Mr. Chatterley’s Lover Ch. 02

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This is the continuation of my story of how I discovered sex again after a failed marriage and the sad ending of my first gay encounter. It had taken some almost unrelated events for me to find sex again and then I’d discovered it in a most unlikely place – an allotment.

However, considering that I was named Oliver Chatterley and my friend’s name was Clifford, my new friend and I should quite naturally fit together perfectly…but in a way that the characters of Lady Chatterley’s Lover never did.

And now we’d met and shared some excitement, we were both decidedly eager to explore further.


After our initial exploration, Cliff and I had met again at my house and we’d enjoyed a delicious evening of sex. Everything had been wonderful and erotic and delicious as we’d sucked the juices of lengthy abstinence from each other until we were sated. But then Cliff had to head away to a meeting, thus bringing our fun to a halt. Although we’d made all the right noises, nothing further had been planned but that hadn’t stopped me from retiring for the night in a happy and peaceful frame of mind. I’d most certainly enjoyed Cliff’s cock and he seemed to have felt the same about me and mine but time hadn’t been on our side last night. I knew however that I’d almost certainly see him again, probably down at the allotment in the next few days, so I slept contentedly.

The following morning, after a modest breakfast I was ready once more, ready to face my days’ labour and as the warmth of the early summer sun increased so did my activity level and I positively bounced my way to the car as I headed back to my allotment. The morning traffic did nothing to spoil my liveliness nor my general cheerfulness and inside twenty minutes I was driving down the dirt road into the allotments.

There it was a more peaceful world, the traffic was at a distance and the sounds were more of nature herself; the light wind, the humming of busy bees and the twittering of bird blending so easily to form the ambience of the place.

I opened up my shed then turned and surveyed my little domain contentedly, smelling the scent of the earth, of flowers and of growing plants as I did so. It was warm already and so peaceful here in my corner of the allotments. Some of the nearby plots were vacant and few other allotment-holders were here so early in the day – I was almost alone. Quickly I stripped off my t-shirt, then wearing just my shorts and boots I began my chores of weeding, watering and harvesting with plans to get a car-load of goodies to my greengrocer by lunchtime.

The sun almost stung my back as I worked and when I ducked into my polytunnel to avoid it’s rays, instead I discovered it’s heat. Quickly I opened all the vents, which helped somewhat and then I began gathering my crop including tomatoes, sweet peppers and cucumbers until I had two boxes full which I lugged back to the shed and it was there that Cliff found me.

I only became aware of his presence when, as I was bent over one of the boxes, suddenly a long green cucumber was thrust between my legs. All in one movement I jerked upright, clamped my legs together and twisted my torso around – to come face to face with a broadly grinning Cliff.

“Caught you!” he said cheerfully while pointing between my legs, “Look at you, you horny bastard – you’ve got a huge hard-on already!”

Half of the cucumber was indeed protruding before me like a huge green erection but I managed to see the funny side of it too and laughed as I unclamped my thighs, dropped the cucumber into my hands then replaced it in the box.

“Bloody one track mind, haven’t you!” I said cheerfully, “Is that all you think about?”

“No – no, of course not, but coming in and seeing you bent over like that…and then seeing the cucumbers,” he said with a wicked smile, “And it just got me thinking – well, doing more than thinking actually.”

“Uh?” I queried as I frowned; then I caught on.

Cliff’s penis was quite clearly visible, its stiff length stretching the leg of his shorts dramatically, almost threatening to tear the material, or so I could imagine.

“God, you’re not up for it already?” I asked, more a statement than a question and Cliff nodded.

“Course I am – always ready, especially after last night. I think I’ve been hard ever since,” he said, his hand sliding down over his penis as if to accentuate it’s size and stiffness, “Aren’t you feeling horny?”

As he spoke and as the words sank in, I quickly realised that almost inevitably my penis was interacting with the vibes that Cliff’s own arousal was giving off and I felt the growing mass of my cock in my shorts.

“Ummm, guess so,” I spluttered, my mind still on my vegetable produce, “Dunno really, been busy; hadn’t really thought about it until now.”

“Perhaps this’ll help,” said Cliff and a moment or two later his shorts were sliding off and were quickly joined by his underpants and t-shirt.

He stood there stripped for action, his lengthy penis jutting from it’s small forest, pointing antalya escort towards the ceiling and towards me. Quickly he stepped out of his clothes and in doing so he closed the gap between us until his eager penis was pressed against my hands; hands that instinctively closed around it.

