Mrs Lansdowne Next Door. Pt. 06

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As part of a series of episodes it’s always better to catch up on the previous!


Mum continued to be a different person, taking much more care over how she dressed, more energy in her conversation, and excitedly, more pleasantly outgoing. I was pleased for her, and she surprised me when she said that we’d both been invited to a barbecue and ‘hot tub party’ at Anne Lansdowne’s on Saturday evening.

At first I thought about giving an excuse, thinking that I would feel out of place with mum there, but then I had a text from Lucy saying that Gracie had invited her. There was no way I wasn’t going, once I knew that!

Mum seemed glad that she was being welcomed by our other neighbours, but I wasn’t sure whether she realised how ‘liberated’ they were. She knew nothing of my adventures with them apart the fact that I was gardening for Gracie’s mum, once a week.

The weather was still great on Saturday, and I was mildly excited about seeing Lucy again. I also wondered who else would have been invited, indeed, how big a party it might be.

When mum and I arrived, Anne greeted us with the standard glass of prosecco, and introduced us to a couple, Debbie and Graham, who were old friends of hers, Debbie was quite an attractive redhead, while Graham was a balding, smiley, rather amusing guy.

I’m afraid I left mum talking to them, and made an excuse to wander off round the garden. Apart from the hot tub, and the barbecue on the patio, the rest of the garden was lawned, except for a small pond at the bottom of the garden, surrounded by a hedge, and a wooden bench below a pergola.

Having explored, and finished my drink, I returned to the house for a refill, just as Hanne and Andy arrived. Mum’s face lit up, and she was soon in conversation with the two of them.

Some ten minutes later Gracie appeared with Lucy accompanying her. Lucy looked unbelievably sexy, she was dressed in a tight red dress, and heels, with her previously ‘bunched’ blonde hair, flowing over her bare shoulders.

Gracie whispered to me, “Keep your cock under control young man!”

I wasn’t sure if that was a threat or a joke, but I noticed Graham’s mouth drop open as he set eyes on Lucy. Debbie noticed it too, and I was amused by it, although Debbie didn’t look best pleased.

“How are you?” I said to Lucy.

Lucy’s perfume filled my nostrils, as she stood next to me, and she replied, “I wasn’t sure about coming.”

“Nor me, but once you said you were coming, it was no contest, and by the way, you do look gorgeous.”

She laughed, “You’re only saying that because you want to get my knickers off…well hard luck…I’m not wearing any!”

“Shshhhh,” I said.

We stayed chatting and drinking until the food was ready. Anne had got an outside caterer to cook on the barbecue, while she had prepared salads, and breads, which were laid out in the kitchen.

Lucy and I found ourselves eating together on a bench next to Debbie and Graham. Graham couldn’t take his eyes off Lucy, and it was clear that Debbie was not amused, so as Graham gave Lucy his full attention, I decided to chat up Debbie. It struck me bizarrely that I’d fucked every woman at the party apart from Debbie and my mum.

We found that we had got a lot in common, as she told me that she was brought up where mum and I had lived with dad. We discussed how it had changed, and I described how I’d lost my virginity to a girl that lived in the next road to where she used to live.

After the food had been consumed, and more wine drunk, Gracie and Anne disappeared briefly, only to reappear in their bikinis.

“Ok folks, we’re going in, who’s gonna join us?”

Graham jumped up asking, “Lucy, Billy, you coming in?”

I turned to Debbie, “Debbie, what about you?”

I could see that she felt awkward, and sure enough she said, “I’ve not got the body at my age, you folks go ahead.” She half smiled, regretfully.

Graham hardly heard those words as he dashed indoors to get changed. Lucy held back, and asked if I was going to go in.

“Perhaps later, I’m enjoying Debbie’s company at the moment.”

Debbie smiled, but as Lucy disappeared inside to change, I could see that she felt a bit despondent.

“Can I say Debbie, you look terrific, but I can understand it’s not everyone’s idea of fun, the hot tub I mean. Let’s have another drink, shall I get you another wine?”

“Please, and thanks Billy, you’re really being a gentleman.”

I went into the kitchen just as Graham passed me, dressed in colourful, tropical swim shorts, and by the time I’d poured two glasses of wine, Lucy was padding her way out to the hot tub too. I drew a deep breath as I saw her body pass in a tiny bikini.

Joining Debbie again, we watched the hilarity, and splashing, in the hot tub.

I could tell that Debbie was showing anxiety as Graham sat between Lucy and Gracie. I watched her as Lucy was bouncing around in the hot tub, bumping into Graham, and him laughing and jostling both Lucy and Gracie.

