Mrs. Martin Ch. 16

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The phone rang as Susan walked through the door. “Hello” she said as she picked up the receiver.

“Susan, where have you been? I have been trying to reach you all week.”

“I have been at the beach. I needed some rest and recuperation after Tom’s party last weekend,” Susan replied to Nancy.

“Tom’s party? Well Ed and Andy are on a surveillance job and I was wondering if you wanted to meet me for dinner and you can tell me all about it,” Nancy asked hoping for a yes.

“Sure, say six at the Gas Light Inn,” Susan suggested.

“Great, and then you can tell me all, and why you had to recuperate after Tom’s party, I’m getting wet just trying to imagine this one.” Nancy said with glee in her voice. “Park in the garage and I’ll give you one of our passes.”

“Sounds good, see you then”, Susan hung up the phone and dialed a number. A voice she did not recognized answered the phone at the distant end. “Who is this,” she questioned. “Oh, Bobby, is Tom or Judy there?”

“This is Tom”, a voice answered.

“Hi, master, I just wanted to call and let you know that we are back and that I am going to meet Nancy for dinner, then I’ll be over,” she said.

“Where are you having dinner?”

“I am going to meet her at the Gas Light,” replied Susan.

“Downtown on a Friday night,” Tom said to her, “parking can be a real pain.”

“Nah, I’ll use one of her reserved slots in the garage and she is going to give me a ticket to pay for it,” she said. “So what are you and Bobby doing?”

“Bobby and Jeff have been over here every day this week and take turns keeping Judy company.”

“Isn’t she sore? I would be dragging,”

“She has been tired all week but Judy told them only one at a time and that she had to have the weekend off. But don’t worry by the time you get here Bobby will have Judy in bed and moaning and I will be able to fill you with this load I have been saving since Sunday,” Tom told her.

“I can’t wait. Love u and I’ll see you around eight,” said Susan.

“You best not have any undergarments on,” warned Tom.

“Yes Master,” she replied.

“See you when you get here and be wet and ready for a busy night,” said Tom as he hung up the phone.

Susan gave out a sigh as she put down the receiver and started up the stairs. “Linda, I am going out tonight and will need you make sure the boys get unpacked.” The younger woman was at the top of the stairs and when Susan reached the last step she placed her arms around her and held her tight as she said, “I am so glad you came to the beach with us this week.” Looking down into Linda’s brown eyes her head bowed and Susan’s lips met the full lips on the head that arced up to meet her. Just as quickly Susan broke the hold and said, “I’ve got to get a shower,” and headed of to her room.

After her shower Susan looked through her closet and selected a cotton dress, loose from the waist down but tight enough to hold her upper torso from bouncing too much. She did her hair and her make-up and then selected a pair of white sandals to match the dress. As she slid the soft material of the garment over her naked body she became aroused thinking about how this dress was going to come off her body and how wicked she would feel sitting in the Inn with only this thin cotton between her body and the world.

Susan pulled into the parking garage; she drove around the concrete support and saw Nancy’s car. The space next to it was occupied but the next one was not so she pulled in and parked. Getting out of the car she headed for the garage exit and down the street to meet Nancy. The warm summer breeze blew up her dress as she walked. It felt like fingers gently caressing her thighs, her freshly shaved love box and the bare cheeks of her ass. Her nipples hardened as she walked down the street enjoying the stimulation that was occurring under the thin material that hid her nakedness from the world.

As she entered the Inn she saw Nancy sitting at her usual booth. Nancy quickly got up and ran to hug Susan like she was a relative she had not seen in years. As they walked arm in arm back to the table Nancy ask Susan, “what is this about Tom’s party that you had leave town?”

Susan proceeded to tell Nancy how the boys had come over and were swimming and carrying on and how she and Linda were serving in these skimpy outfits bahis firmaları that Tom had given them to wear. About the time their meal came Susan had gotten to the part about how she ended up in the water and naked.

Nancy had sat there quietly unable to talk as Susan had told her the story up till now. She let out a low whistle and said, “you were naked with eight young, horny, studs? Oh my god no wonder you were sore.” She shivered and continued, “that is so exciting, I can’t even imagine what that would be like, do continue.”

On through dinner Susan told Nancy all the details of how she and Linda had all the meat they could handle, and how at around two AM they finally were able to crawl into bed to sleep. Only to be awakened at four with another young stud between their legs and sucking on their breast.

After they paid the check and left and walked down the street Nancy turned to Susan and said, “Damm you Susan, Ed isn’t home and you have me so turned on I am about to explode. I have to go home to an empty house and a few toys while you are going to join that young stud of yours and get your brains screwed out.”

Susan laughed as they entered the grange; “Do I detect a bit of jealousy? You should talk to Linda, I’m sure she would appreciate your help.”

“Why, what’s up with Linda,” Nancy questioned.