“Ohhhhh yesss,” breathed Cliff as I fondled his warm stiff cock, “Come on then, let’s do something.”

Shaken from my previous state I glanced around, almost furtively, as if to search for lurking perverts in the small shed but finding none and seeing no-one within sight, I leaned past Cliff, pushed the door closed and relaxed. Quickly I too dropped my shorts and underpants and stood there with my clothes around my ankles.

“What shall we do?” I asked but Cliff already had the answer.

In his hands he was once again holding one of the cucumbers, lasciviously sliding his hand up and down it’s length.

“I was just thinking…” he said, “How much fun it would be if your cock was this big!”

“Hah – as if! Silly idea,” I said as my fingers played with Cliff’s warm erection, “What the hell would I do with something that big?”

The object in his hand was easily two inches across and some fifteen inches long.

“You could try putting it inside me,” he said, “Be a bloody good stretch but I reckon…”

“No way!” I exclaimed, “What, that thing; in your ass?”

Cliff nodded quickly, a twisting smile forming on his lips.

“Where else?” he asked, “Haven’t you tried putting things inside you?”

“No – well, no – ummm, of course not, ummm,” I lied, “Well, not often.”

As I spoke so a thrill shook me from head to toe, a thrill that made my buttocks clench, shiver and pulsate.

There was something especially exciting about that idea because it was an activity that played with but had never really tried to the full. Yes, I’d rubbed the crinkled skin around my asshole as I’d masturbated, pushed my fingertips inside and yes, I’d even briefly inserted a small candle and on a later occasion the smooth handle of a small screwdriver but I’d never gone further – never tried to really stretch my asshole.

I’d sometimes imagined a penis or a full-sized vibrator thrusting into me as I’d tossed myself off; imagined being impaled and stretched and stimulated from inside as well as outside – but nothing had ever come of it, but now here was an opportunity…a real penis, if I dared to explore!

Could I?

“Oh well, never mind,” said Cliff as he seemed to realise my reticence, “Be alright for us to play though, won’t it?”

His words defused my tension and at that I nodded vigorously – that was safe ground, but there were limits.

“Ok but not with that cucumber – you put that thing down!” I retorted, not wishing to have anything so large near my ass and Cliff laughed.

“Get your boots off then – let’s get properly naked,” Cliff implored and he stepped away from me to remove his own boots.

I turned on the spot to bend and unlace my footwear and as I bent and strained to undo a knotted lace, so a warm hand was laid on my buttock; a sudden sensation that caused me to almost jump out of my skin, so close to my ass was it.

“Aaaahhh!” I quickly gasped in surprise – but somehow his hand was soft and welcoming and needed and a moment or two after exclaiming I felt myself pressing back against him while suddenly realising that my already stiffened cock was jumping and quivering with excitement.

“Stay there,” said Cliff and I complied – partially because I was still working on that shoelace but partially because Cliff’s hand was so gentle and enjoyable and so exciting.

As I remained bent at the waist, his fingers slid from my ass downwards to the back of my thigh, then eased between my legs to cup both my nuts. His fingers gently squeezed and rolled them around before releasing them and reaching for my cock, which he grasped from below and manipulated firmly while his wrist pushed my balls apart. There was no way that I even wanted to stand upright at this time and anyway the feeling of Cliff’s forearm sliding right between my cheeks was now wildly thrilling as it rubbed past my asshole, the hairs on his arm deliciously tickling my tender flesh.

I shuddered all over as Cliff’s hand released my cock and made the return journey – but this time in a straight line upwards, pausing at my asshole. I could feel the touch of his fingers – so near to my asshole that it made my breathing cease for a few moments.

“That’s cute,” he said, “What a pretty little hole; it’s a perfect star, all puckered and tight – looks lovely!”

I was about to make some cutting comment when I felt his fingers gently pressing against my hole; kind of testing me, like teasing a woman’s nipple by playing around her aureole.

I almost jerked upright but Cliff’s other hand restrained me firmly and just had to remain where I was while his fingers gently moved against me. I felt myself shuddering as his fingertip explored the vicinity of my hole then gasping as his finger seemed to enter antalya rus escort my body. My buttocks tightened as he probed but he wasn’t pushing hard or deep but just pushing against my body, against my tight but fascinated hole and it felt incredible.

“Fuckin’ hell Ollie,” Cliff said from above and behind me, “Gotta have some of that!”

