My Brother and His Boyfriend

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* PART 1: NOAH *

Even though Aaron and I were identical twins, our personalities couldn’t have been more different. He was very outgoing, loved spending time with friends, and didn’t mind being the center of attention. I hung out with him and our friends every now and then, but I preferred to keep a low profile and spend most of my time online.

Even so, Aaron and I got along very well. I guess we took after our parents; they were divorced but got along much better than most other couples I knew. We lived with our dad in a big house in the suburbs, and saw a lot of our mom who lived in a small apartment downtown.

Our senior year of high school is when Aaron met his first boyfriend. Lars had just moved from Norway and tall, blond, and handsome as he was, he was a perfect Scandinavian cliché. I was also gay, and as happy as I was for Aaron, I couldn’t help but be a bit jealous.

To make things worse, the two weren’t exactly shy when it came to PDA. The first time our dad met Lars was when Aaron invited him over to have dinner and watch a movie with us. It was a warm, late-summer evening and the three of us sat at the kitchen table waiting; Dad in his suit after work, me in my usual jeans and a t-shirt, and Aaron in nothing but a pair of boxers, smiling at his phone and texting with one foot up on the chair.

“He’ll be here soon, go put some clothes on,” my dad told Aaron.

“Fiiine,” he said and got up reluctantly. “It’s not like I got anything he hasn’t seen already,” he laughed. A minute later he came back in jeans and a t-shirt, still barefoot.

Lars arrived a few minutes later, as polite as ever, and charmed my dad right away. He was wearing a tight t-shirt and an even tighter pair of jeans with a very low waist, showing off just a bit of smooth skin at the bottom of his stomach. When he sat down, his jeans slid down to reveal the top of his ass; it was obvious he wasn’t wearing any underwear and I found that very hot.

We chit-chatted through dinner, and moved to the living room to watch Spider-Man (Aaron’s choice). He and Lars sat on the couch and Dad and I each took an armchair. Dad wasn’t really interested in the movie, he kept looking at his phone, and got up and went to the kitchen after a while.

Up to that point, Aaron and Lars had their arms around each other discreetly. But as soon as my dad got up, I saw Aaron grab Lars’s face and give him a huge sloppy kiss, their tongues going in and out of their mouths, rushed, in a hurry before our dad got back. I pretended to be interested in the movie, but tried to sneak a peek out of the corner of my eye.

“I’m so fucking horny,” I heard Aaron whisper to Lars and breathing heavily after half a minute of tongue wrestling and forgetting to breathe.

“Shh, that will just have to wait,” Lars whispered back, trying to be discreet. He then slipped his hand up Aaron’s shirt, and he must’ve pinched his nipple because Aaron winced in pain.

“Fuck, you know my nipples are sensitive.”

“I know,” Lars said with a devilish grin I could spot for a split second.

Aaron then grabbed his bulge and I realized he was hard. He readjusted the waistband of his jeans so he’d be more comfortable, and Lars did the same. That’s when we heard my dad walking back, and the two quickly put their hands aside.

For the rest of the movie, everyone else seemed relaxed other than me; I could still feel the tension of what happened. By the time the movie was over it was late and Lars had to drive back. Aaron went in for another deep loud kiss at the door, and smacked Lars’s ass when he turned around. My dad didn’t object and we all just went to bed.


I had been so frustrated because Lars and I didn’t got any time alone for a few days, and I was super horny after watching the movie with him at our house. Which is why I jumped up and down when I got a call from my mom asking if Noah and I could dogsit for the weekend while she’s away. An empty antalya escort apartment! With no parental supervision! Every horny teenager’s dream.

Of course, Noah would have to be there as well, he was my cover-up with my parents. But Noah has never been fussy, I was sure he’d give us plenty of time alone.

Noah and I went to mom’s on Friday after school, and Lars arrived that evening. Luckily his parents were really chill, so he told them he’s staying with me and they didn’t mind. They were the type of people who bought him not only condoms but lube as well, and only asked him to be careful, which I found insanely cool.

As soon as he walked through the door, I jumped him and started sucking his face. He dropped his backpack with a thud to the floor, and let me make out with him for a minute before lifting up his index finger to my lips and asking me to calm down.

“Hey Noah, how’s it going?” he asked, going into the living room.

“Oh, fine, thanks” my brother answered. He was on his iPad, and took off his earbuds. “Just watching Scandal, I’ll probably head to bed soon.”

“Yeah, it’s getting late, we’ll probably do the same,” Lars said and looked at me with a mischievous smile.

“You guys are sleeping in mom’s room, right?” Noah asked me, and I nodded my head.