“He’s antalya escort not really thinking of you is he?”

Debbie looked forlorn, “He’s done this before, being flirty with young women.”

“Shall we make him jealous?” I winked.

Debbie looked at me puzzled.

“What do you mean?”

“Follow me, make sure he sees us, take my arm, and look as though we are having fun.”

I stood up, Debbie linked arms with me, and I was making sure we were as close as possible, as we walked slowly past the hot tub, with Debbie clinging to me.

I checked to see if Graham had seen us, as we walked down the garden, towards the pond.

The light was dimming as we got to the bench beside the pond.

“Let’s sit down Debbie, a bit of peace and quiet here.”

“You’re a sweetie Billy, I hope Graham doesn’t make a fool of himself, he is always chasing women.”

As she spoke, she squeezed my arm, seemingly for reassurance.

In the semi darkness, I just leaned forward and kissed her cheek, my hand pressing on her thigh.

“Thank you,” Debbie’s face was only inches from mine, her sad eyes widened, and I kissed her on the lips.

For a moment she withdrew, and then we kissed again. I felt her hand still clutching my arm, “Billy, this is crazy, we mustn’t.”

“Debbie, let me…” was all I said, as I pushed my face towards her neck, nuzzling against her hair, and breathing in her perfume.

“Billy, you must stop, you’re young enough to be my son.”

I pressed my lips to her ear, kissing, then nibbling her lobes.

“God Billy, we mustn’t…oh gosh…please.”

Pulling away from her neck, I kissed her again on the lips, and this time there was a sense of acquiesence. Her lips parted, and my tongue flirted with hers.

At last there was no protest, just a brief,” Oh Billy.”

My hand went to cup her breast, which brought another sigh, and the kissing continued. I was expecting a negative reaction when my hand slipped under her dress, and began to move upwards, however her thighs parted slightly, and I discovered her stocking tops and the soft skin above.

“Oh Billy…oh Billy, oh god…you mustn’t.”

But her actions belied her protest, as she pushed her legs wider.

My fingers travelled over the warm flesh, moving further, until I touched the soft, silk covered mound of her pussy.

As soon as my finger lifted the edge of her panties and pulled them to one side, I felt the soft, moist flesh within. My middle two fingers slid inside, and Debbie thrust her head into my shoulder.

Her gasping was muffled, and her fingers gripped my arms, “Ohhhhh…god…ohhhhh.”

As my fingers sunk deep inside her pussy, my thumb went upwards to massage her clit. I worked my hand back and forth, and her hips strained against me as she was desperate to cum.

With a rush, her body rocked backwards, and Debbie tried to suppress her cries.


Sagging back against me, I withdrew my fingers, and Debbie realised the reality of what had just happened.

“Billy, this was wrong, on so many levels, oh my god, why didn’t I stop you?”

She looked at me as she was getting her dress and panties back in order.

“If Graham finds out, god knows what’ll happen, we have to get back, and look normal.”

“Look Debbie, it will be ok, we’ll go back to the house, and we will see if Graham’s been behaving himself, he was being so very flirty earlier on.”

Just before we returned, she hugged me, and said quietly, “Thank you.”

Linking arms we walked back up to the house, and the hot tub seemed a great deal quieter. Graham was nowhere to be seen, he had obviously gone indoors to get dressed. Anne, Lucy, and Gracie, were looking quite smug, and were still enjoying their soaking.

Mum, who was seated with Andy and Hanne, called over and told me that she was going back to the Higgins’ house for a night cap, and that I shouldn’t wait up for her.

I nodded in response, knowing probably why she was going back with them.

Just then Graham appeared, dressed, looking much more sober, and appearing to be anxious to leave.

With a fairly curt, “Goodbye,” he took Debbie’s arm and ushered her away, briefly thanking Anne as he passed the hot tub. He seemed to ignore both Lucy, Gracie, and myself.

Gracie whispered under her breath, “That’ll teach him,” and I wondered why she had said that.

Anne stood up in the hot tub and indicated that she and Gracie were going indoors. “We’ll leave you two youngsters to it, we’re going in to have a coffee.”

Gracie added, pointedly to Lucy, “We’ll be going in half an hour or so, otherwise your parents will wonder where you are.”

When they’d gone, Lucy looked at me.

“Did you fuck her? Debbie I mean, you were gone a long time.”

I looked back, guiltily, “No, but we did get close, so what went on here, I sensed a bit of an atmosphere?”