For a second or two I was frozen, caught between the two ideas; to let him or to stop him? The trouble was that I wanted this to continue and yet I was scared as well but I managed to remain bent over, my legs trembling and my heart pounding. But something, some part of me, was obviously eager because I managed to step out of my boots and push them and my clothes to one side.

“Go on then, don’t stop,” I said, my heart in my mouth.

There was a soft “Yeahhhhh!” from Cliff; a cry of excitement and need.

Then I felt Cliff moving a bit and there was an extra warmth pressing against me just a few inches below my hole. It felt smooth and warm and it slid and jerked and…

“Cliff, oh no, I don’t think… No, you mustn’t!” I gasped, almost panicking and suddenly frightened again, “Not now; not here – there’s people – no, it’ll hurt!”

Cliff leaned away, his cock no longer touching me now.

“There’s no people and it won’t hurt and why not now?” he insisted, his other hand still on my back, holding me bent down, pushing quite hard now, “And anyway, I know you want it.”

Oh God – I did and yet I was scared – but scared of what?

Scared of being labelled ‘gay’ or of the pain or of being caught or what?

I knew not what I was scared of but I knew that I’d let him! I knew that deep inside I wanted us to do more than just play together.

“You’re not going to hurt me, are you?” I asked, guessing and pleading frantically, “You’re gonna need some lubrication or something.”

There was no answer from Cliff but I could hear him rolling his mouth around and then a splat of warm saliva landed atop my crack, quickly followed by the touch of his fingers again.

“Oh fuck!” I panted, “You’re gonna do it, aren’t you?”

What felt like two fingers were now guiding the saliva to my hole, pressing firmly into my flesh and making me pant and shiver.

“Calm down Ollie, I’ll be gentle,” said Cliff from above me, “Ok, you ready?”

“Oh fuck!” I repeated, “I dunno – just be bloody careful!”

Cliff chuckled but said nothing; then something that could only be his cock was pressing against me, slipping in the liquid, pushing into my hole.

“Ahhh,” I breathed, “Ahhhhh – don’t – take it easy!”

“I am, I am,” said Cliff firmly, his tone of voice matching the pressure he was applying, it seemed.

There was a strong sensation of stretching now; stretching in a different manner to the easing that my asshole was used to; different too, to the sensations that I’d engendered as I’d played with myself. But strangely it wasn’t revolting me – instead I was now all eager to try out this new experience, so much so that my hand was now wrapped around my own cock which felt as hard as it had ever been.

“Here we go,” said Cliff, “Coming in now.”

And as he spoke there was a sudden overpowering overload of everything – pain, weirdness, pleasure and sex, along with the feeling of his penis sliding, sliding into my body.

“Owwww!” I gasped as my asshole suddenly split open; as my sphincter muscles lost the battle; as his rigid penis invaded me, “Oooh fuck!”

“Yeahhhh!” exhaled Cliff, “That’s better. You ok? Sorry, I knew it would hurt a bit but it’ll get better.”

“Yeah, yeah, think I’m ok but fuck me, that did hurt for a few moments,” I managed to say, my mind whirling from all the wild happenings behind and inside me, “Give me a break for a bit will you.”

I could feel the warmth and solidity of Cliff’s body close behind me and somehow it was comforting to know that he was there and it was a feeling that enabled me to hold still as I became used to his invasion.

Cliff’s movements had ceased and I was able to assess and explore the situation now, a situation that left me scared and yet delighted somehow and now I’d calmed down I could feel Cliff’s thighs and his rough pubic hairs pressing against my ass – which had to mean that his entire penis was inside me. More importantly the pain was easing now and I was almost starting to enjoy the sensation, but it was a shock, nevertheless.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, “You’re in there – in me? You’ve done it?”

“Bloody right I am,” said Cliff heartily, “Just what I needed! Just what you needed too, I reckon.”

“Did I?” I asked, “I’m not sure…”

“Of course you did, you were just too scared to relax,” said Cliff as his penis moved slowly, gently inside me, “I could tell you needed to get over that hurdle – well, now you have; now you can really be you.”

Be me? Who was I? So far as I knew I was nothing more than a single man wrapped in his work and with no particular leaning either way and yet I’d loved it when I’d antalya ucuz escort had sex with Tony and now with Cliff.

So what was wrong with expanding my horizons and embracing my complete immersion into gay sex?

‘Yes – let it happen,’ my mind suddenly conceded, ‘He wants you – you want him – go for it!’

