Mother’s Soldier Boy Ch. 01

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I’ve always been shy. I can’t give any reason for it or explain why I feel the way I do in certain situations, all I know is that as a child I was painfully shy and it’s only as I’ve grown more mature that things have improved.

It was because of my social awkwardness that I’d never had a girlfriend. Don’t misunderstand me; I liked girls very much as a teenager, it’s just that I wasn’t able to communicate very effectively with them. I would try to hard to impress them and look like a twat or I would go bright red and start to sweat if a pretty girl spoke to me which wasn’t the best way to attract members of the opposite sex.

I know now that there are literally millions of boys and men in the world who feel just the same as I did, but when you’re a teenager trying desperately to fit in it can be very difficult to imagine anyone understands how it feels to be in that position.

So the upshot of all this was that I was a virgin until quite late. In fact I’d left home and joined the army before I had my first woman. Even then it wasn’t because of my sparkling wit and devastating physical attraction that I lost my virginity, the circumstances were completely different to anything I’d heard about before and were not something I could tell anyone about either. Some may say that my particular introduction to the world of sex was sick and depraved, maybe they’re right, but for me it was an initiation filled with love and affection.

The sort of love only a mother can give.

I completed my basic training in the summer of 1982 and had invited my mother down to watch the passing out parade. My father was too busy to make the trip but mum wouldn’t miss it for the world.

She sat in the stands with all the other proud relations as my platoon performed the ceremonial drill that we had been rehearsing for the last fortnight. Once we’d finished there was the ‘meet and greet’ in the NAAFI bar afterwards where the families could meet the corporals and sergeants responsible for their offspring’s transformation from callow youth to one of Her Majesty’s finest.

During the course of the afternoon my mother had constantly been telling me how handsome I looked in my uniform and that I had filled out and all sorts of other compliments that she delivered with maternal pride. Finally after she had downed the best part of two bottles of white wine, we got in our taxi and made our way to a local hotel where we were both booked in for the night. We had decided on the hotel since the train journey home would have taken five or six hours and so it seemed the best option to stay overnight near the station and then catch a train north the next day.

At the hotel there was a bit of a problem however. Because we shared the same surname the hotel receptionist that had taken the booking by telephone hadn’t realised that it was mother and son who were staying, she had assumed we were husband and wife. The result of this little mix up was that we only had one room booked in our name and there was no chance of another since the place was fully booked. I could have gone back to camp for the night but my mother said she didn’t mind sleeping in the same room as me if I didn’t.

Innocently I couldn’t see a problem and so we put our bags in our room and went downstairs to the plush hotel bar. My mother had a few more drinks and I downed four or five pints of lager, which meant that by the time we made our way upstairs to the room we were both decidedly unsteady on our feet.

It must have been the drink I had in me that caused me to look at my mother’s elegantly shaped legs as she climbed the stairs ahead of me. I noticed how her high heeled shoes put tension on her calf muscles and how trim her ankles were. My mother was wearing a thin summer dress and I now noticed that in spite of her being thirty seven years old she still had a thin beylikdüzü escort waist and that her buttocks were firm and shaped like a peach under the thin cotton of her dress.

I shook my head to clear it of those thoughts. ‘That’s your own mother for God’s sake.’ I reprimanded myself.

When we got to the room my mother turned to me and gave me a hug. ‘You look so handsome in your uniform,’ she said, tears welling up in her eyes.

As my mother hugged me I could smell her scent and feel her breasts pushing against my chest. I put my arms around her too and pulled her tight and I couldn’t stop my cock from stiffening and swelling in my uniform trousers.

My mother felt my hard cock pressing against her body and I felt her muscles go rigid just before she broke free of the embrace.

‘Oh my, I’m so sorry darling,’ she said to me as I grew beet red with embarrassment and fled to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and willed my hard on to subside. Of course it wouldn’t and I was now presented with the horrifying dilemma of facing my mother after what had just occurred. I was deeply ashamed of my body’s reaction to my own mother’s proximity, it just wasn’t right; it wasn’t natural.

I wanted to crawl away somewhere and never come back. The prospect of seeing my mother’s face after what had happened filled me with dread.

Nevertheless I couldn’t get the image of my mother’s legs and arse out of my head and I still had the huge erection to contend with. I wasn’t thinking straight due to the booze and I did the only thing I could think of to do in order to get my cock to desist. I unzipped my trousers and took my aching cock in my hand. I recalled the feeling of my mother’s firm breasts squashed up against my chest as I began to stroke my cock.

