Mrs. Beauchamp

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Having Fun

I am a 34 year old married white male with three kids. I love doing extreme sports and keep in great shape. With a height of 5’8″ and a weight of 140lbs. I have a good athletic rugged look about me. Two years ago I took a job as an apartment complex manager. As the manager I got to know all of the tenants.

One of the long time tenants is a retired Cajun lady originally from Louisiana. Mrs. Beauchamp has been living alone in a unit for over twelve years since her husband passed away. According to the driver’s license in her file she is 72 years old. Mrs. Beauchamp is a large strong lady. She used to work as a prison guard. She is almost six feet tall and probably weighs about 220 pounds. Her dark black skin is surprisingly wrinkle free due to all of the weight that she put on. Some of the older tenants that know her well, say that all of her weight gain is from the past two years since she was put on a new medication.

Mrs. Beauchamp is not a pretty lady. She wears her gray curly hair cropped close to her scalp and her round head reminds me of a basket ball. She does not have any teeth in her mouth and social security does not pay her enough to get dentures. One time she hugged me when I waived a fee and I could not get my arms around her girth. I also noticed the stale smell of urine on her.

A few months into my job Mrs. Beauchamp called me and asked me to come over to inspect the work my maintenance man just did on her cabinets. I knocked on her door. She answered and asked me to follow her into the kitchen, which I did. Before we got to the kitchen she turned around and pinned me against the wall.

“Ricky, the cabinets are fine.” She said, “I wanted you to know how handsome you are and what kind of things we could do together.”

There was not much I could do. She had me pinned tightly against the wall and all I could do was stare at her huge breasts and the cleavage they contained.

“You know that I am Cajun and I know how to do things that you can’t even imagine!” She went on as she worked a hand between our bodies and started fondling my balls. With her other hand she pulled my head down into her cleavage.

I could tell that she had just doused her huge tits with perfume and her fondling of my nuts was feeling pretty good. The whole thing was pretty erotic and I popped a boner. Thinking back on it, the fact that my prudish wife and I had been fighting the last two weeks and had not had any sex, probably did not help me out any.

“I feel that antalya escort you agree with me Ricky!” Mrs. Beauchamp exclaimed as she pinched my scrotum between the material of my jeans and pulled down so seductively.

I hated to admit it but her tight hold on me and her manipulating of my nuts felt great! She had my face pushed into her huge tits, and man were they so soft! Mrs. Beauchamp now started sucking and nibbling on my exposed ear giving me goosebumps all over. When she felt me loosening up she let go of her vice like grip on my head and started stroking the back of my neck. Everything just felt so good! I felt like I was melting into her mass. I could feel her desire for me and it was so much more carnal than the stiff motions my cold wife went through a couple of times a month.

I surrendered to my feelings and just hugged Mrs. Beauchamp tight. My arms just sank into her fleshy midriff as my face sank into her soft cleavage. I felt her pull me away from the wall and cup both of my ass cheeks real tight with her hands. Soon I was laid on the floor and she was removing my clothes!

Once I was undressed she flipped me over on my stomach and grabbed both of my ass cheeks in her hands needing them like dough. It felt great but I was shocked beyond belief when I felt her tongue swipe my asshole! Soon she was swabbing it all around and wiggling it inside! I had never felt anything so dirty and primal before in my life and I loved it!

Mrs. Beauchamp took her time lavishing my asshole with love. I was precuming all over her carpet. She now started swabbing my taint with long slow strokes of her tongue. It had me squirming in pleasure! When I thought I couldn’t take anymore she started sucking on my taint flesh and giving little nibbles! If she was not so heavy I would of squirmed away, the pleasure was so tantalizing! But now she took it to the next level and started sucking on my scrotum skin. She just sucked as much skin as she could into her toothless mouth and nibbled away pulling on the skin as she did so. Let me tell you that being nibbled on by a toothless mouth is the most exquisite feeling in the world!

And then she was gone! I rolled over onto my back and I could see her taking off her large baggy gown. She had an ugly pair of big huge piss stained granny panties on and a humungous bra. She had a lot of rolls and her thighs were dimply from the cellulite. Not a pretty sight so I just closed my eyes and wondered what I was doing naked on her floor?