“Well it seems that for the last week she has had several of these young men taking turns, how did Tom put it, oh yea, ‘keeping Judy company’,” said Susan.

“Oh my aching pussy,” she cried as she fell against the trunk of her car. It was then that she noticed the red van in the parking place between her car and Susan’s car. “Was that there when you got here,” she questioned Susan.

“No there was a little white car there when I pulled in,” Susan replied as she looked at the red van with tinted windows.

“That would have been my assistant, but these people think just because it is after five they don’t have to pay attention to the Reserved…”. Her voice trailed off as suddenly the side door of the van flew open and four hooded figures jumped out and came at the two women. Nancy started to scream but was quickly muffled as gloved hand wrapped around her head and covered her mouth. Two other hooded figures had come from the other side of the car and now the two women were surrounded and held by firm, strong hands.

A piece of cloth quickly replaced the hand over their mouth and was tied behind their head. No sooner than the knot was tied on the gag and cloth bag slipped over the heads of the women.

Susan was in shock as to how in seconds her world had become dark and she could only make muffled sounds through the rag in her mouth. She felt two hands grab her ankles and lift her feet in the air while two more hands held her upper torso and arms tight. She felt the carpet rub against her bare bottom and her dress ride up to her waist as she was slid into the van feet first. Laying in her darkness wondering what was going to happen next.

Nancy kicked and fought as best she could but the hands that held her were strong and she was a small woman. See could not see since the bag had closed out all light. She felt herself being lifted off the ground and placed headfirst into the van. As she lay there in a dark silent world she felt her arm brush against something smooth and warm it took her a minute but then she realized her arm was rubbing against Susan’s bare thigh. She recognized the sound as the toll collector was paid and felt the lurch as the van left the parking garage and moved into traffic. She was scared, and worried about what would happen to them. She suddenly felt the leg jerk next to her and a slight struggle. Then the leg slid back down and was still again.

Susan felt a soft thin arm rubbing against her bare leg as she tried to keep her legs together, not wanting to expose herself. It was an effort in futility. Two strong hands held her ankles and her dress was bunched up around her waist. Just after the van speeded up she was forced to sit up by her hands being pulled up and towards her feet. She tried to struggle and twist but again a waste of energy since a strong arm wrapped around her waist and she felt the zipper on her dress slide down. Then the arm around her waist let go and two hands quickly lifted the bunched up part of the dress over her head. She was kaçak iddaa helpless as the dress was pulled off one arm then the other. She knew she must have been putting on quite a show as she felt the soft carpet under her now bare back. Her large nipples were so firm and hard they ached on the ends of her soft mounds of flesh. She was scared but excited at the same time as knew these men were gazing at her naked body, but then she felt Nancy start to jerk and heard her moans as she tried to scream.

Nancy had felt Susan moving around but now lying still beside her, suddenly she felt her suit jacket pulled open and hands start to undo the buttons on her blouse. She twisted and turned as best she could but a firm hand pushed down on her chest between the two cups of her bra. While one hand held her firm another one finished undoing her blouse and another pair started undoing her pants. Tears filled her eyes, as she was helpless to stop what was happening to her. She was helpless as two strong hands grabbed the waste band of her pants and panties together, lifted her butt by pulling up on them and then sliding them down her legs. As the cool air rushed over her hot body she shivered and knew that the milky white flesh of her body was now exposed to her captors. She hoped the dark hid her puffy pink lips that were well lubricated and lay just below a small, neatly trimmed patch of reddish brown fur. She did not have long to linger on this thought as her arms were pulled up and towards her feet. She felt a pair of hands slide up her back and unhook her bra. Then in one swift motion, her jacket, blouse, and bra were slid up her arms and off. She now lay naked except for the hood covering her head, on the soft carpeted floor of the van. She lay there feeling the gaze of her abductors upon her naked body. She wanted to cover up but could not move and then she felt her legs being spread and a pair of legs clad in course material slid between the. “Here it comes,” she thought to herself, “god I hope he doesn’t have VD.” Then she felt the hands on her hard nipples and warm lips suck one into a mouth. The tongue darted over it and she felt the pangs of electricity shoot through her body. Then she felt a second body bend over her head and a second set of lips suck her other nipple into it’s mouth. The first mouth left the nipple and started to kiss it’s way down her belly. The mouth made it’s way around her neatly trimmed patch of fur and started down her thigh. Her leg was lifted and the mouth sucked on the inside of her extended thigh, the leg was jerking from the shock waves going through it. Then it stopped. The leg was lowered to the carpet and the hands moved. Suddenly two hand rested on the inside of the top of her thighs and she felt fingers spread her pussy lips. She tried to prepare herself for the penetration she knew was coming. But once again she was fooled. A tongue licked the center of the channel between her spread lips. Nancy shuddered, and shock waves ripped through her body as the tongue flickered over her clit. Nancy mind was spinning as the tongue continued to play with her magic button then waves of pleasure swept over her body.

