My Angry Tenants Ch. 09

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One day, as I was going into my building, the neighbor flagged me down and told me that for several nights in a row he’d seen someone lurking in the dark area behind my apartments. I waited until Ron and Gary came home, passed the information on and we all went outside to see what we could see.

There was an overgrown hedge that ran the length of the back and the way the building was built, anyone could squeeze behind the hedge, lie down and look directly into any of the first floor windows. Sure enough, there was a clear path behind the hedge that stopped directly in front of Ron and Gary’s apartment window. We all crawled in to take a look.

The window in question looked into the bedroom, directly over the queen sized bed where I’d gotten my ass and throat pounded by their big dicks any number of times in the last week alone. Beyond the bed, through the open door, almost every corner of the apartment was exposed and I had a clear view of the kitchen table where I’d gotten my ass fucked by each of the boys while his partner sat on my face and got his hole eaten out just the evening before.

“Looks like we’ve got a peeping tom.” Ron said. “That’s kind of hot.”

Gary reached over and ran his hand over a damp spot on the wall, then smelled his palm.

“Not only that, he’s enjoying the show. This wall is covered with cum stains.” he said.

After a short discussion, Gary made a trip to the hardware store. He returned with a simple motion detector and a reel of wire and the boys hid it in the hedge, and then wired it to the dryer buzzer in the basement in a matter of minutes, just as dusk was falling. It worked perfectly on the first try.

All that evening, with the three of us hanging out nude as usual, Ron and Gary were stoked. They both had big, perpetual hards on that they insisted I stroke, suck and take up my ass frequently. I was on my knees, busy licking and sucking Ron’s huge cock head, when we all heard the buzzer sound.

“There’s the dryer.” I said loudly around the cock in my mouth.

“I’ll take care of it.” Gary replied and jumped up and exited to the hallway, still buck naked.

I made a good show of sucking Ron’s dick and even lifted his legs and tongued his asshole to keep our audience occupied. After only a minute or two, we heard scuffling at the window and looked up in time to see someone being lifted bodily out of the space between the window and the hedge. Almost immediately, we heard two sets of feet coming up the stairs

Gary entered with his hand clamped around the back of the neck of our voyeur. He was a young slim guy wearing a loose button up plaid shirt, loose cargo pants and Chuck Taylors. His zipper was down and even from across the room I could see his still hard cock tenting out at his crotch. I also noticed that, even though he looked scared, he couldn’t resist repeatedly checking out the hard cocks bouncing free in the room.

“This is the little faggot who’s been spying on us.” Gary said.

“I’m not a faggot.” he growled and Ron replied, “No, you’re a peeping tom faggot.”

Ron and I crossed the room to where the other two stood and Gary grabbed the guy’s arms and held them behind his back. The stranger still couldn’t resist staring at our hard cocks and I even saw him lick his lips while staring at Ron’s bobbing hard on. His own cock must have been totally hard now, because the tent at his crotch looked seriously ready to split. Ron, seeing the tent, reached down and gave his hard cock a light slap, making his gasp and lean back harder against Gary’s chest.

“Let’s just see what we caught ourselves. ” Ron said as he slowly started unbuttoning the kid’s shirt.

He didn’t even try to struggle and soon his bare chest was exposed. He had tight, flat pecs with penny sized copper colored nipples and a lean flat belly, all totally smooth.

Ron ran his hands over the guy’s pecs and flicked each hard nip with the ball of his thumb, then ran a hand down each side of his taut torso, while he stared glassy eyed at Ron’s hard cock bumping against his own.

“Too bad you’re just a kid.” Ron said. “I bet you’re a hot little fuck in the right circumstance.”

“I’m 23.” he replied and I saw a quick look pass between the Ron and Gary, then they both looked at me.

“Let’s take a look at the rest of the package.” I said and reached for the kid’s waist band.

Now he did start to panic and he squirmed to get away but Gary held him tight and I unbuttoned his waist. Since his zipper was already down, his pants dropped around his ankles. He had a flat hairless abdomen with a ridge of muscle raised on each side that disappeared into his tight, wiry pubes. His cock was thick, about six inches long and standing straight up over his dangling balls. I glanced up at his face and saw that he was blushing a deep crimson, and then I wrapped my hand around his ball sac and pulled down on it so his antalya escort cock stood out straight from his body.