“Here, I’ll show you where it is,” I told Lars and showed him the way. Once there, I kissed him again, and let my hands slide down his back and into his jeans, squeezing his juicy cheeks. He rarely wore underwear, which turned me on even more; sometimes when we were in class together I’d get a hardon just knowing he’s sitting next to me with no underwear on, with such easy access.

“Be right back,” I told him and went to the living room.

“Hey, Noah, we’re gonna go to bed now,” I said and we both knew fully well that didn’t mean we’d be going to sleep. “And thanks for being cool and not ratting us out. I owe you one.”

“No prob,” he said and put his headphones back on. “You guys have fun.”

Less than a second after I shut the bedroom door, I reached to undo Lars’s jeans. I was so hungry for it; last time we did it was a week ago at his house, and that felt like ages ago. His dick was already half hard, and I could tell he shaved his balls earlier that day, which meant they’d be even more sensitive. I started sucking him as he took his shirt off, while playing with his balls with my one hand and squeezing his ass with the other.

“Mmm,” I heard him moaning gently, and I knew he wanted it as much as I did. I pushed him to the bed and spread his legs, holding his asscheeks apart with my hands and going in for his hole with my tongue. It was smooth and soft and he probably shaved it earlier as well, in preparation for this weekend.

“Fuck!” His moans were getting louder. “And your brother’s just in the other room.”

“Don’t worry about him,” I said as I quickly took all my clothes off. “He knows what we’re doing, that’s why he’s got headphones on. So you can be as loud as you want.”

Lars was definitely a screamer and a moaner when it came to sex. It made things more difficult when there were other people in the house, but so much more exciting.

“Fuck, then don’t keep me waiting,” he demanded, fingering his hole with one hand and stroking his hard dick at the same time.

“Ready for round one?” I said with a grin, as I quickly pulled a condom on and slapped some lube on my dick.

I went all in with no hesitation, knowing his hole wasn’t fully relaxed just yet, but too impatient to wait. Lars yelled out in pain but I’d make it up to him soon enough.

“Fuck!!” This was a cry of pain. “Aww, fuck yeah!” And this was a cry of pleasure.

“Yes, fuck me! Fuck me!” his vocal self was coming out. He stared me right in the eyes, lying on his back on the edge of the bed, his legs up on my shoulders, as I stood on the floor and leaned in pounding him.

“Fuck me harder!” he screamed. I ran lara escort my hands up and down his body, playing with his nipples, putting my fingers in his mouth, and pulling his hair. I pumped harder, trying not to cum right away even though I was definitely horny enough.

“Yes, fuck me. And cum inside of me,” Lars was screaming, eyes shut in ecstasy.

“Wanna make this a quick one, and go again later?” I asked.

“Yes, and then again. And again. And again! Fuck!!”

I was fucking him deep and hard, my balls slapping his ass as I gave him every inch of my hard dick. The whole bed was shaking and creaking, but we were too turned on to care. And then I felt it coming. The tingle of a pre-orgasm. I was gonna shoot. I was gonna shoot with Lars’s tight ass muscles draining the cum out of me.

“Fuck!” I joined in on the screams. “Fuck. I’m cumming. I’m cumming!”

“Yes, cum for me. Cum inside me,” Lars was saying, holding my face with his hands.

“Aww, fuck,” I yelled and grinded my teeth, as I felt jet after jet shooting out of my dick and filling up the condom. “Fuck yeah!”

“Oh yes, you horny fucker,” Lars said, as I pulled out, jerking his hard dick fast now. “You really hit the spot. Ready for my cum now?”

I nodded and went down on my knees, as he stood up and towered over me. I put his balls in my mouth as he was jerking himself off, and within second he started to shoot. I could feel his balls tense up in my mouth, as I closed my eyes and felt his warm cum hit my face all over, from my chin to my forehead.

“Fuck yeah,” he said and smiled, as I pulled the condom off and we crashed on the bed simultaneously.

* PART 3: LARS *

I woke up and the first sensation I felt was the pain in my ass and knees. Aaron and I had been together for three months, but this was our first chance to spend a night together, uninterrupted. So naturally, we fucked four times. I knew he’d be tired so I let him sleep, and creeped to the bathroom for a quick shower.

I pulled up my backpack and took out the only pair of underwear I’d brought. I usually went commando, but this was a pair I liked: Andrew Christian briefs with minimal coverage. I put them on and had to adjust my package. They were really skimpy, covering nothing but the essentials. They were cut very small, and the fact I’d gotten them two years earlier for my sixteenth birthday and had grown out of them made them look ridiculously small on me. I was aware my asscrack was showing, and in the front my junk was in a pouch that lifted it up and showed it off, with the material so thin you could make out the head of my dick.