Lucy giggled, “Well, Graham was getting very ‘touchy-feely’ with me, and Gracie finally fethiye escort stepped in to save me.”

“How do you mean?” I was intrigued.

“She started to blatently flirt with him, and got right up close to him. We all saw him go quiet, and me and Anne realised she had grabbed him under the water. Anyway, she must have been doing something pretty good, because he started to have a coughing fit, and it was clear that she had made him cum!”

“Oh my god, and I missed it!”

“It was so funny, you came back just after it had happened.” She paused, “Anyway I’ve got to go soon, are you going to join me!”

Lucy’s expression changed, and her mischievous smile reappeared. In a moment she had removed her bikini top and bottom, and placed them in a soggy pile on the side of the hot tub. She raised herself up just enough to let me see her bare breasts.

“You are too much,” I smiled, as I quickly undressed, and climbed into the water.

“Like I said, we’ve only got half an hour,” and instantly Lucy was up close and personal.

I felt her hand grab my cock under the water, and it didn’t take long to make me hard, the episode with Debbie had made me very horny, and Lucy’s naked body was the icing on the cake.

The timer on the bubbles ran out, and the hot tub became calm, as Lucy raised herself onto my cock, facing me, with her legs kneeling on either side.

“What about a condom?” I said in a panic, “For goodness sake stop, wait.”

As if realising the reality, she stopped, and muttered, “Oh god, shit.”

Quickly I reassured her, “Hang on, I’ve got one in my wallet.”

I reached over to grab my trousers, knowing that I’d made sure I had one with me, when I’d found out that Lucy was going to be there.

Fumbling, I managed to tear open the sachet, and put the condom on, the mood sadly interrupted by this neccessity.

It didn’t matter to Lucy. “Come here, I want you,” she said, and plainly she was impatient, as she mounted me again.

“Oh fuck,” I murmured as I remembered the sensation of her tight pussy from before. But this time there was no dramatic movement, no excited wriggling of her hips, just a gentle movement of her, pressing down and up, and the rhythmic lapping of the water against the edge of the tub.

Our sighs were the only other sound in the night air, just two bodies moving inexorably towards a common pleasure.

As we kissed, we moaned, Lucy’s breasts rubbing against my chest until with a long, mutual groan we both started to cum.

“Oh Billy, you feel so good inside me, I don’t want to go back to France, I hope I can stay, I want you.”

The silence was broken.

“C’mon you two, oooops, sorry,” Gracie came out onto the patio, and immediately went back indoors when she saw Lucy astride me.

Shouting from inside she just said, “Two minutes!”

She came outside two minutes later with a towel, and handed it to Lucy.

“Thank god you were careful,” she added wryly, as she bent to pick up the discarded condom wrapper from the ground.

I watched Lucy’s naked body exit the tub, and Gracie gave me one of her looks as she waited for Lucy to get dressed.

Anne appeared by her side, when Lucy returned, and from the tub I said ‘goodbye’ as they left via the side gate.

Anne handed me a towel and I stood up, forgetting that my cock still had the condom on. Seeing it hanging, full of semen between my legs, Anne turned away, “Oh my god, please! “

Realising, I covered myself with the towel, and turned my back while I slipped the condom off.

“Anne, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“That’s ok, it’s ok, I’ve seen worse, and thank god you used something!”

Embarrassed, I excused myself and went to the bathroom, picking up my clothes as I went. Anne followed me and I heard her shout from outside the door, “You might as well stay the night if you want to, there’s a spare room, and I guess your mum won’t be too bothered? Anyway, do you want a coffee while you’re deciding?”

I was pretty tired, and I thought about going home, but I said ‘yes’ to the offer of coffee, and when I got back into the kitchen, fully dressed, I could see Anne just pouring coffee into the mugs.

“I’m knackered,” I said.

“I’m not surprised after fucking Debbie, and Lucy.”

Anne gave a wry smile.

“I didn’t fuck Debbie, I promise, it got close, but I didn’t,” I protested.

“Ok, I believe you, thousands wouldn’t, but Graham got the embarrassment he deserved.

“Yes, I heard, Lucy told me, Gracie got him!”

“Yes, it was so funny to see him squirm, anyway are you stopping over?”

Anne had a look of tired expectancy, “You can have the spare room…or you can share with me.”

I looked at her, “That would be nice.”

She went on, “I’m shattered, I’m not wanting anything more than just a cuddle, I’ll see you upstairs.”

I finished my coffee, went to the bathroom, and undressed.