Ron wrapped his big hand around the jutting cock and softly and slowly stroked it up and down. Against his will, the kid thrust his hips forward for more attention. Ron skinned back his long foreskin, then positioned his bare cock head against the kid’s and slid the skin back up so that it covered half the kid’s dick, then slowly jacked both cocks buried inside his dick sheath. The kid looked like he was about to pass out.

“This little fucker wanted a show, so let’s give him one.” Gary said.

Ron pulled a dining chair over and Gary forced the kid to sit on it while Ron used zip ties to bind his arms and legs to the frame. When they finished, the kid was sitting immobilized with his hands secured behind the chair, his legs spread wide against the chair legs and his hard cock standing straight up from his crotch. Ron and Gary were standing on either side of him and the kid’s eyes were pinballing back and forth from one hard cock to the other when I saw Gary give an evil grin.

He gripped his big hard cock in his hand, then leant forward and began slowly rubbing it over the kid’s face. Ron smirked, and then began doing the same thing from the other direction. The kid the kid threw his head back and forth until Ron grabbed him by the top of his head and held him still. He sat there, his eyes and mouth screwed tight shut while the boys ran their dicks over his face, poking their cock heads against his eyes, his nostrils and his mouth. After a minute, they let him go and his face was bright red and covered in snail tracks of pre-cum.

“What the fuck was that?” the boy sputtered.

“Just letting you get to know our cocks a little better since you can’t seem to stop looking at them.” Gary said and they both snickered at the kid’s embarrassment. I noticed that the kid’s own cock was harder than ever.

I was sitting on the edge of the dining table so I leaned back and raised my legs so that the kid had a clear view of my fuck hole. I fingered the puckered opening while the kid stared and I said, “My ass needs to get to know your cocks better. Now.”

Gary came over to where I was laying and poised his cock head against the entrance to my fuck chute and said, “Okay, kid. Welcome to Ass Fucking 101.”

His long cock slowly sank into my guts while the kid stared with wide eyes, taking in every detail. Ron was sitting on the floor beside him and he kept bending the kid’s hard cock down to the chair seat, then letting it go so it slapped back against his belly and made him jump each time.

“What’s your name, kid?” Ron asked.

The kid was so intent on watching Gary’s cock plowing in and out of my ass that he barely mumbled, “My name is Brian.”

“Well, Brian, your girlfriend needs to work this thing over more often.” He grasped Brian’s cock and slowly jacked it up and down.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” Brian said.

“Okay, then your boyfriend.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend, either.” Brian replied. “I’ve never done anything sexual with anyone before.”

Brian was staring, open mouthed as Gary picked up the tempo and started deep dicking my hole, sliding out almost the whole length of his steely cock before slamming it back into my guts.

Ron said, “You mean you’re a fucking virgin?”

He stopped jacking Brian’s cock and leaned over and licked up the wad of pre-cum leaking out of his piss slit.

“I told you, I’ve never done anything. Except jerk myself off.” Brian replied and Gary and I watched as Brian watched Ron bend forward, open his mouth and slowly suck Brian’s throbbing cock into his hot mouth till his nose was buried in his pubes. Now the kid panicked and thrashed back and forth in the chair, trying to free his cock from Ron’s velvety suck hole.

“Stop that! Stop that! You’ll make me cum.” Brian said.

“That’s the general idea.” Gary said. It was turning him on to watch Ron work over the kid’s virgin cock and he was plowing my ass hard and fast, now. “You’re going to share that load of jizz, too, motherfucker.” he said to Ron.

Brian had stopped thrashing around and he had his head thrown back and his eyes shut.

“Please, stop.” he said. “You’re going to make me cum. I can’t hold back much longer.”

He sounded like he might cry. Ron just bobbed his sucking lips up and down faster on the kid’s cock and I saw him slide one hand between the kid’s legs and start fingering and massaging the kid’s virgin butt hole.

“Oh, shit, oh, fuck. I can’t hold it.” Brian said and Ron pulled back so that just the head of his cock was still in his mouth and sucked it as hard as he could.