Almost immediately Cliff grunted softly, then laughed.

“That’s better Ollie!” he said, his voice warm and friendly, “You’re with me now!”

My body had adjusted itself in line with my mind it seemed and suddenly I was welcoming Cliff’s intrusive penis.

A moment or two later and I almost fell forward, just managing to brace myself on the chair and avoid collapsing face down as Cliff thrust quite firmly into me.

“Yeah, oh fuck yeah,” said Cliff, “You feel really good now – so much better.”

I knew I did – I’d unfrozen and come alive and now I wanted Cliff to fuck me, to really screw me!

I felt my sphincter squeeze his cock, tightening around his shaft as he moved in and out steadily now; loving the feeling of his study penis sliding inside me, almost urging him on. I began to love the friction as his organ slid against my skin and found that I could even feel the way the rim of his knob bumped up against my sphincter muscles. I began to feel the way his penis pushed against the tissues and cavities inside me, began to feel pleasure and excitement.

I felt waves of sex making my own cock harden once more as Cliff’s penis nudged firmly against my prostate, the electrifying thrill sending shivers and muscular spasms through me. Almost as importantly, I’d now also secured a good grip on the chair I was bending over so my stance allowed me to hold my ass steady as Cliff continued to drive his penis into me. Equally importantly I’d now regained a grip on my own cock.

“That’s so nice now,” I moaned happily just as a dribble of precum wetted my knob and my fist, “Ooooh yesss, yesss!”

“You’re doing well,” grunted Cliff from behind me, “This is bloody lovely mate.”

A verbal silence now descended as actions took over with just the sounds of Cliff grunting with effort, the slight creak of floorboards and my breathing evident to me as Cliff’s steady onslaught of my asshole continued.

Eventually I had to ask though…

“Is it good?” I enquired, wondering idly how long Cliff would last, “Are you getting there?”

“Bloody terrific!” he replied, his movements somewhat faster now, “Don’t think it’ll be too long now, why – do you want me to come?”

I was converted now – eager to complete my orientation.

“Yeah, most definitely, but when you’re ready,” I said as my asshole worked on his cock, “And please do it inside me – don’t take it out!”

“Really?” answered Cliff, “You’ll let me come in you?”

“Oooh fuck yeah,” I said, my voice quivering with emotion, “No sense in you doing half the job, is there?”

Cliff chuckled quietly and although he remained silent now, I knew that it was because he was concentrating on his orgasm. His movements were that much stronger now, really driving his penis deep into me, slamming his thighs and balls against my ass each time and with each stroke he let out a gasp as the effort forced air from his lungs.

I kept a tight hold on the chair as he fucked me, realising too that I was responding by moving my ass around, partially for his benefit and partially for mine. Certain positions felt incredible just as others caused his cock to pain me inside and yet that pain was sometimes delicious, the extra bite it caused sending cock-hardening waves through my groin.

This was something I could get used to; something I could come to enjoy and appreciate but the circle wasn’t yet complete. Much as I was enjoying Cliff using my ass, I now wanted to use his as well!

But later perhaps and certainly not right at this moment because Cliff seemed to be coming to the boil.

I knew that he was getting close just by the way he sounded and was moving. His strokes were now sharper somehow, his penis driven with more urgency and energy while his cock somehow felt even harder that it had done and all this was compounded by the way his hands on my hips were like talons now, pulling me towards him almost harshly.

Cliff was panting too, each gasp rasping from his lips as his actions reached towards his climax.

“Come on – let it go!” I implored him, “Do it – fuck me – come, come!”

“Yeah, yeah, fuckin’ am! Ahh, coming, it’s coming…” Cliff panted, his thrusts now quick and shallow, “Bit more…yeah…bit more. Oh fuck – here it comes! Uuuughhhh!”

With a grunt that might have been heard for miles Cliff almost uprooted me as his penis drove deeply into my asshole and began flooding me.

“Oh Christ – yessss, yessss!” he breathed as his deep strong thrusts continued, “Oh fuck – oh that’s better. There’s more – ugghhh – ugghhh! Oh fuck – that’s it!”

Three or four strong pulsating thrusts had emptied his load of spunk into me, a warm and delicious load of cum that sent thrilling sensations through me; that remained long after his thrusting had ended. Instead of my mind (and my ass) being full of Cliff’s energetic penis, now I was filled with the feeling of wetness inside me, of glowing warmth and almost of taste as if his juices had permeated all through me in an instant.

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