course I said “yes.” I than remembered Kim didn’t know about John and Tim’s relationship. I struggled with on how to tell Kim, I didn’t want to upset her or think less of my friend. After a few days I came partially clean and told her that John was bi-sexual and Tim was gay.

She put two and two together and said “so they are friends with benefits?”

“Yes,” I said.

She smiled and said “interesting.”

I stated thinking what does that mean. That night when I went down on Kim, she was wetter than normal I didn’t give it a second thought just went to work on her wonderful pussy getting her off in record time, she in turn sucked maltepe genç escort me off with a new zeal, I didn’t mind.

The morning of nude day Kim arrived at my house wearing a robe. When she entered the kitchen where I was she said “I want to ask you something and I hope I don’t offend you.”

“Sure what is it?” I was a little concerned.

She asked “so have you ever joined with John and Tim or did you and John ever play together?”

Oh no, I really don’t want to discuss this. “Are you asking if I have ever joined them in sex play?”

“Yes,” she said.

Swallowing hard, I said “if I did, would that really bother you?” We had never talked to each other about bi or gay sex and I didn’t know her thoughts on it.

She looked at me and said “not unless you did anal without protection.” OK, cool, never did that with them and I know that when John and Tim did it that way they used condoms.

I told her “I only played with their cocks and sucked on John but he never came in my mouth.”

She asked “why is that?”

“Because I am unsure if I want him to, and he is fine with that. I suck on his cock and than make him cum with my hand.”

Kim said “OK, they are both coming today right?”

“Yes they are, why?” I asked.

“Well, I think we’ll have an interesting day.” She than removed her robe, and of course was nude under it. She walked over to me, grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy, boy was she wet, and I got immediately hard. I so wanted to fuck her right than and there, she felt my hard cock, stroked it a couple of times and said “later hard man!” Really…

We continued to get ready for our little party all the time the sexual tension was electric between us, occasional touching of my cock, her wonderful tits and of course a finger in her pussy now and than which I just had to lick the sweet taste off my finger, yum. John and Tim arrived on time, I answered the door without bothering to cover up and a hard on, they came in and stripped right off. We than went into the kitchen where Kim was and I introduced Tim, of course everyone was eyeing each other up and down and all smiled. We all proceeded out to the pool, John and Tim ran and jumped into the water.

Kim gently grabbed my arm and whispered “I am going back into the house.”

I cut her off asking “is something wrong?”

“No,” she said, “I want to let you guys have a few minutes without me.”

I said “OK, thanks.”

Kim than whispered to me “I wouldn’t mind coming back out here and see you with John’s cock in your mouth,” she had a wicked smile.

“Oh really?” I said. This made me nervous, it’s one thing telling your gal you have sucked on a cock, but in my mind, quite another her seeing me with a cock in my mouth. “maybe” was all I could muster to say. Kim turned and went back into the house, I went to the pool and jumped in.

John asked “is Kim upset or anything?”

“No she wanted to give us a few minutes by ourselves.” I told him.

“Cool” he said. By this time John and Tim were sitting next to each other on the edge of the pool with their legs in the water.

John than asked me “does Kim know about Tim and I?”

“Yes,” I said, “I also told her about us playing with each others cocks and the occasional sucking.”

“And she was OK with that?” John asked.

“Yes she said she was as long as I never did anal and if you and Tim did that you used condoms, I told her you did.” On hearing that Tim started to get hard and John just reached over and slowly stated to stroke Tim’s nice cock, this got me hard, I reached for John’s cock and started to play with it. As his cock got harder and harder it’s head was level with my mouth I just kept touching him and staring at hard cock bobbing in front of me.

Tim glanced towards the house and whispered “Kim is coming towards us.” I hesitated for a moment with the instinct to pull my hand away from John’s cock, John did pull his hand from Tim’s cock. I decided to continued feeling John’s cock while Kim walked over to us, Tim was sitting with his hard-on pointing into the air and looked unsure.

Kim smiled and said “I see you guys are having some fun.”

“Yes we are, you don’t mind us having fun, do you?” I asked Kim.

“No feel free to continue.” She told us. John’s hand returned to Tim’s cock which was starting to go soft. My continued playing with John’s cock had him leaking some precum which was clearly visible. Kim was watching me and said, “Bill you should at least lick that precum from John so it doesn’t get into the pool water,” as she winked. I thought for a moment and remembered what she said to me earlier, so I slowly lowered my mouth to John’s cock and licked the tip with my tongue. I than lowered my mouth over the head of his cock and swirled my tongue around it, continued down until my mouth was full of cock. I stayed in that position for a minute then slowly raised off his cock and let it pop out of my mouth. I looked at Kim and saw she was looking at John’s cock maltepe olgun escort and than over to Tim’s cock, she had her hand over her pussy and I’m sure she had at least one finger inside. She than said, “wow I always wanted to see that.” “John you should have Bill suck you off, his tongue dose wonders on my pussy!”