The kid raised his hips and we watched his balls jerk as they emptied their first load into a cock sucker’s mouth. Ron made sure to get every drop as it drained out of his piss hole, then kemer escort jumped up from the floor. The kid looked horrified, like he was frightened, then amazed when Ron went over to where Gary was still hammering his cock in and out of my hole. Ron gave Gary an open mouthed kiss and you could see the cum running down both of their chins as the tongued each other’s mouth and swapped the virgin cum load back and forth between them. Gary couldn’t hold back any longer and buried his long cock in my ass to the balls while he blasted his load of cum deep inside me.

He and Ron were licking the cum off of each other’s chin as he slowly eased his drained cock out of my butt.

The kid stared at them, looking totally amazed and then said, “You mean you actually like eating my cum?”

Gary looked at him while he dried his juicy cock, and then said, “Not as much as I’m going to like eating out your virgin asshole. Ron got your cock but the first taste of that ass is mine.”

Brian sat there, his jaw dropped and his mouth hanging open like he couldn’t believe what he’d just heard.


Brian was still tied to his chair but his dick wasn’t restrained. Ron and Gary were playing with it and his balls and he couldn’t control the fact that it was starting to grow again, already. Gary paused, and then went over to where they had left the clothes they’d pulled off Brian by the door. He scooped them up and went out in the hall and a minute or two later came back without them.

“I’m going to let you free, kid, but don’t even think about running out of here. I hid your clothes and I’m not giving them back until I’m ready, so if you’re running, you’re running bare assed.”

Brian looked at the floor and said, “I’m not going to run. I want to stay here.”

Gary got a pair of snips out of the counter drawer and cut the ties holding Brian down. Each of the boys grabbed an arm and they pulled him up out of the chair so that his small hairless body was wedged between the two of them. Ron reached down and started fondling the kid’s cock and balls and I could tell that Gary had his hand buried deep in his ass, massaging his tight asshole. Brian’s dick was filling out and getting harder and he grasped Ron’s hard cock in one hand and skinned the hood back over the big purple head.

“Are you going to fuck him, too, Ron?”

“He damned well better.” I said. “I’m getting tired of waiting to feel his dick in me.”

“Could I watch?” Brian asked.

“Hell, you can help.” Ron said and led him over where I was still laying on the dining table with my legs up and spread.

Brian looked at my asshole and ran a finger over it. “Your hole looks so little.” he said.

I thought about some of the massive cocks that had spent time pounding my ass and dumping their loads in me over the past few months and I replied, “Looks can be deceiving. It stretches.”

Gary had followed the other two over and he stood behind Brian, slowly massaging his smooth ass cheeks and stroking his hairless crack while Ron stood between my legs, his hard cock pointing at my ass.

Ron said to Brian, “Grab hold of my cock and skin it back. That’s it. Now, run my cock head up and down his crack and get it coated with juice. Yeah, get it wet.”

Brian did as he was told and leant forward for a better view. Gary was still massaging his virgin ass and I saw him sink to his knees behind Brian and rub his stubbled face over his smooth cheeks.

Ron told Brian, “Okay, put my cock head up against his hole. I’m going in.”

Brian did as told and Ron started pressing, his cock head expanding my hole until I felt the head clear my ass ring and pop inside.

Brian looked up at me and asked, “Does that hurt?”

“Sometimes, at first, but it’s worth it. And it gets better every time. I can’t imagine not having a cock up my hole.”

Brian was bent over me, watching as Ron’s cock disappeared up my ass inch by inch.

Gary, on his knees behind him said, “This is such a beautiful ass.”

He spread Brian’s cheeks wide and then said, “And such a sweet little hole.”

I saw him stick out his tongue and then bury his face between Brian’s spread cheeks.

“Fuck, what are you doing?” Brian asked and fell on top of me. “Is that your tongue? Damn, that feels good. I had no idea it felt that good.”

Gary responded by burrowing his tongue further up Brian’s virgin hole and Brian said, “Fuck yeah. That feels fantastic.”

I reached down in front of him and felt his cock. It was fully hard now, jutting out from his balls.

“Looks like our boy is enjoying his first rim job.” I said to Gary, who reached around and felt his dick, then spun him around and popped the hard length into his mouth. Brian leaned back against the table and first watched Gary’s mouth bobbing up and down on his cock, then watched Ron’s cock konyaaltı escort as it slid in and out of my hole.

He looked at me and started to say, “Do you think…?” then stopped

“Do I think what?” I asked, already suspecting what he wanted.

“Do you think I could try fucking you?”

“It’s about fucking time.” I said. “I need some attention, too, you know.”

