Morning After Ch. 01

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Aaron and Renee had a wonderful time in the halls — and the beds — of the club they were visiting. It was a long trip up there, and it was the final night of a three-day weekend. On Monday, they’d have to make the long drive back.

So they’d turned in early — and early for a swing club, you know, is sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. After a night — two nights, actually — of intense fucking, they were tired, and yet they were horny. They made love with each other, delighting in the familiar feeling of their union as they whispered in each other’s ear, caressed each other’s bodies, and brought each other to one final orgasm.

And then they fell asleep, recovering mind and body for the journey the next day.

At least, that was the plan.

The club has many rooms with multiple beds; this room was one of them. Aaron and Renee were so tired — literally, so fucking tired — that they did not hear another couple come into the room with them and occupy the other bed.

When morning came, and light began to filter in around the heavy curtains on the window, Aaron stirred ever so slightly. It was enough to make Renee aware of his presence. She cuddled up against him, her hand reaching down between his legs where their juices from the previous night’s session had dried on his dick.

He, of course, loved the attention her hand was providing to his cock, which started to grow under her loving touch. He moaned ever so slightly. He adjusted his body angle to caress her most impressive breasts and gently tweak her sensitive nipples. That made it her illegal bahis turn to moan. Morning breath or no morning breath, the two of them kissed and their tongues danced as they picked up the pace of the way they touched each other. And the moans increased in both volume and intensity.

Suddenly, they heard something across the room. They realized they were not alone. There was someone across the room.

Not interrupting what they were doing with their hands, they lifted their heads and peered across the room. There was someone on the other bed. Something was happening on the other bed. From the gentle sounds of pleasure, they knew what that something was. As their eyes became more and more accustomed to the low light in the room, they could see who the people were — a Hispanic couple, a little younger than they were, getting busy with sex on the morning after.

Aaron and Renee crawled to the end of their bed and sat up, with their feet on the floor. With their arms around each other — Renee stroking Aaron’s cock and Aaron tweaking Renee’s right nipple — they watched silently for awhile. Then Aaron spoke.

“You don’t mind if we watch, do you?” he asked.

The couple on the bed interrupted their play for a moment. “No, not at all,” the man said. And with that, he went back to exploring his woman’s lush body.

Renee watched with increasing vigor. Aaron knew what was turning her on so much.

“You know how I feel about Latin men,” she said.

“Ya think?” Aaron said with a smile. Aaron wasn’t so particular about what kind of illegal bahis siteleri woman he played with — blondes, brunettes, white, dark, Latina, whatever — but if they had the curves that he saw with this woman, yes, he would certainly enjoy a swap.

“Mind if we join you?” Aaron asked.

“Certainly,” the woman of the other couple said. “We would love it.”

With that, Aaron and Renee stood up and walked over to the bed. Standing at the end of the bed, they introduced themselves, and found out that their roommates’ names were Luis and Maria. Aaron and Renee were both 52; Luis and Maria were 47 and 46, respectively.

The introductions over, Renee walked to Luis’ side of the bed — but before Aaron could lay down next to Maria, she had stood up and walked over to him.

“I hope you don’t mind,” she said, “but especially here at the club, we like to be in the same room — but not in the same bed. We like a little more room.”

“Not at all, my lady,” he said. “Let’s go over here.” And with that, he placed his arm around her hip and led her to the bed where he and Renee had spent the night.

Two sets of new lovers entered into the horizontal dance. Both men showed the ladies how much they liked to each pussy; both women took the gentlemen’s cocks into their mouths, sucking them back to full hardness.

And then, at almost exactly the same time, both men pushed up with their arms and rose over the woman each was now sharing a bed with. Each moved forward. Each dick sought the pleasure of a warm, wet pussy; each pussy canlı bahis siteleri spread to admit a hard cock.

There wasn’t much need for encouragement, for enticement. The events of the day before, the awakening to sex play, the excitement of new partners, had all led up to this moment. All four people — two horny men, two horny women — put their entire being into building up to an intense orgasm. This would have to hold them, after all; there were miles to drive this day.

Aaron came first. Maria wrapped her legs around his torso and pulled him into her. “Fuck me!” she screamed, and it was not long before he shot a stream of cum into her willing pussy. “Damn!” he said, and as his pace slowed, he paused a moment and then rolled off of Maria.

Both Aaron and Maria them crawled down to the end of the bed and watched as Luis and Renee came. Renee’s bad knees didn’t usually allow her to get on top any more, but she had climbed on top of Luis and was riding him for all he was worth. Soon, Aaron was aware of what joy Luis was experiencing as Renee tightened her pussy and milked the cum out of her lover’s cock. Then, as Aaron had rolled off of Maria a few moments earlier, Renee collapsed to the side of Luis, sighing that most contented of sighs.

Both couples snuggled up against each other for a few minutes. Aaron actually had dropped off to sleep. After a few minutes, however, they were aware of activity in the hallway. Two couples were standing at the door to their room.

“Hello,” one of the women said. “We just wondered what you were doing in here — and if there was any room for us to join you.”

Four smiles from the room greeted them. “Come in and let’s get acquainted,” Renee said, her Southern accent providing the right hint of hospitality for the moment.

(to be continued)

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