John blurted out “I know, but he doesn’t finish me off, which is fine.”

Kim retorted “well I would love to see him suck you off and get the cum reward!” With a statement like that coming from the woman you love encourages you to do things. I slowly lowered my mouth back to John’s cock and took him in. I slowly bobbed up and down with my lips tight around his shaft. While his cock was fully in my mouth I would move my tongue around it feeling the hardness.

About the time I was starting to think I wasn’t doing a good job he put his one hand on my head and said “I am close, real close” which is normally my cue to pull away. Not this time I am going all the way.

Right after John said that Kim said “yes finish him in your mouth and let me his cum.” I than felt John’s cock pulse and his cum stated to fill my mouth. I forced myself to not swallow his cum, at least not yet. My mouth was getting full so I pulled off, some of his spurting cum landed on my face and some was dripping from the corners of my mouth. Tim immediately lowered his mouth to John’s cock to get the cum I missed and John leaned over to my face and licked some of his cum from it.

Kim shouted “Bill open your mouth, I want to see the cum in there!” I did as instructed and than she said “Wow, swallow it down!” That was the first time I have ever ate cum, not to bad, I would do it again. I had a raging hard on, Tim’s cock was as hard as I have ever seen it and Kim was fingering her pussy. Kim walked over to the edge of the pool, sat with her legs spread, feet in the water and said “Bill it’s my turn to get that mouth of yours.” How could I refuse. As I stated to go down on her sopping wet pussy I glanced over to John and Tim and saw John stating to go down on Tim. I couldn’t watch, I had take care of the open wet pussy in front of me. It didn’t take me long with my tongue to get Kim off. When I finished cleaning her with my tongue and she was returning back to normal, I stated to watch John do Tim. Kim reached for my pussy wet face and pulled me to her, she kissed me and than licked some of her juice from me, she never did that before.

She than said “Bill it’s your turn for a blow job, would like one from me or one of your friends?” Is this a trick question I thought.

“You!” I said.

She told me to get out the pool and I had better be hard. I got out and went to where she was sitting, she turned her head and stated to suck me off, it didn’t take me long to shoot my cum into her mouth. After I came she pulled my face to hers for a kiss, I didn’t think and kissed her but she had a mouth full of my cum which she shared with me. That was the first time I tasted my own cum, from all the sexual excitement I didn’t mind, Kim smiled at me. John quickly finished Tim off and we all looked at each other.

I announced “happy nude day every one!” We all laughed.

Now that everyone was drained, so to speak, Kim and I got the food ready while John and Tim swam. We had a great meal and sat around by the pool talking. I noticed that John and Tim were lightly playing with each others cocks while we talked. I took the liberty of reaching for Kim’s pussy and stated to lightly feel and finger her. She put her hand on me and lightly played with my cock and I stated to get hard again. Kim got up, grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my chair, when I was standing she grabbed my cock and pulled me to the pool, I guess she figured it was a good handle. We got into the water when Kim told me I had better put that hard cock of mine into her. She than wrapped her lags around my mid section and lowed herself onto my hard cock. I looked over at John and Tim, they were sitting in their chairs, playing with each others cocks and watching use fuck in the water, although they couldn’t really see my hard cock moving in her pussy there was no doubt what was going on. We fucked like wild people and finally came together, which is always an awesome thing. When my soft cock slipped from her, she gave me a peck on the lips and we started to head out of the pool, to which John and Tim give us a standing ovation. Kim pulled me next to her and we bowed to them like performers on a stage.

We sat back down and Kim looked at John and said “are you two going to perform for us?”

John and Tim looked at each other, nodded, got up and moved so we could see them when they laid down on the pool deck in a sixty nine position. They proceeded to give each other blowjobs. Kim was intently watching them and stated to rub her tits and I was lightly playing with my soft cock. John and Tim were really giving us a great performance and when John announced he was ready to cum, Tim pulled off his cock and stroked him until he started coming, he then went back down on him to get his cum. John continued to suck on Tim, Tim than said he was coming and John pulled off him, used his hand and when Tim stated to cum he went back down for his cum. When they finished licking each other clean and got up, Kim and I gave them a standing ovation and they in turn bowed to us.

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