Anne’s bedroom was in semi darkness, and she was on her kaş escort side with her back to me, as I got into bed. I could feel the heat from her as I edged closer, but then I realised that she was fast asleep.

The events of the evening washed over me, and within minutes I, too, was asleep.

It must have been a ‘ping’ on Anne’s phone that stirred me. The room was still dark, and Anne was still next to me. I studied the contour of her neck, down her spine, and then onto her rounded buttocks.

I lay on my side and edged closer, until I was pressed completely against her. She didn’t wake, or so I thought, and we were both in the classic ‘spoons’ position.

I gently placed my arm over the inward curve of her waist, and around her so that I could cup her breast. She moved, and now I knew that she was actually awake.

She adjusted her body so that I was able to slide my other arm under her, to cup her other breast, and gently I began playing with her nipples.

A quiet moan showed her pleasure, and she could now feel my cock hardening against her ass.

I ran my hand down over the soft folds of flesh on her tummy, and as I got closer to her pussy she slightly raised her leg to allow me to explore. I could feel the soft, downy hair unshaved for a few days, and my middle finger slipped between her very juicy pussy lips.

My cock was pressed stiffly between her buttocks, and as my fingers probed Anne’s pussy, she lifted her leg up, and by moving myself in the bed I was able to position my cock between her pussy lips.

She moaned softly as I slid right inside her. My clit massage continued, as she lowered her leg, squeezing me inside her. I didn’t move, I just stroked up and down, and round and round.

We were both quite motionless apart from the movement of my hand between her thighs. However, her gentle sighing, her soft moaning was quickening, and eventually there was the sound of her saying, “Yes…yes…” very quietly she continued, whispering very softly, “yes…yes…,” and the ‘yes’ became a, “go on…yes…go on…don’t stop…yes…that’s it…keep doing that…” until, at last, there was the quietest of groans, and a hint of her body almost shivering, and then relaxing with one final sigh.

A minute passed with me still inside her, and nothing was being said.

When she did move, it was to move so that my cock slid out, and she turned over to face me. Gently we kissed, at first on the lips, and then she began kissing my neck.

That kiss travelled, first to my chest, then to each nipple, where she sucked, she licked, and nibbled with her teeth.

I heard myself moan out loud, and didn’t want it to stop, but she was shifting her body lower in the bed and when her mouth closed over the head of my cock I moaned even louder.

She held her head there, totally still, just holding the end of my cock in the warm, wet, confines of her mouth.

Gradually her tongue began circling, and there was almost an inperceptible sucking. I was in heaven.

When her head began to push down, my cock was feeling itself at the back of her mouth. Up and down, slowly, sucking gently, licking the shaft. There was no way I could last.

When my cock erupted, I heard a muffled sound of satisfaction from Anne. She struggled to swallow the spunk as it spurted, and spurted again. My groans went on and on until it subsided, with Anne gently licking the residue from my shrinking cock.

Pulling herself up the bed beside me she whispered, “That’s the way to start the day.”

Her kiss tasted of me, my semen and her own sweet breath.

We lay side by side, and we drifted back to sleep, but were awoken by the dawn chorus.

I wondered if I would be questioned by mum about where I’d been all night. Anne clung to me and asked me to stay a bit longer, and we kissed for a while, just enjoying the intimacy. Needless to say, my cock became unruly, and it wasn’t long before it stiffened.

She wanted to feel me inside her again, and once more she mounted me, her pussy swallowing me into its wetness. Her ample breasts swung above me, and she pressed them towards me, wanting her nipples played with. I pinched them, then sucked them in turn, making Anne groan with pleasure.

With a surge of energy we both began to rock the bed, I was trying to meet each downward thrust with an equal resistance upwards of my hips.

Anne came first, her pussy exuding extra juices, and her hands gripping my shoulders, while she seemed to growl through gritted teeth.

It only took Anne’s pussy to pulsate a few times to bring me off. I emptied myself inside her, and she joyously murmured, “Yes,” as she received my spunk.

Eventually I had to return home, and I was placing some bread in the toaster, as mum came downstairs and entered the kitchen.

“I suppose you slept with Mrs Lansdowne last night?”

Mum’s voice sounded stern, and the fact that she used the formal ‘Mrs Lansdowne’ meant she wasn’t best pleased.

“I suppose you slept with Mr and Mrs Higgins last night?” I hit back provocatively, with that riposte.

Mum was taken off guard.

She blushed slightly, and then her expression changed.

“Look Billy, I think we need to talk, sit down will you.”

I abandoned my toast, and sat on a kitchen stool.

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