I wanked my cock hard and closed my eyes and within a mere two minutes I felt my spunk rise as my orgasm exploded. I stood as the thick, white spunk jetted from the eye of my penis and spattered wetly onto the tiled floor. It felt as though I spat cupfuls of the stuff onto the tiles as I came and my body spasmed as my cum burst from me.

Once I’d finished I opened my eyes and to my utter horror saw my mother watching me from the doorway. I had neglected to lock the door and of course my prolonged absence and silence had caused her to investigate.

I stood with my cock still leaking and with my spunk spattered on the floor in front of me. ‘Mum…. …I, oh God.’ I stammered, my brain not fully functioning.

What could I say? I had just humiliated myself by getting sexually aroused by my own mother and then compounded the nightmare by having her catch me wanking and not only just catching me at it but also actually letting fly as she watched.

What happened next is one of the tenderest events of my life to date.

My mother calmly walked into the bathroom with a very strange look on her face. All she did was to walk towards me and very lightly kiss me on the cheek. I stood as still as a statue as she kissed me and then I got the shock of my life as she wrapped her cool fingers around my cock.

‘Mum!’ I blurted.

‘Shush sweetie,’ she replied. ‘Don’t say anything, just let your mother look after you.’ She placed her index finger over my lips to silence me.

My mother stroked my cock gently and I was ashamed to see it thicken and grow stiff once more as she caressed me.

‘Mmmmm, baby, it’s such a lovely cock,’ purred my mother. ‘I want to taste it,’ and she squatted on her haunches on the bathroom tiles and kissed the big dome of my cock.

I couldn’t believe it; my own mother was sucking my prick. All sorts of thoughts were running through my brain uncontrollably. I thought how wrong this was and then that thought was replaced by how good it felt to have my cock sucked for the beylikdüzü eve gelen escort first time. The alcohol in my bloodstream meant that I couldn’t think rationally anyway but the sensation of my mother’s tongue on my prick overruled all thoughts of morality and decency.

In the end I gave into the sweetness that enveloped my mind and just let the experience overwhelm me.

After a minute or two of sucking my fat prick my mother stood and made her way back to the bedroom her heels clicking on the tiled floor as she walked. She paused to crook a finger at me when she reached the doorway. I pulled my boots and uniform trousers off hurriedly and followed my mother to the other room.

My mother smiled at me and then turned her back towards me ‘Unzip my dress darling,’ she whispered to me over her shoulder. I pulled the zip down and my mother let the thin cotton dress slide over her shoulders and let it fall in a heap at her feet.

Then she turned towards me and reached behind herself to unclasp her bra. My mother’s full breasts were revealed to me for the first time since I was a toddler and I could only gaze at her as she now slipped her knickers down over her broad hips and stepped out of them as they whispered onto the carpet alongside the dress.

As I stood staring at my mother’s nakedness she strode towards me still wearing her high shoes and unbuttoned the uniform tunic and shirt I still had on. When I was naked my mother stood back and admired me. ‘You’re so handsome baby, God it’s like looking at your father twenty years ago,’ she said wistfully. Then, shaking her head at the memory of my father, she moved towards me again and this time kissed me full on the lips. I felt my mother’s tongue probing at my lips and I opened my mouth so she could invade my mouth with her tongue.

As we kissed like real lovers my mother grasped my thick penis again and began to stroke it once more. ‘Do you like that baby?’ she asked as I groaned out loud at the feeling. ‘Does mummy make your cock feel good?’ She cooed into my ear.

My cock was as big and as stiff as it had ever been and I could feel that it wasn’t going to take much of this treatment before I came again.

‘Have you fucked a girl with this big cock?’ asked my mother and I could only shake my head in reply, shocked once more, this time at hearing my mother use such obscene language. ‘Oh my, a virgin,’ giggled my mother as she squashed her big tits into my chest and kissed me again.

When my mother released me from her embrace she cupped her big tits in the palms of her hands. ‘Do you want to suck momma’s tits darling?’ She asked, a feline smile twitching the corners of her mouth as she teased me.

Of course I wanted to and I lifted the heavy tit flesh to my eager lips and sucked my mother’s nipples wetly. I slobbered over her breasts and felt the soft, pliable, forbidden skin with both my hands.