Susan had felt Nancy try to fight as her cloths were removed and she had felt Nancy’s bare leg pushed against her. She felt the other woman’s leg be lifted and it brushed against her breast. “I guess they are taking her now,” she thought to herself. She did not have time to dwell on it long. The hands holding her legs spread them wide. She could feel Nancy’s upper body under her left leg and her right ankle was pressed against the glass. She felt a hand rub over her bald pubic mound and a finger slid between her lips. As one hand wiggled in and out of her, kneading and rolling her love button between it’s fingers, another hand rubbed her anus with a greasy finger. It prodded her dark hole and finally slipped in. It worked in and out of her for what seemed like forever but was only a few minutes. Suddenly the finger came out and something larger and harder was being pushed against her tiny opening. She thought of Tom as this object was pushed into her, spreading her apart. She never had felt so full in he backside. The hand on her continued to play with her bald lips and suddenly she felt another hard object pushing against the lips that the fingers now held apart. “Oh god,” she tried to scream as this thick, kaçak bahis hard object was shoved up inside of her. They stopped pushing but Susan had never felt so stuffed. With out warning both objects started vibrate. The hands kept playing with her clit and in a short time waves of pleasure were pouring through her body.

Nancy came but the tongue did not quit it kept on stimulating her, again and again. She was sweating and her mind was in a fog when the van pulled into a driveway and stopped.

Only then did the mouth let go of her as the van door was opened and the two naked women were lead out and walked down a concrete walk.

Judy opened the door and started to speak but Tom put his finger to her lips to silent her, as the two naked women were lead into the house.

Susan was pushed along the sidewalk but in her bare feet and with the objects filling her insides and vibrating walking was difficult. She felt a hand lift her leg to make a step up into a doorway. She was lead around some furniture and suddenly a familiar voice whispered in her ear, “are you ready to have these toys replaced with the real thing?” Susan started to sob and shake. The hood was removed from her head and even though the light was blinding she could see Tom standing in front of her. He removed the gag from her mouth and his lips met hers as she fell into his arms.

Nancy had been walked into the house the same as Susan had but the firm hands that held her had stopped her and bent her over the padded arm of the couch. Her toes barely touched the floor as hands pulled her wrist tightly in front of her. Her legs were pushed apart and she felt bare legs move between her legs. The penetration she had been waiting for was finally happening as she felt the head of a stiff male rod push at the entrance to her wet love channel. This was not the largest manhood she had taken but as he pumped in and out of her hot box her magic button was rubbing on the arm of the couch. Once again the stimulation was too much for Nancy and the waves of pleasures swept her body. As it did the inside walls of her love box spasm and caused the member inside her to erupt and fill her with its juices.

Susan had broken her kiss with Tom and looked around the room to see most of the boys that had been there last weekend. She saw Judy mesmerized by the action that was taking place on the couch.

There was a light knock on the door and Judy turned to open it. Susan jaw dropped as Ed, Andy and Patty walked in. Suddenly she felt embarrassed and tried to cover up her nakedness but Tom told her to stop.

As one dick would shoot its load in Nancy another would take it’s place. Spasm after spasm rocked her body. Then the dick inside of her pulled out. She felt hands on her ass cheeks and they slowly spread her cheeks exposing her dark hole. Nancy’s head shoot up in pain as the man behind her pushed in causing the sphincter muscle to expand and he filled her backside. The pain subsided as the pressure pushed her clit even harder into the arm and rubbed it even more. Then the member in her exploded and she felt it withdraws from in her. Her rest was not for long as another dick replaced the one that had withdrawn from her.

By the time the second young man had come in Nancy’s backside, Ed had removed his cloths and lay on the floor with his rock hard dick pointing straight up. The guys picked Nancy up and set her down while Linda guided Ed’s shaft into Nancy’s well lubricated hole. Nancy fell forward on to Ed’s chest exhausted from the workout she had gone through. Tom walked up behind her and put the head of his dick at Nancy’s back hole, and pushed. Even though two had gone before him and stretched her back hole it was still tight and Nancy felt like she was about to explode as Tom rocked in and out of her. The pressure of the two men filing her bottom side was to much and as the waves of pleasure washed over her one more time both of the men exploded inside her, and Ed said, “Oooohhh Nancy”.

As Tom got up Jeff and Kyle let go of Nancy’s arms she pulled the hood off her head and saw the face of her husband under her. She pulled the gag off and her lips met his as tears ran down her cheeks.

As Tom looked around, on the couch, Andy and Bobby had removed Judy’s shirt and each had a large nipple in their mouths. Tim and Eric had striped Patty and she was now on her back on the floor with Tim in her mouth as Eric’s face was buried between her legs. David lay on top of Susan as her legs held him tight inside of her and a large black dildo lay beside them.

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