I kemer escort soon found out when I felt her straddling my midsection totally naked. She was on her knees pulling her fat ass cheeks apart so she could get her cunt onto my cock! It just seemed to swallow it up! She was so wet that with just a little backward push my cock went right in. Her cunt was huge! It was not tight at all like my skinny wife’s pussy. I could barely feel it but it was sopping wet and velvety soft as its walls just barely tickled my cock as she began rocking forwards and backwards on me.

Mrs. Beauchamp now laid forward on me and grabbed my head with both of her hands and started kissing me! Now all of her upper body weight was on me and I was enveloped in black flesh. I could not bear to look at her so I just kept my eyes closed tight and enjoyed the warm secure feeling of her flesh pinning me to the floor. I just felt so secure! She was a pretty good kisser too! She would bite on my tongue with her gums and it felt so good!

Now that she was laying forward on me her weight was pushing her clit into my pelvic bone and I could feel her grinding into me hard! With out warning she just started convulsing and a huge gush of liquid flooded over my midsection! I remember thinking that she pissed on me but so much came out and it did not smell like urine. It put me over the edge and I grabbed her huge flabby ass cheeks as I came deep inside of her! My whole lower body was paralyzed I came so hard!

We laid like that for a few minutes and I went soft inside of her. The whole time I kept my hold on her huge ass cheeks. They just felt so good! Her cheeks were huge and I knew that my hands were only cupping a small percentage of them but holding them give me a feeling security.

Eventually I felt my cock slide out of her gash. When it did she told me that I was not going to like what she had to do to me but it was an old Cajun secret to keep power and virility. With that she pinned me to the floor by pressing down on my chest with her hands and rotated herself around pinning my forehead between her humongous ass cheeks.

“Now Ricky we got to eat all the juices.” She said, “By doing so we don’t loose our strength but recycle it for use later on. My Gandmama taught me this and she was the strongest of women!”

With that she ground her gash into my face and I thought I was going to puke! I could smell urine and it was just so slimy and hairy konyaaltı escort and beside I had just cum in it! I had never felt so humiliated before in my life and couldn’t believe I had allowed myself to get trapped in this position with the nastiest cum filled cunt I had ever seen plopped on my face!

The slime that I had deposited in her only a few minutes ago started running out and I could feel it entering my nostrils. Up till this point I had kept my lips tightly sealed but if I didn’t do something soon I would be choking and breathing my cum up my nose. I didn’t have a choice but to open up and allow the juices to gather in my mouth. I thought I was going to be sick but surprisingly they didn’t taste so bad. I was not ready to swallow my own cum yet and thought that I would just hold it in my mouth until Mrs. Beauchamp let me get up.

While my mouth was becoming a cum reservoir Mrs. Beauchamp was busy sucking all of her ejaculate off of my midsection. I could feel her huge full lips sucking all over my lower abdomen thighs and cock. Soon she was working my nutsack with her mouth and I was getting rock hard again! What she was doing felt so good that I started moaning and that is when I swallowed the whole load that I had collected.

She had me feeling so turned on that I just grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her gash down onto my face as hard as I could and started going crazy in it! I felt possessed! I started licking and sucking for all I was worth! I could not get enough. I actually loved the taste and was getting quite a bit more of the slime that I had deposited in her. My whole world was her womanhood, her pussy, its taste smell and texture. It covered my face and her thighs entrapped my head and her ass was on my forehead!

I had never felt so trapped but yet so secure, horny and wanted in my whole life! In no time both Mrs. Beauchamp’s pussy and my midsection were clean and she once again pivoted around and impaled herself on my cock. I grabbed her ass cheeks once again with my hands and luxuriated in the feeling. This time it was more slow and not so carnal. Mrs. Beauchamp slowly rocked back and forth on me and I helped her out by pulling her more deeply into me by her ass cheeks.

After about ten minutes I had another strong orgasm in her huge cunt. I couldn’t believe that I unloaded seven huge spurts into her! Not since my mid-twenties had I cum so fast a second time!

Mrs. Beauchamp did not orgasm again but she told me that it was a very satisfying coupling and that she enjoyed it immensely. After I had shriveled up and plopped out of her she asked me if I knew what I had to do.

I answered, “Yes, Mrs. Beauchamp, there is nothing that I want more at this time than to eat our juices out of your womanhood.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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