Ron and Gary both smirked and Ron said, “Just be forewarned. After you’ve fucked this ass, you’re going to want to do it again and again.” while he slowly backed his cock out of my clutching chute.

After his cock was clear, he pulled Brian over to where he’s been standing. Gary got behind him and wrapped his arms around his torso and nestled his upright cock between his legs along his taint.

“Okay,” Ron said, grasping his cock around the base. “First, get the head wet.”

He ran Brian’s cock head up and down the length of my crack a few times, then poised the head at my fuck hole. I reached down on either side so I could spread my cheeks even wider and give him a better view.

“Now, start pressing.” Ron said. I could see Gary’s hands stroking Brian’s chest and playing with his nipples as Brian’s cock slowly sank into my hole.

“It’s really hot inside you.” he said to me. “And it feels so tight around my cock, the whole thing.” I clamped my fuck chute down even tighter around his cock.

Sometimes, a giant cock is the only thing that will satisfy a true bottom’s ass itch but, a lot of times, a smaller cock is even better because it fits so well inside an ass. Brian was starting to slowly slide his cock in and out of my hole, watching mesmerized as he fucked his first ass. Every time he buried the length of it in me, I groaned with pleasure from the sensation of his cock head butting up against my prostate.

“You’re a natural.” Ron said. “You’re hitting his joy buzzer with every stroke. Look at his cock jump.” It was true, his blunt cock head was stroking and pummeling my gland and I could feel it all the way to the tip of my dick.

“What’s his joy buzzer?” Brian asked, never even slackening his fuck pace.

“His prostate. You don’t know about your prostate?” Gary replied. Brian shook his head “no” and Gary said, “Oh baby, are you in for a treat.”

Gary sank his index finger into his mouth and got it good and wet then lowered his hand to Brian’s ass.

After a second, Brian said, “Wait that hurts. Wait, what are you doing?” and I felt his cock start to wilt inside me before it suddenly got stiffer than ever in the space of a heart beat.

“Damn, that feels good.” Brian said. “What is that?”

“That’s YOUR prostate.” Gary said. “Just keep fucking him while I stroke it.”

“And Ron, get up here and sit on my face so I can tongue your hole while I he fucks me. I could blow at any moment.” I said.

Ron got up on the table and settled his ass over my face so I could tongue fuck his hole and Brian started pounding his cock in and out of my hole, harder and faster. Gary had his thick finger buried all the way up his ass and I could feel his cock pulse inside me every time Gary stroked his gland.

Without even touching myself, I felt the cum start to boil in my balls and mount my piss channel. I was slurping in Ron’s asshole like a starving man, Brian was slamming his cock in and out of my ass like a pro and Gary was milking his man gland with two fingers now.

“Fuck. Fuck. I’m going to cum.” Brian hollered and at the same time I felt his first squirt splash against the walls of my fuck chute, my own juice flew out of my piss slit and splashed against Ron’s chest. For a moment, it was hard to tell where my own orgasm started and Brian’s ended. He fell flat on top of me like he’d been knocked out and Ron moved back so that I could see both of the boys staring open mouthed at us.

“Geeze,” Ron said. “You fucked the cum right out of him.”

“This boy’s got talent.” Gary said, and Brian gasped as he pulled his fingers out of his stretched asshole, and then nestled back down on top of me.

Ron was scooping my cum off of his chest and feeding it to me while Brian watched, his wilting cock still buried in my hole. “Do you think I could come over again, some time?” he asked me.

“How about any time we’re home?” Gary said. “I still haven’t gotten to suck a load out of your balls all for me.”

“And I haven’t gotten a taste of that sweet hole somebody was hogging all for himself.” Ron said.

“And I want to teach you to suck cock like an expert.” I said. “I’m sure the boys won’t mind being practice dummies.”

Ron and Gary leered at each other and then Brian very shyly asked them, “Do you think you could teach me to like getting my ass fucked?”

Gary reached over and slowly stroked Brian’s hairless buns and Ron grasped his own still hard cock and stroked the foreskin up and down over the head.

“Babe,” he said, “maybe you should just spend the night. We’ve got a lot a material to cover and sooner started, sooner done.” He watched Gary stroking Brian’s ass crack and fingering his puckered virgin hole. “But, something tells me we aren’t going to be done any time soon.” he said.

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