‘Darling, I love you so much,’ she spoke softly to me as I suckled at her. ‘You looked so gorgeous in your uniform, so big and strong. You make me so proud. I couldn’t help myself, when I saw your big cock in the bathroom… I knew I had to have you.’ My mother was stroking my hair as I licked her tits.

‘Oh mum, this is so bad.’ I replied. ‘But I don’t care about it being bad. I love you too.’ As I spoke my mother reached for my stiffness once more and began to pull my shaft once more. I looked down at her hand and saw the engagement ring and wedding ring that my father had placed on her finger. Instead of filling me with guilt I felt a rush of affection for my dear mother as she held me in her tight grip.

My mother released my cock and lay back on the soft bed. She opened her thighs for me and revealed her pouting labia. ‘Come here my beautiful soldier boy,’ my mother beylikdüzü masöz escort ordered and I knelt between her outspread thighs on the bed. ‘Lick me please, lick me,’ she begged and indicated that I was to taste that most intimate part of her.

I crouched down and took a tentative lick at my mother’s pussy. She peeled her lips apart so I could see her pinkness revealed to me. I probed at her with my tongue before she guided me up to her stiff clit. When I prodded at my mother’s hard clit she gulped and groaned, ‘Oh God, eat me, make me come.’

I nuzzled, probed and tongued my other until her juices dribbled out of her body and down the crack of her arse to stain the sheets on the bed. I savoured the taste of her and inhaled her musky scent as I made her come with my face.

Once my mother’s convulsing body had calmed after she had reached her climax I knelt between her thighs and looked down at her. She looked into my eyes and sighed and then glanced down at my thick member that was jutting from my tangle of pubic hair.

She reached for my cock and pulled me close to her opening and then rubbed the helmet of my prick between her thick pussy lips. I looked between our bodies and saw my cock part the thick folds of her labia before my mother massaged her hard clit with my cock end.

Finally she placed me directly at the entrance to her body and with a push from me I sank into the warm wetness of my mother’s welcoming cunt.

‘Oh my God mum,’ I breathed as I felt her warmth envelop me. ‘It’s incredible,’ I groaned. I had dreamt of this moment and had feverishly masturbated countless times over different scenarios of how I would finally lose my virginity. Never in my wildest imaginings had I envisioned that it would be my blonde, tight figured mother that would be taking my cherry.

‘Yes baby, yes. Let your mother take care of you.’ She whispered to me as her lust rose within her.

I pulled my cock almost free of my mother’s wet pussy and then pushed back into her deeply.

‘Oh yes, fuck me with that fat cock,’ she grunted as I began to fuck harder. ‘Love me baby, love your mother.’

The first fuck I ever had was over very quickly. In spite of the fact that I had just come only fifteen minutes earlier and I felt my second load build in my cock as I pounded roughly into the liquid grip of this woman’s cunt.

‘Mum, I’m going to come!’ I warned her but my mother was approaching her own orgasm and paid me no heed.

‘I don’t care,’ she replied. ‘Do it in me, please. Do it deep in your mother darling,’ she implored me.

I felt my seed gush from my cock and I groaned and moaned as I pumped a load of spunk into a woman’s body for the first time. The fact that the woman was my own beautiful mother didn’t bother me at all. As I came I felt a feeling of deep and tender love for the woman who had taken my virginity.

‘Yes darling, oh yes, I can feel you pumping it into me,’ my mother said breathlessly as her own orgasm subsided.

I rolled off my mother’s body and we kissed and hugged with great affection as my cock wilted and shrank.

We spent that night talking and making tender love. I lost count of the number of times I watched my mother’s face contort as the sweet agony of her climax tore through her body. I remember looking down at my thick shaft entering her cunt as I fucked her from behind. I felt enormous power as I took my mother like the bitch in heat that she was and I held her broad hips as I emptied my love into her again.

Finally as we lay together, hours later, in that destroyed bed, the sheets rumpled and stained from the scene that had played out within the room that night, I knew then that things would obviously never be the same between us again and as the moonlight glowed softly through the window I fell asleep looking at my mother’s serene face as she slept.

I was due to go on two weeks leave later that day and now instead of having two weeks of boredom ahead of me because of my social awkwardness, I now had a fortnight of love in my mother’s arms to look forward to.

I was to find out all sorts of family ‘secrets’ during those two weeks, but I didn’t know that at the time!!

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