Movies Ch. 3

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Sucking cock seems to be addictive. After only a couple of times I felt the need for more. So I reached for the paper with Jack’s phone number, and started dialing.

It was early afternoon, but he was at home and answered quickly. I asked him about a meeting at our favourite theatre, but he came up with a better plan.

“C’mon over to my place instead. My roommate is away for the day, and I have some great videos we can watch. It can be just like the porno place, only more comfortable.”

That was enough of an invite for me. I got directions, and promised to pick up a dozen Bud on the way. Had a quick shower, and off I went.

He lived in a cluster of apartments, each one seemingly staring directly at another.

“Great for watching others,” I thought to myself.

Jack buzzed me up and greeted me at the door to his apartment.

“Welcome,” he said. “Come on in”.

He had a nice place, with great views of other apartments. I even saw a pair of binoculars stashed beside the couch.

“Jack must like looking into other apartments”, I thought. “I think that could be a lot of fun”.

Jack was dressed for the hot weather. Tank top, with light gym shorts, and what seemed to be no underwear. I could see the outline of his cock head pressing against the thin antalya escort fabric. Looked great!

He had the TV on with a porno movie playing. The usual setting. A couple of babes running around naked with a guy with a HUGE cock. He was having the time of his life.

Jack and I talked for a while, all the time keeping one eye on the action on the screen. After a couple of Buds, I went for a whizz and decided now was the time. I stripped down to my jockeys in the washroom, and strutted back into the TV room. I sat opposite him and watched the bulge grow in his shorts. He spread his legs and put his feet up on the coffee table in front of him. In that position I could see up the legs of his shorts. And what a view! His balls were hanging to the left, and I could just see the base of his shaft up the right side.

Enough!! I went over and kneeled between his legs and started rubbing that beautiful dick. I slid a hand up his shorts and began playing with his balls.

That was enough for him, too. He stood up, stripped naked, and let his cock spring free.

I did the same, and we stood facing each other, with our cock heads rubbing each other’s.

“Let’s do a 69”, he said.

I needed no more encouragement. He lay down on the couch, and I straddled his face. I alanya escort dove down on his swollen tool. I drove my prick into his mouth, and he groaned with pleasure. I pumped up and down on his face, fucking his hot, wet mouth.

On the other end, I was giving him my best. Slurping that dick in my mouth, pulling back and playing my lips over the tip. I licked the shaft from bottom to top, over and over, then went back to sucking the whole thing. He tasted great!! Each time I dove down I got a face-full of ball-bag. And it had a smell that was incredibly good. I played with his balls while sucking his tool, and he reciprocated by doing the same and playing with my asshole.

Needless to say this did not last long. We both felt the pressure building, and we actually came within seconds of each other. He blew a big sweet load into my throat, and I filled his willing mouth with salty spunk!

We both swallowed our little gifts, and grinned at each other.

“That was great”, I said, and knew he felt the same way.

After another Bud, we decided to go and cool off in the shower. I went in first and Jack joined me shortly afterward.

I was just standing under the shower spray, feeling the needle jets massaging my body when he came into alanya rus escort the shower stall. He pressed up behind me, pushing his semi-stiff tool between my ass cheeks. He reached around and cupped my balls with one hand and started stroking me with the other. It was wonderful.

He then sat down on the floor of the shower and stuck his nose into my butt crack. While spreading my cheeks with his hands, he pushed his tongue into the crevice and started licking. Up and down, with pauses at my hole for extra attention. It felt really tingly, like nothing I had felt before. All the while he was rubbing my dick to another explosion. I leaned forward and pressed my ass into his eager face, and felt my balls reloading for another volley of creamy cum.

I couldn’t stand it any longer. I turned around, slapping my rigid tool against his cheek. I grabbed his head and jabbed my cock into his mouth, and blew a huge wad into him. He almost choked on the mix of full length cock and voluminous cum. But he took it all willingly, and loved it, too!

We showered and toweled off, then relaxed in front of the TV.

Next time I went to the washroom, I noticed ‘female’ stuff in the cabinet. And lingerie in the laundry basket.

“What’s this,Jack?” I asked.

“That belongs to my roommate” he said. “I share this place with her. You should meet her sometime. She loves to suck guys off. She knows that I go both ways. But that ‘s ok with her, because she does too!!” “We could make a great threesome.”

And with that, I left, with future plans building in my head!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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