But putting anything on was a big step for me. At home, I would just be naked, something my family was used to and practiced every now and then themselves. And there was nobody else in this apartment other than Noah, and I figured if I’m fucking one twin, why be shy and awkward around the other.

I went to the kitchen and raided the cupboards, putting together some breakfast. A few minutes into it, I heard the front door open and saw Noah walk in with the dog.

“Good morning!” I said with a big smile.

“Oh, hi,” he said, shier than necessary. “Nice day out.”

“Yeah. You got any sleep last night?” I asked.

The room Noah slept in was right next to the one we were in. The previous evening we fucked twice before going to sleep, but then we woke up two more times in the middle of the night and went at it again. We tried to keep it down, but we really got into it every single time. We finally had the liberty we’d been waiting for, so we really wanted to go wild.

“Yeah, it was okay,” Noah said, not making any eye contact.

“Wanna have some breakfast and coffee with me? Your brother’s still asleep.”

“Um, sure,” he said and pulled up a chair.

As I was getting everything ready, I noticed Noah looking my way, but then turning away quickly when I’d see him. manavgat escort I realized he was checking me out, so I decided to have a little fun with it. I didn’t mind showing off my body, I was quite proud of it. I’d been hitting the gym with my dad and my brother for a couple of years now, and most people would say I was really fit.

“Ooo,” I faked a yawn. “It’s so weird sleeping in bed with someone when you’re not used to it. My body’s all cramped up.”

I turned to Noah to make sure he was looking and sure enough, he was. I closed my eyes and stretched my whole body, raising my arms, and then shaking my hips a little left and right, which I knew would make my dick bounce in my briefs. Then I turned around and bent down to touch the floor, putting my ass up in the air.

“So how was the walk?” I asked casually. “Do you know this neighborhood well?”

“Y-yes,” Noah answered and I could tell he was stammering which made me smirk. “My mom’s been here for years. Before that…”

He went on to tell me about his mom and where she used to live, as I leaned against the refrigerator, listening. As he talked, I nodded, and then casually put my hand on my bulge, absentmindedly playing with my cock. I adjusted it and gave it a couple of squeezes, and I felt it become a little thicker.

Noah tried to retain eye contact but kept glancing down to my crotch. We were there, him fully clothed and me in barely-there briefs, touching myself, not a hair on my body below my neck, and the sun hitting me just right through the kitchen window.

“What’s going on here?” we heard Aaron walk in loudly and interrupt Noah’s story.

“Hey there,” I said and went over to him. He was just in his underwear as well, a pair of baggy boxers I couldn’t wait to get off him. “Good morning,” I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a big kiss.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth yet,” he said, but I didn’t care. I pulled him in and kept kissing him. I took a step back and sat down on the kitchen table, right next to where Noah was sitting. My briefs slid down as I sat, and now half of my ass was on display, right next to Noah’s bowl of cereal. I was getting hard and by this point I was sure Aaron was as well. I reached down to check and sure enough, I felt him in all his morning glory, fully hard through the material of his boxers.

“I’ll go finish this in front of the TV,” Noah said and slipped away, but his brother and I just ignored him. I slipped my hand in Aaron’s underwear and grabbed his cock, which make him wince.

I turned around and made him sit on the table, and leaned down for his dick.

“Right here?” he asked in shock. “Noah’s right there.”

The living room and kitchen were divided but with no door separating them, just an open wall. Noah couldn’t see us from where he was sitting, but if we were loud he’d be able to hear.

“Yeah,” I said, smiling. “Right here.”

Aaron looked like he was going to protest but I put his dick in my mouth before he could say anything else. As I was sucking him off, I could see his toes curl up and tense up, and it seemed like every muscle in his body was tense. His hands were in my hair, half caressing it but half pulling it. I took his dick in nice and deep, and let it hit the back of my throat. I used my hands to play with his balls and jerk him off a little, and then I put two fingers on his perineum and pushed hard, feeling it tense up.

“Aww. Mmm,” Aaron was moaning but trying to be as quiet as possible.

“That’s so good. Fuck, you’re so good,” he repeated. His hips started moving and he pushed my head against his crotch, making me gag and face fucking me. I loved it.

“Yeah. Fuck,” he went on, and I was getting hungry for his cum. I kept going faster and deeper, tears and snot running down my face but I just ignored it.

“Fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum!” Aaron said so suddenly and loudly that if the neighbors were awake I’m sure they heard. I kept his dick in my mouth as his cum hit my throat, and I swallowed every drop of it like a good cocksucker. By the time I was done, Aaron’s whole body was twitching and he was visibly weak.

I put his dick down and back in his boxers and I looked up, and we both burst into laughter.

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